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  1. the eeeeeevil chemistry table
  2. Please for the love of all that is holy replace the quests
  3. Reduce Root Usage
  4. Why another poison nerf?
  5. New clothing issues
  6. A Question about Earrings being changed to Lore status
  7. For those of us who liked it better
  8. Erudites Camera/View
  9. The only two bugs from new betrayal quest.
  10. Paladin Blessing/Sacrament spell lines
  11. Obscene hex doll casting time
  12. Please finish one project before starting the next . . .
  13. Upcoming Guild Raid Changes
  14. best change in LU26...
  15. LU 26a .... guild raid revamp?
  16. Guild Raid, Rewards for 50, 60 70?
  17. LU 26a
  18. Now that the Betrayal revamp is complete...
  19. Menders Broken?
  20. whats up with root
  21. Please leave the griffons and their tamers alone!
  22. Guild Raid Changes
  23. Small wish...
  24. Raid Invites
  25. Inspecting Players
  26. - Hex dolls
  27. Freeport side Call of heroes type of spell requested. possible name call of villian?
  28. Attn: Blackguard - Having to climb up the griffin towers doesn't add to game enjoyment
  29. En Garde- Working as intended?
  30. Betrayal quest suggestion
  31. Guild Recruitment upgrades
  32. Test Character Transfer?
  33. New command request / suggestion on player packs
  34. Test update notes 07/26/06
  35. SK Harm Touch in PVP
  36. Lockout timers, wide brush
  37. Charming 1 mob in a dynamic camp in ANY ZONE will bug out the events, not just TT.
  38. Making completed HQs repeatable: Question about guild status points
  39. Great change in TT for ring events, could it get applied to PoA too?
  40. T2 adept III rares
  41. Fence PvP System
  42. Food/Drink spell of priests
  43. Harvesting tool spam
  44. Lost: Shambling Corpse. Reward if Found.
  45. Tailored Armor-Is this being looked at too?
  46. Question on Nek Castle Changes
  47. No-trade items
  48. Suggestion for more new maps
  49. christmas in July?
  50. This isnt right, right?
  51. Please STOP removing QUESTS, Thank You
  52. Please add coin to the Shared Bank
  53. When does LU26 Go live?
  54. Guild Raid Re-vamp for LU #26
  55. Relic pattern change
  56. Signet of Replenishment
  57. Splitpaw town becomes pvp
  58. Claymore bug
  59. Mastercraft Armor/Wep Improvements Retroactive?
  60. Timed Tradeskill writs?
  61. Change to Splitpaw and TS book drops?
  62. Relic chest change
  63. No more FD training after LU26?
  64. Fix new PVP rewards please
  65. Another broken PVP Item
  66. New Rare?
  67. Allow Class Change within Same Archetype
  68. New Tradeskill Writs; Are they "Quest" or "Quest(s)"
  69. New Timed Tradeskill Writs (Rush Orders) on Test
  70. Detailed feedback on the tradeskill writs
  71. Stuck pre-class system change character problem on test
  72. (Unlikely, but possible) potential zoning problem with 27a?
  73. What Players Want
  74. This is a nice change on test for soloers...
  75. SK changes
  76. Tarton's Wheel
  77. Tradeskill Faction Points
  78. profession hats being changed..
  79. Less Power?
  80. Scrap all of LU27 but the writs and ...................
  81. All quests on test broken?
  82. Ranged double attack.
  83. Test server login error
  84. Can we PLEASE see a graphic fix for this in Lu27?? please?? :(
  85. Druid class hats - new graphics ever gonna be implemented?
  86. Cant find him
  87. Not on Test Server- But have a Question
  88. class hats?
  89. Question about the fear change
  90. Coercer Changes
  91. Oops. Login Rejected after tonight's patch
  92. Don't melt the TS ice float!
  93. Home Based Fuel Vendors!!
  94. Murdunk's Falls
  95. Protecting the city..
  96. Any high level Assassins seen the new hat ?
  97. Repair Costs
  98. test goes live dates
  99. Save the ice!!
  100. DEV's Please Post Pics of new HATS!!! :P
  101. Tradeskill advancement
  102. YAHOO!!! Plat Spammers will soon no longer be a problem... (or as big of a problem at least.)
  103. Trial of the Isle Changes
  104. Test client crashes to Desktop
  105. Coalition of Tradesfolke faction
  106. *Smirk*
  107. Crusader offensive stance
  108. Wizard/Warlock Aggro Transfer
  109. Future crafting update ideas
  110. LU27 - When?
  111. Betrayal problem
  112. Funniest patch line
  113. Tradeskill notes 8/28
  114. City Zone Lag Reduction Feedback
  115. Tradeskill Writ bug Redux - 8/29
  116. Alchemist tradeskill buffs bug - "Would not take effect"
  117. Warlock Spell Information
  118. Palladium Torque
  119. Respectfully asking for graphic variety for axes
  120. Lag after Update: 8/28/2006 7:00 AM
  121. New Crafting task : a bug
  122. Harvesting Tools
  123. Feedback on the new imbued bandoliers etc... and a few suggestions
  124. Mouse Movement
  125. Pets should now be able to once again attack Chieftain Merzog in Fallen Gate....
  126. Probably a dumb question
  127. BUG(maybe?) cant leave tradeskill instance
  128. Test server Qustions.
  129. Please have a Seat...and no where to sit but the floor
  130. And so, what are the big lines for GU 28? :)
  131. A suggestion worth considering?
  132. Woot! Thank you for reverting the spell stacking issue!
  133. A new player with an old idea?
  134. can we have our pets back please?
