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  1. Simple Idea for Crafting Stations
  3. Xegonite tier7 armor ugly - is this going to be changed?
  4. LaunchPad request: Failed login attempts
  5. What are the chances of getting something in the ammo slots for non ammo users ? (casters)
  6. Guild Recruitment
  7. Please fix Paladin wards along with Mystic and Defiler wards in LU#22
  8. What Would You Like To See In LU #23?
  9. Thorny Trap (Adept III)
  10. Any news on the High level betrayal ?
  11. Quest and Mission
  12. Serious Feedback on Guild Recruiting Tool
  13. Yes/No Question for Devs Please :-)
  14. Blind group invite solution / group invite 'harassment'
  15. Must Have: Broker Preview Pane
  16. qeynos/FP imbalance , devs plz check
  17. New LU Test Updates
  18. Fix the LFG list
  19. Spell proc changes ~ intentions?
  20. Inquisitor: Detect Good will now work properly
  21. LU23 Test Cleric AA change?
  22. sorceror love = no
  23. Disapointing Live Updates
  24. Raja the Sunspeaker / Parched Prophets and Lunatics still broken/not spawning in Pillars of Flame
  25. Change to Harla Dar
  26. Can anyone provide example text of the way wards are writing to the log file.
  27. Missing Utility Spells on Test
  28. Can we please have Player Crafted Gi's for Monks/Bruisers !!!!
  29. Running and Chatting issue since LU#22
  30. Show hood/helmet?
  31. WOW thanx SOE
  32. Spell Proc Change. Please explain Us!!!
  33. Money sinks, think there is a dupe, hard to tell but easy to see on vox
  34. Where is the best place to post somethign major? DUPE?
  35. T7 Spell Rare changes:
  36. Chat window problem since 4/26 Patch
  37. Maintenance Window
  38. A List of things to make the game less irritating
  39. From Today's Update Notes
  40. Saving/Loading of Option's Configurations
  41. Please don't change t7 rares on live servers
  42. PvP: Next Round of Changes - Ignoring the effect to PvP again???
  43. Exile - Betrayal - Exile - Betrayal - Exile - Betrayal
  44. The new spell proc changes and "instant" cast time spells
  45. Out of city houses.
  46. T7 Rares for spells/ca's
  47. Spongy Loam Rarity - are you kidding?
  48. What Would You Like To See in LU24?
  49. Autofollow Problems??
  50. Rares and Feedback...is it worth it
  51. crafting
  52. Any news on updating the resists on t7 gear?
  53. /hidepet ALREADY!!
  54. Autofollow on all Raid Members
  55. Allow Character Copy from Main to Test for LU24
  56. Devs?
  57. weapon proc not going off
  58. Patch of 5/3
  59. Possible Conuror pet attack bug?
  60. Any news on.....
  61. Early Warning: Test Update #24 notes will be wrong
  62. Immunities and new spell rules.
  63. Shared Bank Suggestion
  64. What would you like to see in LU #284?
  65. LU24? (5/10 patch)
  66. Spongy loams = bad choice for TWO classes.
  67. Predator issues with the changes to stuns
  68. Keep nerfing bards and there wont be anymore left
  69. Why nerf pets ? Cant you nerf us?
  70. Just a question
  71. New betrayal quest: What about Master 2 spell choices?
  72. Delete me.
  73. what about people who have done the accses quests already
  74. Betrayal/Exile reset to AP1
  75. Betrayal Quests
  76. Betrayal quest : Concordium's delivery
  77. Haven?
  78. Freeport Betrayal problem
  79. Access quests, who complains ?
  80. Exile system App1 questions
  81. LU24, sure it helps Enchanters but What about everyone else?!
  82. Illusionist: Solar shower timer
  83. Questions surrounding Betrayal quest
  84. What is the dev's vision for the Bruiser?
  85. How do the betrayal changes affect those who already betrayed?
  86. Relic Armor with Betrayal
  87. Overnerfing of roots
  88. Get a grip on reality SOE
  89. Does SoE think they can include arbitrary non-CC related nerfs without us noticing?
  90. quick question about new betrayal and claymore questline
  91. The Tied that binds
  92. Seems ridiculous to me...
  93. Why the nerf?
  94. Why the nerf of Dirges?
  95. Anyone played a ranger on tet with LU 24 changes? How do they affect soloing
  96. Ok this is rediculous.
  97. Zone access?
  98. Charm is a core ability of Troubadors
  99. Will your master II choices get reset if you betray?
  100. Estimate release?
  101. Does this mean we can betray any number of times?
  102. Suggestion: Patcher Improvement for LU24
  103. Exiles and selling stuff
  104. Lol you can stop posting now, Conjurors
  105. Tir 1 zones disabled on test.
  106. Must exiles change their class?
  107. Two questions regarding the new Exile system
  108. re: bards.
  109. I read this somewhere before, so sorry.
  110. One suggestion/question about Haven?
  111. Questions regarding Exile on the PvP servers.
  112. Ahead of the game?
  113. Please reconsider resetting all spells to App1 if NOT changing class...
  114. Done Betrayal quest?
  115. Stop scapegoating Enchanters, Lockeye's post is misleading
  116. This Situation is Over.
  117. more access zones unlocked plz
  118. when does LU24 go live??
