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  1. Pure Breed Healers?
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  3. Where do you see the healers compared to each other in these areas?
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  23. cure curse
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  25. Priests PVP strategies
  26. Cure Macros (Reposted by Request)
  27. Mystic and Warden as melee
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  38. Shaman Irritation - shut that dog up!
  39. Warden or Templar
  40. question between Warden and Inqis
  41. Wild Regeration only giving 20%, not 30%
  42. The change I noticed, most seem good.
  43. Ankexfen, Rolling Pin, Arm of Erollisi
  44. Would like a stat explaination por favor
  45. An old SOE tradition , So aeralik said ....
  46. SF AA Abilites (Druid - Serenity)
  47. Heal-potency Procs not working on wards
  48. Priest aa's not working for lvl 81 through 90 spells
  49. Ancestral Channeling
  50. Looking for a class suggestion -
  51. Will massive spell haste/reuse affect negatively druids?
  52. LF healer weapon upgrade in SF!
  53. Add ons
  54. Differences in the healing classes?
  55. Another returning healer!
  56. Has the state of healer's changed again?
  57. Solo, Duo, and Battlegrounds Healer - who am I?
  58. Please lower casting time of Tunares Grace
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  64. Warden or Mystic for solo levelling on pvp server?
  65. Is Warden CA's not scaling properly?
  66. Bug with cleric AA : Steadfast.
  67. Furies/Templars/Mystics Mythical nerfed on test
  68. I am done until SOE can get their act together
  69. Inquistor and Templar whats big differance?
  70. Shaman Itemization and General mechanics
  71. Furies and Wardens able to stack heals?
  72. State of the Templar!
  73. Are mystics out ?
  74. Whats the difference?
  75. Which healer to play if you're not any good at it?
  76. Strongest Priest in PVP?
  77. Two Healers for groups, duo questing
  78. New spell "Wrath" is severely underpowered.
  79. Most desired class for groups and raiding, and why.
  80. Deity for Evil Aligned Healer?
  81. How does healing threat work?
  82. Traits: 2.5% max power VS 5 power regen
  83. Melee Healers
  84. Total newb to game and ....
  85. Best at instance soloing?
  86. Infusion, stormcaller rennewall
  87. playing catch-up
  88. Steadfast still bugged after GU58.
  89. Mystic vs Fury
  90. Warden vs. Defiler (solo)
  91. Healer to duo
  92. Help me decide please
  93. Just arrived form WOW and need some advice from experienced raiders.
  94. Will wisdom affect heals for priests in destiny of velious?
  95. Healers and Profit UI
  96. Healer Class for a Conjuror
  97. Divine Armor
  98. crit chance
  99. Which Healer should I roll?
  100. Defiler vs Templar
  101. Melee healers Pro and Con
  102. Power proc BG earring
  103. Is there any reason to roll Temp over Inquis
  104. Templar and general healer questions
  105. pls fix the crit bonus effect for shamans
  106. Spell Crit Bonus
  107. Simple Ideas on Helping Druids in Raids.
  108. Wanting to betray~~ mystic to defiler
  109. Now trying to decide PLZ help
  110. Difference between Defiler and Mystic
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  118. Where is Priest armors after druner spires??? DB = none existing
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  128. So I am a 24th Inq Healer who sucks.
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  130. Shrink spell?
  131. Healer differences
  132. Currently a Warden, should I switch classes?
  133. WRATH worthwile?
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