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  1. Blue Adornments: +Toughness vs +Crit Mit
  2. No Token for battleground event
  3. Problems with the BattleGrounds Experience
  4. Are Strikethrough Adornments worthwhile in BGs?
  5. port
  6. Blue Adornment : Ability Reuse
  7. Matchmaking Blows
  8. Matchmakeing at it's best...
  9. joust
  10. 6.7.10 - Vitality runs 70-79 Den!
  11. Points for PvP kills Plx
  12. Anything more tedious and boring than GEARS after the changes?
  13. BG Quest Expires
  14. another raid lead afker
  15. Just had a character get deleted after closing EQ2 window while stuck in a BG.
  16. [Moved] Is this always going to be how SOE treats its players? (posted at a GMs request)
  17. Hackers, cheaters and Afk-vote greifers! oh my!
  18. Crusader ability JOUST drops relic in gears
  19. [Moved] Issue for the Devs to answer (GM names removed for "privacy issues"
  20. Gears exploit?
  21. Smugglers Den Token Increase?
  22. Combat should suspend run speed enhancements
  23. Taunts in PvP - remove
  24. Jumpy Boot Quest
  25. BG loading bug
  26. Targeting question
  27. Tanks in BGs. Why are there so many?
  28. Battleground Zone selection creates problems
  29. Competitive Play
  30. How to avoid/escape assassin perma-stun
  31. Devs, what to look forward to?
  32. Vote to have a player drop the Flag in Ganak
  33. Lost character
  34. weakest and strongest classes?
  35. BG Tier activity
  36. Poisons Stripped FIX PLEASE
  37. Sooooooooooo.......
  38. Add a "point lead" victory for Smugglers Den Please
  39. Enhance: Queue / Leave Queue
  40. BG Token question?
  41. BG Token question?
  42. free server transfer for eu players
  43. DEV: Say something!
  44. So i'm getting [Removed for Content] pwned..
  45. What are the rules mechanics for joining BGs?
  46. 43 games in a row with no healer. Always against a team with one. [Removed for Content].
  47. [Moved] Battlegrounds focused guild on AB
  48. Please Change Gears Back So Relic Drops in Place
  49. queue manager does not like couples and small groups
  50. AOE taunts need nerfed
  51. Random BG queues and ladder system for organized.
  52. Punice Stone.
  53. The Ganak Complaint
  54. Level 30 - 50 Battlegrounds gear
  55. Smugglers Den - attackable by both sides
  56. UK BG's unavailable for 30hrs now
  57. People Dont Even Try to Win on Ganak Half the Time Anymore.
  58. Battlegrounds Bug with Screenshot
  59. Bug: Battleground
  60. BG win but no tokens at all
  61. What would your battlegrounds look like?
  62. Smugglers Den Tokens
  63. WHY
  64. Improving Smuggler's Den
  65. Improving Ganak and SD
  66. Suggestions for Devs
  67. Latest and greatest grief tool in BG's.
  68. BG Armor kenetic barrier
  69. Healer check per team
  70. Missing 5th T4 Jewelry piece.
  71. [Moved] LF "BG-focused" Guild on AB
  72. Look what a ranger did to me in BG today
  73. PvP raid type armor
  74. Best Ganak match ever
  75. no crit
  76. Taunt immunity
  77. Can somone explain damage mechanics in BG?
  78. Is there a eq2map mod that allows players to see their groups in Raid BG's?
  79. worried about bg's
  80. No leaderboard for BGs?
  81. Warden crit mit buff needs fixed to work for BG's again.
  82. not fun at all
  83. Are there any plans to fix the BG scoreboard parses?
  84. Mage dps dead in bg
  85. Because 100 damage a tick on a dot is awesome
  86. can't increase INT beyond 1200 with BG gear
  87. Remove toughness gear from BG to make it fun again
  88. Battlegrounds EN (englad) Uk Splitpaw, Runneye
  89. A question about the low tier jewelry
  90. Battleground Scoreboard question
  91. BG Update - 29th June 2010
  92. question concerning patch notes
  93. The Arasai/Fae Factor
  94. Spice up BG's
  95. Battlegrounds screws up chat channels
  96. SK Blood Siphon in BG
  97. Timer in the BG 12 vs 12
  98. How about adding a ladder to BGs
  99. Kicking poorly geared players?
  100. Fixing BG
  101. BG crash
  102. How tough do you have to be to fight on Battle Grounds?
  103. Best way to get started in BG?
  104. Which gear shd I wear for BG?
  105. The chart at end of BG match...
  106. DPS way down today in BG
  107. BG down?
  108. T4 BGs or bust?
  109. BALLANCE THE BG's PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Knockback
  111. BG gear vs. raid gear
  112. Hold the bloody middle!!! seriously...
  113. T4 Matchmaker Broken
  114. Funny things you have seen in BG
  115. Server bandwidth?
  116. Vote for raid leader option
  117. God Mode
  118. Gears of Klakanon bugged?
  119. Toughness..How much is enough?
  120. Giving up on Battlegrounds - Feedback on my experiences
  121. Easy improvements for Battlegrounds
  122. Put Signet of Devouring on the Battlegrounds merchants.
  123. BG tactics - dps output
  124. BG ends, and you're dead. No tokens.
  125. Unstable client
  126. BGs down?
  127. does Wildfire stack with Wildfire?
