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  1. Missing combat arts
  2. re:Freeport to Qeynos-Acceptance Quest
  3. Can't use Status Points to buy anything from City Merchant or any status items
  4. why did I choose to raid [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] ?
  5. Artisan Receipe books
  6. Armour Dye
  7. Can't Get Writ (lower level)
  8. Guidebook to the Queen's Colony / Shar's faith ring removed?
  9. Conj pets dissappearing during combat
  10. ghosts in sol eye aggro bug
  11. Tedium of Crafting nor replaced by the Tedium of Harvesting.
  12. New One Step Combines have drive up cost of Crafting
  13. Agro changes
  14. reset on xp vital?
  15. Guild Status Points transfer
  16. Test server bugged?
  17. LaunchPad Crashes
  18. PVP on TEST Sever???
  19. endless initialization - no actual connection.
  20. tradeskill society window needs to be replaced....
  21. Imbued Rings Changed...Again??
  22. Xp statue ?
  23. Aggro Farming and a gun to our heads
  24. Single click will attack mobs who already hate you
  25. SOGA/Alternate models - need help please
  26. Imbued rings (EQ2 Dev please read!)
  27. Change to Alins Serenade
  28. is it just me or...
  29. Play-tested feedback for Rings
  30. Brigand Changes???
  31. One jewellers problems with ring changes (reprinted from my post on my guild's forum)
  32. Concerning changes to Crusader range spells
  33. ring imbues... plat wasted... didnt see it coming?
  34. Fixing Amends and Sigil, Yey! What about other Aggro Transfers?
  35. How do I log onto the test server?
  36. 4-T7 shrub raws, 7-T6 shrub raws. What will you get for full stacks of T7?
  37. PLEASE fix chat channels
  38. Copy toons to test.
  39. What Would You Like To See In LU #21?
  40. Continuing to make the game easier! does it end?
  41. please save armoursmith and jeweler?
  42. the new enchanter hats look lame
  43. PvP Targetting
  44. Griffon Stations - Thunderring Steppes - Add docks?
  45. Estimated Time Remaining....
  46. Single Click Except Attack mode . . .
  47. Wrong Info on Arena
  48. Why nerf AR?????? Awnser please
  49. Imbued Rings..Two Changes..end result negative..
  50. Crafting Changes and the Outfitter Classes
  51. Users like consistency, and other epiphanies...
  52. Stat bonuses by class
  53. Kind of worried about AA abilities.....
  54. in #20b?
  55. Timeframe for "new" betryal quest going live?
  56. Coecer Charms Breaking...
  57. harvesting
  58. Times on Downing Servers
  59. New Proc Information
  60. is there a list of all the commands you can put in eq2.ini?
  61. Don't buy KoS until the game is patch and you are happy.
  62. Some Balance Changes In Testing
  63. pets pacing
  64. Help!!! Mind Reader needed!!! DPS teir1!!!
  65. Power drain
  66. If you're patient enough...
  67. Spires on test center structure have no collision detection
  68. 20b Wrapping it All Up change
  69. Guards give exp/treasure = BAD IDEA
  70. Mathematical model of ranger damage before and after proposed proc changes
  71. 20b - Heroic Opportunities
  72. How to balance T1 (dps) classes
  73. A plea from the ranger community. (Repost)
  74. How will I ever live without the Chat Room !?
  75. Please
  76. Fix the Real Issues instead of nerfing and using bandaid's...
  77. Proc Change - Something Else To Think About Before It Goes Live.
  78. New ring proc rates?
  79. Wizards need to be fixed please!
  80. Question about the new betrayal quest
  81. How am I supposed to hold aggro now?
  82. Increasing the Personae casting time to 10 seconds...
  83. - Many more beings throughout Norrath recognize their own sentience.
  84. Suggestion for balancing TS/loot armors and weapons
  85. The new AA system
  86. Crafting Zones
  87. LU 20 HoS/SoA
  88. T1 - T7 wizard spell cost vs power pool size Lots of data.
  89. The new loot tables, and old !!
  90. Concussive Change on Test, Intentional?
  91. Another question on DPS tiers
  92. Weird quest issue
  93. will xegonite plate armor have a new look and color ?
  94. So how will procs be calculated now?
  95. Any proc you want to go off at the listed % must be by a 3 sec trigger to get the listed proc rate?
  96. Bug - several minor crafting bugs related to changes in inventory
  97. I want Best-of-the-Best duels here in eq2 too!!
  98. Can any DEV please give us some info about the Ranger class now after nerf, we need answers !!
  99. Is there a plan to remove status points in the next update for unguilded people?
  100. Rangers are jipped after revisit
  101. i thought this would be nice for the testers to see
  102. Cheap shot
  103. Possible Godking Exploit (again)
  104. A simple simulator of ranger damage..
  105. Question about ranger proc changes
  106. AA question for beta testers
  107. Getting annoyed about collection rewards that are class specisfic and notrade
  108. Curious if you all forget to teach the tank pets their AOE Taunt?
  109. Umm but I don't want to attack when I click to target!
  110. Options for Tooltips
  111. Serious Problem with Freeport to Qeynos Betrayal
  112. Berserker skill - Open Wound - nerfed?
  113. My Ranger Solution....
  114. IDEA: Bounty Hunters
  115. Summoner Tank Pet Aggro Bug Test Observations
  116. Fix the things that work and ignore the things that don't?
  117. warrior AA's... You can't be serious.....
