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  1. Pladin Nerf - What would you do?
  2. PLZ PLZ Pleeeeeeaaseeee post what u know of upcoming changes here!!
  3. Combat Changes: Paladin skills/spells
  4. Was our rez even inteded for combat?
  5. I hope this makes it through..
  6. Are you kidding me?
  7. Anyone know how our heals and taunts have changed?
  8. Pls delete
  9. What we've all been waiting for, complied changes
  10. Paladin Combat Changes in Perspective
  11. delete
  12. Combat Changes: 50 Pally's Impressions
  13. I still think that the revamp is all about PvP
  14. Priestgauridan(Paladin) Recalassification
  15. k I join my other 4 friedn that Quited EQ2
  16. Paladin changes are not looking good to me
  17. Many of us HAVE to enjoy soloing - Will the FUN be gone?
  18. Combat Changes - More Screenshots
  19. Paladin character leveling after changes
  20. palladin tanking raid encounters
  21. Str/sta/agi/wis/int - the paladin way :(
  22. Has anyone else
  23. I didnt make a level 50 pally to not know how to play it
  24. Well I just hit 48, Im going to ignore the coming combat revamp, and I'd like to know...
  25. An Apology to all Paladins in EverQuest II
  26. Enough Already...
  27. Combat Changes - Screenshots and Numbers
  28. Combat changes - Ring Buff Nerf
  29. signal:noise, a plea.
  30. Are you going to buy the expansion right away or see how the changes go live before purchasing?
  31. Its not that bad so get over yourselves.
  32. Casual/Non guilded players
  33. best necklcae for lvl 46+
  34. Do the new changes, change your choice of Prismatic?
  35. The New Role of Paladins...
  36. Combat Changes?
  37. Melee Damage after the coming nerf....
  38. Proposal - Scaled Reduction/Balance for Paladins
  39. What determines a Paladins Power? STR or WIS?
  40. Must have skills after revamp
  41. Cedar vs. Shiny Brass Shield
  42. Question about Wards on Test Server
  43. So I can sell my paladin [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] for real $ or its still illegal ?
  44. Level 50 Paladins on test server
  45. So much fuss about DPS!!!
  46. Why Cant I Solo Yellow Heroics...?
  47. Simple revamp questions.
  48. Respec at Revamp?
  49. Some fact about Tanking that must be known
  50. Why have a DPS improvement...
  51. Is enough , enough ???
  52. Question about items on test server
  53. Question to Blackweb
  54. Where to solo at level 45+
  55. Sound off if you play like a Paladin!
  56. delete
  57. Combat Changes and difficulty with DPS
  58. Devs, pls give us some answers
  59. New Riding Animation
  60. Ring buff stacking?
  61. Question about stats.
  62. Combat Changes: 50 Pally's Impressions (Part II) [Updated 08/23]
  63. question about pally spell stack
  64. Why new Pally nukes seem sub par ..
  65. IYO best place to farm for loot and to exp for a 47 Pally.
  66. Oath Strike and Sworn Strike Before and After - Revised Numbers
  67. What some seem to be forgetting is....
  68. Healing agro a factor in new changes?
  69. Everyones Self Buffed Stats
  70. What do pallys bring to a raid ?
  71. Us and PvP
  72. Screaming Mace and Blood Fire
  73. Cannot find Amor Quest info here...
  74. Paladin Information
  75. Best Armor for a lvl 32 pally?
  76. Prizmatic Question
  77. Paladin Chat
  78. Lay On Hands vs. Harm Touch with the combat revamp
  79. What item should I make with my Cedar?
  80. revamps and respecs
  81. delete
  82. Dark Kite or DarkKite
  83. Blessed Rush Master 1 on Faydark!
  84. Show your character!
  85. Desert of Flames NDA Lifted so anyone care to share their impressions?
  86. Please forgive me for asking the worn out question....
  87. Spells on Beta for Paladins [Very Large Images]
  88. Anyone elses squire wander off???
  89. What about our squires?
  90. Farewell Paladin Boards :)
  91. Taunt upgrades
  92. Crusader/Paladin
  93. What spells would you upgrade?
  94. Tier 6 Vangaurd Armor
  95. The New Master (II) Abilities...
  96. How do I make a Paladin?
  97. Paladin 2k HP Nerf, thx Soe ^^
  98. Simple question for the Pallys on test and beta... Power Usage.
  99. If only I could use a bow...
  100. Simple Question for Moorgard
  101. To the Paladin Forum 1-Star Ninja
  102. Am I doomed to be sub-par?
  103. Weapons question
  104. Atonement and amends to they stack with each other?
  105. Taunts?
  106. Why do so many Paladins take the 2 handed prismatic ?
  107. Your opinion on Race choice.
  108. Looking for Information - Paladin Taunt Spells
  109. Beta note's for 8/30
  110. All Slash no crush whoops what should I do
  111. I am the one star ninja
  112. Link to dev post re beta tank resists
  113. Whats the best MorningStar for a mid 40's pali?
  114. Something all Plate Class should be aware of
  115. Crusader/Paladin Vision
  116. Advice for when I am not tanking....
  118. Paladins after combat changes
  119. Offensive stance buffs int?
  120. Can we get a real AE taunt?
  121. Weapon Recommendations for level 30
  122. Our new training skills...
  123. Icons for Damage over Times
  124. why cant I buff?
