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  1. Help Boxing
  2. Shadowknight Tactis
  3. Whats your Tank spec?
  4. Making an Arasai Shadowknight, is this a terrible idea??
  5. SK/Fury duo
  6. Delete post
  7. SK Duo for fun as a last chance.
  8. Caster Playing an SK
  9. Epic weapons and gear
  10. AA suggestions for the grouping SK.
  11. Captin Grush in WoE
  12. level 45 sk
  13. Racial Bonuses
  14. New Spell Names - Shadowknight
  15. AA's for a soloing Shadowknight?
  16. Help! New Player
  17. Torn --> Level 52 MC Devout set.
  18. A grinding question!!
  19. Anyone know what weapon this guy is using?
  20. Base Heal Amount for SK
  21. Reflect
  22. Trample
  23. Armor of choice for a 77 SK?
  24. Troll SKs no longer any good?
  25. Wanting to come back
  26. 78 SK Weapons??
  27. SK PVP set bonus
  28. Building a 3 box foundation around a shadowknight.
  29. SK and what to do ^^^ named mobs?
  30. AGI line
  31. Are two handed weapon viable?
  32. SK Diety Choice
  33. Damage over time
  34. When should you start on the Shadow AAs
  35. Change in damage received as of GU54 - nothing in patch notes.
  36. 1h + Shield or 2H for levelling SK
  37. Does Legionnaire's Mercy do anything for an SK?
  38. When do SK's get good?
  39. SK Mass Aoe
  40. what is Riposte damage?
  41. How Much Agility?
  42. Noob SK question about hiding
  43. Building a group around your ShadowKnight.
  44. New player needs a few answers
  45. 2H vs sword and board for leveling
  46. How useful is adding Stamina Drain?
  47. Just how bad will the Nerf on SK's b??
  48. New to EQ2, SK BEst Solo class in the game?
  49. AA,s not too sure how they work
  50. Shadows SK AA Tree
  51. SF AA SK changes
  52. everyone in 1-9 telling me I suck and im getting nerfed.
  53. New gear for the Sk after new expansion, puzzled at what to get
  54. Looking for a raiding SK...
  55. Why do SK (and Berserker) hardly have snap aggros?
  56. Order of spells?
  57. SF AA changes, what to get?
  58. Shadowknight Sentinel's Fate bugs
  59. Death March in SF
  60. Siphon Strenth got over looked
  61. Confused where put my AA points.
  62. Noob Shadowknight question
  63. Splurt
  64. New To EQ, A quick question.
  65. Back for SF
  66. touch of death spell version
  67. Disruption
  68. Avenging Hatred
  69. Overplayed, but how is the demand?
  70. New Soloing aa help
  71. Death March & Sentinel's Fate Changes
  72. Deity for SK
  73. Heal Crit bonus (Legionnaire's Focus)
  74. fast weapon good or bad?
  75. Any New AA builds with the new changes?
  76. Sk or Assassin
  77. SK Tanking help....
  78. New SK - Various Little Questions
  79. Need some noob info on SK's please..
  80. Battlegrounds AA Builds
  81. Solo leveling - 2h or 1h/shield?
  82. Advice on new Adorn options for SK
  83. Defence skill raid
  84. Solo AA help
  85. Reaver line
  86. AA vs levelling up
  87. SK Help PVP
  88. Returning from Trial... Things have Changed, haven't they? Advice on AAs?
  89. Shadowknight questions
  90. Weapon Choice and AA
  91. Why no on the INT Line?
  92. Yet another duo question
  93. Where do I put AAs now?
  94. Incurable nox icon for Devouring Mist
  95. some general crafting advice.
  96. DPS Questions
  97. Death March still raising Int
  98. Best build for AE?
  99. A plea for balance!
  100. What spell am I missing in PVP?
  101. Main Tank SK: Adorns for T7 MC Armor?
  102. Need help deciding on if I should betray to SK
  103. I need advice from the enemy.
  104. Time to delete my SK, again?
  105. A good 2hder for level advancement starting at 15??...im back after a few years...
  106. Question regarding SK and their solobility
  107. Current AA info, please?
  108. Noobie Advice
  109. Missing Something With Reaver?
  110. Does Reaver Proc on Each Mob when using AE Spells?
  111. [Moved] Thanks for the ninja nerf devs!
