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  1. Final Spell List?
  2. SOE suddenly changed my Scribed spell .. to red
  3. Couple of Spell Comments
  4. Revenge!!! So sweet.
  5. Chanter DPS
  6. DPS across the levels
  7. NERFED ONCE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Trouble buffing a full group.
  9. People who want big DPS should choose another class
  10. Dual Illusionist Groups
  11. Personae and Adept II
  12. Group Invis Changes
  13. Yay, group invis is getting buffed!
  14. What determines a MOBs ability to see through invisibility?
  15. Advice request - Adept III's
  16. Level 60
  17. dressing our pets
  18. Our Main Job
  19. Doppleganger: More than just an Illusion?
  20. Value of Erudite Magic Aura Sight
  21. Group Illusion: Gnoll not working
  22. Racial Abilities and the Illusionist
  23. Level 54 Master II choices?
  24. Personae and Adept III
  25. Reactives question
  26. Damage shield are breaking group mezz ?
  27. Charm spell 24 and under only
  28. Thoughts of a full time Ilusionist?
  29. what spell we get at 55?
  30. FYI
  31. Where can I find damage/details on Adept 3s?
  32. Do skill debuffs work the same but opposite to buffs?
  33. Dispel Magic?
  34. Tank? We don't need no steenkin tank!
  35. Time to come back?
  36. Invisibility Spells Missing?
  37. Illusionist Community Spellbook Project
  38. Multiple Primatic Shock procs
  39. Phantasmal Ray
  40. Illusionist Spell List (Levels 20 - 60)
  41. Prismatic line not procing off bow attacks.
  42. soloing at low lvl. my experience
  43. Illusionist Spell List: 20 - 60 (with Screenshots)
  44. 51 - 55 Adept3's (screenshots)
  45. Level 24 training choices
  46. group illusions
  47. Best solo exp spot for lvl 47???
  48. Dismay
  49. Devitalizing Stare question
  50. Word of Force vs Scorching Beam
  51. Dont bother upgrading drains and stifles
  52. The long slow slide of enchanters
  53. Power Drain Bug
  54. Level 47 Pet-damage
  55. chanter role in raid?
  56. Solo's great now, but are we getting groups?
  57. What is Stifle?
  58. Group Illusions fixed
  59. Ever wanted to charm an epic mob?
  60. Charm Pet
  61. I smell a root nerf coming
  62. Broken link to it atm, but interesting none the less...
  63. Illusory Allies
  64. Did anyone compare the new coercer spell list to ours?
  65. prismatic strife and fizzle ...
  66. Could use a little helpful Illusionist info
  67. Illusionist Class
  68. Lists of what Illusionists DPS is
  69. .
  70. So how useful IS dynamism?
  71. INT and damage output
  72. New test changes
  73. 25 things that still bug me about the illusionist class, even after the 'revamp'.
  74. Love my Illusionist, but is he really an illusionist?...
  75. Seal of Ingenuity nerf
  76. New masks + Persona
  77. Get LOUD pls
  78. Message Tabs for Breaking Mezz
  79. Let our gear affect our pets
  80. Possibly returning to EQ2
  81. T6 Adept 3 Spells
  82. How do I obtain 'Mana Cloak' L35 spell?
  83. Poisons stifle epics?
  84. Robe Options, 40-50
  85. One change in LU16
  86. Psychotic Spectrum
  87. Here is an idea. A way to make us useful on raid events
  88. Level 32 Mastery choice for Illusionists?
  89. We need a real power drains., mobs die before we can drain even 25% of their power =(
  90. Upgrade or not mez?
  91. Mezz breakers - new offenders
  92. Illusionist's issues are still there same as coercers
  93. Illusionist changes for 16b (on test)
  94. Illusionist 34 master II spell choice
  95. Hunting Spots
  96. Have 4 t3 inks... which adept 3 to choose?
  97. double post NT
  98. Power drains are useless
  99. 2 quick questions
  100. Please respond to my desperate plea to leave our roots alone (spells forum)
  101. Has this been covered already?
  102. Adept 3 choices?
  103. Stuns and stifles were nerfed today
  104. Mez changes today
  105. Savante, also nerfed
  106. The one buff, haste!
  107. sorry, false alarm.
