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  1. A note about this forum!
  2. Why don't certain abilities upgrade to T9?
  3. Swarm pets need fix
  4. "Call Of" spells not 30 min recast?
  5. [Moved] Monk AA Combination
  6. Why do some abilities not allow full use of casting speed increase
  7. Healer Group Cures Need to be Upgraded
  8. Coercive Healing & Chilling Invigoration
  9. [Moved] Will Rangers ever be looked at?
  10. [Moved] Brigand Hate Transfer on Thieves Guild
  11. [Moved] A few things about Bards
  12. Shaman Dog
  13. [Moved] RAF Mount Tradeable or 1 Per Character please?
  14. Grayed out Combat Arts/Spells
  15. Bug: Spell & Combat Art damage not displayed properly (Wraps at 65536)
  16. I lost my epic buff after i betrayed back to freeport. how can i get it back ?
  17. Mythical Spells?
  18. Combat Mechanics and Player Progression
  19. Combat Mechanics and Player Progression - Feedback/Questions
  20. DPS levels for all classes
  21. What in the world does Aquavision (fish vision) do
  22. 4 mana regen classes, not enough?
  23. Mitigation Mechanics
  24. Critical Mitigation and PVP combat
  25. Minimum Deflection Chance vs. Shield Protection Value
  26. Master Strikes
  27. Melee classes getting almost 10x the number of procs casters get Intended?
  28. why did Sentinal's Fate not bring any new spells?
  29. Cleric Steadfast/Templar Sanctuary?
  30. Macro HELP!
  31. Mechanic: Auto-attack Default -- Melee/Ranged
  32. SynergismV red adornment BUG
  33. Spell and Abilities progression list?
  34. totem of chameleon
  35. Game freezing
  36. Top End Guild DPS Parses
  37. Questions, concerns, or comments about the Top End Guild DPS Parses thread?
  38. New to EQ2 and rolling a human swashbuckler.
  39. [BUG] Shift Momentum AA Ability
  40. Casting Fusion
  41. Procs while feared
  42. Coming Back
  43. [BUG] Battle Prowess doesnt alter my stats. (Litany of combat buff)
  44. Broken Crusader "Heal Crit Bonus" AA
  45. Priest gear, spell re-use vs ability reuse.
  46. Balancing
  47. Mandate.... Really?
  48. mez buster
  49. Look at changing Guardian Iron Will spell
  50. Status Update on Fighter Balance 2.0
  51. Druids vs Shamans & Clerics
  52. Broken: Assassin Detaunts as well as a few other classes too
  53. Ranger TSO AA End Line abilites Question...
  54. Accuracy Stat - Does it affect CA's?
  55. So, what happened to this fix?...
  56. Legionnaire's Conviction still broken on pvp servers!
  57. Power Drain
  58. Illusionist spells question
  59. [Moved] Pet Buff Adorns
  60. ShadowKnight Help
  61. Umbral Trap
  62. Pet breaking encounter
  63. DoT cap
  64. Rangers in PvP
  65. Does anyone else miss the racial attacks?
  66. Final Trick and Concealment Combined???
  67. Aria of Magic broken?
  68. Returning Player (Again) - So annoyed with myself... [Class Confusion]
  69. Reactive/ward stacking
  70. Call of Kelethin spell missing from knowledge book...
  71. Raid Builds - A leaders perspective
  72. Losing spells when betraying... etc...
  73. Spell ID's
  74. Idea - Fully Grandmastered
  75. Fighter Heals
  76. Deity pets giving irrelevant stats
  77. Curses - 4 /minute max instead of 8+/minute being norm for HM
  78. Wards, how the F do they work? (In groups)
  79. Alternative arts like splitpaw's arts...after you get all M1
  80. solo dirge?