  112. Reaver nerf?
  113. SK or Warden
  114. Does race really matter?
  115. New to SK need AA help
  116. Newbie SK AA guide
  117. Devouring Mist and Noxious dot
  118. Fresh 90 - what gear should I be seeking
  119. New to Game, need SK taunt info
  120. SK Epic - Tomb of Laarthik
  121. SK port spell?
  122. Best AE Spot at 39?
  123. Best Duo partner for an SK doing strictly PvP?
  124. Epic weapon quest
  125. Returning player. Need help on Arasai SK traditions
  126. Joust AA question.
  127. Newish SK, need help with SF instances
  128. New 90 Sk Primary stats?
  129. Why poeple think SK are overpowered.
  130. T9 SK Advice
  131. T4 BG Assistance
  132. SK/Berserker Dungeoning
  133. returning SK
  134. Auto Attack AOE vs. Crit Bonus Yellow Adornments
  135. The Hole
  136. No more heal crits... do we care or is this just a pally problem?
  137. Leveling suggestion for 88SK/88Ward Duo
  138. What happened to our INT?
  139. Minimum Wisdom for a SK (spell resists)
  140. Traits and Traditions (Iksar)
  141. Nerfed my beloved SK!
  142. Returning SK player needs advice.
  143. SK AA changes and Solo Spots
  144. Please put our heroic Oportunities back the way they were.
  145. Any change comming to SK's Siphon Strength?
  146. AA opinion
  147. cavalier's call worth it?
  148. Help with casting order
  149. Bloodletter
  150. [Moved] Level 47 and looking for a AOE leveling spot.
  151. [Moved] Level 47 and need a place to AOE level?
  152. [Moved] Where to AOE Leveling at 47?
  153. level 70 locked /200 aa, looking for a dps spec
  154. < Shadowknights Int AA line - PVP Mutilation Effect >>
  155. Veteran returning
  156. SK DPS AA tree - assistance requested please
  157. High Level Solo like Low Level?
  158. SK max AA - requesting input
  159. Shadow Knight Tanking AA Opinions
  160. Vamps
  161. BL on more then 1 SK, why not ?
  162. Need some advice - Newbie SK here
  163. Velious Changes ....
  164. Recommended armour for mid level 80’s?
  165. New DoV Issues/Inconsistencies
  166. Rotation and Buffs
  167. SK AA help and Spell rotation
  168. So I soloed Shardtooth tonight
  169. what DoV endline
  170. Changes needed for balance...
  171. Locked 39 SK for BG
  172. Shadowknight class issues thread Velious Edition.
  173. SK and a wep
  174. When was healing part of Harm TOuch Nerfed?
  175. Shadowknight DOV Raiding Thread
  176. Harm Touch
  177. AA layout
  178. Who else think Death March needs a tweak?
  179. 2 hand viability Casual Player for Dungeons and Raids
  180. Shadow knight bugs and issues!
  181. Turned to the Darkside. Can't find the cookies
  182. Does Fearless Morale stack? What about Aura of Leadership?
  183. SK AA Build for Solo/PLing/Farming Items
  184. 2h/Sword-Board for AA/Powerlvlin?
  185. insidious whisper and goading gesture sharing timers?
  186. Epic weapon question
  187. heroic instance rotation?
  188. Dual Box 2 Shadowknights?
  189. Tank spec
  190. Returning SK...
  191. SK dps spec?
  192. New player question : Can i roll a SK and still get into raids as DPS ?
  193. Issues SKs need addressed for current end game content
  194. Dear Sony- Shadowknight Tank struggling to hold threat, Any Suggestions?
  195. Which adornment stat should I go for?
  196. Easy fix for SK
  197. Seething Hatred
  198. Best healer for sk.
  199. SK T2 or T3 dps?
  200. Bloodletter failing to trigger in Skyshine zones?
  201. Recommended type of merc for Shadowknight while soloing et. al.
  202. What type of merc do you recommend for SK?
  203. Pooling Blood is bugged
  204. A few tweaks to the SK class would be great! (nothing overpowered)
  205. New SK with a few questions
  206. Shadowknights and Pets