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  1. 1st THREAD
  2. Raidwide buff issues w/ Paladin and SK (maybe other fighters?)
  3. Avoidance transfers and how tanks work together
  4. Taunts
  5. Fighter Revamp?
  6. How do we get all six fighter class's in a raid?
  7. Fighter Adjustments
  8. The Brawler KOS Achievement tree, a thuroughly underwhelming affar.
  9. Is it hate or is it control?
  10. NON-RAID GUARDS exist in this game
  11. Dragoon's Reflexes (warrior KOS AA) buggy?
  12. 2hand weapons
  13. New AA Abilities
  14. Suggestions for future fighter class changes.
  15. Fighter "Adjustment" Rumors no more
  16. Brawlers as protectors for their group?
  17. mobs don't hit hard enough
  18. BRAWLER CHANGES - WHEN????????Here's a few ideas.
  19. Paladin Class Issues
  20. What a GUARDIAN should be...
  21. Isn't it odd....
  22. highest dps fighter ?
  23. Brawlers - 4 year break. Then and now. (aka - [Removed for Content]?)
  24. Tanking and Aggro
  25. Clearing up some common missconceptions.
  26. For the Betterment of the Brawler Classes.
  27. Berserker vs Paladin
  28. def stance
  29. Keeping aggro with multi-mob encounters
  30. Please paste into /feedback
  31. Who else than SK can offtank Field General Uktap's adds?
  32. Guardian or Zerker for best tank?
  33. Balancing auto-attack with CA's
  34. Brawler AA's
  35. SK can exploit raid 6 bonus without wearing 6 pieces?
  36. This is prob. a Question asked time and time again
  37. Helm of Fire Fight...
  38. Crane Twirl Proc Rate Broken (With Proof!)
  39. Tanking - Aggro - Taunts and so on. Just some thoughts.
  40. Class Balance: A New Approach
  41. Guard to Zeker
  42. Could we borrow this idea?
  43. please delete
  44. Worth doing level 20 armor quests nowadays?
  45. Tanking Tricks, Techniques, & Style
  46. Paladin vs. Guardian
  47. What exactly is the reason why SK is better than berserker in everything?
  48. Zerk or Monk?
  49. Why are SKs so much more powerful than Warriors?
  50. SK and Paladin in SF
  51. Is there a class that can DPS well with a 2 handed sword?
  52. question regarding which fighter class to choose
  53. Playing a Fighter??
  54. Tank lover leaving WoW for EQ2, just had some quesitons
  55. Current fighter out look.
  56. Least gear dependent?
  57. Monk Changes - How about some?
  58. SOE did it again. Sister's part Duex
  59. Zerker or ShadowKnight
  60. General Skills Def/Parry
  61. Def/Parry
  62. Avoidance FAQ
  63. Need help with stats.
  64. Is it accepted to be a Fighter class and not tank?
  65. easy class to learn to tank with?
  66. Targeting Question
  67. New player- Pulling question
  68. Need help with picking a fighter class
  69. sk's...
  70. Warrior WIS AA
  71. Cant use Myth
  72. I can't use my mythical or offhand weapon.
  73. [Moved] Shadow Guard - Unrest - Seeking Fighters
  74. Mitigation vs Crit mit
  75. Berserker or Pally?
  76. Fix Crusaders
  77. Dear Mr./Ms. Developer.. when can we see the fix?
  78. Time to take the light off SKs.....
  79. What does each fighter bring to their group?
  80. What factors increase "To Hit %"?
  81. Class Count
  82. What Guards need....?
  83. ST vs AE Tanks
  84. general fighter question- new player
  85. Time to re-visit avoidance and mitigation
  86. Help With Tank choice
  87. The "I Quit Playing A Guard" Thread
  88. a serious attempt at getting ideas from the community for fighter balance(aka threat)
