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  1. Test Character
  2. New betrayal quest is not working.
  3. Why are you ninja nerfing Black Lotus BP? How do you want us to give you feedback ?
  4. Deity worship changes that are coming
  5. Bruiser : nerf us but lower Power Cost
  6. Can anyone confirm about neutral betrayals??
  7. How about letting us give the Devs a hand?
  8. Feedback about the new broker
  9. Wizard Cease Line
  10. hey DEVS, wanna fix the broken claymore items?
  11. can't log in
  12. Starting locations for the Betrayal quests?
  13. LU24?
  14. sound music updates in the future?
  15. Betrayal and housing
  16. What will happen to quested spell rewards after Betrayal?
  17. 14 second charm
  18. Monks Taunts? LU25 Maybe
  19. Gathering Filter
  20. Gathering for a quest
  21. Quest sharing
  22. SHIFT and clic to make a link
  23. Poll Opinion
  24. Small bug on broker..
  25. Test update notes (Or lack there of)
  26. Raws that are no longer available after LU 24 goes in
  27. Extra slots for the Broker Sell Tab
  28. Betrayal and Status Points
  29. Freeport Fishing
  30. Forage time reducing items
  31. EQ2 Mark of the awakening trial 4 (problems) since recent patch!
  32. Haven
  33. Removal of Access Quests
  34. Noob Crafter Here - Question about LU24
  35. Bugged spell on Test: Null Caress
  36. Buzz Kill results in cancellation
  37. Chances for roots to dispel
  38. Fungi
  39. Templar: Focused Benefaction and Intercession have flawed descriptions / effects
  40. Question about stun immunity after lu24
  41. Hoola hat and betryal
  42. Curt Schilling
  43. LU 24 Testing problem - starting out as a crafter
  44. I love the 'new' commonlands
  45. Shrubbery the new Fungus Node =(
  46. Guild Problems!
  47. Mislabeled Crafting Items on Test
  48. An Intercepted Scroll
  49. June 1st test notes?
  50. Containers for other Broker slots?
  51. Were tradeskill counters broken on purpose?
  52. Did they up final product exp, or atleast adjust TS pwr consumption?
  53. N'impote quoi !!!!!!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE D'ATTAQUER
  54. Test update?
  55. Pet 'lag' bug?
  56. Harvesting 1,3,5, 10+ intended?
  57. Monks get fear, bruisers should get fall of phoenix
  58. Great Troubadour changes....but what about the dirge?
  59. 1GHz limit
  60. A quick question for you test server folks ;-)
  61. ward log-messages
  62. exile title for betraying
  63. Nektulos Feedback
  64. New Betraying question
  65. After LU24, Glimmering tooth and HQ?
  66. Tradeskill item progress
  67. Personal Status
  68. Any Sages on a Test Server that could help me out
  69. Bucklers
  70. Betraying again
  71. question on new betrayal system
  72. Any lvl buffing on test?
  73. Bonemire quest mobs dropping loot
  74. Test Update Notes
  75. nodes
  76. LU24 - Betrayal and Relic
  77. How long does Betraying take?
  78. Betrayal and Master II's
  79. What I have learned from playing a Buffbot on Test
  80. PVP change for dungens
  81. Bell Missing?
  82. Can't Stack items from different makers??
  83. What in the heck happened with Honor of Pantrilla???
  84. Selling from free room?
  85. Since Ranger's aren't allowed shoot on the run...
  86. conj pet bug or intended?
  87. Wastestalker cowl
  88. Class hats
  89. Enchanters need an Immunity Timer like PVE players get for our Mez/Stuns/Stifles on epics.
  90. The money we EARN on our Bufftoons.
  91. Please don't make adjustments to Halls of Fate
  92. bruiser change?
  93. Conjuror damage reductions and parses
  94. Test server down?
  95. Well, made an illusionst on test
  96. New Commonlands Dervish and Quests
  97. Stones removed from Gazer island
  98. tier1 harvesting bug
  99. Nihilism not attributing damage correctly?
  100. Crash to Desktop bug after Test update today 6/8/06
  101. Fantasy without Chocolate?
  102. Troubador Charm ~ Could a confuse work better?
  103. Woodworker bug? - Unable to gain skill in Fletching
  104. Don't you dare touch that Enter key ...
  105. Mob Taunts
  106. Qeynos Bounty Problem (Freeport to Qeynos Betrayal)
  107. correct me if I am wrong
  108. PLS make it so i can change my race with the betrayal quest
  109. Warlock root spells, and the power cost.
  110. Weaponsmiths - They need upgrading
  111. Bixie L&L is BROKEN
  112. any chance of fixing Icy Digs access in next LU?
