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  1. [UI] Threat List Window / Spell Hotbar timer Discussion
  2. Mercenary Gear/Training Overview
  3. Mercenary Gear: Feedback, Questions, and Bugs.
  4. Hi guys!
  5. Is the beta under NDA?
  6. Level 100 buff in Halas?
  7. Black screen - Unable to log on
  8. Getting Kicked to Kylong from Ob Front
  9. Getting Started...
  10. Welcome to Kunark Ascending Beta! - Feature List!
  11. New House
  12. Kunark Ascended quest
  13. Got Stuck between box and Steps
  14. Damaged stone items wont go into harvest depot
  15. Beta server up yet?
  16. Can't progress in beta due to unknown language
  17. Item Name Typo: Gnasher-Hide Shash
  18. Typo Trader Amongst Us
  19. It's Hard to Test When Beta is Locked
  20. Is there a change to guild levels?
  21. Screen Shake
  22. ETA
  23. Full Download, vs Streaming--how to change back
  24. Can't progress in Beta due to unknown language.
  25. 97 fps on Maj'dul using extreme quality 10 fps on beta using extreme performance
  26. Videos of Zones
  27. Where's the gear?
  28. Queen Alwenielle
  29. Wardrobe Feedback / Bugs
  30. Can't log onto Beta
  31. Please let us track the blushing umbrite.
  32. Crafter
  33. Mercenary Weapons?
  34. Beta Crashed?
  35. Can't see, Now I can see, Can't see, Now I can see...
  36. Settle in, Folks -- This is a Long Beta
  37. Beta Ascension Buff
  38. Wardrobe storage seems limited esp for cloak collectors
  39. nice Ui changes
  40. Preferred Venue?
  41. Toadillys Bugs and Feedback (After the first day)
  42. Spire quest
  43. Is anyone else noticing reduced warding?
  44. Quest mobs availability
  45. Respawnspot after dying not safe
  46. Ascension animation skip
  47. Is the new Mercenary in Beta yet?
  48. Claiming beta rewards
  49. Cae'dal language
  50. Wardrobe seems limited esp for a cloak collecter
  51. why do my toons need to finish ToT to start the new expansion?
  52. Clickable quest update items
  53. Can't turn off ascension illusion
  54. Fighters get priest earring.
  55. Gnasher-Hide Shash same name.. 2 versions
  56. Kunark Ascended: Questions and notations
  57. Stuck with nothing to do
  58. There should be a beta buffer in the Crusader's Cave.
  59. Open the Advanced Solo's
  60. Focused Feedback: Epic 2.0 and Ire-Dread balance issues
  61. Questions regarding Ascension
  62. Tank Gear - Defense vs skill green stats
  63. Going to pass on beta due to being lost.
  64. Daity feedback (not work property)
  65. Remains to be seen, hints?
  66. Zone Not Available NO Mail
  67. Quick Question in Regards to Items
  68. Beta buff idea
  69. prestige conversions
  70. Odd drops from Chokdai
  71. Unsafe revive point after being killed by Et'Kalysh in Vrassath
  72. Caith - Gear Intentions?
  73. quest dialog help.
  74. Draconic language
  75. invisible (?) or unlootable shinies
  76. Armor rewards with no purple rune slot?
  77. Did someone forget to feed the hamsters?
  78. Kunark Ascended: Notations
  79. Question
  80. beta server down?
  81. Shattered Lives
  82. Dying to Have You
  83. Mercenary Training Bugging out.
  84. Bug: with Exploration Achievement
  85. Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
  86. Tradeskill achievement broken?
  87. no mount on live
  88. Ascension Leveling
  89. Female Aerakyn composure
  90. Improper Salvage Results?
  91. Hiding Ascension appearance
  92. Resolve (needs to change)...
  93. Completing Sig questline
  94. Queen Alwenielle Mispelling
  95. Losers, Weepers-Requesting Blessing follow through.
  96. Cae'Dal language + Sig Line question
  97. Fens instances
  98. General Feedback
  99. baron's workshop
  100. Crypt of Dalnir: The Ritual
  101. Beta copy name snafu?
  102. Add subscription time somewhere in game.
  103. Hide and Wreek
  104. Died and spawned next to a guard
  105. Question: Live rewards for beta participation?
  106. Dear Daybreak
  107. Salvaging KA Items Results in ToT Infuser Materials
  108. The New Green Adornments
  109. Non-Soloable Greenmist Heritage Quest required for KA sig line?
  110. Chickens running amuck..
  111. soul shackle?
  112. A hopefully simple request
  113. Confused on Beta..
  114. Cleaning up after beta?
  115. Item Question : Port Item besides collectors/premium?
  116. Stuck at 24 Quests
  117. The Beta Mount Appearance
  118. Can't log in to beta
  119. Greemist HQ prerequisites: keys to chardok
  120. 10/20 item update bugged
  121. Loyalty Quesiton
  122. Seeds for Seeds of Growf
  123. Beta Server may need to get a swift kick :D
  124. Character window bug
  125. Lightning Bug Hunt
  126. Making some of the quests too easy
  127. KA Weapons
  128. Quest related items disappear when logging out
  129. Devastation Strike now hits yourself and other players
  130. Ascension Spells Question
  131. The teleporter to Twark is awesome, how about one for the Crusader's Cave?
  132. More Than One Beta Reward Possible in Claim?
  133. Long Live the Emperor PQ
  134. Feel Ready to Give Up :( Darn Language Shinies!)
  135. What adornments are everyone planning on giving their mercs on live?
  136. Captain Tazlhas keeps falling into her Platform (screenshot included)
  137. Public Quests
  138. Kunark Ascending: Resurrection Machination
  139. any idea when missions will go
  140. Shiney Lag
  141. Spelling of War Baron's Tempered Chain Guantlets is incorrect
  142. a nameless spirit killed by Devastation strike.
