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  1. This is the end of the pally class
  2. Wait and see
  3. Off Group Babysitter
  4. Paladin Tank-ability Questions
  5. my point of view of the paladin class and the AA choices we get with the expansion!!
  6. Personally speaking, Thanks Phov
  7. To be on pension as paladin thread
  8. I cry for assistance
  9. AA question for my alt
  10. Paladins are emo
  11. post a screenshot of the paladin class description on the character/class selection page on the beta
  12. And to top it all off, my other toon is a Brigand
  13. Level 50 Paladin... am i best just saving myself the trouble and betraying to SK?
  14. I will retire my Paladin and I will finalize my relation with EQ2...
  15. some AA upgrades beofre and after
  16. A Dev's response
  17. /gasp
  18. Resolute Faith buff keeps dropping
  19. 11/10 AA changes, improvements to Hero line
  20. Back in the saddle, but a couple of questions if you please...
  21. Paladin / Shadowknight Comparison
  22. Resists to tank... preposterous
  23. I love my Paly!!
  24. Change to Smite Evil
  25. strategies for faydwer
  26. Which god for a Pally?
  27. Vs Group MT
  28. Need Help Why all the interups
  29. Why is paladin a hybrid?
  30. EOF Doom Judgment
  31. Bows
  32. Righteousness Taunt
  33. OK... so what about group tanking abilities post-EOF?
  34. We CAN'T have mitigation like gardians. Never ever.
  35. Well we can dps.. in certain groups
  36. New Paladin armor?
  37. Sigil in PvP
  38. Deal with it
  39. What point can solo Creator
  40. relic armor?
  41. I had some hope
  42. bows?
  43. So, how do you do it?
  44. New EoF combat changes tested: Goodbye power pool! :-(
  45. Relvling pally etc...advices)
  46. Everybody discusses PAL EOF AA together 0.0
  47. Excessive Taunt Resist?
  48. Anybody know the STR/WIS required for 25% power bonus?
  49. Faithful Benediction? Please tell me this is a BUG!
  50. 66.6% of paladins would never be happy
  51. Paladin armor set
  52. Paladin: the new Uber Healer?
  53. OK!!! So thoughts on Post EoF
  54. Blessings of the Gods??
  55. So you want to raise your range ability...
  56. Mith Marr Quest 5 question about trials...
  57. PvP
  58. bows now, what about bandoliers?
  59. Going into day 3... early impressions?
  60. Divine Favor
  61. Advices!! AA path for soloing
  62. Fey Pally
  63. Question about blessings/miracles
  64. Question about Crusaider Int line AP (1h + symbol VS 2h for higher extended DPS)
  65. smite evil
  66. With new changes...?
  67. Fabled Armor
  68. EoF Heal/Ward
  69. Returning to Paladin?
  70. Horse
  71. Paladin website of guide?
  72. Deep breath
  73. WOOOT WOOOT!!!
  74. Imbued bow or adorned bow?
  75. So is anybody working their AAs to get the increased blocking?
  76. Agro Issues?
  77. Need a lesson in Adornments
  78. Low level aggro problems
  79. Another AA question
  80. 1st time i will be paladin - what do i need to bear in mind?
  81. Enhance Faithful Strike AA
  82. Hate Gear
  83. Paladin Offensive PvP Build - thoughts?
  84. paladin - tank anything?
  85. Advice on which line to spend achievement points in first?
  86. Pally Tanks and New AA's Agility/Mitigation/Resists
  87. Traits respec??
  88. Any suggestions?
  89. Pally/Temp - PvP Duo
  90. EOF AA Cure
  91. Enhance: Prayer of Consecration (broken)
  92. Winged Menace - AA choices for a Fae Pally
  93. AA respec
  94. Time to come to a realization
  95. Blocking +++
  96. Can't Adorn Mist Imbued Censor
  97. Lv 54 Pally: where to get exciting, good gear??
  98. Paladins: What they need, what the want.
  99. Adornments and AA's
  100. no nonsense guide for pallys
  101. So where is our increase in power?
  102. Haste question
  103. I am happy with my class.
  104. Tunare's Earring and Marr's Cloak
  105. So we're going to have a 5% base avoidance now
  106. Low to medium Paladin soloing
  107. So funny taunt story
  108. pally dps
  109. and how good is the Smite Evil?
  110. Amends broke?
  111. Is Mit THAT big of a deal anymore?
  112. Solo wise....
  113. can't pick between....