  113. Please offer a respect to characters entering the Adventure Pack/Live Update
  114. Tin Throwing Axe
  115. some Commonlands Feedback *spoilers*
  116. Blazing Shield
  117. Heavy Metal Woes
  118. Remove two tradeskill classes, and replace it with this one.....
  119. Lack of Potions and Poisons with new system
  120. New Tradeskill System and XP
  121. bugged harvest nodes
  122. Should we be concerned about this?
  123. Change all items to same quality after revamp.
  124. Selling alt's crafted items?
  125. From a Crafter's PoV - LU24 IS A MASSIVE NERF
  126. New Broker - awkward to use
  127. Guild Leader Channel
  128. selling crafted items
  129. Mass evictions. Will the new broker system force us to move?
  130. Exiles can't sell offline
  131. Enjoyable Camping
  132. Favorite Food/Favorite Drink
  133. Missing T2 Jewelry recipes
  134. New woodworker recipies: Basic components?
  135. RE: Test Update Notes: June 9-12, 2006
  136. Harvesting tool recipes
  137. NT
  138. Armor changes concern me... seriously
  139. Refined items not accepted in recipes?
  140. What time do they shut the servers down to start patching?
  141. Crafted items for status
  142. Starting a profession VI is broken
  143. New kind of betrayal type question....
  144. Last minute bug: "Seeking a Profession" quest and betrayals
  145. Question about Test Server
  146. Test Servers
  147. Troub Charm Nerf - FIX IT
  148. I tip my hat on the tradeskill revamp
  149. The Far Pelican not instanced - has this been fixed?
  150. Conjurors Vote NO on LU24
  151. QH Boat Ride =(
  152. New Broker Sytem still needs work!!
  153. Warlocks Killed
  154. PLS make it so i can change my gender with the betrayal quest
  155. Rent Status Reduction Changes
  156. Search Broker from the Sell Board needs a Fix.
  157. "Ending the Revolution" How?
  158. test server regular players deleted
  159. Sell back prices not fixed on Test.
  160. Please give us a seperate sell window
  161. Sell Back Prices to NPC need to be raised.
  162. Bug: Inconsistent Experience Gain while tradeskilling
  163. Major auto-attack problem...was this noted on test for the lu24 update also?
  164. LU (nurf)24
  165. Readable Store Log Needed
  166. Was There a Point in taking recipes away from Crafters??
  167. My Weaponsmith Plea...
  168. Weaponsmith Is Crud Part 2
  169. Making tradeskilling Worthwhile Again - An Idea
  170. bug: CTD when logging in
  171. New crafted vendors patched in
  172. Did quest/writ collections get lowered to 10?
  173. Feedback on the Feedback Forum
  174. Clothing?
  175. Possible Turn-In Program on test??
  176. Test Update 25a
  177. City Quest Changes with LU 25
  178. TU25 - Non-curable status effects no longer appearing on display.
  179. Thoughts on LU25
  180. TU25 - No Totem Box?
  181. Earrings lore
  182. LU25 PVP vendors
  183. Charm and Mental buff
  184. Can you carry new containers?
  185. How many Slots do the new Broker Boxes have
  186. Problem logging into the test server
  187. I should have rolled a scout bruiser.
  188. Will you be able to sell from alts in LU25?
  189. Woodworker Pain
  190. Experience going backwards!
  191. Conjure's Pet Apperence
  192. Racial Stealth change question.
  193. Mob and player taunting
  194. Exile Writs
  195. PvP immunity to sub level 10 harvesters again...?
  196. Do we get new AA respec on LU 25?
  197. When is this Troub Charm/Mez going to be sorted?
  198. KOS nodes changed to T6
  199. At last, at last, my own little bunny rabbit!
  200. Instead of....
  201. Will there be Master Spell Transcribers for Regular Servers?
  202. Dev's, Please Look into Weaponsmiths
  203. Changing Nobility Titles Propose
  204. Please for the love of god fix the trade skills in LU25.
  205. Sales Log No longer readable
  206. Why we get so much new VPK Files ?
  207. Transcriber does not work on TEST, is he there just to tease us?
  208. artic talon change
  209. making a test toon
  210. status clothes for artisans!
  211. Could an SOE representitive explain why....
  212. Has anyone figured out how to make vendors visible in housing? Patch notes vague
  213. Warden's Protecting Grove, Please Fix!
  214. Harvests need help!
  215. The Bards List: Bugs and Issues.
  216. One of my ideas.
  217. This in-game plat farming website spam has gotten out of control and I'm about to go ballistic
  218. level 70 character
  219. -
  220. couple ideas
  221. HQ stat changes?
  222. What consignment container for woodworker sales
  223. please fix Bootstrutter's Guide quest in EL
  224. Procing Item Concern
  225. LU 25 question
  226. Question regarding new broker containers.
  227. alder versions of the new placable containers
  228. Unlocked Frogloks
  229. Pictures!! placeable broker containers
  230. Question about consignment containers and multiple chars
  231. Level of Recipes for new containers?
  232. Are new containers Online Sales only?
  233. Selecting a Tradeskill Reward bugged
  234. Selecting a Tradeskill Reward bugged
  235. Why is my crafting tunic's stats at zero?
  236. Placable broker containers...now placeable chests.
  237. Please fix Totem recipies!!!
  238. Swapping Dragonscale Ring and Earrings
  239. lu25 scheduled for when?
  240. Did somone hit the LU button?
  241. Command to make Mage Pets only cast, rather than run into melee.
  242. What happened to hand axe, sabre, sai, kris and claymore?
  243. Guild Discount
  244. Vendor boxes for storage
  245. guards
  246. Arctic talon
  247. I would like to see M2 picks be allowed for any spell one has, rather than specific ones.
  248. Newbie City Quest Changes -- our opinion did not matter
  249. New changes in LU25 - Questionable Placement.
  250. Hopes for LU 26