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  1. Battlegrounds AA bug feedback
  2. Now that outright resists will be going to Stamina how about...
  3. Allow us to talk to guild while in a BG
  4. Battlegrounds Gameplay Feedback
  5. Key Bindings in BG
  6. DCing while in a BG
  7. Group vs. Solo queue
  8. Nec/Conj pets
  9. Flag drop?
  10. Allow more time at start please
  11. Question about the AA loss from Battlegrounds
  12. battleground tokens
  13. Raid rearrange on zone in!!!!
  14. PvP Task not updating
  15. Having a blast.
  16. confused about?
  17. the queue is borked
  18. Record
  19. Please don't split EU apart from the rest of the world
  20. Joining a BG match seems to reset /anon
  21. Research Assistant Resetting
  22. Now I Remember...
  23. AFK - and Not Trying - is whats gonna kill Battlegrounds.
  24. Buff Buff Buff - OMG
  25. BG starts in 3, 2, 1 ... oh its done already!
  26. The final nail in the coffin of open world pvp!
  27. BGs
  28. Add in Deathmatch
  29. Public Service Announcement: Player-Made BG Armor Exists
  30. Backing up hotkey config before Battlegrounds
  31. release date?
  32. lost Characters by BG
  33. A note about this forum!
  34. Wards not being counted in parse window at the end of the game
  35. Freezing up/lagging out in battlegrounds
  36. love it!!
  37. Better in-game denial message needed
  38. Capture the flag
  39. Why cant Mystics get the Fatel lifetap gear for BG merchant
  40. No Token Reward?
  41. Craftable PVP gear?
  42. So we just got burnt for our AA ?
  43. Battlegrounds Feedback
  44. Stuck on Aqueduct in Ganak CTF?
  45. Yeah, battlegrounds are fun and all..
  46. Question about BG Merchant armor
  47. Battleground really NEEDS an afk timer.
  48. Zoning [Removed for Content]
  49. Battlegrounds.. eh..
  50. Voice Chat just died in BG
  51. where are all the posts ?
  52. Fighting against full PVP gear at the beginning of BG is not fun at all
  53. Gnomish Spring Boots in Battlegrounds Mainly CTF..
  54. Massive Concussive Shock
  55. Crashes in battlegrounds...
  56. Either Drop Nagafen from BGs or NERF THEIR PROC GEAR
  57. Been in Queue for an hour, wut ?
  58. Battlegrounds still down for Euro servers - 2 days now
  59. This would be a fair BG system
  60. Suggestion for BG requirements
  61. WARNING - Crashed at Battlegrounds, moved out by GM, lost all gear
  62. Questions on Battlegrounds quests and multiple bugs found thus far
  63. 1 thing required to add to battlegrounds
  64. Battlegrounds and EU servers
  65. Lost my Character
  66. Running the Flag
  67. Nagafen and Nox PvP versus PvE
  68. Some flaws in the BGs.
  69. PETITION: Pre-group setups when zoning into Battlegrounds
  70. Zoning out of BG's
  71. Can't zone out of BG's
  72. Battlegrounds Messing up RA's?
  73. Loading User Controls?
  74. Need to add guards to smuggler's den
  75. Character corrupted since utilizing battlegrounds...
  76. omg please fix the BG zone out
  77. The availability of Set Gear. Differences in Battlefield vs Nagafen
  78. Bazaar server unable to zone into battlegrounds. in que forever
  79. A Very Simple Battlefield of Ganak request
  80. Decreases Invalid
  81. BG Gear Suggestion for SOE
  82. Battlegrounds down?
  83. Tips for pvers in the BG
  84. Is it safe to go in?
  85. BG Token Merchant
  86. quests updating yet?
  87. Oasis and Battlegrounds, a love/hate story...
  88. Battlegrounds aftermath - Stuck and Missing Characters
  89. Force Target Immunity
  90. Subject: Battlegrounds aftermath - Stuck and Missing Characters Pt 2
  91. No one zoneing into BG been 45 min already
  92. 30 minute wait so far on smugglers
  93. battleground.vpk
  94. Port to flag?
  95. Send BG back to beta
  96. Non-battlegrounds Enabled Server
  97. Keybindings set to default in BG?
  98. BG Hub?
  99. Character stuck in BG, not sure what to do from here..
  101. 3 hours, 2 battlegrounds
  102. [Removed for Content] queue times?
  103. Keep PVP with PVP, and PVE with PVE.
  104. Mentoring caused by BG's
  105. Group Dropping Bug
  106. The Warrior of Chaos Statue House Item
  107. /Target
  108. death prevent bug in battlegrounds?
  109. I'm bored so whats everyones thought on the most overpowered classes so far
  110. What the hell is the zone wide stun some people have?
  111. bg at lvl 90?
