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  1. PLEASE Reset the claimed potion items for the Tradeskill and Adventure Gain XP to be claimable again
  2. Please make UI changes optional
  3. In my Opinion what this game is missing.
  4. soga...
  5. Tech issue, not on test server. but this is a must know. Artifacts of Player models.
  6. T6 Rare Armor
  7. Blood of the Wolf stealthy nerfness
  8. Feedback Fun Game
  9. UI Window Locations and Settings not all saving
  10. Game Enhancement Suggestion Looking For Quest Group!
  11. Bug in modifying SOGA/REG models
  12. Please fix SOGA appearance change bug and enable LOAD
  13. SOGA in Illusion Forms
  14. a few request
  15. Since when can people train mob on you?
  16. xp-potions and death
  17. /lfg and it's usefullness
  18. Please Fix Illusionist spells
  19. The re-charge bug is back with a vengence and -worse- than ever
  20. LU 13 and Templars
  21. Priest classes and Avoidance
  22. Invisible Mobs - SOGA Problem
  23. A potion bag - Just like quivers for bow users
  24. Archtype system = Never ending change
  25. Thanks for fixing the undead mount price in Freeport. Now why did you take the spirit steed away?
  26. lockout problem
  27. Test Update 17a - request for clarification
  28. Live Update #18 : Post Suggestions Here
  29. Keep nerfing illusionists, there are some still left
  30. IDEA : Heroic/Elite tag for players
  31. Why do you keep speeding up the game more and more with each update?
  32. LU 17a: Guise of Deciever
  33. Hotbar icon sizes...
  34. Experimental Death Penalty
  35. LU17 NPC tags feedback
  36. Test Update 17a: Out of Range Interrupts
  37. Tier 6 Advanced Carpenter Recipes?
  38. Make maintained spell Icons resizable like hot bar icons...
  39. "Travel carpet locations no longer require you to own a carpet to use them"
  40. Carpet speed increase?
  41. New Cobalt look :D (WARNING) alot of pictures here, and a whole lot of TROLL !!!
  42. Spirit stead/carpet vs. Barded Horses
  43. Fix LU 16 First Please
  44. VLA Robes not getting their graphics updated?
  45. Suggestion for a future update
  46. Graphics option suggestion.
  47. Troubadours still overpowered
  48. Why the continued TOTAL silence on Templar issues?
  49. Please : A fast easy way to change languages
  50. /who Tradeskiller
  51. Guise of the Deceiver heritage still worthless. Please make it worth something
  52. Nov 18 Flavor of the Patch
  53. To devs attention, please show a sign of life
  54. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback....
  55. Will LU17 break all existing UI mods?
  56. Node Locking
  57. Crafting... the anti-social experience.
  58. LU16 not updated
  59. Loot Changes
  60. Looking for...
  61. LU16 - Item bug, easy to fix and Spawns in re-adjusted zones ?
  62. thanks for lavastorm change
  63. t6 crafting writs
  64. T6 Writs ::.
  65. LU17....
  66. T6 Writs
  67. Screenshot request - Scaled Armor
  68. Tested and failed
  69. SOW Totem Changes
  70. Testing a New Death penality on Test...
  71. just a thought
  72. Troubadour Hit the Dust !!
  73. Test Feedback: Update 17b: change to non-humanoid creatures
  74. poet palace bug
  75. Feedback: Hotbar icon size slider bar
  76. Sylvan Touch
  77. Carpet mount speed increase...
  78. UI Window versioning...
  79. Illusionists, Spellshield and 17b
  80. Question about setting SOGA appearance and LU17
  81. Totem/speed changes
  82. Sometimes I just can't understand the developer's brains
  83. Consolidated Troubador issues
  84. 2 Months since LU13 and the life of a soloing Templar
  85. Grey epics & wiz / warlock
  86. Anyone else unable to do Harclave now?
  87. Hail of Steel
  88. Balance Solution
  89. Reducing the time needed to complete JBoots
  90. Unlocking Encounters Backfired - Welcome to Old Sebelis in EQ2 Dungeons
  91. 17b and Sylvan Touch recipes
  92. Note on Exp. Debt
  93. - Rare tradeskill components can now be found on certain named creatures in Desert of Flames ..
  94. Wiz can Solo 50 Epic x2
  95. Field Repair Kits...
  96. No spirit shard, say goodbye to the challange of exploring new area!
  97. Where can we pick up the new 50+ writs?
  98. Seriously, knock off the UI changes.
  99. Targeted buffs...still only on test server?
  100. I used to think that the Developers listened here...but now...
  101. New Run speed and Pets
  102. Funny bug about leg bitters
  103. More whining :-)
  104. The land of Fluff..
  105. Serious question on change implementation (for devs)
  106. Can't change SOGA models anymore?
  107. I am starting to really hate EQ 2 and SOE. I don't want to feel this way!!!
  108. Thorak's Wish List:
  109. Testing a drop rate
  110. totem recharge bug still there sorta, just not consuming charges now on a couple