  143. For the Love of the Alts, Please Give Us Greenmist Pass
  144. KA 2-handers only have 1 purple adorn slot
  145. major bug ? perma root.
  146. Flying around while in ascension form...
  147. Wardrobe Slots?!
  148. Kunark Ascending: History in Stone
  149. Login Servers Down or Slow And Serious LAG issues
  150. Personal Torch is Not Working
  151. long shot
  152. Crusaders of Greenmist (Faction)
  153. Beta Broken
  154. Beta is coming down for maintenance
  155. A positive note for the Devs..
  156. Suggestion for the new expansion
  157. Suit Up
  158. Love that Boat! XD
  159. "Warning: Retrying BetaServer/PAKS/appcache.vpk"
  160. Slick Slicer (proc bug?)
  161. Disarm: Embellished Censer of Confinement
  162. In beta I have no shoes
  163. Sokokar riding as Acension
  164. Did you know...
  165. Allow us to buy & "gift" expansion for a friend? i assume you want to retain players?
  166. Floating Fish
  167. There is really just 1 overland zone?
  168. Question about "Solo Dungeons"
  169. Character Customizations
  170. Beta rewards per character?
  171. solo / adv solo much too easy
  172. shadeweaver bud tracked but not found
  173. The Frillik Tide is no longer part of the tradeskill questline.
  174. New Merc
  175. New Merc - Should Be Also Hire-able By Low Levels Too!
  176. Tradeskill Beta broken?
  177. Really (?) Open Beta
  178. Ascension Hotbars?
  179. Ascension Hotbars!?
  180. Brew of Readiness
  181. New Old Ancient Class Spells, Only Buyable? Also Droping?
  182. 12th Year Anniversary Mount only on Beta Server?
  183. Sokokar Posts for Obulus
  184. Will ascension reduce the classes to 4 ?
  186. Raid Lag
  187. Capped stats
  188. New Merc is Missing Every Attack in Heroics
  189. Quest NPC refuses to finish questline
  190. Merc Amends not working?
  191. Devastation Strike
  192. Gooblins hit way to hard
  193. Precision Striking works correctly?
  194. Active Ascentionclass but different buff
  195. Mercenaries need resolve.
  196. /feedback resolve between gear.
  197. Updates on Abilities for Wardens and Furies
  198. /feedback for art team KA shields using ToT graphic.
  199. Upbeat Tempo dot tick bug?
  200. Obulus Frontier Damage
  201. Suggestion: add some positive effect to resolve in the expac and players will hate it much less.
  202. Odd mix of stats on quest reward gear
  203. Deity Point Changes
  204. Sigline reward: ability to travel between maldura and the elven city.
  205. Are we under an NDA for the Beta?
  206. Changing the type of damage Acension class
  207. Another expansion without new poison recipes
  208. Feed back from Arcann'se Spire
  209. Solo dungeons too hard.
  210. Be honest, who else jumped down the Pit of Sacrifices?
  211. KA Shields need better protection values.
  212. Outstanding art, zones, quests, everything!
  213. My Beta Experience & Feedback
  214. Advanced solos need better loot
  215. Ascension Master Locations
  216. Zone teleporter feedback
  217. Please give the grandmaster TS cloaks a purple adorn slot.
  218. Calculation of (Tooltip) Damage question
  219. Onslaught / Ravaging effects in Beta?
  220. Help request
  221. Portal to Arcanna'se Spire gone !
  222. [ART] Aerakyn helmet and cloak are invisible
  223. Brightfire Mount Not Centered Correctly
  224. Question regarding base mitigation in KA
  225. Purple Arcanna's Spire Portal missing
  226. Proof of Insanity
  227. The Essential Kunark Guide - Alt Bauble
  228. Overland Quest Question
  229. Training Dummy and Resolve
  230. Death of the non-guild group
  231. Master Thaumaturgist Achievement not rewarded
  232. Nvidia Logo
  233. Heroic instance tiers
  234. Question about Sathirian
  235. Where is Grand Master Glox?
  236. Everything is invisible after 11/4 update
  237. 4 x max Ascension Class - the long march (spoiler alert)
  238. Why are we forced to choose between resolve and better other stats on gear?
  239. Nye'Sharona
  240. My house will not copy to Beta
  241. Zones crashing
  242. Bauble Question
  243. Portals
  244. No purchase sound when buying from Scribbleclaw
  245. /feedback look and feel - KA mounts.
  246. Class Cloaks
  247. Is the Thaumaturgist Mythical Ring Bugged?
  248. Betrayal and Ascension
  249. The Mannequins, the actors, and the wardrobe
  250. /bug Purchased upgraded Grandmaster Cloak has a lot less ABM...