  89. Which Class Best Fits
  90. Looking for advice...
  91. There can be only one?
  92. Level 90 Class Population Thread
  93. AE auto chance or Flurry chance ?
  94. Why is the guardian glass so under powered compared to the other three?
  95. Soloability imbalance
  96. Guardian Class Issues/Solutions
  97. Why is the Guardian class Underpowered?
  98. Will tanking always be this frustrating?
  99. Warrior Mechanic
  100. Help me calculate how protection value relates to block!
  101. The Knight's Stance vs Crit Bonus Debate
  102. Tanking and dps - Paladin or Berserker?
  103. Individuality please.
  104. Serious Inquiry into the defining abilities of each fighter
  105. Non-SKs getting heals nerfed?
  106. What is their view?
  107. New Tank Specialization ?
  108. Class choice - Monk v Berserker
  109. Just a thought on the old single target vs multiple target tank argument
  110. Advice for a Brawler
  111. The new fighter nerf to make guardians useful again, why?
  112. Melee auto attack Button post GU57
  113. Aura of the Crusader no longer removing stifle effects...
  114. Fighter Balance
  115. Knights stance VS Duel Wielding Debate
  116. Brawler mit increase
  117. Why tanks can never be balanced
  118. The story of the new paladin..
  119. Stoneskins are Overpowered
  120. Mitigation Increase Bug
  121. Mit Increase Fix and You
  122. The equivalent of charge
  123. Random ideas for multi-tank raiding
  124. For solo questing...
  125. Xelgad, any chance of changes to Paladin heals in part B of this LU
  126. Please remove
  127. Any good Fighter class for a Fae?
  128. Choosing a fighter for level 70
  129. Un-cap Stamina
  130. Some questions...
  131. Some questions...
  132. Fighter Parses
  133. Monk/brusier whats the difference?
  134. thinking of returning
  135. Monks and Bruisers ....strike a pose!!!!
  136. Current Level 90 Figher Population - 12/1/2010
  137. I just want to hit things with a big two handed weapon
  138. Current Level 90 Population - 12/13/10
  139. Tank+healer duo advice
  140. Current level 90 Population - 12/20/10
  141. Current Level 90 Population - 1/3/11
  142. Berserker - 2-hander or DW?
  143. Current Level 90 Fighter Population 1/20/11
  144. Just came from Wow, had a noob question
  145. Curious
  146. Bralwer question
  147. Time to re-visit recent threat generation changes
  148. Change needed for ALL Fighter Defensive stances...
  149. Aaargh, which tank to choose
  150. Shield
  151. Gear Stats
  152. Why can't we critical heal anymore?
  153. Who?
  154. Which tank with wizard and warden?
  155. Taunts
  156. Nice Huge buff for Crusaders on Test... :)
  157. 4 Second delay weapons for fighters
  158. Over all Fighter balance
  159. Accuracy and Strikethru tied to Stances?
  160. Paly versus Guardian Comparison Questions
  161. So this has always bugged me... brawlers have more mitigation then plates?
  162. Tank adornment
  163. Block mecanic ...
  164. All Fighter Heals need to scale and be %s.
  165. Armor Break
  166. winning an auction
  167. All Tanks Recieving 100% AOE AE Soon.
  168. Need a Dev Response
  169. Only dev response in other thread...
  170. Riposte Damage.
  171. monk or brusier?
  172. Best solo fighter
  173. Its time to look over fighters for next expansion.
  174. A good laugh
  175. List all fighters by DPS/Surviability!
  176. Executioner's Fury + Other "Only Under 50% Health" Abilities.
  177. Why is the Beastlord Stamina Tree better then "3" of the Fighters Trees?
  178. Entire Warrior Line Revamp Idea:
  179. Entire Crusader Line Revamp Idea:
  180. Best fighter to duo with....
  181. Fun Early Game Tanks?
  182. Ok lets try it again...
  183. Class(s) that Dual Wield?
  184. Most Brawlers have caught up to plate tanks in Mitigation.
  185. Returning Player
  186. Base weapon dmg
  187. Best solo Plate class?
  188. New Level 91/92 Spells inc soon :)
  189. Multi-Attack Immunity for Plate Tanks Defensive Stance.
  190. Remove the Shield Requirements from Reversal.
  191. Do brawlers lose there innate block chance when disarmed?
  192. Passive Stance for fighters.
  193. oh lord... here we go....
  194. Fighter Revamp....
  195. Fighter Revamp - Changes on Test Server (26/06/2012)
  196. Would there be less Fighter hate if...
  197. Unshakeable (Warrior AA) to Group Mitigation Buff.
  198. Warrior AA Tree (revamp ideas)
  199. Monks given Detaunts no other fighters get?
  200. Plate Tanks surpass brawlers in Avoidance
  201. Fix berserkers pls.
  202. Hate Gain
  203. A few tweaks to the SK class would be great! (nothing overpowered)
  204. Another hate mod question!
  205. SK or Bruiser
  206. Raid Tanking and What I Have Learned