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  1. Live Update 19 soon>?
  2. Still no tradeskill fixes in update B? please please please fix em :) Love kisses and hugs
  3. Tappers
  4. Fury Question
  5. can craft on isle but still can't if you have left isle
  6. Minor Balm healing enemies
  7. Question about accessing vault as a trustee
  8. Outpost tradeskill area vender bug?
  9. Character Creation screen..
  10. assassin level 3 CA double blast cant be used until level 6?
  11. Invalid Components
  12. Tradeskill - Dreak's Note
  13. Devs, Please leave the crafting alone
  14. Geez how long it takes ?
  15. 'Unknown' Recipies
  16. Harvesting on the new I of R's.
  17. When is this being released?
  18. Essences of Erollisi- A Lovesick Troll wont update
  19. Takes forever to kill suff on test
  20. question about test acount
  21. The Unofficial Test Server FAQ
  22. For those crafters stuck at lvl 1
  23. Tradeskll ingredients missions on Islands
  24. Yet another tradeskill question
  25. Unable to create new characters, or load existing Test character
  26. Reaction Icon in crafting window sitting to high
  27. Healing Potions needed on Outposts
  28. A small Tradeskill Suggestion
  29. Are mobs past the new islands going to be harder too?
  30. Live update 19b and houses, some thoughts
  31. 19b Feedback from an EQ2 amateur
  32. An honest question regarding feedback
  33. Zone lag/Performance
  34. my thoughts on the changes to tradeskills
  35. Thoughts on final combat on Outposts
  36. Appearance Change
  37. Sharkbone Sceptor
  38. What about all of those archetype skills that you use far later? (Bind Sight, Dispel Magic, etc)
  39. Video crashes on nVidia FX 5600 XT
  40. Is there a place to see the adjusted spells and abilities proposed for LU19?
  41. A different Warden Vs. Fury Thread .....
  42. Armor availability after LU 19 goes live
  43. Click on NPC initiates Default action
  44. Amazing Job Devs...
  45. Does it have to be ore for loam?
  46. Crafting: regarding the removal of subcomponents
  47. Re: LU19 class selection
  48. Dirty Tricks
  49. Mobs Disappearing in Sunken City
  50. Still seeing the plague and hearing Frost Fell music
  51. About the shrines...
  52. How can I be a Wood Elf Assassin if I start the game as a ranger?
  53. Murrar keeps calling me back!
  54. Praise for SOE
  55. One potential problem with the new system..
  56. When will the "loam" changes go live? (And what tiers will it cover?)
  57. UI Settings
  58. Incoming Aggro Change for Groups on Test
  59. Regarding the Zero Interim Component Crafting
  60. Is there any info on 'see stealth' items and spells
  61. TIny Request for Future
  62. Chat scrolling issue
  63. Qeynos Outpost final encounter now too hard.
  64. Put a scribe on the Outposts with APP2
  65. how do i make a character on test?
