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  1. Allow folks in BG's to stay in Guild Chat on the home server?
  2. EQ2 BG: Epic matchmaking failures
  3. Please Implement PUNKBUSTER into EQ2-
  4. 80-89 used to be so busy.
  5. This supposed to be fun?
  6. pre-fabricated need their own Q'd
  7. My First Battleground
  8. Have fun dying now!
  9. Worldwide Battleground Channels?
  10. Anyone else getting booted from the BGs?
  11. Changes to Toughness
  12. server pool?
  13. just being a fairy bard wasn't going to work out forever
  14. EQ2 Client Crash Hack?
  15. Truancy errors
  16. Self rebuffing after death
  17. Allow illusions in battlegrounds
  18. What is the best way to 'Try' BG?
  19. Match Making?
  20. Battlegrounds Arena Suggestions
  21. Share Some Tips For Your Archtype
  22. Summoners in the BG's
  23. Talking with guild while BGing
  24. Casting speed in gears
  25. New Items on TEST-Copy
  26. Warden Battle Ground God mode
  27. Cog being dropped in bg without dying!?
  28. un tauntable? 70-79 BG
  29. Remove Premades From Low Tier BGs
  30. [Moved] FU and your truancy flag
  31. Crashing in BGs
  32. Disappearing flag
  33. Poisons do not proc in BG's??
  34. bg token rewards should also be tiered
  35. There a trick to transferring new BG tokens??
  36. BG Reward
  37. [Bug] Bg Conversion
  38. Gears Post-58
  39. My QQ post about pre-gu58 vs post gu58.
  40. New Weapons (Scouts cant use the new bandolier)
  41. In Combat Run Speed
  42. PvP Server Gear - Now Even More OP
  43. Any Plans For T2/T3 Battlegrounds?
  44. Constant Combat?
  45. <>!<>attn: devs<>!<> confirm or deny please
  46. Custom keybindings revert to default upon entering BG
  47. Server Down
  48. Consolidated battlegrounds bug list
  49. Ohilin!!!!!!!!
  50. Expert's guide to playing a healer after GU58
  51. Freeport in BG's
  52. Prices of Jewelery Erroneous?
  53. crashes in BG from last patch
  54. Dethdealers Idol -- why so useless?
  55. BG gear useless for ... BG
  56. Side effect of cure nerfs
  57. Rangers OP in BG
  58. Give target control immunity to all priests
  59. Hate the cure changes
  60. Group/Raid Click to cast or cure broken in BG's
  61. Glowing Letter of Recommendation for the 90s BG post 58...
  62. Seriously guys running the BG's..
  63. opt out of facing preforms
  64. New Battleground Token for next expansion?
  65. Hey devs... lookie here
  66. Please add a casting bar to enemy player..
  67. Heaing in Gears (Druid vs Cleric / Shaman)
  68. BG Bug They are at it again
  69. The battleground gear is completely useless since GU58...
  70. BG 3.0 Available here.
  71. Spirit of Wolf casting in BG
  72. 30-39 - Having fun!
  73. My solution to the Pre GU 58 issues: swinging the pendulum back
  74. Tier 4 BG items with PvP potency not applying to Combat Stats?
  75. Coercers/Illys in T4
  76. [Bug] Queueing
  77. Crusader AOE Dispel and Warlock AOE teleport + snare
  78. Is Battle Frenzy broken?
  79. 13k damage in 1 CA
  80. Changes to scoreboard on test
  81. Thinking of Trying the Battlegrounds?
  82. WooHoo!
  83. Hardmode BGs and Gear proposal.
  84. 1-9 battlegrounds
  85. Guild status from BG's
  86. Battlegrounds Grouping Suggestion
  87. [BUG] Scoreboard - Death count
  88. Power regen jewlery
  89. Suggestions for if SOE ever puts in a BG Hub
  90. Daily BG Quests-Status Rewards
  91. 2 Questions about gear/stacking
  92. merge thread plz to "Suggestions for if SOE ever puts in a BG Hub"
  93. BG titles please.
  94. In this corner
  95. Please allow gear exchange?
  96. learning matchmaker: applying some basic logic / statistics?
  97. Make BG Gear usable in BGs only
  98. Yet another useful first-impression thread!
  99. Why did MC gear stop having toughness at 82?
  100. Having to redo my controls each day.
  102. is base killing a reportable offense in BG?
  103. congratz healz on highest damage
  104. New BG Flaw
  105. Longer respawn-times, please
  106. Conjuror's in the BG's (was: SUMMONERS)
  107. Suggestion for Battlefield of Ganak...
  108. How about YOU kill a healer
  109. Give us more reason to run Smuggler's Den!
  110. 1100 Tokens, spend them now or wait for Velious?