  118. appearance change
  119. Crusader Tier 3 Wisdom ability, Battle Leadership, is bugged
  120. Important
  121. Ambushes
  122. In game Broadcasts
  123. Bring back some form of RISK!
  124. Necro vs Ranger
  125. test center players
  126. Please, for the love of God fix these two issues already...
  127. Under the Table "Torement" Nerf?
  128. Monk change in today's patch.
  129. Switching between instances! (idea)
  130. Auto attack on when spells cast - BARD
  131. Druid AA Shapeshift ISSUE
  132. Achievement
  133. Lotto Change, whats the number?
  134. Scepter of Rhaotep
  135. Stop nerfing invis/stealth already!!!
  136. Thanks for returning EF and Zek Quest turn-in NPCs
  137. BUG -- The second merchant in the stables in Qeynos stopped working
  138. Bring back damage in the green
  139. Ok....Its Time....{Idea for game to be more fun}
  140. When will LU21 go live?
  141. Harm Touch / Wizard / Warlock dmg needing nerf
  142. Damage output due to Str. increase
  143. Necromancer/Conjuror Changes
  144. Let the farming begin?
  145. Cheap Shot is missing from scout books
  146. so from what i gather t7 armor is being... "adjusted" ?
  147. Forgotten realm of tradeskillers
  148. Melee Vs. Ranged Proc'ing
  149. shaman dog haste increase?
  150. is it procing?
  151. Economy of KOS (Alchemist)
  152. LU21 bring changes to the crafting?
  153. Geology TradeSkill
  154. Bring back some form of Complexity? Please Share.
  155. How Track Gets Broken
  156. Can someone post some pics of the T7 rare chain armor
  157. T 7 Armor Review..
  158. Raid Idea
  159. attacking stance
  160. Everling lockets ?
  161. No Drop Loot confirmation in group of 6
  162. Paladin Adept III spells bugged
  163. Zone reuse timer
  164. Amazing reflexes
  165. new charm message
  166. Changes to Sanctuary and Close Mind
  167. Thanks For Allowing SKs To Use Infernal Blessing On Raid Members!
  168. xhavis' gown of glory change?
  169. Mail of frost and Nullmail
  170. Quest Courtesy when you make changes Please
  171. Tsunami Nerf
  172. Rangers DPS now ?
  173. The revamped t7 rare armour?
  174. Proffesional Crafting Hats?!
  175. Any ideas when we can see a change?
  176. Test Update #21b: March 11, 2006 -- Mana Flow
  177. Warlock Love in LU #21c
  178. guards for qeynos
  179. the exchange
  180. Pet Encounter Bug...
  181. Changes to Point Blank Shot
  182. Class betrayal?
  183. WTB LU21
  184. Simple postive feedback
  185. Warlock Spell BUG
  186. shroud of darkness
  187. Dev Tracker vs Mod Tracker for updates
  188. Is Blackgaurd, bad spelling, Banned??
  189. In_Room Vaults and Store Window
  190. LU21 missing something promised?
  191. /anon & /role
  192. Since you take away chat, can we have some other means of real information?
  193. WTB a flood filter for chat
  194. what would you like to see in lu21??
  195. Necro Pets causing stuck in combat condition
  196. jewlery and lu 21
  197. Stuck in place upon death. Have to /quit.
  198. Can't even log into character
  199. Cannot hear a thing in the game......
  200. LU 21 Nature Ally bug
  201. What Would You Like To See In LU #22?
  202. This is not acceptable. I think we deserve a explanation.
  203. LFG Community Window bug!
  204. Cloud changes
  205. Guild Housing Needed
  206. Concerning the latest changes to auto-attack for damage shields
  207. BUG - level 52 Berserker DoF Ancient Teaching spell Insolent Gibe is STILL broke, please fix ASAP
  208. Ultimate Betrayal (about the new betrayal option)
  209. 4th Ironforge title still broken
  210. Add filtering on merchant windows and give us the option to buy from them again.
  211. please fix Sanctum of the Scaleborn!
  212. Vitality and Carpenters are two rough edges; a sad adventurers story.
  213. What Would You Like To See In LU #37?
  214. SOE please fix the broker on Nagafen...it's been 2 days now!
  215. Make Awakening Quest Reward or Deathtoll Reward usable in wrist slot
  216. Were the t7 writ rewards changed?
  217. Adding the Ability to Filter "Spam" words.....great idea IMO
  218. SoE, Do you listen? Warlock need help!
  219. STOP with the lvl 35 quest in Feerrott!!
  220. NEW offline Broker Bug -- not receiving any money from items sold.
  221. Two minute death gear penalty is not right... LU22 needs adjusting.
  222. The ching-aling sound from sales
  223. Implied Targeting
  224. Changes
  225. Send My Money to the Bank!
  226. Resolution bug
  227. What 90% of you FAIL to realize about Warlocks, and WHY they need help!
  228. The new Wailing Caves + Orcs banding together
  229. Why Does SOE charge for Face changes???
  230. tradeskills
  231. Next LU - target date ??
  232. New Guild recruitment. Step towards LFM Window?
  233. No love for the ranger in the next LU eh?
  234. Tradeskill Idea Wish
  235. No more need for /anon?
  236. Patch Message for last night/this morning?
  237. Are pets going to be fixed?
  238. PvP - "Shadowy Elusion's casting time has been reduced"
  239. The way Consider works. (Con)
  240. Code Strings show up prefixing many items and NPC's??
  241. where are the patch notes
  242. EQ2 on Ubuntu or other Linux/Unix Platforms
  243. Fan Faire - Betryal Quest? Can some kind person find out more?
  244. Trade Commissioner Aman or his PH's Not spawning
  245. Toning down HoF dmg?
  246. Essenia Bug, -300 attack rating.
  247. Mentoring on PvP Servers: Back in LU 22 or not?
  248. Simpler way to knock out the unequip all armor macro's without hurting anyone
  249. Conjurur DPS VS Necro DPS
  250. pvp lvl range// devs plz read