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  1. chat system needs an upgrade
  2. Isn't Frostfell coming a bit late?
  3. Robe of the Invoker drops off of mob?
  4. Good news, LU18 is going in now....
  5. LU18 and AQs
  6. Consumption - Necro Ancient Spell
  7. Two comments on the LU18 patch
  8. Do you guys that play on Test do anything that resembles testing???
  9. I like the way Wizards got a nice dehate skill.
  10. Mistrunner not as cool as Nightmare.
  11. Murphy's fouth law of technology
  12. Please fix SOGA model problems in LU 19
  13. Crafting questions
  14. delete me
  15. Yellow Server?
  16. things to change
  17. things to change
  18. New AQs - what went wrong?
  19. Athlon X2 CPU Set Affinity issues
  20. When are Guardians going to be balanced?
  21. Hrmmm, was the change to the Robe of Invoker actually done?
  22. The "rooted-mob-that-warps" bug is back!!!!
  23. Spirit of the bat bug
  24. Test Suggestion
  25. Up mob's hp and Lower there dp's
  26. Good Call
  27. Zone lockout window
  28. Any update on when Guardians are going to get addressed?
  29. Duplicate please delete.
  30. Enchanters - Make the Class Whole Again
  31. Feedback.
  32. Conjurors need it
  33. Could you please nerf dungeons? Please...
  34. A suggestion for DoF
  35. my 2c
  36. 10 days since the last test update.....
  37. New Years Wish - Security for zones with timer
  38. Classes changes currently on the test server?
  39. EverQuestion2
  40. Templars: Shut up, sit back and heal.
  41. Swashie For Life even with One Arm Hangin' by the Shoulder!!! (SOE please read.)
  42. Suggestion: A Tool To Determine Lockout Timers
  43. AA's will be meaningless and not provide characters any added benefit?
  44. How do i join the test server?
  45. Will betraying still be possible after choosing your final class from beginning?
  46. LU #19 pet fix for Paladins and other Fighters.
  47. When will the Christmas lag end?
  48. things I wanna see added
  49. SOGA Settings Not Saving Properly
  50. Search for collection items
  51. Shift & Ctrl
  52. Devs a little question....
  53. Upgradeable housing
  54. Something that LU19 should have. Please add more suggestions.
  55. Mage Raid loot needs to be adjusted seems Soe has no love for mages
  56. Just one little fix thats all I want...SOE...maybe???
  57. ETA on LU19 to Test Server?
  58. When is the next update or when will they remove the christmas music?
  59. Writs in TU 19a
  60. LU19 and some questions...
  61. Please consider fixing Conjuror pet models in Test Update 19b
  62. Feedback: Outpost of the Overlord
  63. Feedback: Queen's Colony
  64. Feedback: Freeport Adventure Yards
  65. How to get on Test server
  66. Feedback: Qeynos Village Quests
  67. Feedback: Freeport District Quests
  68. Feedback: Qeynos Adventure Yards
  69. Rationale behind mail change?
  70. lu 19 a alpha of class choices
  71. 19a and searching the Broker with the "Enter" key...
  72. Changes to Player searches
  73. Where is my lvl14 master 2 DD spell gone
  74. LU19a Mentoring question - Poisons
  75. So good/evil can send items to each other but still cant buy each others horses
  76. LU19 - Tier 6 Advanced Carpentry Recipes
  77. Illusions and shapechanges
  78. Fury Porcupine mitagating damage
  79. LU19a - Personal Status Pts Question
  80. Great news about the hit message changes!!
  81. SOGA Character Creation Bug
  82. LU 19 Graphics Change and UI question??
  83. Troub Charm, fixed. Thanks SOE.
  84. What's the rational for this?
  85. What's the reasoning here?
  86. LU19b Fix Please!
  87. DPS in Persona window
  88. More of LU19
  89. A Prayer to the Norrath Gods
  90. Cross-server friends list
  91. Has the new progression model started?
  92. Feedback: Subclass 1-19 Combat/Spell Bugs
  93. Feedback: Subclass 1-19 Combat/Spell Balance
  94. Writ points char level vs guild level
  95. How will new player know what class to pick to betray later on?
  96. Why such a huge nerf for summoners?
  97. What is going to happen to unscribed spells?
  98. Item examine windows getting much too large with new changes...
  99. This is getting ridiculous...
  100. My Thoughts on LU19 - To the Dev Team
  101. Best way to report feedback?
  102. How will betrayal work now?
  103. Parachuting into a hot zone
  104. Coercer Charm broken on test
  105. Existing characters on the isle have 0 harvesting/combat skills.
  106. Harvesting issues
  107. 4 suggestions for 19b
  108. Pros and Cons of the new Class System
  109. Equipment not showing type anymore /cry
  110. A few things I noticed on test
  111. Engagement by development team - you have saved the game
  112. More of a Grind?
  113. How will this effect players in their teens and low 20s?
  114. Tradeskill subclasses?
  115. Level 8 Character Trait selection bugged...
  116. 1-19 changes are excellent but...
  117. Any Chance Of A Few More Character Slots Please?
  118. Graphic tweaks?
  119. First impressions of LU19a
  120. {Enter} Key on Broker, Can you now add {Tab} too?