  81. Which of these 8 classes is best for soloing?
  82. Why AE's should not have an interrupt component
  83. Earnable Tracking
  84. Priest res items, not for priests & dirges
  85. Fan Faire Balance related stuff
  86. Smokejumper's determination to define class balance and roles
  87. Health constantly dropping
  88. Battle Frenzy, Legionnaire's Conviction and Stonewill
  89. Any news on the 'mitigation' clarity?
  90. t5 style mob damage reductions in underfoot depths
  91. Steadfast not working
  92. Priests should NOT get a double advantage for WIS!
  93. [Moved] I am a grown person that pays good money for this game!
  94. Question concerning new spell replacement, possible bug?
  95. Please allow us to turn off spell graphics.
  96. Need language clarifcation on updated not automatically getting x at x level
  97. Why is Catalyst costing 17% health now?
  98. Strikethrough
  99. [Moved] Background Colors of AA Spells and Abilities Icons
  100. Why are stats (INT,WIS,STR,AGI,)still capped on the amount of power you get ?
  101. mana flow targeting help
  102. What happened to My wards...
  103. New spells erasing old (different) spells on Hotbar
  104. DoT disadvantages
  105. Bug: Consciousness Loop
  106. paladin's altered spell are totally mess up
  107. Troubador song : Painful Lamentations has been nerfed with latest patch?
  108. Spell Effects Changes
  109. "Would not take effect" bug since GU 57
  110. [Moved] What is the best Jester's Cap Macro ? (Troubador)
  111. [Moved] Aura of the Crusader no longer removing stifle effects...
  112. [Moved] Sleight of Hand
  113. Run speed dropping after casting painful lamentations?
  114. Returning Warden Questions
  115. [Moved] Any change comming to SK's Siphon Strength?
  116. fighter's heal spells too slow and weak, and cost too much mana power.
  117. New effect of spell
  118. [Moved] Necromancer aggro management
  119. [Moved] Assassin Group Heal Death Mark Nerf
  120. Need help with my Gf's Inquisitor.
  121. Unusable Abilities
  122. [Moved] Sandstorm ( Warden-spell )
  123. [Moved] Please turn Berserker's Open Woulds (lvl 52 special) into something USEFULL
  124. Healer Death Prevents
  125. Cure Curse is going to drive me to drink
  126. There a chance of one Character having access to more than one class?
  127. Bug Berserker skills
  128. Procs triggers
  129. Fun class defining spell should never had turned into fluff
  130. What Fighter/Scout Class for a Fae?
  131. Spirit of Eagle / Selo's Song of Travel
  132. Ammo consumption rate......
  133. Peres'Chablis AoE were bit little too much for raids
  134. Crafted poison damage output...
  135. Sorcerer AA Summon Familiar (Drake)
  136. Adding additional class to SK/Defiler duo
  137. Xelgad: Guardian Changes
  138. Lets revisit Buff mergers... ideas thread :)
  139. Suggestion for the upcoming proc nerf
  140. CA dps vs auto attack dps
  141. Research assistant question
  142. It seems that ward are not always considered as heals.
  143. Mystic leveling AA help pls
  144. Suggestion for editting macros
  145. How to fix Swarm pets
  146. resist consolidation might need a few more adjustments
  147. (LU 58) New overpow. class but why?
  148. Raid wide buf, which classes have what ?
  149. +weapon skill caps or genereal usefulness
  150. new to EQ2, class roles help
  151. Cure Curse ability needs to be uninterruptible already
  152. level up spell upgrade
  153. New to eq2/class selection help
  154. Starting AA's
  155. VC no longer critting?
  156. Illy stuff
  157. Something funky with wards and other such things
  158. What does it all mean??
  159. how to disable auto-autoattack when casting a SPELL as a sk/paladin
  160. patch today fixed some spell bugs and made a new one for the same spells
  161. Neutral classes, updated spell names?
  162. Elemental Blast broken
  163. Bug: Fitness AA - Predator line
  164. Slash command
  165. Slash command
  166. Betrayal Grandmaster Bug
  167. Thanks for the changes to Evade...
  168. [Bug] Betraying
  169. [Moved] assassin lvl 80-90
  170. Fix Steadfast [BUG]
  171. Deagro from Illu's Synergism and summoners's Toxicity drastically nerfed?
  172. Rogue AA Lunge Reversal: Needs some work.
  173. [Moved] Warden Weaknesses in End-Game Raiding
  174. [Moved] New player... For soloing, and soloing alone. Which is best Necro or Conj?
