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  1. Camp Desktop not working
  2. Assassins are rogues now?
  3. Client isn't able to load character select
  4. Harvesting Bug or Intentional?
  5. Resists on spells need to be nerfed!
  6. Cannot open AA window as of today.
  7. Cannot connect to test server
  8. Shrinking Hot Bar
  9. New Interrupt mechanic as bad or worse then Fizzles ever were!
  10. Guild Status Points. Is this a bug?
  11. The official DIRGE EoF AA post. EoF AA's are unimaginative and thoughtless.
  12. EoF Troubador AA - slap in the face or clueless/lazy/unimaginative development team?
  13. EoF Troubador AA - constructive feedback on the upcoming AA's (cleaned up)
  14. So all imbue recipes are gone on test?
  15. Combat Revamp: Resisting Epic Spells?
  16. What is a "Rare Fabled item"?
  17. New port spells: Bug
  18. Flame Chamber (and upgrades) interrupt bugged!
  19. Conjuror pets being nerfed again?
  20. Guild Status Change in Beta Notes...
  21. Harvesting rares to change once imbues nerfed?
  22. General feedback on expansion
  23. Accord (and upgrades) remove invis when procing!
  24. New Character Problem in Beta
  25. falling point thought
  26. Is anyone else as disappointed in the upcoming changes as I am?
  27. Suggestions - Didn't know where to put this.
  28. EoF departure from previous expansion and adventure paks
  29. Fish are walking on land again!
  30. Proposed solution to the guild status change issue.
  31. To the Devs it all comes down to this in the average guy or gals expectations.
  32. PVP Writ suggestion
  33. Exile is to EASY!!
  34. Guild Status Contribution Change: Nov 10 2006
  35. A question about the augments.
  36. A small question about the old Fable armor.
  37. Great changes for groups over instances!
  38. Tradeskills
  39. EoF AA Enhance: Symbol of Corruption (Added 11/11)
  40. Consitituencies / Market Segments / EQ II Market Focus?
  41. Brokers still broken on test
  42. Well will EoF be live on Test?
  43. Coercer Nerf is Uncalled For
  44. why this game is bad
  45. New PvP Title, very poor choice.
  46. EoF on Test Server please
  47. Preordered and downloaded the digital EoF. Im a Station Access Member. Why cant I make a Fae?
  48. Guild status.. 5% or 10%?
  49. Rearing on carpet should not be slow....please fix!
  50. Catalogue creature spell
  51. Test Server: Down
  52. EQ2Players.com Feedback
  53. Has anyone been able to log into test since EoF launch?
  54. Has anybody seen my proccing jewelry?
  55. EoF on Test server...why isn't it there?
  56. please delete =)
  57. Server Transfers - Within PvP servers and PvP to PvE
  58. What happened to SK's??
  59. Fix the Sol Ro imp!
  60. Grats SoE on screwing up the PVP servers.
  61. Fix pets or put them on instant cast timers. PLEASE! :)
  62. Right-click bug for 2 quests in Kaladim!
  63. What the $%^$ gets you in combat all the time?
  64. Changes to Defensive Stances -Mon 20 Nov Test Update-
  65. Please don't forget to fix AoAx4, Lyceum, and Deathtoll
  66. Is it just me?
  67. Charm for 3 min in pvp?
  68. The REAL problem with Bruisers, Zerkers, and Assassins
  69. Zone idea
  70. NEW Spirit Steed Horses sux
  71. Could someone please test if....
  72. Curse Of Insanity Bugged
  73. Life: Brigand 'Amazing Reflexes' bugged
  74. Quellious deity pet
  75. Will the PvP Conjuror ever get some loving?
  76. One respec for traits and such per character would be nice following these changes.
  77. [BUG]: New Bruiser EoF AA: Shiftiness does not work.
