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  1. EverQuest 2 Kunark Ascending: Ascension Classes
  2. Ascension Class Feedback, Questions, and Bugs.
  3. Ascension Synergies
  4. Ascension not leveling past level 1
  5. Where do you get Ascension Class Abilities?
  6. question about leveling a ascending class
  7. Swashy Love
  8. Ascension Trainers(Masters)
  9. XP to level
  10. More Hotbars Please
  11. Mystic's Ancestral Support Broken ?
  12. Shaman Ward Comments
  13. UI DynamicData for Ascension Class
  14. More healer discussion. What a Templar wants...
  15. Chnage in deity abilities
  16. geomancer ability list and feeedback
  17. Class Balance
  18. Channeler pet & potency debuffs
  19. Can someone explain to me how this spell works?
  20. Tank threat output
  21. Can we please get the CB cap lifted?
  22. Why are we addressing class balance by altering a Troubs JC???
  23. assassin prestige conversions
  24. Class scope and purpose
  25. questions about brig changes 10/30 patch
  26. question about dirge changes 10/30 patch
  27. No Guardian combat mit debuf??! 10/30
  28. BUG with New Upbeat Tempo and Dot ticks
  29. [Paladin] Enhanced Righteousness Added Mitigation Effect
  30. Inquisitors
  31. Beastlord changes
  32. So how are we going to become Ascended on Live?
  33. Support Classes
  34. Wizard Class Changes
  35. fiery blast broken
  36. combat mit issuses
  37. Ethereal Expertise
  38. /bug Hiding the ascended illusion makes you run through the sky.
  39. Can you please remove the size increase from using the ascension form without the illusion?
  40. Suggestion for a druid buff
  41. Guided Ascension daily bubble
  42. Brigand "Thieves Guild"
  43. ascension choices
  44. Thaumatorgist Earring
  45. What are you thinking, rangers? -Prestige
  46. Inquistor Punishment Expertise AA not worked well for years.
  47. Assassins: Final Plea to Assess Outdated Abilities
  48. Can Non-Shaman Healers Expect Anything This Xpac?
  49. Help the poor Defiler class
  50. Prestige crit bonus / potency conversion problem