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  1. Voice Chat Commands
  2. Dual-Boxing and Voice Chat
  3. Crash with no warning
  4. Missing Buttons
  5. Need firewall settings for voice chat
  6. Support for Voice Chat
  7. Down on Unrest
  8. Down on Mistmoore
  9. Voice Chat
  10. Unable to log into voice chat
  11. Down on Guk
  12. Down on L'D
  13. Aware of Chat down **UPDATED**
  14. Down On Permafrost
  15. Extra guild channel
  16. Let's pretend I don't know what I'm doing
  17. Voice chat suggestions
  18. 2 mic inputs, How can I set the voice chat to use the one I want (the 2nd)?
  19. Unable to connect 2 accounts from same IP @ same time
  20. Voice chat windows are just black
  21. Can't set Voice Output to USB Headset
  22. annoying problem
  23. Static/garbled voice chat
  24. Voice chat and using one of the number pad's buttons for Push-to-talk.
  25. PTT keyboard option , not working
  26. **PLEASE READ** Hardware not working with voice chat
  27. WHY Left-Control? WHHHYYYYY
  28. Kicked from channels
  29. "You are not in a channel"
  30. Unable to delete voice chat Push-to-talk keys completely. (Includes workaround)
  31. Disable Tutorial
  32. Voice Chat Settings Keep reverting back to default
  33. Voice chat stuttering and garbling - lag?
  34. How do you set the voice chat to work in a different core than the rest of the game?
  35. How do I turn off Voice Chat so it stays Off?
  36. Voice Chat BUG... don't do this:: (Admin, please move this)
  37. can't leave custom channels
  38. Push to talk keys
  39. Huge Packetloss and disconnects with voice enabled
  40. Voice Chat Popup at Logon - annoying
  41. Can't See Myself or Others in Voice Chat
  42. XP and Vista machines, Vista machine outputting static filled voice.
  43. Can't join raid chat
  44. LDs during raid - Dropped from raid voice channel
  45. Hotfix from today 8/06
  46. Game sound on headphones Voice chat on speakers...
  47. adjusting volumes
  48. Push to Talk Green button
  49. Guild - Officer channel (voice)
  50. Mic issue
  51. Is there a way to set the default voice chat channel?
  52. Ctrl button on mouse doesn't work with Voice Chat?
  53. usb headset & PC speakers together?
  54. Mic test
  55. Sound Compression = Chipmunks!!
  56. Voice Chat = DOWN
  57. Voice chat window not visible.
  58. Voice chat issue
  59. AVLS Please! Limit the volume (pops and cracks)
  60. Is it impossible...???
  61. Speakers are not detected within Game
  62. Input and output issues since 10/20 maintenance
  63. stuck voice chat icons
  64. Readdress "You are not in a channel"
  65. In and Out
  66. EQ client - vivox crash
  67. Light is on but nobody's home
  69. Voice chat just crash?
  70. Realtek High Def - Vista - Microphone
  71. Mic no werkies
  72. a few problems
  73. Vista Users - Contact Microsoft
  74. FIX: stuck voice chat icon and not in channel error
  75. Constantly booted from Voice chat
  76. more features needed
  77. User list and channelist window are empty
  78. Multiple Computers home network
  79. eq2 sounds and music outputting to voice chat
  80. Machine gun effect
  81. Voice Chat connect failure: 10007
  82. Playing special sounds & music over voice chat
  83. playing music over voice chat
  84. Daira is talking in
  85. Clicking when other people start/stop talking.
  86. Mic question
  87. Problem with Logitech USB headset
  88. Voice server on Unrest down
  89. Voice Chat down across multiple servers
  90. Sierra Wireless & Voice chat
  91. DMZ problem
  92. For those of you with voice chat problems................
  93. mic not working in eq2 VC, but ...
  94. Voice chat crashes the game
  95. Can't join channels
  96. Cannot Use PPT Button and Cast Spells?
  97. Possible Voice chat fix for some.
  98. You are not in a channel
  99. Default Voice Chat Channel?
  100. I can't hear others talking.
  101. Unable to access or maintain custom channel
  102. D-Link DIR-655 Router Issue
  103. I sound perfect everyone else sounds lagged and compressed
  104. Help!! Bluetooth + Vista + EQ = Disaster
  105. Voice chat down
  106. Voice Chat Static - Started Week of June 1-5
  107. No Sound at ALL!!!!!!
  108. Can't join group chat
  109. how to change default port setting for voice chat?
