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  1. Itemization - Feedback and Bugs
  2. Food Supplies
  3. Flying mounts
  4. Crash when clicking links in chat window
  5. Unable to log in
  6. Welcome to the Terrors of Thalumbra Beta Forums
  7. Bugged character?
  8. When abouts do we get to /beta copy toons over?
  9. Did you forget to put a secondary for mages on Buffer?
  10. Long Zoning Times/Crashed on Zoning
  11. Shinies
  12. cannot zone
  13. Woodworker books
  14. UI Settings
  15. Game crashes trying to start beta
  16. Tradeskill Sig quest issues
  17. What's the "Patcher" and how do I start the game from it?
  18. Tithing resets on zoning
  19. Yay for easter eggs!
  20. Mail
  21. [Bug] 300 potency forever
  22. Deity Abilities & Feedback and Bugs
  23. plat Infusion system bug
  24. Level 100??
  25. Happy Cave Lurker!
  26. Infuser - Maximum Increase to Drop Layer?
  27. 4K adapt the UI, especially the target window and implied target window effects
  28. Beginning in Gorowyn
  29. Healing Mercs and the New Health/HP Levels
  30. Betrayal token
  31. Beta Updates/Patches
  32. black screen when logged into beta
  33. [BUG] Of shinies and depots
  34. Will There be a Reward for Doing Signature Quest in Beta?
  35. 8/8 purple rune
  36. You abandon your preparations to camp...
  37. Unable to zone to Haven
  38. When zoning into Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
  40. Flying Merc
  41. beta log in servers???
  42. Glaufae Size and Flight
  43. Crashing at Evac in Thalumbra
  44. Portal to Thalumbra Adventuring quests
  45. Potency issue
  46. Assay of Origin quest bug
  47. Crashing when examining an item.
  48. [bug]bag of the tinkerers (house item version)
  49. Windows 10 problem, or am I just "lucky"?
  50. Beta installed, but broke normal...
  51. Inventory overflow
  52. NPC's Exploiting - Ninja-Shrooms
  53. Menders
  54. Inventory overflow from shared bank
  55. ToT Achievements - broken stuff
  56. Problem zoning to Roekillik Den
  57. Are the new Agnostics up? If so where is the entrance?
  58. [Crafting Questline] Duality's Sanctum bugged?
  59. Reforger
  60. Reforger odd bug - "Spell Transcribing"
  61. Beta Copy Process
  62. access beta
  63. Anyone catch the stats on the Beta reward mount?
  64. How Do We Earn The Rewards?
  65. Relic Thread
  66. They beta buff needs some work
  67. House Ratings broke today
  68. did /beta on freeport
  69. Beta Server down
  70. What is the new Guild level?
  71. Beta rewards on "Fake" toons
  72. Beta still donw??? Crash
  73. Infusions cost = Death of non hardcore platinum farmer
  74. Can't get into new halas homestead bought on beta
  75. Triumphs Achievements 5pts instead of 50?
  76. Triumph Misnaming
  77. Getting message "The server could not find your character. Please exit and rerun the patcher."
  78. Nice details!
  79. How does an exile get the thalumbra bauble?
  80. [Suggestion] Infuse option for SC
  81. Delidrae's Disappointing DPS :(
  82. Overflow Bug Making beta unplayable...
  83. pre-order
  84. Finally got beta to run - here's the Steppes
  85. Cape of Ill-Seen Glory
  86. Streaming the Heroics
  87. Beta Server acting up?
  88. Whaaaaaa Happened??????
  89. Invisible Fathomlurkers
  90. Where are my Beta copied characters?
  91. Beta Rewards
  92. So....Any idea when Beta up again?
  93. All toons gone
  94. What class is the new mercenary?
  95. beta
  96. Having Trouble Finding Enough Quests for the Mount Requirements
  97. Oh Mounts. I shall never see thee...
  98. Fatal Error zoning into Thalumbra after patch
  99. SK Relic stats
  100. Beta Buff limits my character to level 66
  101. adventure beta reward
  102. Bug - Guild Amenity Buff
  103. Bug - Reforging casting speed
  104. server down??