  111. This game is getting to easy :(
  112. Wut the Heck is GOIN ON?
  113. Clock is dead since LU 17
  114. Armor class options on brokers...
  115. What do you look for in an MMORPG?
  116. Loyal Title
  117. Fun Feedback Game Results
  118. This is getting silly !!
  119. Analysis of recent Everquest difficult changes and reasons they may have occured
  120. An Answer from previous post..This is getting silly
  121. The challenge should be found in the content itself...
  122. An odd take on death penalties
  123. Feedback: Sharing Housing, Offline Selling, and House Vaults - A Predicament
  124. Sunstrike and Words of Force
  125. Tired of all the TINY "pocket" raid zones
  126. Please fix DoF Carpet way points please.
  127. Zoning/Travel Problems
  128. Casual/Hardcore and everyone inbetween
  129. This is where the fun lies...
  130. pet speed adjustment
  131. Moor & Sony, Please Read
  132. Is it possible-
  133. Here's a suggestion...
  134. You should gain xp when you die.
  135. Challenge, the topic of the day
  136. Another ninja nerf. Help-less PVP with absolutely NO exceptions?
  137. Anyone else's Clock Broken?
  138. Anyone else's Clock Broken?
  139. Can mutliple choice quests be amended please?
  140. Crafting improvement suggestion
  141. Ranger/Assassin offensive proc imbalance + more.
  142. SOE Irony
  143. strange spell/ability
  144. Consumables, death, descriptions, and the prices to pay for use
  145. Mold Reaper still not working right
  146. Moved: Fun Feedback Game Results ????
  147. Useless Master! Anyone else have one?
  148. At what point will you guys apologize?
  149. Shard removal was an experiment........it failed.....badly
  150. Testing? "Why if we can just ignore it.", Blakguard, Moorguard, devs.
  151. My Proposed Death Solution
  152. I have this great idea :)
  153. Any news on changing Appearances as of yet?
  154. Revamped Items in Gates of Ahken Anken
  155. Im laughing....
  156. Do you want another SWG?
  157. Need a clarification on proc changes
  158. Changes to poison! Plus how poison has been bugged for over a year.
  159. LU 18 Assassin changes.
  160. Why the change to Amends?
  161. Update #18 Notes Feedback
  162. Can we get secure account trading(not selling) for normal servers?
  163. T6 Crafting Writs (Crafting City Tasks)
  164. Patch #18 question re: Veterans rewards
  165. New GL40 mounts?
  166. Run Rijacki Run
  167. Mounts raised in Speed
  168. EverWoW
  169. Quest reward revealed ?
  170. Concern over MOB run speed increase vs Ranged combat arts/spells.
  171. What has happened to this game?
  172. Poison Nerf....... /glare........ how about Elemental stances indead /oh ahhh
  173. Blackguard knows how to pass around the Christmas cheer! ;)
  174. Live Update 18 Joke and a Half
  175. nm
  176. new summoner pet appearances(images wanted, not supplied)
  177. Repair Kits as raid mob corpse loot (Idea)
  178. I hate to suggest this but...
  179. Lu 18 and still no fix for Nullmail
  180. not in testing, but WE should be testing it out...
  181. So many complaints and so many deaf ears.
  182. Feedback from Test Zerkers on the HtL-Taunting Defense line.... ?
  183. Concussive-spell
  184. Friendly Shadows/Murderous Intent/Murderous Design
  185. SNAFU
  186. Feedback on Quest NPC icons
  187. LU#18 - GIMPing the Scouts
  188. Concussive and the return of the eq1 wizard.
  189. Equipment issues of LU 18
  190. Hear me out on this
  191. Vessel of Fyr'Un Problems
  192. Thank You Developers For All The Recent Changes
  193. New pet looks
  194. Are there any pure hate procing weapons out there?
  195. NPCs missing quest indicator over their head
  196. Question about TSU-18
  197. Plead: Option to turn OFF Quest Indicators
  198. Paladins...ye of little faith.
  199. Pets and Carpet/Griffons
  200. Download keeps quitting on me
  201. Overhead combat spam
  202. Can someone please start posting the gifts?
  203. If there is a nondenomenational diety, the Frostfell music boxes will play the Rivervale theme
  204. ---[Gardy Giftgiver and Snowballs on Test?]---
  205. Question on scouts poison in LU 18
  206. Recast timer of spells and CA that got resisted/blocked
  207. server solution
  208. Wish list
  209. Quest Indicater level scale
  210. Test Server: How do i join?
  211. Poison Examine - Number of Charges
  212. Do other procs still work?
  213. Quest Sharing
  214. Regen Question
  215. Quest suggestion for scouts - endless quiver
  216. Group loot messages will now contain links to items.
  217. Proc theory
  218. New page for GL40 mounts as other was getting stupid.
  219. Live update 18 Soga/US model last chance appearance set concerns
  220. Allow us to sell back GL30 titles? New GL40 ones...
  221. Quest helper
  222. New Titles: Lord & Lady
  223. Named Houses and Inn Rooms
  224. The one thing that bothers me about the latest update...
  225. Inflaming Defense
  226. Where's LU18 ?
  227. Radical idea.... possibly a good idea too.... :-)
  228. Thank you Sony
  229. T6 Crafting writs
  230. All i want for christmas is a boat.
  231. Question about Christmas Present NPC and being unable to log in for some days
  232. Did LU18 happen today? :)
  233. Issues With Betrayal
  234. LU #18 & Holiday Event are one and the same huh?
  235. is it toggleable?
  236. Cost of Doing GiggleGibber Grump quest impossible for level it starts
  237. Live Update #19: What Would You Like To See?
  238. a concern about removing sone
  239. Bank Improvents, Interest, Taxes, and Elections
  240. worst problem ever in EQ2
  241. Please post screenshots of the new level 20 AQ graphics on test!
  242. primary weapon proc change
  243. Return of status when you give up your house?
  244. Why reduce Amends?
  245. GiggleGibber Grump quest and Station Exchange Servers ?
  246. Harvesting suggestion.
  247. If you feel you must reduce amends.....
  248. #18 Soga appearance change. Limited to 1 more change.. but why?
  249. I have an idea.
  250. Carpenter Recipes!!!! L50+ How about Mounting Weapons etc?!!