  175. [Moved] Assassinate...
  176. Can't cancel spell effect when in raid/group when effect is beyond the 45th spell effect
  177. Question about killing named for AA
  178. accuracy vs strikthrough
  179. Warden and Fury in the Same Group
  180. Converage still borked
  181. Bug with Primal Range AA - only works on self?
  182. Ranged or Melee Autoattack by Default?
  183. Troub Perspective - Time Compression and Illys.
  184. Specific non-upgrading spells
  185. What classes spell and combat animations actually change as you get better spells or arts?
  186. Oger as a defiler?
  187. Stun/Stifle/Daze
  188. Ability reuse speed
  189. Illusionist spell causing aggro problems
  190. Debuffs Log Text
  191. Bunch of Spells rolled back to expert? Bug?
  192. Wisdom and my Templar
  193. Please don't limit our AAs at low levels
  194. Will the bardchanter multiple group buff mechanic be revisited?
  195. Annoying Bug with Troub Red Adorn - "remove concentration slot".
  196. Bards have rhythm
  197. When bad mecanic slowly ruins a game ....
  198. Give Illusionists more Illusions
  199. [Moved] Does SoE care about harrassment?
  200. Summon Food and Water
  201. Brigand: Double-Up not scaling properly when mentored.
  202. Oasis - Training Dummy
  203. Heroic Opportunities - a slight modification.
  204. ranger's "extension" skill
  205. is summoner gear design kind of off?
  206. Do haste adornments stack? Thought they didn't but
  207. Cannot find spell Lifeburn anywhere
  208. Dual Wield question
  209. What we've been working on: Velious Class Adjustments
  210. Dawnstrike Fire spell for Wardens
  211. [Moved] VaudooG33ks Coercer questions
  212. [Moved] Coercer Build
  213. [Moved] Dawnstrike Fire spell for Wardens
  214. Least played classes
  215. AA System
  216. Cleric Wisdom line - I think it is about time for a revamp
  217. AAs constantly reseting on Evefrost Server...
  218. Appearance Illusion slots?
  219. [Moved] Punishment AA - No Heals in PvP?
  220. 90/Necro/250aa with a fork in the road... Can someone please shed some light.
  221. Buff list
  222. Class with most unique gameplay?
  223. Questions on betraying from Warlock to Wizzy
  224. [Moved] Less sneaky rangers?
  225. Level 60 Monk AA Placement
  227. Assassin vs. Ranger
  228. [Moved] Necromancer Mini-Minions?
  229. Revisit Control Effects
  230. What is the deal with SF refusals to take conjs?
  231. Thrown graphic needs fixing
  232. Stat Level Caps
  233. New to the game again, Questions Please.
  234. Orc Priest Pet
  235. The role of debuffs (and buffs) in EQ2
  236. Autoattack bar
  237. Can my gnomish tinkered field repair be used to repair others?
  238. [Moved] Coercer Spell - Channel - Broken?
  239. Q: What can be shared about the New AA lines in the Velious Exp.?
  240. [Moved] Healing Fate
  241. % Improvement from Timing AutoAttacks?
  242. What is the cap for primary stat adding damage?
  243. Conjurer Flameshield not able to Crit?
  244. New guy here...a few questions
  245. Warden left in 2008, now back
  246. Warden Leveling AA Spec
  247. New Classes for EQ2
  248. some Buiser questions...
  249. A Subjective point of view on the current state of the classes.
  250. motivation to keep on playing my coercer