  78. Guild Search
  79. Just a small suggestion.
  80. Fix transmutting and Tinkering!!!
  81. Secondary skills no longer tradeskills?
  82. Upcoming Frostfell Event Idea Thread
  83. Still getting stuck on the sign post!
  84. Bugs Found/ Feedback
  85. Summoner pets and still in-combat bug
  86. New Gods
  87. Client/Server mismatch on Test 11/28
  88. Infusion of daydream been fixed on test yet?
  89. Pets Run Speed Still a neglected problem?
  90. Betray to Kelethin - Any official response please?
  91. Character-Specific Postures!
  92. ETA on new Humanoid Skeletons :)
  93. New Server...
  94. Is the skeletal model armor revamp project still being worked on?
  95. Fix the resist rate !
  96. Labs Crashing
  97. Catalog Creature ability still bugged...
  98. Latest Nerf
  99. how about looking at the curves?
  100. Avoidance.... Please gimme a break...
  101. Estate of Unrest Speculations :)
  102. Were any of these major changes and nerfs thought out whatsoever? Big fan but nearly ready to quit.
  103. How about fixes instead of more and more nerfs?
  104. Will this patch even fix stuff??
  105. Adornment nerf question
  106. New base avoidance
  107. More detailed update notes please
  108. Any fix for the Kelethin citizens who can't do Claymore quest line past the Riddle of the vault ?
  109. Things that need to be fixed as of 6/12/2006
  110. Wizard/Warlock Spells Issues
  111. Coercer spell issues
  112. the hand of glory
  113. Items that still won't take adornments.
  114. Dyes and Tints - how about having an option to enable/disable like SOGA?
  115. Dirges get seriously nerfed with new aggression skill while others get it as a free bonus?
  116. Anyone know when Frostfell will hit Live?
  117. does 11 december patch affects epic named?
  118. Unrest and StormGuard
  119. INSPIRATION enhancement aa _OVERNERFED_. Please reconsider to 12s per rank.
  120. Assassin AA, Getaway.
  121. Warden Cure Line Duration Nerf
  122. Aggression skill - will it start at 0/350?? will there be equipment to enhance the skill?
  123. How about fixing summoners pet windows in an update after 2 yrs
  124. New Frostfell tree quest - Other means?
  125. Unattuned bug & chat issues on Test as of TU30 - 12/11/06
  126. Surging tempest change??
  127. LU 30: Weapon prc
  128. LU 30: solo quest achievement
  129. Frostfell Scroogle Quest Bug, Impedes Quest Completion
  130. More profession hats ?
  131. Frostfell 2006 Bug and Comments Thread
  132. Double Penalty: Proc taunt checks against aggression skill and chance to hit
  133. talk about missing the point!!
  134. THANK you, SoE. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
  135. Bruiser spell "Close Mind" and aggression
  136. Tank pet and Agression skill?
  137. Agression Skill Updating - Yes Non Damage Taunts, No Damage Taunts
  138. Aggression and % Resistability
  139. What about a new Evil race and city?
  140. Question about this part of next update
  141. Fireplaces
  142. While taunts are being fixed in a way can you also fix the hold the line series combat abilities?
  143. Warden EoF AA line - the big picture???
  144. Mayong Mistmoore.
  145. Petition for Sniper shot to be upgraded.
  146. Quests going gray
  147. Amends Fixed?
  148. Safehouse - nerfing range why?
  149. Can we get a new Bag Mod with LU 30 ?
  150. dps item mod stacking change
  151. Frostfell on PvP..
  152. At a loss
  153. GU#30 Frostfell, will go live when?
  154. Crafting Tables in Frostfell
  155. Exiles and Frostfell?
  156. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  157. Hello? Frostfell?
  158. Fae/Kelethin citizen related bugs
  159. Changes to Frostfell Merchant and drop rate on Spring Water
  160. What happened to Whittier's quest?
  161. 3rd time i'm dowloading now, what's the deal ?
  162. test server buffs
  163. unrest in lu #30?