  119. What is with all the extremly long reuse timers on zones?
  120. What are bards?
  121. Amazing Reflexes and PVP Items issues
  122. Haven **WARNING, POSSIBLE SPOILERS** (do not read if you want to explore this yourself)
  123. Guards Not protecting in novice zones.
  124. If you feel Sony should trash LU24, post here!
  125. Where are the updated TU 24 notes?
  126. Why thread about trashing LU24 was deleted?
  127. something unexpected
  128. LU24 Why are conjurors getting balanced? Debate the issue.
  129. Shorter Stun Times... Ok.. However?
  130. Anyone, have an Exile quest question, may contain spoilers
  131. Suggestion to Devs Regarding Summoner Balance
  132. Spell and Art Changes in Test Update #24 (So Far)
  133. Urgent! PVP Suggestion for devs Concerning conjurer/Necro balance
  134. I think Sony should trash LU24
  135. TU24b came from....
  136. A request for clarification.
  137. You missed an Enchanter AA spell in the "Increased casting speed" buff on test.
  138. crafting revamp done?
  139. Possible overcrowding in tradeskill instances
  140. Rangers and Assassins and Stun Changes
  141. New betrayal quest questions
  142. Access Quests
  143. Suggestion: How to Improve Troubadous post-LU24
  144. 8 second charm
  145. BG or another mod can we please have a 'Test Update 24 Feedback Post?' Thanks.
  146. Let your voices be heard.
  147. Real Suggestions for Troubador Charm
  148. Why the Nerfs to soloers?
  149. Major Bug and I really hope it didnt destroy a character
  150. Is all of these changes being put in because of PVP?
  151. Looking for information re changes to alchemy recipes on test
  152. You nerf 98% of troubs core abilties fine, but how bout defining what role we play now
  153. Offline selling on more than one toon on a single server
  154. Wow...look back at this a second guys...
  155. How about a secondary test server?
  156. Betrayal to a completely different class?
  157. no one like changes, But why do people think LU24 is bad for the game?
  158. Rares for Adept 3's, mages and priests
  159. LU #24 - Sentry Watch
  160. The Great Nerf of '06! Did the AA's make us too powerful?
  161. Can we rename this forums please.
  162. Black Jack damage decrease, etc
  163. Question about the betrayal quest
  164. Stun Lock and you
  165. Betrayal quest question about gear.
  166. Node changes on loam vs metal ratio needed same on Nests
  167. Ouch! Tradeskill Class autoselection
  168. tu24c? notes from todays downtime
  169. No place to buy T3-T5 essential books now!?
  170. Keep Fungi and make it a Loam only node.
  171. When Lu 24 go live?
  172. Dumbfire pets and Agro
  173. Betrayal quest and faction titles
  174. illusionists' pets
  175. Question about items made before the tradeskill revamp
  176. PVP and LU24, anyone else questioning the real motives behind the patch?
  177. Reduction in duration to Swarm Pets - hurts soloers only!!
  178. Summary of Newbie Artisan crafting issues with Test Update 24c
  179. claymore rewards turned to junk why?
  180. Simple Betrayal Question
  181. stupid question
  182. Messed up on quest as fury.
  183. Please, do not realease LU 24
  184. Will LU24 affect mobs stuns, mes, stifle, root, etc as well?
  185. Where are the lvl10+ recipe books sold now?
  186. Coercer and EGo Shock
  187. Showing haste effects on weapons?
  188. New Betrayal quesr rumor
  189. /save_configuration and /load_configuration do not appear to be working
  190. A diffrent take on LU24
  191. Spell Effects Window suggestion
  192. Lvl2-10 recipes changing?
  193. Thoughts of betrayal
  194. Why is Enchanter damage being lowered further?
  195. Please Release LU24 now!!
  196. Gear and betray
  197. Seeking a Profession II
  198. Why would a scout leave after 1 year....
  199. Mindbend on Test
  200. White Tea recipes gone!
  201. Scout solo-ing feedback on Test
  202. Betrayal
  203. Haven Tradeskill NPC to choose proffesion?
  204. Woot! Vanguard Comes out 7/11/06
  205. How subless is subless?
  206. Fury level 65 spell: Call of Storms
  207. good change, group spells & targetting
  208. Nerfing of T6 Crafted stuff?
  209. Not a vent on lu24, just wanted some clarification, Swashbuckler specific
  210. Question: May i solo again past LU24 ?
  211. A thought for upcoming LU's and Expansions concerning Raids
  212. Qeynos to Freeport Betrayal confusing part.
  213. The New Placeable Merchants in room
  214. Reuse Timer Change:
  215. Recent posted changes to combat and gameplay.
  216. Please fix this PVP annoyance
  217. No more basil grilled deer for Yoru
  218. Re: 5/25/2006 Mage Changes on Test
  219. Please stop with the daily nerfing of bruisers
  220. Today additional changes were slipped into the 5/10 'changes'
  221. Guardian not gonna be a group protector anymore?
  222. I understand the reasons but i think it was overboard
  223. LU 24 & Solo Instances
  224. Harvesting 89 bug
  225. Really dislike the new offline selling interface
  226. No, not the boat adventures!
  227. Bruiser feedback on test changes... UPDATED.. New Issues
  228. New Broker System a RIP-OFF
  229. MAJOR BUG after today's update - zones crashing left and right, supposedly group invis related
  230. Monk, mountain stance for the laugh...
  231. Message updates =)
  232. Seaking a Profession III 05/26/2006
  233. Betrayal Time
  234. Tradeskill Revamp for Crafters
  235. Don't turn this into NGE
  236. I just don't get it....
  237. The real reason they are nerfing everybody in LU24
  238. Question about Troubs
  239. Control Spells effecting non-control spells
  240. EXP and dinging -- a little off
  241. Qyenos to Freeport Betrayal?
  242. LU 24 - Where are the Assassin/Ranger/Fury/Alchemist/Jeweler comments?
  243. Betrayal not possible before level 10?
  244. Could Rare T1 recipes be made more available ?
  245. A request for Haven.
  246. Fury: Ring of Fire change
  247. Whats up with tc?
  248. Are Exiles able to use the new broker system to sell goods?
  249. Ahh. Question - Regarding the installation of TC
  250. Viewing damage