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  1. Is this the way SoE and EQ2 is to be perceived? Moor/Black?
  2. Missing Spells
  3. *** The Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game ***
  4. Coco goes shopping...
  5. 50% test xp bonus not working
  6. Will LU 14 crafting fixes go to test before Live?
  7. When is LU14 going live?
  8. Remove Attune from items when Imbue goes Live
  9. T6 Furniture and Carpentry - Please Review and Fix
  10. constructive suggestions for guardian class adjustment
  11. Dev's...please read
  12. Rending Fury same as Rending Frenzy
  13. Just do away with max levels on armor and greying out
  14. Invis
  15. Thanks Sony, but this is just sad...
  16. New Gambling Odds (Or why the goblins are stupid)
  17. Stop the madness
  18. NO chests in the faction courts in Maj'Dul?
  19. The "final" statement: no hope left now.
  20. A message to the people writing messages to "whiners"
  21. Again, why is test here?
  22. Server Status Bugged?
  23. *Novel Idea* - Con Spells by Spell level rather than Player level
  24. Quest Exp Raised
  25. Does jackpot on game get wiped with patch?
  26. Armor Quest 1
  27. FEEDBACK: Non-system specific crashes.
  28. Serious problem
  29. Requesting City Guard Battling- No Reward
  30. Goblin Game
  31. What would you like to see in Live Update #15?
  32. A paladin concern
  33. A few ideas to improve gameplay
  34. Tier 6 Armor Stat changes.. still some issues...
  35. DoF in wireframe mode = ???
  36. Tradeskill recipe Filtering done run amok...
  37. double post pls delete this one
  38. Bank request
  39. LU #15
  40. Does VLA have INT now ?
  41. Interpose?
  42. Graphics Bug with the Imbued Pristine Forged Cobalt Claymore?
  43. LU15 on Test: Good news for soloers and small groups
  44. Ebon Chain vs Cobalt Chain
  45. Solo XP nerf and no patch note?
  46. /buff command ? ?
