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  1. The more people gear up in BG gear the more disparity there is between classes
  2. Server bugged / lagging, and dropping to char select - 5 minutes truancy
  3. New BG Bug.....
  4. Effects that actually need to be fixed
  5. Effects that actually need to be fixed
  6. Exploit Being Hidden
  7. Character Stuck
  8. The fix is really quite easy. Your views?
  9. BG Bugs that MUST get fixed
  10. Both teams 1500+ bugged out. PLease fix this!!
  11. True or False
  12. Everything MISSING!
  13. Being able to select which bg's you want would be awesome.
  14. Group member icons "fix"
  15. Buffing, Rebuffing and yes, more Buffing...
  16. Can we please make Aura of the Crusader work?
  17. Fix Standing-in-midair-above-the-center-tower Bug
  18. Fix the freakin crashes.
  19. KOS in Smuglers
  20. The LDs & Lag is getting worse!
  21. PvP server effects no longer work in Battlegrounds
  22. First Try at BG
  23. Is Battlegrounds down again?
  24. Terrible BG BUG!!
  25. Vote AFK Feature
  26. Select Closest Target
  27. New Client Crash in BG
  28. Deity House items
  29. If you're taking away old PvP gear procs take away TSO procs
  30. Klakanon
  31. Possible ways to quicken token collection
  32. ignore list
  33. Gears droping worsed then ever
  34. low lvl Bgs?
  35. Bg gear for BG only.
  36. BG Matches/ instance statistics
  37. Stuck zoning into Battleground Hub
  38. BG Quests
  39. What would you like added to Battle Grounds?
  40. Gears another match lost with relic in there spawn point!
  41. Spell Resists working as intended?
  42. Coming Soon, naked group members
  43. Is this against the rules, if so which ones and where?
  44. BG Que needs attention ASAP!
  45. Are betagrounds down again?
  46. Character Stuck in Smuggler's Den
  47. BG forums ignored?!?
  48. Broken Procs (i.e. Ancient Invigoration of War)
  49. Gears of Klakanon Suggestion
  50. BG's down on a friday night = lame
  51. Toons locked in Battlegrounds servers
  52. Would you still do Battlegrounds if...
  53. Battlegrounds matchmaker suggestion.
  54. BG's down again?
  55. Send an email when BG's are up.
  56. Does SOE even work on Sat?
  57. srsly? just gonna leave us all in the dark?
  58. Battlegrounds bug (on Runnyeye at least)
  59. Please turn off Battlegrounds as its screwing with our servers
  60. Do the right thing with BETAGROUNDS.
  61. News From The Future
  62. working click2cure?
  64. Character_# on select screen
  65. Class Issues in Battlegrounds - specifically monk
  66. ETA?
  67. 3 New BG Maps What..???
  68. Do you think its appropriate SOE?
  69. Thank you
  70. Illusionary Allies
  71. Hold the Relic - Spawn Point Issue
  72. Battlegrounds Stop Giving EXP
  73. There is currently no server for character's zone; please try again in a few minutes
  74. Battlegrounds Down
  75. Adornments
  76. What's with the long delay after matches now
  77. Why the Icons that tell you the classes?
  78. [Moved] At least i can teabag!
  79. Invalid password and or username..
  80. Music over voice chat
  81. Why only lvl 80 - 90?
  82. ALWAYS crashing in Smuggler's Den
  83. Leechers
  84. Resists
  85. Can we please segregate?
  86. Class balance = fail
  87. What the? There's a copy of myself standing in the guildhall!
  88. What you need to do in Battlegrounds!
  89. Voice chat volume
  90. Healers and BG's - Not really needed - Sad but true.
  91. Are others seeing this too?
  92. Battlegrounds crashes or bugs (not your issues) how bout we all submit them here?
  93. BG Gear - Indomitable Cloak
  94. Cure Question
  95. Ganak requests
  96. BG bugged atm
  97. second time I have crashed
  98. What bugs you the most about BG's - BG version
  99. Battlegrounds lost my character
  100. Just bring back crit mit.
  101. RAF Cloak, Glide and Battlegrounds
  102. Taunts
  103. Follow option turned off.
  104. Hook shot in Gears? (need a good catch phrase)
  105. Gears Suggestion
  106. Chat Channels resetting
  107. Titles for Battlegrounds
  108. What Percent of Truancy Buffs Are Legitimate?
  109. A Wierd Bug in BG
  110. Why Not a Battlegrounds Lobby?
  111. An Idea for PVP Gear on Battlegrounds
  112. Capture the Flag - A Point on the BG Where only Few Can Reach
  113. Enchanter Ability "Blink" -- Broken in Gears BG
  114. BG Armor vs. Tier9 PvP Armor
  115. Stuck in BG hUb
  116. Battlegrounds and DB Issues
  117. anyone else qued for 30+ minutes?
