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  1. How to shorten your Beta install!
  2. Game crashes trying to log in to beta
  3. Buffer
  4. Streaming Launcher not working anymore
  5. Hmm. Beta getting Swamped? Got Booted, Then Can't Log Characters In
  6. Beta Copy
  7. Major issues after downloading and launching Beta (full list)
  8. Housing Leaderboard not showing published houses
  9. 95 Buffer Please
  10. Will there be updates to Stat cap mechanics?
  11. Beta Copy please fix
  13. Can we keep the new toon
  14. Unexpected consequences - quest bugged
  15. Update today?
  16. Travel in EJ and OP
  17. To the Devs : Found at last why I cannot /beta add my main character !
  18. Can we have a trade-in value for our old BG gear?
  19. is anyone else client crashing alot?
  20. NM
  21. Background Streaming
  22. Bauble Quests are broken
  23. [Moved] Forced prestige paths???
  25. Group XP question...
  26. New Prestige Tree's
  27. Can't keep this thing running
  28. No mounts or food?
  29. free marketplace help
  30. Need to make proc damage uniform
  31. Adornments removed from items in bank vanishing
  32. Will there be any looking at broken class abilities?
  33. [BUG] Moors of Ykesha spire
  34. Epic dummies are defaut immortality (bug)
  35. Distance Gauge on target / targeting
  36. Is this still the plan?
  37. Hit Boxes
  38. Solo zones general feedback
  39. Shrink them down! (NPC size out of control!)
  40. Raiding in this expansion..
  41. Who does what now?
  42. Beta DirectX crash
  43. Where are the other races of Norrath?
  44. Prestige Housing
  45. New Improved Testing Dummies
  46. Buffer, For real
  47. Books for L93-95 crafters
  48. Chains of Destiny more demanding on PCs?
  49. [BUG] Overflow adornments being deleted
  50. zoning into freeport crashes client and toon is stuck there
  51. No 2x raid?
  52. Mercs bug after 10/31 patch
  53. Plane of War Forever?
  54. No Public Quests?
  55. Crashing every time since 11/01 afternoon patch
  56. Please stop buying stuff on broker and jacking the prices up this is BETA
  57. Solo Instances
  58. I think i Crashed the Server.
  59. Missing transportation NPC/portals
  60. Consistently crashing when bringing out merc
  61. General Feedback on leveling via quests
  62. Please Stop the Reset of ALl Aa points
  63. level 95 raid for sunday, 4pm PST
  64. Firiona Vie makes me jelly.
  65. grouping solo content
  66. Mercenary: Captain Bloodstain
  67. Chains of Eternity Tracking Feature
  68. shards and adorns
  69. Gating All The Instances = BAD
  70. Raiding
  71. Level 90 20% exp bonus
  72. Tinkering DUH nerf?
  73. New ways of gaining mercs?
  74. CoE - advertised content
  75. Please consider NOT resetting AAs only resetting prestige.
  76. Name and Guild Spacing
  77. Beta and Test Crashes
  78. How will we get the Werewolf Mercenary?
  79. CoE Dungeons as of 11/10 patch
  80. What does a solo person after Shades od Drinal are done
  81. Contested
  82. Thanks for this beta
  83. Werewolf Mercenary Feedback