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  1. LaunchPad Problems
  2. EQ2 kills Internet connection..
  3. hang waiting for zone server (and loading entity resources)
  4. DSL Reset on loading UI settings
  5. Downdload problem
  6. Stuck at "Logging into zone server"
  7. Getting stuck on "Waiting for Entities" on zoning screen.
  8. Losing Connection/Not able to load
  9. Looking for Tech Assistance
  10. My Tracert File - Stuck at logging in to zone server
  11. Cannot connect to the game for 3rd day!!!!!
  12. Stuck at 00:00:01 left on patch downloads.
  13. The PLAY Option doesnt appear after updates HELPPPPPP!
  14. Unable to download patch
  15. Problem staying in world when loading zones.
  16. Cannot Log In
  17. 2 accounts using the same router ?
  18. Slow patcher DL
  19. On behalf of my guildies...Operation Timed Out 1/11-1/12/08
  20. Unable to connect
  21. Patcher not working
  22. Lost Connection to Server Issue........Again!!!
  23. loging in issues
  24. Can I have 2 connections with the same IP?
  25. Login troubles
  26. Download Cancelled
  27. Big launcher probs but i CAN play without launcher!
  28. Ridiculous that SOE...
  29. Aircards question
  30. Patcher Initializing
  31. Network Error
  32. New Computer Patcher taking literally forever....anyone know why?
  33. The old stuck at "Receiving Zone info" issue rears its ugly head once again
  34. Been trying to Update for 3 days-Seems it is having trouble downloading MP3
  35. Patching EQ2
  36. LD To Character Select
  37. more patching issues
  38. Kicked out to character selection screen when log in
  39. Port Fix
  40. Standing Still=Linkdead
  41. i need HELP really wierd issues
  42. Cant login.
  43. login without the launcher
  44. Launchpad issues... still!
  45. Downloading UPDATES?
  46. Unable to patch game/launcher issue
  47. EQ2 updating problems
  48. download canceled
  49. Unable to log in....
  50. Can't find some servers.
  51. I log in...then get kicked.
  52. How do I get my launchpad to work again?
  53. Patcher issue
  54. Unable to connect to network at this time
  55. Log-in servers are permanently busy
  56. Login Server problem after Extended Maintenance?
  57. patcher question
  58. File needed to download entire game
  59. Large Download...
  60. Can't log into game
  61. Kicked at "loading ui resources"
  62. Connectivity Issue
  63. Login servers are busy?
  64. Any suggestions using Linksys WRK54G
  65. Receiving zone info...
  66. Character Login Server Failer
  67. Unable to Launch Launcher
  68. Game lags out every time I play
  69. Download Speed
  70. I need some help please.
  71. Servers down?
  72. is login server down still?
  73. Cant Log In
  74. connectivity
  75. log in servers?
  76. Trying Login Server #1,2,3,4...etc
  77. Why under our download options can't we stop LoN downloads?
  78. Umm Help, where are my toons
  79. Download from HELL!
  80. I wish I could play EQ2
  81. Problems Connecting to EQ2
  82. cant get past "logging into zone server"
  83. Losing connection while zoning...
  84. Waiting for zone server--i thought this was fixed
  85. How to use the new Connection Stats window
  86. Download cancelling
  87. Latency issues
  88. Stuck at Connecting to Zone Server screen
  89. Whats with your network
  90. I can't patch while at work (ports blocked) help a guy out! (anyone can do it)
  91. Digital Download Problems
  92. Patching trouble...
  93. Character blocked at Waiting for entities.
  94. Help Me someone please!
  95. Connecting to Zone Server
  96. network error ..server not responding
  97. Connection difficulty
  98. Connecting to server... can't play
  99. Network Question
  100. Downloading ui Issues
  101. Severe Lag problems since GU43
  102. Loading UI resources.
  103. Past 4-5 Days My ping jumps when I enter combat, Anyone else?
  104. Network Connections to Play
  105. LaunchPad Connection Problem
  106. waiting for entities screen
  107. Wildblue Satellite
  108. Patcher Stuck
  109. Major Latency
  110. Having Issues with EQ2
  111. Server Login Problem
  112. Random Freezing with new router
  113. Switching back and forth between super bad lag and then nothing
  114. Patcher Problems
  115. Lag Issues
  116. Packet loss
  117. Unable to connect.
  118. Help, my GF is getting annouyed with me
  119. Unable to connect to zone server
  120. My wireless connection drops only when logging into the game?
  121. Stuck on Decompress:Everquest2.exe_delta
  122. Everquest 2 patch slowing to a standstill
  123. router settings.. for linksys
  124. Slow patch servers
  125. Slow patch servers
  126. Lost connection to server, what the......
  127. Patch DL Time
  128. Are the servers down?
  129. Lost connection in Character select since GU44
  130. lost connection to server will they ever fix?
