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  1. Spirit Stones
  2. First things first
  3. The Spirit Stone "Nebulous Reality Anchor" has no graphic
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  7. Spirit stone level
  8. Green adorn quest
  9. Bouncer's Judgement proc
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  11. more reuse itemization for my scout and double itemization cast for my mages please
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  15. Nebulous Reality Ancher not leveling
  16. Gnomish Safety recaller
  17. Difficult to quickly compare spirit stones.
  18. T2 and T3 Battlegrounds / PVP gear
  19. [BUG] Nebulous Reality Anchor not giving CB/Pot
  20. Standards
  21. Cannot convert Bridled Tuatara Windgazer into a house item
  22. New white adorns
  23. Mismatching Scout Armor appearance from CoE quests