  128. Dumbfire pets in Bg
  129. How many tokens?
  130. Stealth not clearing pet aggro any more
  131. Speed Hack
  132. Grabbing the Relic in Klak
  133. [Moved] Nice plat drop from Q in Ant WF
  134. Brigand/Mystic
  135. is it frowned upon to wear pvp gear in heroic instances?
  136. Better BG interface needed, Or.. OMG not gears again!
  137. Crit damage v toughness please explain
  138. Tanks need to taunt
  139. Where is my PvP / BG potency?
  140. Damage reduction AAs, Fair?
  141. Outfitting adorns on BG armor for casters, any recommendations?
  142. Something just needs to be done, totally unacceptable...
  143. What music do you listen to in Battle Grounds?
  144. Level 90 Battlegrounds dead?
  145. An Avatar fighting in BGs?
  146. Storms BG -empty-
  147. Loosing illusions when entering
  148. bg mounts
  149. Umm, devs, hello?
  150. KlakAnon 95%
  151. Monks Taunts
  152. Scale of GANAK Achievement WORLD FIRST 7/29 Viris.Nektulos/Guk
  153. Haven't found a ganak...
  154. You may not que ?
  155. Drop, and pickup relic
  156. unfair advantage.... ?
  157. How to fix Ganak
  158. The option to "group" up cross servers.
  159. So devs...wheres the BG leaderboards and seasonal awards you promised..?
  160. Que and Truancy
  161. K stop remapping my keys
  162. Whamburger and Frenchcries
  163. MORE ZONES !!
  164. [Moved] Speed hacking, Warping still
  165. scout grounds is painfully unbalanced
  166. How busy are the diffrent tiers ?
  167. Confused about the text on a ring
  168. Accepting Invite to BG.
  169. People don't die
  170. No 2h crushing priest pvp weapon for pve servers?
  171. Death Prevents recieving tokens in battlefields.
  172. Characters flipping around in Klakanon
  174. GANAK - Add a damage component to the flag!
  175. To clear some things up!
  176. The class you hate to see most in BG's.
  177. Poison procs
  178. Battlefield of Ganak Walls
  179. Going to a one token system
  180. 40-49
  181. Another place to hide within the scenery
  182. Wonderful Battlegrounds Crash
  183. BG's are screwed up today
  184. PLEASE please please please please
  185. I'm sorry for sucking so bad.
  186. Notice Obstruction
  187. Power Management
  188. Stuck in battleground....
  189. The option to choose what I want to queue on...
  190. please nerf healing by 50%in pvp
  191. How does the Interface work?
  192. Titles in Battleground
  193. New, Plz Help
  194. Will changes be made to BG or do the devs not give a damm about them anymore?
  195. Suggested Stats on EQ2Players
  196. BG
  197. adornments
  198. Freeloaders?
  199. GU 57 items
  200. AA xp in BG BG
  201. banishment
  202. Why is BG not working ??
  203. No easy way to put it...First experience in EQ2 BG's is they suck.
  204. Keymaps and settings STILL change when zoning into BG
  205. Banished from Ganak
  206. PVP-gear VS. Battleground-gear ( unfair )
  207. AOE Dispel
  208. Crashing while in BG
  209. Quick battlegrounds question
  210. lvl 39 berserker with 160 AA and all masters unkillable?
  211. Profit + Battleground ( raidwindow )
  212. Group strategy???
  213. Can we get a summary of upcoming changes?
  214. BG LFG Finder
  215. New to BGs
  216. No Healers in BGs?
  217. Assasins worth playing in 39 BG???
  218. Pretty please with a cherry on top
  219. Poisons clearing on zoning to Battleground, when the match end, zoning out... pretty much constantly
  220. Man of the Match award.
  221. L30s BG
  222. Crouch in BG's
  223. FD in BG's.
  224. So are you goign to fix pvp crit mit or what?
  225. Warlocks/Wizards & Inquistors. How to kill them?
  226. Lvl 30 jewelry, weapons on pve servers
  227. Healing UI in BGs - advice/tips?
  228. Strategies for the Battlegrounds
  229. Excessive Truancy Penalties
  230. They consolidate bg tokens on test!?!?
  231. Maps we would like to see.
  232. is 30-39 balanced?
  233. Make wards undispellable
  234. FIX the group formula PLEASE!
  235. Battleground Changes
  236. Tired of hearing the griping from PVErs!
  237. Warden critmit buff ( BG )
  238. Midlevel Ganak
  239. Anyone getting short changed on tokens when you win?
  240. shamans viable in 30bg?
  241. Key Layouts always reseting?
  242. Toon Unconscious after BG
  243. Ganak Exploit!
  244. Good clases for BG's
  245. Fix THe Glitching Now Please !!!!!
  246. Good players 80 - 89
  247. 80-89 battleground video
  248. Want to try BG for the first time - help!
  249. Smuggler's Den Strategy
  250. Kill Credit