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  1. Welcome to the Chaos Descending Beta!
  2. Chaos Descending General Updates
  3. Chaos Descending: Mount Training and gear Feedback
  4. Chaos Descending: Itemization Feedback
  5. Potency loss
  6. Item Examination Bug
  7. 1st time playing bata
  8. Kick to Char Select
  9. Any preferred gear levels for testing solo content?
  10. Illusion/current mount issue
  11. beta log in troubles
  12. booted to character choose screen
  13. Splash page when logging into game
  14. Turning in collections
  15. How do I copy my UI set up and hotkeys to Beta?
  16. [Bug] Shinies that won't go into the depot
  17. [Suggestion] Mount/merc levels - show in the examine window a la familiar
  18. Power, power drains, and more power loss...
  19. Pre-order equipment crate
  20. Librarian Quarters sky rather than stairs
  21. I've got to ask
  22. cant log into beta
  23. PoP and new Potency conversion
  24. illusion buff - jump farther not linked
  25. Mount reward what do I need to do to keep it when game goes live
  26. Character copy beta buff but Ascension stuck at lvl 1
  27. [Bug] New Mercenary Accolade Slots
  28. [Bug]Freebie Jewelry Lacks Orange Adorn Slot
  29. Chaos Descending: UI Improvements Feedback
  30. T1 DPS Classes
  31. Zone Acchess Requirements
  32. minor camp-in issue
  33. Bleedthrough Questions
  34. Purple adornment...
  35. Overflow in Inventory
  36. On a positive note..
  37. Special Thanks to Gninja and devs
  38. Books in the Great Library
  39. Thing that would be nice
  40. item missing name
  41. Deepwater Retreat
  42. Tracking Named in Outdoor Zones
  43. Did they bring it down or did it crash?
  44. Might wanna rename Divine Potency to Divine Fervor
  45. Cannot log one of my characters into game
  46. [Bug] Library Tishan's Lockbox Gear Dressing Room Bug
  47. Researcher Tram Moonkeep
  48. Item: 110_h_qs3_mit3_cloak
  49. Celestial Ascension question
  50. Personal Ward (Scaled Protection) broken?
  51. Crashing on Log in - error message
  52. Are Beta Buffed 110's supposed to have Fount of Power?
  53. Jumping now interupts even arts not interupted by movement
  54. Summoning Mount
  55. Beta Rewards
  56. Beta Rewards
  57. Beta Server not Accessible
  58. New celestial tier of spells
  59. Fount of Power problems
  60. Mechanics issues
  61. Power Drains
  62. Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind is just GORGEOUS
  63. Death by Jum Jum?
  64. Vases at The Queen's Cell in The Bixel Hive
  65. New Creature Slayer Types
  66. (BUG) Holy Hand Grenade, Registrar!
  67. Planar Stones - LORE?
  68. I'm loving this, truly.
  69. Resolve of PoP special items should be increased for CD.
  70. Upgrading the new Sig Weapon.
  71. Help Appreciated: How To Start The Expansion
  72. Suggestion for overarching class balance
  73. Sig Line reward
  74. Something I noticed
  75. Ascension levels
  76. Unable to start Beta because of low level
  77. New planar stone rewards
  78. Unable to download
  79. Beta Mount Suggestion
  80. Beta Questing Reward
  81. Greater Planar Weapon Essences
  82. (bug) no tradeskill mount in /claim
  83. Personal (Dragon AA) Ward bugged?
  84. Displaing Message of the Day with /motd
  85. Chaotic Leech
  86. MAPS!
  87. Two Flavors of Planar Standard Ability Mod Infuser?
  88. Beta scaling gear
  89. Mercenary Troubles
  90. Undeletable PoP Missions?
  91. Elevator Improvement
  92. Inferno, PyreIron Poker can no longer be equipped
  93. Not really sure if this is really the wording you're after?
  94. Stifle lasts way too long, plus mount issues in plane of air.
  95. Ward of Chaos Elements Items
  96. Familiar thoughts
  97. Class balance - Where is the vision?
  98. Added rewards after quest completion
  99. Please Fix Spell Doublecast benefiting Combat Arts.
  100. Fervor overcap
  101. crashing and fatal error message
  102. Beta Copy still work
  103. Beastlord are Still the only Scout Class that cannot use Poisons
  104. Errithak, the Black Ravager (Stats)
  105. Beta Update Notes
  106. Crashing in first solo instance
  107. Suggestion: Shortened numbers and suffixes
  108. Black Screen after logging into Beta server
  109. add fervor component to offhand or improve celestial mystery
  110. Beta Notes?
  111. Level 110 weapons not able to be Extracted into Planar Essences
  112. no beta
  113. Heroic instances and the role of the fighter
  114. Guk rewards
  115. Ancestral Support.....Skillpoint "Whispers of the Past" has gone
  116. Kudos to the Art Department
  117. beta copy
  118. Leveling Ascentions
  119. Loyalty Tokens
  120. Falling to Norrath?
  121. [Feedback] Merc Training
  122. Flying mount speed and invocation problems
  123. Eye of the Elder Orb
  124. Not able to melee
  125. Amethyst of the All-Mother
  126. Long Bow of Knowing
  127. Mounts
  128. EQ2Settings.exe problem in launcher for beta
  129. Fathomless Farthing?
  130. eth merch
  131. So, this is very painful to see
  132. Missing Beta Reward
  133. Akward Fallen Gate Achievement
  134. Triumph Secondary Upgrade: Correct Price?
  135. Unable to copy my character Chichi on Majdul to beta
  136. Crit bonus..and the general lack of it.
  137. Mercenaries
  138. Planar Pet Mastery on Planar Mastery:Mage Rune
  139. Elemental Proficency
  140. Bug: Metallic Reptile backpack can no longer be used in inventory slot
  141. Bug: Metallic Reptile backpack can no longer be used in inventory slot
  142. Mount Macros
  143. Collection Weapon Rewards Can't Kave Planar Essences Extracted?
  144. Ascension leveling?
  145. Mounts
  146. Other Hunts Achievements - General Question
  147. Suggestion: Primary, Secondary, or Ranged Weapon Reward Signature Questline Reward for Fighters
  148. The much debated gems..and their role in the new xpac
  149. Chaos Descending Resolve Values
  150. Bug: Mercenary spell damage randomly extremely low
  151. Resolve Adjustments PoP Rare Gear...
  152. Character Select Screen Gonna Get Updated?
  153. Level 10 Ascensions now worthless after we paid to upgrade on live.
  154. Orange adorns
  155. Why does Azure Sapphire Insignia Ring have a green icon?
  156. Odd item behavior
  157. Myrist Mural is very impressive!
  158. Fun?
  159. Icon/Item Mismatch
  160. Status Merchant Pricing
  161. Beta Sage Recipes
  162. Chaos Expansion Forced Adornment Removal?!
  163. how do we upgrade bulwark of order?
  164. Epic 2.0 Necessity
  165. Wrong Name or Wrong Graphic?
  166. Thanks
  167. For folks playing beta...
  168. Disparity in Ascension Leveling
  169. Key is in overflow on login
  170. Zones not Myrist are dropping mounts
  171. Beta-test reward.