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  1. Planes of Prophecy Beta: Itemization
  2. Welcome to the Planes of Prophecy Beta!
  3. Welcome to Planes of Prophecy Beta - Dev Team Message
  4. Is the beta under NDA?
  5. FG HQ grear
  6. How to get into Beta faster
  7. Time for character copy
  8. applying beta test server
  9. The Factions
  10. Character Copy to Beta Server
  11. Tithe experience points
  12. To easy
  13. Can't connect to a login server
  14. How patient is patient?
  15. No crossbow graphic on Necromancer
  16. Planes of Prophecy Beta: Weapon Leveling
  17. Beta Copy time approx?
  18. beta crossbow bugged
  19. Solo Quest Achievement for Quest done in OF?
  20. offline Server
  21. Channeler can't use crossbow
  22. Beta Buffer
  23. Live server rewards for testing on Beta
  24. Rising Tide changes
  25. Buffs from the Clockwork Illusion on Sub Level 100 Characters
  26. directx error (crash)
  27. Black Screen
  28. Beastlord Combat Arts Not Working
  29. Trade skill Books
  30. No POI in the planes of magic
  31. Class resolve buffs and KA-Raids
  32. Advanced Solo's or Something?
  33. [Request] Orange adornments
  34. Stranded?
  35. Beta Copy
  36. Adornment Slots
  37. So i just finished my first quest and the XP gain is akward
  38. Daily Objectives Not Account Wide
  39. collection xp
  40. Where is the FOURTH Faction?!
  41. Regarding Role Play
  42. Quester of Beta Achievement
  43. Major Issues with Copying and Buying Xpac
  44. Switched instances without doing anything
  45. [Bug] Call of the Veteran
  46. Finishing beta task for reward?
  47. Bug - Special mercs not showing stats
  48. Crossbow or ranged items quest rewards?
  49. Instantly respawn of mobs
  50. Can you please make the AoM essence ammo work with crossbows.
  51. Signature quests
  52. AA Resetting Upon Zoning
  53. Fount of Power
  54. AA/Prestige Change Bug
  55. AA Changes
  56. The Glitched Guardian 10101 says....
  57. Loss of White Adorn
  58. Ascension to Adventure XP
  59. Quest rewards (plat)
  60. Tithe Experience
  61. BUG/Glitch Aetherscar Frenzied Cnidcara
  62. Too busy to loot or talk to merchant....
  63. Frenzied Cnidcara in Aetherscar
  64. PG adorns in PoP
  65. Beta Faction Bot will not reset my faction
  66. Will Beta rewards be available on progession servers?
  67. Beta Reward Claim Behavior
  68. What is in Planes of Prophecy?
  69. Fount of Power: Annoyance Abatement
  70. No characters visible in character select and world is empty
  71. All solo zones in the Coliseum of Valor
  72. XP per kill (Overland)
  73. Updater not finish updating.
  74. Request: Planar Altars
  75. Conjuror Epic 2.0 Pet
  76. Mounts in Beta Buggy
  77. Event Familiars have no stats
  78. Fragments of Planar Energy
  79. Camera spin bug is back on Beta
  80. world map POI offset after zonein from coloseum of valor
  81. extreme delays
  82. Orange adornments that grant Epic 2.0 bonuses to Ascension Abilities
  83. Gearclaw the Collector
  84. Black screen of...disappointment
  85. Lore and legends
  86. Animation bug
  87. Teleporters
  88. [Feedback] Beta Testing Rewards
  89. What's up with lag?
  90. Ascension Trainers
  91. Item drops are mostly all the same
  92. Auto consume failure
  93. About HP debuffs
  94. Heroic zones
  95. PoM needs a twark totem type item.
  96. Please reconsider the addition of multicast avoidance
  97. How and when do we get beta rewards?
  98. Forced Melee Auto Attack
  99. Rare harvests
  100. Planes of Prophecy Beta - The State of Things!
  101. Mercs
  102. Suggestion: Orange Runes
  103. Coliseum of Valor map
  104. Tradeskill reward missing item?
  105. Making Grandmaster and Ancient spells and combat arts
  106. In Regards to 2 handed Ranged Weapons
  107. Innovation dungeon
  108. Not leaving combat mode
  109. Beta patching
  110. NPCs just standing around....
  111. Bug: Acsensions going grey and unusable during adventuring
  112. Status Items
  113. Status merchant in the Colosseum of valor
  114. Harvest nodes---will they increase when Xpac goes live?
  115. Please tell me this is a bug.
  116. Lack of available or new poisons
  117. Leveling
  118. My feeling about the new PoP expac
  119. Summoner 2.0 abilities
  120. Beta Rewards for Fallen Gate
  121. So tithe points now useless?
  122. Fount of Power buff changed?
  123. /beta command not copying my char over. It's been over 24h
  124. OK, What has changed?
  125. Trakanon is now level 112.
  126. Call to Guild down
  127. hide the aspect of the djinn
  128. Diety abilities
  129. Collectibles now being no trade.
  130. Augury Harbinger, Planes of Prophecy collectors edition mount
  131. Server Transfers
  132. Not able to log onto Beta
  133. My opinion of this expansion
  134. Item: Celestial Ascension
  135. Mission Crate Rewards
  136. No mount on the new level 110 bauble?
  137. Combat Mitigation unbalanced
  138. zone bosses have way to many hit ponts
  139. Upcoming Familar Eligas, the Young
  140. isn't reflection a bit too high ??
  141. beta reward problems
  142. Ascension earning points in Beta
  143. Diety Changes - Potential disaster if it goes live
  144. How will XP pots work now?
  145. Is this correct? Journal says says complete 25 quest in OF
  146. [Bug?] Warder's Ferocity
  147. Shiny Producing Critters
  148. Banked/resting Ascension XP has increased
  149. Mission reward Familiars
  150. Superiority Rune Replacement?
  151. Mounts broken? Can't get above 75%.
  152. Combat Broken?
  153. Item bug: Towering Shield of the Planes
  154. Ethereal Orange Adorn Slot Changes
  155. Lastest Beta Patch won't install
  156. Get Black screen in Beta
  157. Lack of patch notes
  158. Mercenaries Health Nerf
  159. Impossible for a Templar
  160. Eth Merchant Missing in Obulus
  161. Beta changes to Bulwark of Rime AND Intercept
  162. Buyable House Items With Graphics Issues
  163. UI Font Scaling
  164. Elementalist ascension
  165. Beta raid reward reset item
  166. [Suggestion]
  167. Atmosphere sounds
  168. Few UI fixes we need please
  169. [bug] guild buff has duplicate max health %
  170. HP debuffs nerf
  171. Log in issues?
  172. patch notes?
  173. Tithe points allocation no longer friendly to alts?
  174. Ascension and Crossbow