  118. More xp and add coin reward for bgs.
  119. More Matchmaker compaints!!!
  120. A bad trend with melee damage using dual wielding weapons.
  121. Repeatable Quest Idea
  122. Smuggler's Den Reward
  123. Divine Guidance
  124. BG Token exchange
  125. How to break mez/fear/root/snare?
  126. What I Expected; What I Got
  127. Suggestion: No movement restrictions unless both players are engaged
  128. Suggestion: No Mez immunity if item is used to break it
  129. Olihin is a meanie
  130. Chat channels keep moving after BGs
  131. Up or Down?
  132. Coercer pet
  133. Directly to Battlegrounds Hub
  134. So, I gave it a try.
  135. Token fix for EU
  136. Revive + Camp = Stuck in BG
  137. Resist Rates in the BG's (3/23/2010)
  138. Exploit again... will they never learn?
  139. just curious about full set of armors in this BG
  140. BG 's and why they dont work for me
  141. Easily Transfer Hotkey Settings?
  142. i love battlegrounds!.. when its working and not killing the servers
  143. just me or is it takeing forever to get matched?
  144. Stuck again
  145. down again?
  147. so funny bug !!!
  148. Very annoying bug
  149. Guide
  150. Sometimes the best strategy is dying
  151. Are some of you actually using Bait?
  152. Random Raid Leader in Smuggler's Den: An SOE April Fools Day Joke
  153. Please make it easier to vote AFK
  154. Earning AAs
  155. Glide Exploit
  156. Countdown Timer...help!
  157. BG Statistics - Leader Boards
  158. No kill shot credit when pet strikes the killing blow.
  160. If You can't do it right, don't do it at all.
  161. BG Referee?
  162. Access BG from login
  163. Gears
  164. Live Together, Die Alone
  165. So when is class rebalancing for BGs going to take place?
  166. Please forgive me for not fighting on the flag....
  167. characters been stuck in a bg for 3 days
  168. Things I had to learn the hard way... BG Edition
  169. Unconscious folk
  170. Arcane Debuff bug?
  171. Swashy Looking for a little input
  172. Gears of Klak'Anon Cheaters /golfclap
  173. Battlegrounds and DB Performance
  174. Don't throw in the towel
  175. New Bug
  176. Russian pvp servers and battlegrounds
  177. Do something about pre-made vs. solo
  178. No Tokens At Finish: Another Quality Bug from SOE
  179. question about pvp seasons
  180. How hard would it be.
  181. Your most one sided game experience...
  182. Revive timer after death
  184. Battlegrounds for all Tiers
  185. Gears of Klakanon Exploit
  186. Warlock/Necro crashes
  187. Rez Timers are Buggy
  188. Question about Conjurers and Necromancers
  189. An Innovative Solution to the Lag and Downtime that came with the BG's
  190. any update on when casters will stop one shotting?
  191. Mentoring
  192. A Sandwich Match
  193. Toughness
  194. So what would you think about this match? Some one farming?
  195. Not receiving tokens in Bg's
  196. [Moved] Another BG exploit.... people never learn
  197. Betraying and BG gear
  198. Battleground AA's
  199. The resists and physical mitigation on the Indomitable jewelry set from Battlegrounds..
  200. Revive timer not working
  201. A draw ?
  202. AFK vote from anywhere in zone.
  203. Battleground Marshalls
  204. I am trying to understand this........
  205. Battlegrounds and You!
  206. Got dropped coming back home
  207. Flag time out
  208. Berserker or Bruiser
  209. BG Fabled and Yellow Adornments
  210. Kick to Character Select please fix!
  211. Exchange of the "changed" BG-Jewelery back to Tokens
  212. Battlegrounds down?
  213. BG dammage different than pvp???
  214. Battle Grounds FAR from being fixed!!!!!!
  215. AFKers (Leechers) Fix
  216. Perma dead in BG
  217. PUG QUE
  218. qbinds resetting
  219. Smuggler's Den Scoring
  220. Smuggler's Den Flight Path Over the Tower
  221. Battlegrounds Down
  222. what is and what isn't exploits and unfair runspeed?
  223. Player set up Battlegrounds
  224. BG rolls
  225. going it alone
  226. Suspicious Dmg - Falreth
  227. not getting revived after 30 sec
  228. Experience May Change During Online Play!!!
  229. coercer or warlock
  230. *NEW BG* Punt the Gnome
  231. Training dummies in BGs
  232. Berserkers and their ability to "heal"
  233. custom title
  234. Even teams before match starts
  235. [Moved] Another Exploit found
  236. PVEgrounds
  237. Things that I find that personally make battlegrounds no fun.
  238. BGs resetting chat channels
  239. Battlegrounds suggestion
  240. Nerfed
  241. battlegrounds groups on antonia bayle
  242. Chronomage/mentor down in BG's
  243. Unbalanced Random Gears Group
  244. Indomitable Jewlry remove it and do somthing better Devlin
  245. [Moved] 3rd party macro program in use
  246. Toughness
  247. I need to focus...
  248. Battlegrounds are great fun, but are they hurting the rest of the game?
  249. Spells dropping entering and leaving BG
  250. No AA or tokens, if u die and are on reload screen before respawn when match ends