  131. Unable to load client past Trying Login Server X since patch.
  132. Getting massive lag spikes very often
  133. Sony is blocking Asian IPs?
  134. Major connectivity issues since GU 43 (roughly)
  135. Wireless Router Issues
  136. Found a temporary fix for my 2wire 2701HG-B wireless DSL problem
  137. Lost connection to server.
  138. Packet loss over wireless connection
  139. EQ2 on Satellite internet, is the latency going to make playing/grouping difficult?
  140. Configuring router to work with EQ2
  141. Login Rejected after character begins loading a zone
  142. Unable to recieve zone files
  143. Digital Download? Help please!
  144. i can't log in here is my info
  145. Lag Issues, suspect packet loss or graphics issues?
  146. will crash to desktop when loading zone resource
  147. Will not give me play option.
  148. KILLER NIC errors
  149. "Recieving Zone Info" problem
  150. Increase drop time from the character list.
  151. crash after I click on play button
  152. 10 hour download, then login rejected??
  153. Enter world Freeze at load UI + Kills internet + custom keyboard settings
  154. LOGIN ISSUES, Lost connection to server
  155. Login Problem, Only One Character
  156. Best Desktop wireless adapter to run EQ2 (Vista 32)
  157. patch wont finish, download maj dul 3?
  158. Vista Patching impossible
  159. Patching and updating too long
  160. Download problem
  161. Network Error: LaunchPad is Unable to Connect
  162. To close your firewall may fix zoning problem!
  163. Eq2 will not patch
  164. huge download?
  165. Login -- "The operation timed out."
  166. Can't get past 'Entering world as...' (Antonia Bayle)
  167. **Stuck at "Entering World as after patch....** AB Server
  168. launder download automatically cancelling
  169. waiting for entities stoppage and reverts back to character screen
  170. Launcher Download Cancelling
  171. PC hang after random amount of time
  172. "Network Error" at Launch Pad Login
  173. cant get past patcher...help plz....had game 2 days...still cant play
  174. Need Wireless EVDO - Worried about DL limits...
  175. Decompress cancels download
  176. Still Disconnecting
  177. Terrible Lags only when grouping
  178. Updater fails to download
  179. Network Error and can't access EQ2 players
  180. Could not connect to login server. The servers may be busy; Please try again in a few minutes.
  181. Lagging at Loading UI resources
  182. What's going on with all the packet loss lately? (Runnyeye)
  183. Comcast Netgear CG814wg v2
  184. Patcher not downloading patch 6/23
  185. Chugging/Lagging/Stalling
  186. slow patching
  187. Conneting to EQ resets internet connection
  188. Launchpad changes?
  189. Can not connect to the login servers 7/1/08
  190. Invalid username and password error
  191. How to run a tracert and pathping
  192. Port information for Everquest 2
  193. Download times
  194. Windows Vista and User Access Control (UAC)
  195. Connection issues after a Game Update
  196. Lost connection to server before game starts
  197. Can update, but no connection button when patch is done
  198. Losing connection in dungeons...
  199. moved folder now patcher wont work
  200. Download speed for updates...
  201. Patcher downloads same files every time it launches.
  202. Creating Entities / Lost Connection
  203. Download Cancelled
  204. Unable to Download
  205. crashing to desktop
  206. Launcher skips EU or US server selection.
  207. posting dxidag and msinfo trouble
  208. Disconnection Issue
  209. Is Najena down?
  210. Patcher Initializing
  211. Everquest 2 patching error but not on vista
  212. Ten minuts of game play then disc'ed
  213. Booted to Character Select - Reoccuring! :(
  214. character select loop of death
  215. Patching/Launcher issues.
  216. login problem (lp_plugin.exe)
  217. Frustrated Downloader...Can I Get My Money Back?
  218. Error Code: error.authentication.retrieval.fail
  219. Login problem after zone loaded
  220. Unable to connect at Launch
  221. Help with WIndows Vista 64 bit please help!
  222. Need some Short Cut Guidance please?
  223. Connecting to test server problems
  224. For those of you experiancing "hangs" while loading zones...
  225. EN_EU as default still possible?
  226. Unable to connect to login servers
  227. Launch Pad Issues
  228. Why am I repatching every time I use the Launcher?
  229. Crashing to desktop, after selecting Play
  230. is the patcher for splitpaw going to be "turned on"
  231. EQII.exe strange behaviours??
  232. Missing file
  233. [Moved] Connecting to test server problems
  234. Cannot Connect After Patch
  235. Station Launcher Updates every time I try to log on
  236. Splitpaw server?
  237. Download Cancelled
  238. new launch pad scanning times excessive
  239. Naga server?
  240. No Soe games playable
  241. Packet-Loss Possible FIX
  242. Station Launcher (beta) and Test Server
  243. installation to secondary hdd?
  244. Waiting for entities
  245. [Moved] Web chat system is broken. Again.
  246. Problems getting into game
  247. Satellite Download max
  248. Launchpad won't connect...
  249. round three AT&T
  250. My NIC card loses connection off and on after loading EQ2