  105. About /beta and the status of transfer
  106. War rune recipes from chests
  107. Quest: Preservation Fragmentation (spelling error?)
  108. Guild level 101 the end?
  109. Fatal Error while loading ToT zone
  110. error message while preordering
  111. Beta market place down? won't complete transaction
  112. Cannot move hotbars
  113. Beta Down
  114. Weird and terrible lag
  115. Beta laggin' like hell!
  116. What if the gear in our backpacks could fight each other?
  117. PSA Logging into beta
  118. cant move group window
  119. Gravelord's Shroud - SK Relic Cloak
  120. /beta not working
  121. Tradeskill quest
  122. Devs, If done with quests, what would you like to see tested?
  123. Item - Candle of Darkened Hues
  124. Mercs and Advanced Solo Zones
  125. Beta Adventuring Test Rewards
  126. Waiting for zone server
  127. Typo
  128. So how do we change our damage type?
  129. Launchpad can't connect
  130. Agnostic Zones hitting kind of hard.
  131. Endless Spell Upgrade Message
  132. Beta appears to be down
  133. [BUG?] Did not meet requirements...
  134. Underdepths Saga: eyesof the ironshadow
  135. Unable to Update Beta Folder
  136. Beta TS Reward
  137. Mercenary Beta Upgrades
  138. Shuck, the Baby Dragon Burbur
  139. Why does launcher insist on a full re-download of US English?
  140. Is that new music I hear?
  141. ToT Weapons with Ethereal comparable procs?
  142. Bug: House vault
  143. chakrum fighter charm
  144. Runes
  145. Art Team Oh. Em. Gee!
  146. Bug: Reforging
  147. Collection Quest in Thalumbra
  148. Bard relic cloaks
  149. Harvesting Nodes
  150. The Man with the Tinkered Eye Quest
  151. Avenger's Cloak
  152. Does anyone have pic of Brig cloak?
  153. Could the Marketplace spam be turned off, please?
  154. Why can't we get answers from Developers?
  155. 10 Point Tithe Cap
  156. The new tinkered portal to Thalumbra
  157. Beta will not load on my computer missing DLL file need help !
  158. Question for new expansion what are Relic Items ?
  159. Delidrae the Mercenary swims upside-down
  160. Inventory Overflowing - cannot loot / quest
  161. [BUG]Maj'Dul
  162. Crashing when zoning to Isle of Mara
  163. Issues with mouse cursor moving and camera spinning
  164. BetaBuff on Pets
  165. Underdepths Saga: Unveiled Dangers
  166. Ethereal Weapons and relic war runes..
  167. Game Day for Extra Life
  168. "Best in Slot"
  169. Infused Cognizance of Umbra
  170. Stein of Recollection
  171. World Bell Issue
  172. Mage beta buff box is missing secendary weapon slot item
  173. Maldura x2 raid zone BROKEN
  174. Double Cast and Flurry
  175. Multiple relics
  176. "A fathomlurker" Suggestion
  177. No video
  178. Infusion window
  179. Why does it get dark at night in Thalumbra?
  180. Any chance to get a 64bit EQ2 client?
  181. PE mount upgrade achievement
  182. Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice - Maldura: Unveiled Palace
  183. I'm not done TESTING YET!!!!
  184. Still no update
  185. Housing not available after maintenance
  186. Mighty Magimorphic Ore "drop" rate please increase slickstone drop
  187. Beta reward
  188. Blackanvil oozes are airborne
  189. Infusion UI Needs to be Clarified
  190. ToT November 17th Release Date
  191. Game crashes after character chooser
  192. Class Balance: Battle Cry vs... ? ? ?
  193. Relic Cloaks. Link Them.
  194. Thalumbra Merchant
  195. Couple of quick notes:
  196. Merc update
  197. Maldura: Unveiled Palace Unavailabale
  198. "a platinum treasure chest"
  199. Beta Down?
  200. Young Deep Rippers
  201. Suggestion: Marketplace item for unlocking a prestige item.
  202. Live Rewards
  203. Klickanon or Klick'anon
  204. ToT still on for the 17th?
  205. Adornment message
  206. Maldura gnemlin's wedding music
  207. the ethereals drama
  208. Mob repopulation
  209. Why did the Glaufaye turn purple ><
  210. Umbral urchins
  211. Ooyog
  212. Beta question and is it too late