  47. Why no T6 writs yet?
  48. Epic Mobs Getting Harder the more you try
  49. The deserted mine raid need a fix
  50. Do Devs really read these?
  51. Small bug in Advanced Outfitter Cloth Armor vol 18
  52. quivers
  53. Cobalt armor getting fixed but what about cobalt weapons
  54. Quivers not working
  55. DFC/SSOY prisoner NPCs, group or raid updates?
  56. Hiring Community optimist (posted on 3 different forums)
  57. Why no new offensive stance for berserkers in LU15?
  58. Haunted Mansion "Haunting" quest broken?
  59. Harvesting and aggro
  60. Delete me
  61. New Look and Outlook
  62. Cleric = Druid?
  63. Can we have an actual visible value to armour/items
  64. Mounts that don't need to be resummoned?
  65. Requesting a Discussion of Cleric v. Druid (post test patch) Please. (Devs feel free to stop in)
  66. Healing Reactive vs. Proactive.
  67. Pic of the "Blue" Cobalt Vanguard Armor please..
  68. Suspending Mounts a good move... Now, how about PETS???
  69. Scepter of Rahotep stats
  70. Wondering when LU#15 will go live..
  71. poor coercers
  72. LFM window
  73. Any chance can reduce cast time on Coercer stuns ? Charms & mobs power pools.
  74. Ebon Vanguard: Before & After LU15
  75. Halloween Event - Kudos, that was fun
  76. Bug: Zerker with Guardian spell
  77. Stuck at "Loading UI Resources" Anyone Else?
  78. Could we please get some improvements to the HO system and perhaps more of them?
  79. Vitality percentage missing
  80. Brigand agro and why it should be fixed...
  81. Disappearing Treasure Chests in Lavastorm
  82. EQ2 Official Interface Changes
  83. Suggestions for Future Development/Improvements:
  84. Still no "Bonus" jump in my crating exp
  85. New Message Boxes
  86. Any word on when PvP will come to test?
  87. ETA on T6 writs ... PLEASE
  88. Update Notes
  89. The Bat Mobile!
  90. Tester only area
  91. Class Descriptions (long)
  92. Why not let us transfer our mounts
  93. TU #16a
  94. Newly revised charm
  95. HQ Changes in LU16a: Lost Legend of Lavastorm - Crown of King Tranix - Tyrock Cleaver
  96. Where da SOGA women at?
  97. New Carpet/Spirit Steed Cost
  98. SOGA model problems
  99. ratonga/iksar/froglok/kerran/troll
  100. Single model Soga changes?
  101. Ogre Models = Terrible
  102. Dumbing down the game yet again IMO
  103. SOGA Models : Before and After [Image Intensive Post]
  104. Terrible Awe changes, not good
  105. One little quibble with LU16
  106. Missing NPCs on Test post LU 16
  107. Will there be more customization for the Soga models?
  108. SOGA models simply refusing to render when selected.
  109. The Lu15 Ui window style
  110. Persona Toggles not holding after Zone (show hood specifically)
  111. Testers, is "plz join my group" spam history?
  112. Will those no longer able to use Halberts have them unattuned?
  113. Troub DPS changes needed
  114. Moody Half Elf (lots of kinda disturbing screenshots)
  115. Big Problem... What is there to spend money on now?
  116. Spirit Steed / Carpet Reduction Rant
  117. Checkbox for all SOGA models in-game and in character creation
  118. The "real" problem with soga
  119. Uncanny Reflexes?
  120. This bug has been reported countless times and no dev ever confirmed it
  121. Quiver bug
  122. Psychic Wail and AOE Mez - Killing the Coercer class nerf after nerf!
  123. Feeling naked?
  124. SOGA model feedback
  125. Saftey fitting the griff towers hurts those with safefall
  126. Recipe Book UI Fix
  127. Please add T6 writs to LU16
  128. It's nice that we can enter Qeynos and Freeport arenas for Champions now but...
  129. Why are the test server updates downloading to my desktop?
  130. A suggestion for the SOGA menu.
  131. Dumb question but....
  132. Housing pick-up Item list
  134. Anyone have test results from charm changes?
  135. SOGA model bug: Hair color
  136. Why don't Soga half elves have piercings?
  137. Proof there should be a way to disable SOGA to others
  138. An Anti's First impressions; SOGA. You might be surprised...
  139. I hope we can alter EXISTING characters (SOGA)
  140. SOGA: We of the 'Lazy Eye' clan salute you!
  141. Soga Showhood Bug
  142. Recustomize standard character models...
  143. SOE Help A Merchant Out
  144. Suggestion: A kinder, gentler mentoring system
  145. Why SOGA when there are more important things to fix?
  146. PLEASE !!! Improve the LFG Function
  147. AOE on Raid Mobs Needs to be fixed
  148. Please remove No-Trade flag
  149. New Carpet/Steed price - sellback question
  150. Erudites still bugged
  151. Going from level 59 to 60, an absolutly joke?
  152. Clothing on SOGA models not working properly
  153. so enough with the SOGA this and SOGA that...
  154. Quivers ?
  155. Hex Dolls Interruptable?
  156. Archlict Ulidan
  157. EQ2 ideas
  158. Whacky Suggestion: Item Discovery Vendors
  159. ranger CA bug need to be fix pls
  160. Coercer fixes feedback...need a bit more work.
  161. Templar Fixes on Test
  162. Recipe book
  163. SOGA Half elf arms
  164. Pet issues
  165. Downside of too many rares
  166. Dual Wield
  167. The Dark Elf and Half Elf models in the SOGA video
  168. OMG SOGA is Disgusting Looking
  169. SOGA Models Not Working -- Help!
  170. Named/Boss NPC/Encounter Testing
  171. SOGA Garb Fitting
  172. Dark Elves in SOGA
  173. Simple fix for all "TANK" types to maintain agro.
  174. OLD World mobs, what to do with them.
  175. eq2players information for folks on the test server
  176. Gotta read this, good stuff :)
  177. Help HalfElf/DarkElf/Halfling Males in SOGA!!
  178. new vitality rates
  179. Test Server - *FREE PLAY - NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE*
  181. Test server update #16b
  182. Berserk animation removed?
  183. It Finally Happened......
  184. New food and drink slots
  185. Crafting buffs have gone awry again
  186. fix to shields block factor display?
  187. LU16: Quivers - Fixed?
  188. Coercer changes- feedback
  189. Changes to Lich
  190. Entrench
  191. To SOGA or not to SOGA that was the question
  192. Don’t Make Gaps In Tradeskill Book Series
  193. Forced Chat Channel?
  194. Can anyone on TEST tell us of good changes with HQ
  195. selfbuff on Test?
  196. UI changes
  197. SOGA males not updating hair mesh
  198. Are there any level 58+ Troubadors on test?
  199. Necromancer- LUD16 - regarding LICH update
  200. Test Client keep crashing
  201. Ring of cold/ice changes for 16b
  202. Harclave Change... spoilers encouraged?
  203. Shattered Line : Conjuror change
  204. Griffin Towers
  205. Yea!, they are finally bringing the 'mob revamp'
  206. On 16 b Changes for Wizards
  207. illusionist changes - some thoughts
  208. New UI look
  209. Testers please tell us about the add on for Blackburrow, RunnyEye, Cazic Thul
  210. Just like to say a big thanks to 'Lockeye' today
  211. A way to encourage grouping.
  212. Charm Clickies
  213. Problems with heroic qty/mapping and...
  214. Test Server-Copying chacters??
  215. Ancient Ring of Slime Event?
  216. Was wiping of shared bank slots addressed?
  217. Veil of the Unseen now prevents indirect area of effects.
  218. How to solo a single white one up arrow mob at L60 with a cocercer
  219. The Best Update Ever?
  220. LU16 --- DW DPS increase !!!
  221. A question concerning veteran rewards
  222. /respect with SOGA Models - Races Missing!
  223. Armor appearance (especially pants) appearance for rare/fabled
  224. Heroics
  225. Berserker nerfs / Split Paw
  226. Where is the Templar class to go now, with EQUAL HEALING and almost nothing else?
  227. When will LU 16 go live?
  228. LU16 - What's missing?
  229. targeting changes
  230. EQ2 Crafters need help SOE
  231. Where is the Guardian class to go now, with EQUAL TANKING and almost nothing else?
  232. Heroic Opportunities Bug ( Scout-Priest-Mage 3-Archetype chain = common Fighter HO Wheel)
  233. Roots "slight chance to break"
  234. Berserkers Rejoice....
  235. Being given the Option to View ALL Models and not either or please...
  236. Arrow counter idicator (Hotbar)_
  237. SoE Customer Support and Professionalism.
  238. Broker Search Max Level broken with new UI?
  239. Cant load in saved SOGA templates
  240. A reminder to the Devs
  241. UI Individual Window Focus
  242. DOT dps upgrade when?
  243. Woodworkers - Please I Beg You Devs Fix Us
  244. Has LU16 been delayed for more testing, cant see any messages/notes that going live today, Wed 9th.
  245. Where can I see the LU16?
  246. When is the LU being loaded?
  247. Duel wield DPS change = Mage nerf bat
  248. Testing Server (Revisted) Improvement Needed
  249. Buff Stacking Issues
  250. My take on the SOGA Models