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  1. Overland and Solo Dungeon NPC Difficulty
  2. Advanced Solo and Heroic Dungeon NPC Difficulty
  3. Tranquil Sea Overland Quests - Feedback and Bugs
  4. Phantom Sea Overland Quests - Feedback and Bugs
  5. Castle Highhold [Advanced Solo] and [Solo]
  6. Ssraeshza Temple [Advanced Solo] and [Solo]
  7. Resonance of Malice [Solo Zones]
  8. Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls [Solo Zones]
  9. Zavith'loa Feedback (Solo, Advanced Solo, and Heroic)
  10. Tradeskill Quest Issues?
  11. Signature Quest Shattered Sea's issues
  12. Phantom Sea Crashes
  13. Is It Soup Yet?
  14. Spider-Bear Language Quest?
  15. Restored High Keep Guild Hall
  16. a rampaging stegodon
  17. Quest: Free your Mind
  18. Stone pile in the sky
  19. Unable to turn off Flora
  20. Research and Components ?
  21. Touch of the Undead issues
  22. Ossuary of Malevolence: Primordial Alter
  23. Missing texture in Highhold
  24. Angry Dinos 2.0
  25. Phantom Seas discovery point
  26. Looking for a crew member desesparatly ...
  27. Brokenskull Bay (Heroics)
  28. Zone Buffs
  29. Ossuary of Malice (Contested)
  30. Ssraeshza Temple [Heroics]
  31. Castle Highhold [Heroics]
  32. Quest: Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom
  33. Ossuary Heroics
  34. Bosun's Private Stock [Event Heroic]
  35. Zavith'loa: The Hunt [Event Heroic]
  36. Ossuary: Choir of T'Vyl [Event Heroic]
  37. Ossuary of Malice (Contested)
  38. Phantom Sea
  39. Does SOE really want people to BETA? Broken Sig Questline
  40. @Developers
  41. Zone Buffs
  42. another missing texture
  43. Name overlay on Tranquil Sea
  44. Overland Quests that do not group advance.
  45. Quest Unfriendly Forest - Tunarean trumpetleaf not harvestable
  46. Phantom Sea 2 - broken for harvestables?
  47. Signature quest line
  48. broken tradeskill quest
  49. Quest -Out of Body
  50. A Tale of Two Trails Quest
  51. No Brawler Reward for quest Building a New Future
  52. What is an 'Event Heroic' Zone?
  53. Tranquil Sea broken?
  54. Trade Liaison Wells
  55. Shipwrecked!
  56. Adventure Signature line walkthrough, spoiler alert! Part 1 Tranquil Sea
  57. Invisible mount
  58. What comes after Journey to Zavith'loa ?
  59. Overland Weekly missions
  60. Adventure signature questline walkthrough, and other quests, Part 2 Phantom Sea
  61. Missing grimlings in Phantom Seas
  62. Why are we sent to kill off the twisted hominids, when they aren't agro?
  63. Raffik the Ratonga is also part of the new content correct?
  64. Quest: D.I.R.T.Y. Work needs more healing shrubs
  65. Sweet Baby Marr, the new red fighting underwater effect is annoying!
  66. Quest: Hand to Mouth not enough Sapphire Outblooms
  67. Where is the Grimling L & L ?
  68. Quest: Sonset have to swim around the entire island to find threshers.
  69. The Gorir Urzarach are missing quest feathers
  70. You cannot zone at this time...
  71. Talking to Kitkalla after she returns to Karrabukk starts old dialog anew.
  72. Tracking Harvestables does not apply to most needed for quest items.
  73. Ghorkkall Teir'Dal Illusion Belt should work like the Rime Shard Illusion
  74. Urzarach L & L body drops need a buff.
  75. "I know, let make the quest for poisonspinners, but make them a rare spawn
  76. Force of nature spawn can be aoed to attack player
  77. Scattered Debris is eating Mercs alive...
  78. There are no Grimmlings on Grim Shales... again.
  79. New bad ideas ....