  125. Divine Touch Still Not Fixed?!
  126. Latest News on the Paladin Combat Changes
  127. Self-buffed HP
  128. Perceptions on how its gonna be...
  129. Difference between a paladin and guardian (both lvl 50) in DoF
  130. Summon squire
  131. Questions / upgrading / with expansion
  132. Which Court will you align your Paladin with first?
  133. Miscellaneous spell and item screenshots from Beta
  134. As D(oF) day approaches, which traits...
  135. which races are the best choices for a paladin?
  136. Stat Question
  137. Paladin nerfed down with new Patch??
  138. Worthy of a statue?
  139. New trait discussion
  140. Spell upgrade list
  141. 4 Rubies
  142. So what will everyone be doing for the week to come?
  143. Combat Changes Traits and Attributes - How to Choose
  144. What is the best respec choices
  145. Wohoo servers up.......
  146. Pally nerf?
  147. Missile Weapon and Missile Ammo slots
  148. Character/Class/Racial Trait Choices
  149. DoF opinion
  150. Out of group heals
  151. Multi-encounter hate generation?
  152. can't hold aggro... ugggg
  153. Could use some help on what I should do now?
  154. Just log today and....
  155. New spells lvl 50?
  156. Forced Respec - Benediction
  157. Judgement Strike Will not Activate
  158. Paladin Combat Changes/DoF - Your Opinion
  159. Call to Glory and other slight issues + some pos stuff!
  160. Paladin lvl 51-60 skills
  161. Kick...
  162. Paladin Combat Art List - Last Updated 12/2004????
  163. Is it possible to fill our concentraion bar anymore?
  164. Low level pallys, Glaring oversight?
  165. /respec and Defense Rating
  166. Pally's who duo with the betterhalfs healer
  167. Hmm...Paladin...
  169. Combat Changes: lvl 30-40 Paladin Impressions
  170. Ok Level 50 pally wondering what his peer are using for buffs
  171. Blew all my money on adepts 3s...
  172. Does anyone know any information about the three missing spells from Beta ?
  173. Raiding Use
  174. So what do you do when you get to level 40 and realize u have no idea how to play
  175. Quick question
  176. Travelling
  177. Paladin Dueling tips
  178. Help!! I can't solo.
  179. Where in qeynos can I buy app 2 upgrades for unyielding advance and knights stance?
  180. CA Upgrades
  181. Wondering...time to reroll while its not so painful to do so???
  182. Level 39, doing SOLO designed quests..run away or die
  183. Pally whine thread.
  184. Lvl 50 HO's
  185. Dedicated Pally Site?
  186. Finally found my own answer: The Paladin's best suited role in Combat Revamp (opinion)
  187. How do you improve a 16% avoidance?
  188. AMENDS!?
  189. Grey mob and loot drops
  190. One perspective on why solo/duo is no longer fun for this paladin, with specific details for Devs
  191. New record DPS 274.6! what you been doing latly?
  192. paladin ranged item
  193. Color of Con
  194. Current accurate list of spells and CA's?
  195. Its really simple why they did the combat changes
  196. Has anyone used Intercede in Raids much?
  197. STA attribute
  198. HO while pulling
  199. Combat Upgrade err whatever they call it here instead of SWG
  200. 51+ spell locations?
  201. Paladin stat breakdown post-LU19
  202. Question: Why do you play Paladin?
  203. Failing to understand why people can't solo.
  204. Ranged?
  205. Where to solo at lvl 21 and some other questions.
  206. Paladin Class Poll
  207. Hallucinating?
  208. I am a Paladin and I WANT MY PONY!
  209. EBBC vs. Prismatic vs. SM vs. Great Flail
  210. Is there a way to re do the plus signs?
  211. beta vs live spells?
  212. Range Slot Status
  213. Post LU 13: Paladin issues awaiting fixes
  214. Havent played in a while
  215. Question about the undead bonuses
  216. Paladin Quest Spells
  217. Help with questable swords for level 25ish Pally
  218. New Paladin
  219. Should it take 3 mins to kill a white "plain" mob??
  220. linen hex doll - which one?
  221. Please advise. :(
  222. Last Chance to /respec... let's hear some good ideas!
  223. Late 50 CAs that don't get upgraded
  224. More Taunts?
  225. Stealth Paladin Nerf - Handcrafted Armor
  226. From levels 1-50 what spells are increased by Int?
  227. Paladin Level 51 Spell or CA
  228. Call to Glory line
  229. Offensive stances?
  230. The many changes have me confused
  231. Tier 6 Paladin Equipment - What to do?
  232. must have's?
  233. 52,55, and 58 research only?
  234. level 20-29 adept 3's..need advice
  235. Strange events today. Very strange, indeed. Alas, a change for the good?
  236. Stats
  237. Fighter Subclass Balance
  238. Tier 6 armor
  239. level 20-50 new spell list
  240. A counter point (with logs)
  241. Plate Armor - Disadvantage for Paladins?
  242. Pallie Rock for aggro retention.
  243. Someone knows if Amends stack with Sigil of heroism?
  244. Food Stats - Which is best?
  245. Ranged
  246. Legendary Jboots vs pristine forged ebon vangaurd sabatons
  247. Which Adept 3 at lvl 43?
  248. Master 2 list?
  249. What Gear at 25?
  250. Look guys Im a 52 paladin and honestly no crying... we were nerfed big time...