  135. Intelligence has no effect on spell damage?
  136. PVP balance suggestion
  137. PvP ballance sujestion
  138. why cant you move to another sever ?
  139. New Playable Class (idea)
  140. Not sure where to stick this, Vista related
  141. Inconsistent rollback after server downtime
  142. Mobs not giting hit with spells now ?
  143. what EQ2 is missing from EQ1
  144. NEW BELLS
  145. Sooo how about a LU28 preview, or a 'future plans' post in Dev Roundtable?
  146. one more reason to not like how sony does beta
  147. Wondering: Does Sony acknowledge the problems with Rangers?
  148. Darkpaw Sniffer - Is it working?
  149. world map needs to be updated
  150. Antonica on Test Missing (mostly) & Scroll Bars Missing
  151. New Female Run Animations Added With Test Update 28
  152. The Two of Them
  153. Vendor "buy-back" tab?
  154. Major problems with tonight's patch
  155. /bug /feedback bugged
  156. Tradeskill Instances
  157. Still no neutral Tradeskill loactions...
  158. Vendor Slots on Houses - Thank you
  159. /bug and /feedback are crashing me
  160. SBH HQ LU28 changes
  161. What's happening with patching??
  162. Class hats?
  163. Update existing TS instances to open layout, don't remove them
  164. Playtest Postponed till Monday 25th 4pm PST
  165. Tradeskill Changes, Feedback, and Playtest.
  166. Brokers gone from starting cities
  167. Running on original models
  168. Seeking a Tradeskill Profession and Island Crafting broken
  169. all recent CTD fixed with the latest patch
  170. Tradeskill Instances and In-Room Crafting Stations?
  171. Broken Quest
  172. Ancestral Sarnak War Bow
  173. Tradeskill Delegate does NOT update Quest
  174. They need to rethink TS changes they WON'T WORK
  175. Quest journal suggestion
  176. Alarming UI issue since last patch
  177. New Command /Rtarget
  178. My Stuff
  179. Tradskill Orders that you can take with you (please!)
  180. Tradeskill Suggestion
  181. To Glendral
  182. Nights of the Dead Question + Maj'Dul and Haven
  183. Another quest journal suggestion..
  184. new tradeskill location SCREENSHOTS!!!! are here.
  185. Gold Seller Msgs from Newbie Isle back again.
  186. Ironforge Exchange Faction Items ???
  187. Playtesting feedback (25 Sept playtest, crafting station changes)
  188. Problem in Freeport with new crafting setup.
  189. Looks like a done deal to me
  190. Why no item reward for new Deity quests?
  191. Constructive feedback from the crafting test...
  192. Could we /please/ at least get a choice?
  193. Easy solution to improve crafter-adventurer involvement.
  194. Pets putting you in combat in PVP - will this EVER be fixed?
  195. Tea with the Dormouse
  196. Suggestions from a Test Server Crafter: IMO the best option...
  197. while we are on the subject of fixes.........
  198. Disclaimer on the playtest and those horses, carpets and pets.
  199. Text/response bubble font size change option?
  200. Another Playtest after Patch?
  201. Verdict missing
  202. Thanks for the feedback.
  203. How About Sell Back PVP Items for Status
  204. troubles with the darkpaw sniffer....
  205. Test Server down?
  206. Any rangers no Test server notice a difference with Sarnak Bow?
  207. Carnaged or Not
  208. Shared Housing, please tell me they're still working on it??
  209. Writ givers in the city...
  210. uhmm where's test update 28b notes?
  211. In-House Fuel Vender
  212. What is going to happen with the fun music?
  213. What are the chances that the Tunare/Innoruuk live events will happen BEFORE the release of EoF?
  214. Dancing with the Lady is Broken
  215. Where is the rest of the Nights of the Dead stuff?
  216. Please give us the ability to Lock Harvesting nodes!!
  217. Update 28 - Gold Spammers are back from the Isle
  218. Is it possible to impliment the mail system into a quest system?
  219. Unlisted Patch Change?
  220. Contested perhaps not for the 24/7 raiders?
  221. Game Update 28 - Bug Report
  222. My ponytail/Braid is gone after the patch?
  223. Suggestion for an alternative to the guild level 50 horse
  224. MY MAIL
  225. Trinkets of the Dead -- Developers, it still needs a dialog box
  226. Nights of the Dead - Is this it?
  227. Request: No Giant Candycanes for Xmas
  228. Can the dancing moves from the halloween event be made to work outside of the haunted house?
  229. Tie That Binds quest
  230. Constant lockups after patch on 10/10
  231. Halloween Events
  232. Tradeskill on Char-Select and other...
  233. Kerra Racial trait
  234. Sitting in Chairs
  235. SOE Customer Service interface
  236. The Dedicated and Loyal titles....
  237. /bug reporting worthwhile?
  238. Feedback on the new Customer Service system
  239. Can we get an update.
  240. Illusions and Mounts
  241. PVE spell resists still broken since LU27!!!
  242. Mob Bug needs fixed
  243. The Events like Halloween...
  244. Combat Changes to Test...
  245. Just wondering about war zones
  246. Combat Changes Coming to Test
  247. mobs on test not respawning
  248. New magic spell that gives safefall?!
  249. Test experience so far.
  250. New combat changes on PVP. Any chance we will be able to test as well?