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  1. SOE keep making Illusionists useless
  2. Since you're dealing with ammo in GU32..
  3. Why are mystics getting nerfed?
  4. Crusader Titles with GU32?
  5. Where did the list of changes for LU32 go?
  6. Brewday is back?
  7. Petition for English language on german servers
  8. Selo's
  9. 38 pages of bard concerns and THAT was your bard revamp?
  10. Incombat run speed does not work for Bards
  11. Possible Rare Changes???
  12. Any news on felwithe castle or LU33?
  13. Thanks for fixing the carpet/cloud bug
  14. Brew Day - Thoughts/Bugs?
  15. it's getting annoying!!!! Bag and Bank window resize itself!!!
  16. Fix for "Raging Blow" combat art in sight?
  17. Koada'Dal
  18. LU33 Sneak Peek*****
  19. Station Pass - Need solid answer please
  20. Damage on Mounts
  21. Some very easy and useful changes. Ideas inside.
  22. City Faction / Titles building, losing and usage?
  23. How to play on test?
  24. Coming Soon on Test Server: New Macro System
  25. Deathfist Citadel - Comments, Feedback, Bugs
  26. +spell damage adornments
  27. poisons change
  28. New Macro Window
  29. no brewday for europeans
  30. i know its not cuerrnty in testing atm
  31. Fae hair bug still going unnoticed
  32. Message filters (GU33 PLZ!)
  33. Hovering Device recharge on test (questions)
  34. Tinkerer Recipies
  35. Emergency Maintentance on Test Effective Immediately
  36. [Moved] BEHOLD - The NEW improved -Bard Fix suggestions
  37. beep beep, backing up and you!
  38. Achievement Re-spec
  39. The demise of the goblin
  40. When Will GU33 be Ready?
  41. Oops =
  42. New Hats?
  43. Thanks for "fixing" the remaining animal forms so now we can't jump while using ANY of them.
  44. Why are half the Godking epic 2.0 weapons still Ornate, as well as 3.0 Razorwing Bandolier?
  45. Noxious Remedies screwed across the board and no fix yet?
  46. Raidwindow bugged again
  47. how do i
  48. epic mobs dropping adept1's?!?
  49. Coercer's Mesmeration, Stuns, Stifles, Silences, etc..
  51. [PvP] Giving PvP Test Server Feedback
  52. Update Notes
  53. C'mon give us an LU34 Preview already!
  54. EXILED
  55. New Mount!?!
  56. [PvP] 40% damage cap feedback
  57. All NPC's are gone...
  58. [PVP] Any guestimate on when character copies will complete?
  59. Legendary/Fabled Set Drop Change
  60. So what's the new count for the Enchanted Ghoulbane quest?
  61. Picture of the news Wolf-Mount - here!
  62. Testcopy working for PvP why not PvE?
  63. Bag label feedback
  64. Dead Man's Valley
  65. Characters completely disappearing
  66. playing cards and perhaps another new hat? News at 11!
  67. Warg Mount and Exiles.
  68. The /hide pet command and others
  69. New mount info
  70. [PVP] Respecs, Spell Damage, chat, etc
  71. Bug, New Mount NPC in Loping Not Selling Mounts...
  72. Further changes to the macro system?
  73. Missing tomes in Enchanted lands
  74. Major BUG for PVP-TEST
  75. pvp test server forums
  76. Improve Quest Journal while adding Quest Sharing
  77. Error message after test update 04/19
  78. newest test update notes..... titles?
  79. [PVP]AA respecs
  80. Would like to play on test!!!
  81. Mark of Amakening
  82. Plasma Boost and Plasma Amplification fixed .. did they remember Power Font?
  83. New shadow system in place
  84. Loot drops percentages in general need change not just sets...
  85. New Quest Sharing function - Is this as useless as the guild recruiting tool? You be the judge.
  86. Warg Run Speed
  87. Warg mount refund
  88. If 45% Warg run speed is the correct speed then...
  89. Question about test from a dev to the devs
  90. Question for the Devs
  91. Future Mount Modifications (And thanks for the current one!)
  92. These warg mounts are ugly as sin. They're horrible!
  93. Responsibility...
  94. Self Buffs >>>>>>>> "Deity Pets"
  95. A constructive solution to tests low population
  96. Rearing on mounts
  97. One Click Hail Feedback
  98. Please announce Patch-Days
  99. How about a quest to upgrade the speed on horses?
  100. Other players can't see when my horse prances
  101. bubble is breaking invis again :(
  102. The new zones (neriak) (possible on becoming rather picture heavy)
  103. The Arasai (pictures included.)
  104. Neriak - Feedback
  105. Will Betrayed Fae be able to be Turned into Arasai?
  106. No patch notes on a 15 mn download?
  107. Removal of the 'bind point' quest
  108. Norrath News: Meet the Arasai - exclusive pictures from Neriak - EDIT - now with housing pictures!
  109. Wonderful Idea about character creation!
  110. House moving question
  111. Housing Idea
  112. Instruments?
  113. General Feedback and Bugs
  114. Upgrade the dark Elf please
  115. Regarding the changes to House Moving
  116. Arasai /Dance animation
  117. arasai racial equivalent of fae sylvani form?