  164. Is the Aggression skill supposed to be a joke? This is useless.
  165. Please look into Lt. Alesso(sp)
  166. No changes in resist rate in LU 30, BYE !
  167. Please put in bottomless harvesting nodes for Frostfell
  168. Assassin Surveil change - bug or working as intended?
  169. Bug for brigands and aggression skill
  170. Bug with trouba aa line and new agression skill
  171. Don't play on Test. How is Smite Evil there? Bugged too?
  172. Threat possition and Agro. The mechanics and how it works.
  173. Please Fix On Going adornment issues
  174. Kelethin Citizens: Some things still missing
  175. How Do You Pray To An Avatar?
  176. Housing functionality...
  177. Would like some feedback on the next test update
  178. Why is the level cap still at 70?
  179. Dirge/Trou Run Speeds need help IMO
  180. Its official EQ2 is bug free!
  181. A short list with what is wrong with EQ2
  182. Is it really THIS hard to figure out how to stop plat sellers and farmers?
  183. In Combat Health Regen?
  184. Mistake on tradeskiller class...
  185. Transportation and Content...
  186. Whiners win this round
  187. How do I actually get to the test server to create a character?
  188. GU#30 said it was fixed, but it wasn't.
  189. Is there a timetable for GU 32?
  190. New update to address slow loading issues (Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007)
  191. eq2 Players website missing info
  192. Sniper Shot
  193. Non PVP server updates for GU31 ?
  194. LU31 being worked on - can the community get some sort of updates?
  195. Launchpad quick launch broken?
  196. Hydromancer Pets and Plane Shift ?
  197. Decaying Respec Costs
  198. Fae Betrayal and clipping wings?
  199. NPCs special abillities & zone-lagging
  200. Non-testing related threads in "In Testing Feedback"
  201. the newest adornment change.
  202. Couple questions about the latest patch to the Test Server...
  203. Changes to Kaladim ring events - Timers and charms
  204. Player should no longer look like he’s falling when he jumps while starting a flying mount.
  205. /hide_illusion is restricted to use only while out of combat???
  206. Symbols / Shields / Ranged / Off-hand + Adornments
  207. lets see the new hats!
  208. Master's Rage on Test bugged - GU31
  209. LvL 34 trapped in the Feerot.
  210. How many new hats are being patched in?
  211. Fabulous Fashion
  212. Dev Clarification required URGENTLY -Adornments only be equippable in slots supported....
  213. Double jumping - concerns + suggestions for devs
  214. Test notes for today the 23rd...
  215. Two messages when logging out needs to stay....
  216. The mobs within Inner Sanctum....
  217. Dirge stealth breaking - please fix the rest as well
  218. Strike Master spells
  219. New Horse Resizing
  220. Broker commissions will now be taken into account when sorting search results by price
  221. Bandoliers
  222. Auto Char select screen
  223. Iksar swim speed was greatly reduced.
  224. game crashing upon quest completion
  225. From Test Update 1/25/2007
  226. druid ring idea?
  227. Suggestion for L&L book locations with the new mastery changes.
  228. Character Slots?
  229. Rather 1 server for everyone with 10 instances of the same zone then 10 empty servers
  230. Game crash when i accept invite to group
  231. Guild recruiter bug
  232. Just wondering...
  233. Status points question
  234. Player has gone linkdead.
  235. eq2 players
  236. A plea to SOE about "Stuck on Loading Resources" bug during loading in raid zones
  237. Deity Pets... Pet or Buff?
  238. Erollisi Day Events
  239. e-day candies/notes
  240. What is this i hear about AA changes????
  241. Fully functional Web brower coming in LU 32?
  242. LU32 - Gnomish Stilts will no longer work while on horseback. Devs please reconsider.
  243. Betrayal in GU32 means no new Race?
  244. GU preview - Unrest
  245. Test Feedback on fae betrayal (since i can't start a topic on the test feedback forum)
  246. Estate of Unrest (area) LOTS of screenshots
  247. Test Server Downtime
  248. GU32 Achievement reset. The Good and the Bad!
  249. thank you for again making chanters useless in an entire zone
  250. What required to Start sword of destiny quest