  66. Froglok disabled on test
  67. Bug or Intentional: Interceed and Sentry watch
  68. New Crafting Question
  69. Crafting Anomaly -- confusion???
  70. tradeskill testing
  71. Provisioners and the New TS Method
  72. Stealth vs. Sneak
  73. Idea: Looking for quest (LFQ)
  74. Feedback: Isle and Freeport Rain
  75. The new changes ROCK!
  76. Changes pre-KoS and QoL
  77. LU19A&B
  78. Amazing Numbers
  79. Gray Mobs Not Counting For Quests?
  80. Balance
  81. Old 1 - 19 Adepts and Masters
  82. Major problem for new Assasins/Rangers on Test.
  83. I admit it, I am a farmer..../sigh
  84. SOE i wana know....
  85. Malachite and Leaded Loam
  86. Lower Performance?
  87. Making character issue
  88. Anyone else heard?
  89. Please fix Burk Stoneshatter
  90. New players actually have inventory space!
  91. When do these changes go live?
  92. When can we expect the next test update and will it contain the next part of crafting upgrade?
  93. Well i ran through the old IoR on live again...
  94. Kingdom Beta
  95. Illusionist too underpowered to do later quests.
  96. Finally ALL classes Reviewed!
  97. Changing Appearances :)
  98. New spells/arts up to 20?
  99. Blackscreen of death on test server after LU19
  100. Thursday push and some graphics glitches
  101. How Do I Get On The Test Server ????
  102. The new undead related quest in Sunken City
  103. Arathym lets go man, get those little pudgy fingers coding...
  104. Update Notes: January 26th , 2006 01/26/2006 12:30 pm PST
  105. Is it *REALLY* truely necessary to throw out the early archetype classes and Citizenship quests?
  106. Questions about the new AA system
  107. When will I be able to TS?
  108. Casting Cancelling
  109. Unable to fight sparring partners
  110. 2 requests
  111. Attackable creatures in the Qeynos Villages
  112. Betrayal Quest on Test Server
  113. Stacking Request
  114. Tradeskill Quest Note - Where in Qeynos?
  115. If I buy a scout master on live......
  116. Betrayal Question
  117. Quests Greying out?
  118. SOE, why do you have to ruin every patch?
  119. Frequent Client Crashes
  120. Non Speaking NPC's on the new Island?
  121. Killable NPC's
  122. Adept 1's on the new islands..
  123. Djinn Master
  124. Disreguard
  125. Pirate Skulls
  126. Clarification on 19c update on information removal for traits/traditions
  127. Would like to betray without losing class
  128. TS Changes - now need only 1 skill?
  129. What does YOUR racial mentor give you?
  130. Graveyard drop bug?
  131. Immediate crash
  132. Quests Greying out?
  133. Faction - don't make it tedious
  134. SOGA, well, "Alternate" models not saving properly
  135. Voiceovers!!
  136. Rewards from the caves quests have disappeared
  137. Bug: Bashful Bags and Bank Boxes
  138. LU19 2/2
  139. Prismatic 2.0 and HQs?
  140. Jumping
  141. Anyone else crashing at night?
  143. So how is mentoring?
  144. Seeking a profession
  145. UI Quirkiness .. Quest Helper and Maps
  146. Betrayal & Class Quest
  147. What happened to Fighter class spells?
  148. Secrets of a Used Skull
  149. Would it be possible to retain the class and subclass quests as optional?
  150. Idea with Priest
  151. Are we sure we want this?
  152. While you touching vaults.. a minor request for low-bandwidth..
  153. Bug with change to newbie quests
  154. LU 19 - What happens to the Betrayal Quest
  155. Updating Question
  156. Castleview, guard and death by ducks
  157. Adventure Camps in the Commonlands
  158. Incoming Aggro Change for Groups on Test different idea
  159. new tradeskill recipes on test
  160. Wouldn't a neutral class running the betrayal quest keep their original class?
  161. Mob Balancing
  162. Having problems with character creation updating
  163. More stickage to the farmers!
  164. Guard Moor& Guard Black in the Peat BOG LOL
  165. crafter class change also??
  166. UI bug with crafting events icon
  167. Any chance of making The Ruins and The Caves Tier 2 harvesting zones
  168. Various Tradeskill Byproducts
  169. Few bugs on test
  170. Increased house vault slots?
  171. So, does this mean the Class section of the official webpage is getting updated?
  172. can we add a copy of our live char onto testserver
  173. Warden Fire DD's
  174. Test Client Graphics Stuttering/Seizure
  175. Names and server merges... 2 suggestions to the devs to ease the frustration
  176. Mixed up harvesting nodes ...
  177. We the Mushrooms have a question
  178. The big question:
  179. Unable to select self in 3rd person on test server
  180. Character Creation Bugged
  181. Crafting change feedback
  182. Kudos on the betrayal changes
  183. Less then 3 weeks to go and KoS still under NDA.
  184. Question for Test Server Players.
  185. Being forced to a server near you EverWoW
  186. Name change and house access
  187. what do i have to do to be able to use the test center?
  188. LU 19 going live tomarrow?
  189. Djinn Master's Prism Lockout?
  190. Level 1 Tradeskill - how do I level?
  191. Is prewarning for name changes possible?
  192. Question about crafted sub combines when LU19 goes live
  193. Does Loam have to come from ore?
  194. Random name requirement currently on test is not the solution to server merge naming problems.
  195. Query re: Tradeskill Writs on Test - (not about missing T6 writs) :)
  196. LU 20 Putting cart before horse
  197. Artisan Book Drops
  198. which servers are being merged?
  199. Kerra Qeynos problem: Selkie Mushrooms are Lore
  200. Artisan quest white tea leaf
  201. URGENT -- 19C Character creation
  202. the WoW-ization of EQ2 is a very very very bad thing
  203. Voice Packs option to turn on from all the vpk downloads
  204. New robe in Solusek's Eye???
  205. New Character Progression Observation
  206. Wasn't LU19 supposed to be this week?
  207. Heritage quests - Modifications Question...
  208. Dark Elf Ranger seeks cure for homesickness
  209. No Subcombines - Live Today?
  210. Rolled a few toons and my thoughts
  211. Did this really go live?
  212. Quest I.O.U's
  213. Test Centre Character Wipes?
  214. Search feature on market boards.
  215. Patch pushed Live with map still [Removed for Content]'d
  216. Live Update 19c Feedback - Two Thumbs Up!
  218. Thank You Test Server Players
  219. Options checking unchecking autorun middle mouse button
  220. 5 room Status houses did NOT get extra vaults on live
  221. T2 rare inks no longer work and are useless!
  222. Please fix /who all GUILD
  223. Please fix the mails...
  224. Woot the Discoveries!!!
  225. Personal Status pre LU 19 outside guilds...
  226. Don't know where to put this but my char just got deleted.
  227. Pet name on two lines is BAD
  228. Middle Mouse Button autorun disable box broke
  229. Hotbar icons locked but still pull out icon's onlive
  230. 10th level cleric tries to log in after lu19
  231. Canceling Spells
  232. warlock can't really pull off heroic opportunity with new config in the early levels
  233. Fixing the latest fix
  234. Knowledge Book messed up
  235. New Opening Movie is Awesome!!
  236. Some bugs with the research of players /who
  237. Can't buy Kick or Taunt APP II on Overlord Isle?
  238. Fuels stacking to 100....I Love it!!!
  239. No overeating allowed?
  240. dwarven mentor quest
  241. LU19 destroyed 3 of my Characters. They were deleted!!
  242. Drink - nurfed, everything is 10 levels lower with corresponding regen values
  243. LU19 = lag
  244. Bug list
  245. Annoying newbie food and drink
  246. Crafting Changes
  247. Bug Reports from the Live Servers - Live Update 19
  248. Welcome to LU19 NERF for Tradeskillers -- will increase botts.
  249. Mail
  250. Zherran Tzizzink