  114. Problem switching from ranged to melee...anyone else seeing this?
  115. Updated diety list for marr/brell?
  116. AA respec should or not
  117. Another dumb question..
  118. Paladin vs Guardian on Vilucidae
  119. Raincaller
  120. If on PVP server, not yet 50, choice of EOF Decree or DJ
  121. Post your thoughts
  122. Must be very cold some place
  123. I don’t want to offend anybody but,
  124. Block AA Line
  125. Test Update Notes
  126. DPS-adin
  127. Whats everyone's thoughts on Paladin now ?
  128. armor set
  129. New player looking for advice
  130. Paladin, compaired to other classes? Opinions please.
  131. Does race really matter?
  132. A Pally raid tank...can this be true???
  133. Do the Devs read the forums?
  134. PvP vs Raiding vs PvE AA's
  135. A picture is worth a thousand words
  136. AA Question
  137. Paladin vs Guardian on Vilucidae - Take 2!
  138. Looking for Screenshot
  139. Support AA line question for raiding pallies
  140. Amends fix
  141. Did I just waste 8 points on Divine Aura?
  142. Battle Leadership and Aggression
  143. Smite evil bugged?
  144. I am the best healer!.... or not....
  145. Leveling Aggression Skill
  146. Paladin Fix In One Sentence
  147. Sigil Of Heroism Bug
  148. To adorn or not this item
  149. reflect
  150. How do we measure Smite Evil?
  151. Pics of your padalin?
  152. Another patch, another bug?
  153. Spells, Abilities, and Combat Arts
  154. And issue with our group oriented defense buff...
  155. A question on healers
  156. Changing our Ward
  157. There is some macro to change symbols by the bow without unequipping the shield?
  158. Starting City for My New Paladin
  159. Blocking mastery doesnt increase blocking %.
  160. AA Choices While Leveling.
  161. Weapon Choice
  162. Is lyceum bugged?
  163. Kyle Bayle's Dogmatic Armor Set
  164. Healing Stance? That would be an end of the Healing dilemma
  165. unique weapons graphics for pally weapons (post screenies and show off yours ! ))
  166. T1-T7 Spell list?
  167. Question on the Paladin
  168. Pally AA line
  169. New Character
  170. KoS AA Parsed Data?
  171. Building a Pally
  172. Melee dps vs spell dps
  173. Clarion Cry Mater 1
  174. Duo with pala?
  175. Divine Aura finally working correctly
  176. Did they ninja improve Fervent Aid?
  177. Best AAs for a solo Paladin?
  178. How to make us better Raid Tanks? Maybe Group component to Amend? 'Cause
  179. Really Just A Formality By This Point...
  180. For the raid pally's that tank
  181. Who MT's or OT's for their guild?
  182. So how goes the Pally class?
  183. About to start my achievments quick help needed
  184. Best Pally Shoulders?
  185. Adornment choices.
  186. SOLO DPS
  187. Do pally's still get the Holy Steed horse at level 20?
  188. Nice Adornment Exploit.....yummie
  189. Are we ever gonna get a bow based special ? Or are we stuck using the default "ranged attack"
  190. Where would I find in chat options
  191. Foot Adornments
  192. Diety Choices
  193. Help with amends?
  194. WW Discovery on BP of righteousness and I have mixed emotions about it please read
  195. WW Discovery on BP of righteousness and I have mixed emotions about it please read
  196. WW Discovery on BP of righteousness and I have mixed emotions about it please read
  197. Wraths AA line ??
  198. Old player new Paladin
  199. a happy post about paladins
  200. Looking for some equipment advice...
  201. Class buffs
  202. +block adornments?
  203. Pally BP?
  204. Help with being a raid Paly
  205. HP/Mit/Avoidance of Paladins (ranges from the solo Pally to the High End Raiding Pally)
  206. Divine Legendary Knowledge of Raiding Paladins, Help!!!
  207. DPS Paladin?
  208. MT healers
  209. Pally Group Option Interface?
  210. Smite Evil ftw
  211. Spell help please!
  212. Why do I do so little damage?
  213. concentrations and AAs
  214. Crusaders - problems with Gnillaw the Demented in LoA.
  215. Those last 8 EoF AA's
  216. Paladin Adornments
  217. Battle Leadership AA's
  218. G [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]ING G
  219. State of the Paladin Address
  220. Changes Needed To Our "Lay Hands" Spell Line
  221. Shields
  222. Another Smite Evil Question
  223. Whats wrong with pallies?
  224. Customizable Hoo'loh hat pic
  225. Sigil of Heroism M1
  226. Official Paladin Concerns Thread?
  227. ATTENTION FREUP!! I can't find her.
  228. More dps with 2 symbols ?
  229. Resolute Faith
  230. Lord Vyemm falls at yet another Pally's feet....
  231. Paladin's Aid level 11
  232. Looking at playing my Paladin again.
  233. What main named are considered too hard for a pally to survive.
  234. Just started a new paladin...
  235. New to Paladin - kinda frustrating.
  236. Where are you Grimwell?
  237. Paladin duo?
  238. Which blessings/miracles are a must have?
  239. OTing as a Paly
  240. Whats up with Pallys?
  241. Paladin AA Line
  242. blah
  243. Tanking Vilucidae
  244. Amends not stacking with Coercer?
  245. Spec for a solo Pally
  246. Smite Evil and PVP: Disappointed so far.
  247. EoF Doom Judgement
  248. Think we can get in on the class hat changes?
  249. What adorn for a 1hander tanking weapon ?
  250. Looking for a good 1 handed sword