  111. Can't join guild chat or any chat!
  112. Voice Chat Connect Failure 1072
  113. Voice Chat Error Log 6/16
  115. output source keeps reseting
  116. Voic Chat only coming thru speakers....
  117. EQ2VOICECHAT.EXE Causes Frequent change of port assignments == constant interruptions
  118. Thanks for breaking voice chat!
  119. Voice Chat On 2 computer on Network - Port Port changes?
  120. Still cannot connect to guild voice!
  121. Temporary Fix for Voice Chat Error 1072 on D-Link DIR-615 routers
  122. I can get in voice channel, but... (GU 52 voice speaker/headset issue consolidation thread)
  123. VC not working on 64 bit system since Gu 52 - is firewall/blocking the issue?
  124. finally got voice working but a few questions
  125. Vivox IP address resolve
  126. Voice chat not working
  127. Massive lag with Voice on
  128. Repeatable Voice Chat Bugs
  129. Four accounts in the same household running on different computers - voice for one only
  130. Found this in the hotfix notes for Tues 6/23
  131. sign here to go back to old voice chat
  132. Voice Chat New Station Launcher PVP servers??
  133. Errors, failures, etc.
  134. Station Launcher and Guild Voice
  135. Wierd Voice chat issue
  136. LINKSYS WRT54GS V.1 Firmware 4.71.4
  137. PLT510 Headset...can't set Output Device
  138. Voice is broken again.
  139. Microphone not recognized, Windows 7
  140. Guild Leader Issues with Voice Chat
  141. People can hear me but I can't hear them
  142. Voice program crashes when attempting to use voice chat
  143. Voice Chat is running in a different session
  144. Picking up speaker sounds on top of mic help
  145. You Are Not In A Channel
  146. PULEEESE Fix Voice Chat already
  147. I'd like to know where the support is on the Vivox site
  148. Can hear others, but they can't hear me
  149. Faulting application eq2voiceservice.exe
  150. Voice Chat Connect Failure: 1072 - NEED A FIX FOR THIS NOW
  151. Works during character select, but can't hear others when I log into a character
  152. Choppy voice - any reason?
  153. Skype Works, Ventrillo Works, Teamspeak Works, Voice Chat DOES NOT! (Pics included)
  154. Any ETA on a fix?
  155. Halleluja - I figured out why VC doesn't work (for me)
  156. Error 1001
  157. Ventrilo borked Voice Chat
  158. Voice chat sounds choppy since VC update....
  159. "You left <> channel" whenever trying to join one?
  160. Voice Chat Causes Client to Crash
  161. Unable to change voice push to talk key
  162. Bass Popping noise in new headset when joining Voice Channels
  163. 2 computers on one router, only 1 gets Voice Chat - help please
  164. Failed to join channel ''Invalid password or access denied
  165. Voice chat dropping Windows 7 - 64 bit
  166. Can't find packet issue..need advice please
  167. voicechat still crashing
  168. Voice chat changing to voice activation
  169. Voice chat unreliable
  170. VC not working
  172. Vocie Chat WIndows show black on screen
  173. Voice Chat help
  174. EQ2VoiceService is sending me audio when no one is in the channel
  175. Problem with ISP
  176. Static and distorted voices
  177. VC finally working - solution (for my case)
  178. So Many With Problems, Add Me to the List...
  179. How I Fixed My Voice Chat
  180. Voicechat is broken
  181. Guild Voice via Station Launcher?
  182. Two computers, one router, OMG IT WORKED!
  183. I'm Sorry
  184. [Moved] my pc got shut off while in game
  185. "Could not discover Windows mic settings"
  186. Port Forwarding
  187. USB Headset Acting Acting Up
  188. vivox.dll access violation!
  189. VC not working on headset
  190. Voice Server Crash Error
  191. Voice Chat problem
  192. Can't hear other players or see when they speak
  193. How I fixed mine in Windows 7, kept getting kicked out of channel right away...
  194. More of a Polite Request
  195. Keybinding weirdness
  196. Cannot chat in-game
  197. Having problems with eq2voiceservice.exe
  198. Voice fine... except for frequent choppiness / breaking up
  199. Client crashes when using voice chat
  200. Guild Chat Issues
  201. You are not currently logged into Voice Chat
  202. Revisit - Multiple machines on one router
  203. mic always on :/ anyway to force push to talk?
  204. recording in game voice chat with fraps. can it be done?
  205. Can't talk in voice chat
  206. Bluetooth headset help
  207. weird issue with voice chat
  208. i can't hear them (Shh the voices)
  209. Voice Chat Multiple on One Lan : How to make it Work
  210. 3G internet and Voice Chat
  211. Volume fix won't work
  212. Help! Lol I sound like a chipmunk
  213. [Moved] How is a VoIP phone system different from your existing PBX?
  214. VC having problems on Lucan D'Lere
  215. Configure voice chat and crash to desktop
  216. lost disc active station account
  217. Voice chat [Removed for Content]!
  218. Raid VC Issues
  219. Voice Chat is broken after today update
  220. Not getting voice chat channel invites?
  221. Not getting voice chat channel invites
  222. 2 PC's running EQ2, 1 net connection, 1 voice chat???
  223. Possible to bing CTRL-Z to PTT key?
  224. Staying logged in when I switch.
  225. Joining Channels works, but not correctly
  226. [Moved] Station access acct
  227. 2 boxing voicechat trouble
  228. Change in voice behavior since recent patches?
  229. Cant hear, or see when people are talking!
  230. Enable voice chat = client crash
  231. My Fix For DLink DIR 825
  232. Client Crash upon enabling voice chat
  233. "You are logged into Voice Chat as a different character"
  234. USB Headset breaking up....
  235. Voice chat always defaults to PC Speakers
  236. not sure if this has been answered
  237. 2 PC's 1 Internet connection = Voice fail. Help!!
  238. Voice Chat Problems with Linksys Routers
  239. Chat down 1-26-11
  240. Still unable to use Voice Chat?
  241. Voice Chat login failure: 1001
  242. Voice chat causes game to freeze up and then Kick me with DOV..
  243. New to Cable over DSL and voice chat crashes game
  244. EQ2 Voice & Sounblaser Xifi (PCI-E) Problems
  245. Can not Talk or hear in Voicechat
  246. Please Help odd Voice Chat Issue (Warping of voices)
  247. Can Not Hear with Voice Chat
  248. Account support
  249. Cannot join voice channels.