  111. Simple Question regarding Oasis and Battlegrounds
  112. Please activate BG's for Russia
  113. New Wizard Question
  114. Is it frowned upon to level lock for 80's battleground?
  115. In combat w/ flag
  116. The general feeling about healers in BG
  117. T4 Jewelry Questions
  118. Missing T8 BG range healer item
  119. Fix the emberstrike Spell in BGs/Duels!
  120. BG Lobbys
  121. Couple questions about t4 BG's, runspeed, healing etc..
  122. T4 Power Proc
  123. T6 BG's starting to become more active!
  124. Rangers vs. the rest of the ranged classes
  125. Flurry here...flurry there...flurry to the people
  126. 80-89 Healparses
  127. Client Crash
  128. I'd be happy to wait for a balanced match.
  129. BG gear Barrier proc
  130. So what is going on when I am teeing off on someone in bgs and the bar never moves
  132. Why I love BGs
  133. Shadow Step
  134. T5
  135. Say no to gears
  136. Anyone else not receiveing BG tokens or daily updates since Merge?
  137. Can Developers please Respond!! (please sticky till there is)
  138. Please address crashing in battlegrounds
  139. Sk with 2hander in T4
  140. PvP Advantage?
  141. Match making system is horrendous.
  142. eq2 client trash
  143. This is what your "class balance" equates to.
  144. AA difference between Norath and Battle grounds?
  145. can't move BUG in battle grounds
  146. Toon Stuck in BG's
  147. Daily writs not contrubiting to guild status on completion.
  148. T4 & Toughness
  149. Nevermind
  150. indestructable mage?
  151. Heal Bug in Klak
  152. BG's have been down for at least several hours
  153. Warlock in T4
  154. taunt immunity
  155. Farming Tokens for $$$
  156. Wheres the trade-off
  157. Control layouts for battlegrounds.
  158. Autofollow Macro - Player not found
  159. Merge BGs here on EQ2Live with EQ2x
  160. New to BG
  161. Not zoning out?
  162. BG's 80 to 89
  163. punishment not working
  164. Tweaking 80-89 & 90 BGs
  165. An issue with BG gear, just thought you should know.
  166. Representing guild member status while active in BG event
  167. Desperado's Waistband Not working in BGS?
  168. Idea on the banished system
  169. A refound
  170. Immunity icon request
  171. UI problem when going from BGs to regular server.
  172. BG Maps - Only 3 (please make more)
  173. ouch !
  174. Umm... reward?
  175. battle crash
  176. Raid mode in gears?
  177. Taking way too long to zone out after match is over.
  178. r(insert number) could not be found in your group or raid
  179. Unable to cure doll hexes and some poisons. What is up?
  180. Need fresh faces for 40-49 BGs
  181. Why to BG at lower levels?
  182. Slots missing for lower tiers?
  183. Either allow wards to block Gears relic damage or disallow DA and MS
  184. Auto follow removed in BG?
  185. Nerf Doom Judgement
  186. Once the NDA is gone - Tokens and Gear info, please!
  187. T4 Brawler avoidance is Hozed
  188. Aura of the Crusader not working in BG
  189. Match-Making is BROKEN
  190. dov bg gear stats
  191. Isle of Refuge - Lobby
  192. Sony do something about the lag hackers
  193. Looking for a BG-guild on Splitpaw
  194. 33k manaburn
  195. Aerial combat in the future?
  196. Ranger AA locking at 39
  197. All BGers A MUST read!!
  198. Achievement Feedback
  199. Is SOE Going To Balance Shadowknights In BG... or just screw it?
  200. 1v1
  201. Battlefield of Ganak Spawning
  202. Battle Ground Merchant "game mechanic"
  203. Tokens - New or Same?
  204. Queue bias
  205. too many tanks
  206. Armor Art for battlegrounds gear.
  207. No More tokens for BG Gear, will only be faction.
  208. What does the new BG gear look like? heard it was on test.
  209. Unanswered BG Questions About GU60
  210. Crit mit on new BG armor.
  211. New Battlegrounds Armor, Could it Cost 200k Status and 50 Platinum Per Piece?
  212. 1v1, 2v2, etc maps?
  213. pvp fun
  214. Queue for BG - Instant Zone in to an almost finished game
  215. Best Healer killer...
  216. T4 Melee Battle Priest
  217. BG armor, useless?
  218. Hardest/least populated classes in T4 BG's?
  219. Long Drawn out Battles, and Token Rewards Based on How much Healing/DPS or Damage Taken Please.
  220. Paladins Tier 1 DPS in BGs?
  221. GU60 BG armor?
  222. PvP/BG Changes On Test
  223. How is Battlegrounds doing atm ?
  224. GU60 BG Changes now on TEST-COPY
  225. Why did they Remove Passive Taunts?
  226. 80 - 89 BGs
  227. Battleground Info?
  228. T4 Battleground Tanks PLEASE READ!
  229. Champion’s Respite, could we log in from Desktop?
  230. Entice more players to BG
  231. [Zone Issue] Champions Respite
  232. Characters stuck in The Frozen Tundra BG
  233. So, why is the BG merchants selling BG tokens for 2 gold?
  234. The New Map and Gametype Suck
  235. Char stuck in nonexistant BG lobby on valor.
  236. BG changes that suck
  237. Frozen Tundra: Unrealistic Objective in Low Tiers
  238. The Frozen Tundra Feedback
  239. Pre-made Groups no Longer Stay Together?
  240. anyone eta on merchants coming back?
  241. Bugs/annoyance in BGs
  242. Unable to queue RAGE!
  243. New Armor Stats
  244. So let me get this straight..
  245. Velious Discord Faction
  246. [Suggestion] Allow us to see/purchase ALL armor/weapons/jewelry
  247. Players may not get assigned to a side when entering a match
  248. ALT+Z battlegrounds q timer gone, anyone else?
  249. Give me a setting to skip lobby pls!
  250. Take BGs off of nagafen