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  8. Elemetalist sixth?
  9. Bleedthru heals issues
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  11. Bulwark of Order
  12. Class balance
  13. Frozen HeavensII?
  14. Lifeburn (Necromancer) & Fiery Blast (Wizard) both needs work
  15. new Illusionist spell missing from recipes
  16. Beastlord Mana Regen Nerf
  17. Swashy needs some updates
  18. [DEV][Suggestion] Please remove threshold from Interrogation
  19. Assassin changes
  20. Swashbuckler DPS needs to be brought up to be desired in groups
  21. [bug] Fatal Followup IV hit rate (assassins)
  22. Undocumented Assassin Ability Reductions
  23. Maelstrom of Sound (troub epic 2.0 buff)