  121. Question
  122. House vault space?
  123. New Class system and betrayal?
  124. Please alphabetize the classes that can use items.
  125. Major issues with 19a
  126. Not able to Gather, Because I wasn't given the Gather Skill!
  127. little behind?
  128. LU 19 Suggestion
  129. An Open Call to all Summoners/Necros/Conjurers!
  130. Please don't change the halflings!
  131. Newbies should not be required to double-click.
  132. Is there a Fix for store log item naming inconsistency when buying in stacks?
  133. Sub-class question
  134. Test 19a - Smarter NPCs
  135. We need Voice Overs - Hell, I'll do it.....Seriously
  136. New Mentoring
  137. Is "The Far Journey" going?
  138. 2 new free Toon SLot's?one pvp and one for new 1-20
  139. Tracking window- - problem with hotbar shortcut keys
  140. Qeynos Faction
  141. new class armor
  142. Hotbar and CA suggestion...
  143. Feedback: Skill Points
  144. I like LU19
  145. Writs
  146. Character selection problem
  147. The new SP gained from writs is really not right!
  148. playdead/shared abilitys
  149. how to play on test?
  150. Old Spells/CA's not removed/changed
  151. Creating New Character on Test Problem. Help Please.
  152. What just happened to our damage?
  153. No avoidance?
  154. Furies need 1st and 2nd tier DD spells
  155. Zoning in Qeynos is bugged
  156. Are there new robes on test?
  157. Uh, was the low level spell nerf that neccessary?
  158. Newbie grounds in general too difficult.
  159. On HQs, L&L and Writs
  160. 19a tradeskill comments questions.
  161. Tradeskill Question
  162. I've got a question about the changes to how guild writs no longer work off your guild's level..
  163. Chat window automatically changes
  164. Questions
  165. Regarding lore and legends items
  166. Question regarding writ's
  167. Question over stats
  168. Ilusionist Spelll - Damage Problems
  169. Requeim Of Reflection -proc % ?
  170. Not enougn to do Level 1-4
  171. Separate log files not being generated for separate characters
  172. One small, small thing
  173. Copper, silver clusters Etc
  174. Far Journey
  175. Cant get to test
  176. ATI 9600 series error in test only
  177. Throwing Items
  178. No inks, does this mean no Glass loams?
  179. Question about Beta application
  180. Some nice new features
  181. Rumor has it...
  182. Old subclass quests
  183. No Vitality Gain
  184. Ability to set your level
  185. Pier to another isle????
  186. Stuck as a level one unskilled
  187. Looting burned corpses intentional or not (OotO)?
  188. The new EQII
  189. Just a small suggestion...
  190. Quick question about hotbar scaling
  191. Serveral Issues i have come across that hinder gameplay!!!!
  192. Skill ups still too slow at low level
  193. Give me my inks and components back!!!!
  194. New Build soon?
  195. Monk Overpowerdness ** Screenshots inside **
  196. Just curious is there any exspected patch date for the crafting to begin on test server?
  197. Mail Option: Return to Sender
  198. Alternate suggestion to completely removing sub components - Not a Flame!
  199. Alchemist class
  200. Live Update #19
  201. Hey Devs, Just a reminder in regards to the new crafting changes coming down the pike...
  202. What I think on LU19 so far...
  203. New House Vaults
  204. What happens to the allready refined Rares ?
  205. Currently Betraying?
  206. What about existing isle of noob chars...
  208. UI-Import on new toons no longer seems to work for me
  209. DEVS wheres the T6 Writs, Crafting
  210. Where are my.... ears?
  211. Is there a way to permanantly shut down a 'specific' NPC's voice over?
  212. No warning about server going down
  213. Why were illusionist/coercer neglected in new class models?
  214. lvl 5 warlock vs lvl 4 "defiled scout" in abandoned village
  215. New betrayal at any level?
  216. How long till test back up
  217. Tradeskill changes
  218. Spells/CA List?
  219. Why such dramatic changes?
  220. Great changes to broker searches, just one more please
  221. Feedback: Mentoring?
  222. crafting changes question...
  223. Difficulty of the Isle
  224. No wonder more ppl don't come to test
  225. Update 19b Guild Messages
  226. Test server back up, still the same bugs.
  227. still impossible to advance tradeskill level past 1
  228. Persona Screen...
  229. How do I get on the test server?
  230. Feedback for both Colony and Outpost
  231. New Quests
  232. Newbie Quests that Give Faction
  233. Is Trade Skill Instance on Newbs Island still broken?
  234. Attribute bonuses gone?
  235. Are the Outposts fun and will they entice new players?
  236. Will toons that have left the new isle be able to craft
  237. Trial of the Isle and new n00b areas?
  238. Love the LU19 Changes!
  239. Let everything that stacks stack to 100 please
  240. Combat arts underpowered
  241. How do you get on the test server ?
  242. Question on New Ranger (Newb Isle)
  243. Quick Question
  244. Its kinda tough to get 1-10 spell upgrades
  245. A Plea to the Developers
  246. What's with the IOU?
  247. Can't leave the house
  248. Concern regarding Lv 6 spell Cheap shot for Bard classes
  249. Did they change the appearance of the UI again?
  250. With the new hotkey changes ....