  118. Question about the moving crate for houses.
  119. Problems with keyboard settings and last update's SAVE/LOAD
  120. Test Server Download
  121. The /target changes in the Test Update Notes
  122. Freeport to Neriak Betrayal
  123. Technical suggestion: NERIAK IS TOO DARK.
  124. Meet and greet sunday the 3rd of june 12pm pst/8pm gmt at thundering step docks!
  125. Housing in Neriak?
  126. More pic from Neriak
  127. The New Neriak - has no soul, has no character.
  128. Arasai Wing Problem
  129. Arasai: Lets make them look evil
  130. Kelryne's Kit and extract of dark hatred missing?
  131. Quick question
  132. Betraying and changing houses
  133. Nagafan in Darklight?
  134. Why are starting Tradeskill Quests broken again?
  135. Bells in Freeport not working Correctly for Neriak Citizens.
  136. UI: LFG Window
  137. Why do Iksar start in Neriak?
  138. Pointing out a ninja nerf - DOF runes are now no-trade and no-value.
  139. /Target change
  140. Did I see armoured wargs in a screenie?
  141. Test Server setup, is there a sticky?
  142. Please help, i think i mess up test launcher :(
  143. Female Arasai - Why no batwings?
  144. Found a couple of quests I think are bugged
  145. Kithicor Hood change
  146. Protection - Huge PvP Imbalance
  147. Many parts of Neriak are under populated
  148. Arsai 1 and Arsai 2 From beta voices, not available?
  149. Transport to and from Neriak
  150. Feedback - Darklight Wood - Quests
  151. Zoning into Neriak vs logging in in Neriak
  152. Musical Instruments
  153. Test server very strange error
  154. New nightmare mounts
  155. extra character slots?
  156. New Chat LOG!
  157. Aqua Mounts???
  158. Changing Tradeskills - Please let us!!
  159. qeynos to neriak betrayal?
  160. Neriak Harbor
  161. Arasia can't dance?
  162. Possibly a bug with custom target ring textures?
  163. Betrayal for Arasai bugged?
  164. Free Server Transfers
  165. The interface for creating a guild has been improved?
  166. XP too easy and too Fast
  167. Simple question .....
  168. charm exploit w/ pet complete heal/aggro less dismissal
  169. Test Server seeking assistance
  170. Weather in houses
  171. END THE MYSTERY of the blank lfger...
  172. Newbie Housing in Neriak
  173. Arasai Mentor?
  174. Any ETA on release?
  175. L&L Fairies -- Will it be available in Darklight
  176. Armored Warg (Of Doom)
  177. [PvP] Forty Percent Rule
  178. PVP Balance in Neriak (Guards)
  179. Listed of Bugs: Neriak - Darklight Woods
  180. Neriak Dark Elves & Dark Elf Character Models...
  181. Neriak Housing - Now as Big as an Ogre's Backside!
  182. New NPC in Emerald Halls?
  183. Swords of Destiny??
  184. Need help with logging to the test server
  185. Was wondering about /testcopy add
  187. Hidden Rooms
  188. Can Woodworkers make the musical instruments?
  189. NEW LFG System
  190. Quest suggestion
  191. ROK beta?
  192. Test update notes? Someone working on those?
  193. Neriak textures
  194. Tenderwood arrows
  195. Neriak Housing Still Bugged
  196. Has anyone run across these quests: ...
  197. The Case of the Traveling Pants-pants disappearing
  198. Neriak Travel to Desert of Flames
  199. Innoruuks Scar
  200. Question About Neriak Factions / Status / Etc.
  201. Fix underused Arena
  202. Kudos for all the tradeskill fixes!
  203. Error trying to login Arasai
  204. Concern about the upcoming house move changes
  205. no froglok available
  206. /testcopy add How long of a wait?
  207. Camera Strangeness
  208. LU for today?
  209. Neriak crafters BEWARE! (pvp test server)
  210. PvP Test: No Zoning in PvP...
  211. What changes to potions were made?
  212. City Writs?
  213. Harvesting in Darklight Woods
  214. House move crate question
  215. New Clothing?
  216. Feedback
  217. tinkering
  218. Can't zone into Neriak
  219. LFG / LFM
  220. Nine days now, still no /testcopy add toons.
  221. So what would it take for the developers to not have this patch go live?
  222. PvP is less at lvl 70 and more at pre-50.
  223. Can not zone out of Neriak into Darklight, but can use teleporter to leave to TS.
  224. Arasai racial traits.
  225. The silence is deafening
  226. Did a search but ererything is old......
  227. The Fallen Gate needs an entrance in DL Woods also
  228. Vitality Bonus on Test Server
  229. Maybe I'm just blind...
  230. Slugs in Darklight??
  231. Lore & Legend in Darklight
  232. Kithicor Hood
  233. Betrayed!! WOO WOO!!
  234. Qeynos to Neriak?
  235. Is there a release date yet for the next Neriak update?
  236. Neriak - Two Room Housing?
  237. Warg panting
  238. Neriak where art thou?
  239. PvP No Zone Change
  240. Turning in Status loot in Neriak.
  241. Question re: Moving Crates - Anyone on test who has tried them?
  242. Why isn't there a "Test Servers FAQ" stickied at the top of this forum?
  243. Release date of GU35?
  244. Lava/bottomless pits
  245. Thank You!
  246. BOOM! Test Server Crashed
  247. Test Server Downtime Today
  248. Warpfont Spire, new teleport?
  249. Was furniture status changed recently? If not, this is a serious bug.
  250. Suggested Changes for the NEW LFG Interface/System