  112. Stuck Characters in Battlegrounds
  113. stripped character after leaving battelgrounds
  114. few things
  115. No zone server for my character's zone
  116. FYI: BG going down at 3pm on 3/1/10
  117. Battlegrounds: Objective Points on Scoreboard
  118. You changed my key mapping
  119. Shout out thread!!
  120. BG back up?
  121. Could we get a /battlegrounds like /PvP?
  122. Jumbled up raids
  123. Update Notes 3/2/10
  124. Still no Battlegrounds on Splitpaw server :/ (10am 3rd March)
  125. Are resists/spell mitigation working or...?
  126. Suggestion: Add /vote raid leader...
  127. BG exile
  128. Decreases INVALID by 10?
  129. Suggestion: A PvP Equipment tab
  130. Can you please add + ingame runspeed to BG gear
  131. Suggestion, multiple queue's
  132. LD'd in Klak, couldn't get back in
  133. Naggy quit spaming voice chat
  134. Log in rejected: Invalid usrename or password
  135. to much buff striping?
  136. aa reset / afk tagging
  137. Lag Free Battlegrounds
  138. PUG vs Premade
  139. BG Server Status
  140. If I never go to battlegrounds will it affect my PvE exp on my server?
  141. Anti Death bug, Major points to be had!
  142. Queues
  143. Battleground startagies.
  144. lvl 80 bg MC or tier 2 VS
  145. When will they be back..........
  146. Smuggler's Den Ronin
  147. Need a bit more detail on the BG update Please
  148. EQ2 Client Crash = Truancy Bug?
  149. Fury looking for advice
  150. Resists in BG screwed up
  151. Bash Soe.
  152. Missing Characters
  153. PVP check box
  154. Gears - Exploit
  155. Raid wide / zone wide Divide and Conquer
  156. Feedback: Disk of Chaotic Energy
  157. Unable to Access Character After Battlegrounds
  158. Please delete the Gears portion of Battlegrounds
  159. Spell Damage is entirely out of hand.
  160. Ganak and Runspeed
  161. Where is my BG Cloak????? From Test???
  162. ..
  163. Necessary change for token merchant on non-US servers
  164. Klackon instances and healers
  165. Option to choose a tougher match
  166. cant zone out!
  167. Da blubie hump..
  168. All my gear gone after battleground
  169. Battlegrounds and UI
  170. Red... Blue... Im purple.
  171. BUG: Failing to unmentor
  172. Line of sight.
  173. Death March Red adorn
  174. Warping the new thing for Naggy players in BGs?
  175. Vote AFK
  176. Still no experience gain after Battlegrounds match
  177. Battlegrounds Achievement Mastery?
  178. No illusions?
  179. Vote AFK Exploit
  180. Did not automatically join the raid
  181. Battlegrounds Scoreboard...No Window Settings?
  184. Has anyone received the promised Battlegrounds Cloak yet?
  185. Empowered Fetish not working
  186. Fix Battle Medic Signet BG ring
  187. Smugglers Den Disk Flight Path - Stuck Floating in Air
  188. Miscellaneous Discrepancies (SK FD, PvP-specific changes)
  189. 11 Ways to Undo the Damage to Open World PvP
  190. Broken Toughness, Crit Mit, & Resists
  191. Vote Leader
  192. Was BG Armor supposed to be better then open PVP rewards?
  193. Couldn't Find an Answer Elswhere
  194. Battlegrounds and mentoring
  195. getting higher runspeed
  196. What to do when ignored by everyone =(
  197. Taunts
  198. "Idiot Lights" and /Anon....
  199. Indomitable Gear Bugged
  200. Unplayable Lag
  201. Any issues getting stuck coming home or losing items since Friday's hotfix?
  202. Manashield def broken in BG
  203. It's a flop.
  204. Smuggler's Den
  205. not getting tokens
  206. BG Achievements even remotely feasible?
  207. Concussive Shock/Greater Concussive Shock
  208. Battlefield of Ganak Exploit.... Glide
  209. Truency
  210. Brawler BG reward weaps 2.5 delay?
  211. Battlegrounds Fair? I know. It's not the gear right?
  212. Help! Unable to see flag/relic :(
  213. suggestion
  214. The Relic and Wards
  215. vote afk raidwide
  216. Exploit ?
  217. Match Maker
  218. implied targeting
  219. Poisons not working
  220. Enough is enough, suck it up already.
  221. Divide and conquer still zone wide... Please Fix this
  222. BG Gear Appearance
  223. A version of 6v6 without premade groups
  224. "Observer" Mode
  225. Suggestion: A FFA Battleground instance
  226. BG 1vs1 - 6vs6 Regular.
  227. A Idea on Reporting Straight Zeros.
  228. Usurper Achievement Broken - Doesnt Update
  229. Battlegrounds - No rewards
  230. Please SOE do not listen to all these people Complaint's
  231. healer fear proc
  232. bard buffs
  233. Idea: Player Made BG Maps?
  235. BG cloak from playing on test?
  236. Server Down?
  237. Snares in the BG/PVP broken
  238. Battlegrounds notification / queuing instances
  239. BG server Crash
  240. BG Observations
  241. Gears of Klak fix please read!!! And im serious !!!!
  242. Why are you playing Battlegrounds?
  243. ANTI-Fix sorcerer post(from a non-sorcerer)
  244. PvE'ers What have you learned in Battlegrounds?
  245. A major reason why you cant have PvP server gear on PvE servers...
  246. BG's down
  247. Repeatable BG Quests
  248. New round of bugs? o.O
  249. why Battlegrounds might fail
  250. Accepting BG at 0 Seconds