  108. OMG.................5 casts of root just to try in a group and not one lasted more than 3 seconds
  109. The only way out I can see
  110. We have there attention pleasse link screenies to this link.
  111. The great drain upgrade
  112. Gender Bender!!
  113. Asking a favor from Raijinn Thunderguard
  114. Hehe I had to repost this here in case anyone missed it, just too priceless :)
  115. Somebody recomend me another game, it's enought for me....
  116. Warning to others thinking of playing illusionist, DON'T! SOE hate us
  117. Take a deep breath...
  118. Taking a deep breath
  119. The nerf bat swings: Lamentations of an Illusionist
  120. Please all illusionists go post on the abilities board
  121. Hotfix coming soon to correct enchanter issues in the patch
  122. I need suggestions on lvl 24 master spell training choice
  123. Illusionist? Huh, what do you do?
  124. Root stuck a little longer
  125. Legerity, Wither Hope
  126. Dazzling Array encounter stun
  127. Seal of Ingenuity
  128. Ancient Teachings Spells
  129. Question for high level - 59 / 60's
  130. Pet
  131. Illusionist Question
  132. Illusionists fun bursts just like a soapbubble
  133. Illusionists and carpet quest 4
  134. Very disappointed with root
  135. DEV's Please review my spells., here's my opinion of alll them.
  136. Mostly satisfied, but a suggestion: havoc raid/ranged cast
  137. Illusionist are no longer Illusionists?
  138. Illusionist Interview for EQ2 Podcast
  139. Shimering beam nos lost fast recasting
  140. Personae
  141. I am out .....
  142. Raid issue with illusionist int buffs
  143. Wut Happened, came back after 8 months and [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]?
  144. Mana Cloak
  145. Any1 notice anything wrong with this?
  146. Higher level soloing?
  147. Illusionist place in raid situation
  148. Make Prismatic Strife not only group, but Raid ?
  149. confession of a lvl 50 illusionist (and also the leader of Illusionists Annonymous)
  150. Power drains., please lower recast time
  151. Yay to nerfs
  152. Mothball your group buffs
  153. shift vision
  154. Why did SOE bother with a well thought out, thoroughly tested combat update??
  155. Out DPS by a healer?!?
  156. Spell shield and what the hell does it do now?
  157. Problems with the Illusionist class as of LU16
  158. Nerfs are ok, but ...
  159. T3 Adept 3s
  160. hey fellow chanters, go here to make suggestions for LU#18!
  161. In all honesty...
  162. In all honesty...
  163. Need Data Pls
  164. These changes would shut me up
  165. An Introduction...
  166. Quick tips and tricks for Illusionist class
  167. persona duplicate
  168. Our AoE Stun in comparison to Warlock's AoE Stun
  169. Where did this come from? (Patch notes on Test)
  170. Illusionist question
  171. Other forums?
  172. census - a start
  173. Stun, Stiffle, Root, Interrupt what do they all do to the mob?
  174. Someone's loss is my gain...
  175. Desperately seeking urgent advice from my respected Illusionist elders
  176. After further testing of spell shield
  177. Your most used buff selection.. ?
  178. How much does increasing subjugation skill reduce resists?
  179. Some notes from Moorgard
  180. Big Patch today bad news for illusionists
  181. Why did they have to take away our ability to solo well?
  182. The Only place chanters are broken is raiding!!
  183. Again?
  184. Possible suggestion for improvement
  185. Do people really need root to solo.. or are they just putting us on?
  186. Patch notes of concern...
  187. First Adept III to craft at Illusionist Level 23
  188. Retired
  189. Inside a developer...
  190. What do yu all think?
  191. Consensus ?
  192. Anyone seen Mesmer in Guild Wars?
  193. To Mez or not to Mez...
  194. Illusory Allies
  195. A question for the Illusionists
  196. Spellshield needs to be replaced with a new spell. Suggestions ?
  197. Are 'chanters broken on raids?
  198. Embolism?
  199. It looks lost
  200. Thank God for Level 28
  201. Funny
  202. regen cap on test
  203. oh the irony
  204. The TOP 10 MOST DEATHS worldwide is held by 10 illusionists.
  205. illusionist changes on test
  206. duel vs summoners
  207. HO W TO OWNERIZE IN PVP AGAINST ANY CLASS (now we don't have to fight only mages)
  208. Illusionist ideas
  209. Personae Questions
  210. Should I or Shouldnt I??
  211. Enchanter swarm pets
  212. Wanna see what Illusionists bring to a raid first hand ?
  213. no more archtype's?
  214. GamerGod.com; "The Future of Virtual Worlds: Player Freedom"
  215. Illusionist lvl54 trait choice
  216. OMG we have been NERFERD AGAIN!
  217. Looking for a good webpage for us. =)
  219. Update Note made me LOL
  220. New AQ armor
  221. I like the changes to our persona. Nicely done.
  222. Does a high intelligence reduce resist rates
  223. Give us back the fairy!
  224. most important stat for enchanter?
  225. Pets and Alacrity?
  226. Resist rates vs. spell quality
  227. Quick question on dynamism
  228. Illusory Allies, nerfed?
  229. Several changes have been made that are better for us ion the solo area
  230. Illusionist Spell Flow-Chart
  231. DPS Class or Us?
  232. Solo Instances?
  233. difference between a illusionest and coerser
  234. Looking for a mage class with variety and utility - is illusionist it?
  235. The updated: "25 things that still bug me about the illusionist class"
  236. specialized training
  237. Whelp ... I now understand the Illusionist's raid issue(s)
  238. fix my pet plz
  239. Please post a link or pic of Constructs
  240. Am I Wasteing My Time?
  241. Master II (and adept III) choices for 20-60?
  242. Casting combos for raid targets
  243. is illusionist a qeynos/good only class?
  244. Illusionist Spells, 61-70
  245. Any Illusionists looking for a high end raiding guild?
  246. What is the best weapon for a t6 illusionist??
  247. need advice
  248. Enchanter guide, advice, tips, etc?
  249. spellshield question
  250. So, is there going to be any improvements?