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  1. Analyze the Forums Here
  2. How do you catch up / marked as read a thread?
  3. -pokes around the new forum-
  4. If you change your fourm handle you lose your post count
  5. Issues with new forums
  6. Looks nice but missing...
  7. Things that worked good on forum upgrade
  8. Any chance of using our own avatars?
  9. Just curious...
  10. Houston, we have a problem.
  11. Old messasge threads
  12. The New Forums
  13. Oh god I'm gonna throw up.
  14. Hmmmmm..new boards
  15. Josgar's Forum Ideas!
  16. Posting as your character: how?
  17. Picked the wrong Persona!
  18. VERY difficult to discern read / unread
  19. why am I an emperor?
  20. Oh goodness. ^_^
  21. What does the ...
  22. No More Floaties?
  23. New forums? No more RSS feeds?
  24. Where are the Topics from the Transition forum?
  25. Were do you sign in at?
  26. Something is AWOL
  27. Wheres the Game Update area?
  28. Changes to Profile
  29. Preview post?
  30. An Error Has Occurred
  31. My Posts List Gone?
  32. Things I like about the new forum
  33. The reason for these new forum?
  34. we can't edit?
  35. Signing in makes "The Development Corner" disappear
  36. Any chance of adding the ability to sort search results?
  37. So, why can't I post as my own name anymore?
  38. Erm, wrong server and guild showing..?
  39. most missed functionality?
  40. Missing the Zones and population forum
  41. maybe a newb question..
  42. So how do these 'Posting as' work then?
  43. Missing Features?
  44. Blue and white names...
  45. the development corner, no access when logged in
  46. So Forum reads the Radio button wrong and now I can't post as me?
  47. Where is "Show my recent posts"?
  48. Recent posts per sub-forum
  49. Tiny font unreadable...help!
  50. Incorrect Information showing up In Left hand info colum
  51. New forum styles
  52. Just a bit confused
  53. Josgar's Guide to the Galaxy errrr Forums
  54. Announcements unreadable.
  55. Hot Threads ??
  56. Forum error on every page
  57. Zone and Population Forum!!!!!
  58. Where are the instructions?
  59. Lost my old forum title
  60. [BUG] Wrong info beneath your name
  61. Use old forum names and retain character info?
  62. Search kinda stinks now
  63. Wow what a piece of [Removed for Content]
  64. Time-Zone
  65. Wrong Info Underneath the Avatars
  66. No Preview
  67. The New Forums are
  68. Anyway to Bookmark Forums
  69. Can't see some forums when logged in
  71. Each Post stating a different persona
  72. Not Firefox Friendly
  73. Urgent: How do I Edit my post?
  74. avatar chosen but not showing up.
  75. Top 10 BEST things about these new forums :)
  76. Title image
  77. Incoming changes to the forum
  78. I cannot send IMs
  79. handle
  80. Forums need real attention now...
  81. Huge problem with the profanity filter
  82. Search
  83. HTML tagging messed up when editing
  84. Quote attributed incorrectly
  85. how to post a pic??
  86. Tracker RSS feeds
  87. Grimwell_SOE!!!
  88. Missing a Forum?
  89. am i missing somthing
  90. Forum Suggestions (aka Features I'd like to see)
  91. Thankyou
  92. Not saving new post status
  93. Can I change my Timezone Settings on the new forum?
  94. "You are about to leave a secure connection" message 18 times per login.
  95. switch persona, uu tee f?
  96. Change my Handle?
  97. I lost some posts.....
  98. Avatar's missing
  99. "Replied To" Folder Icon
  100. Work Friendly Skin
  101. Bring back crafter Forums
  102. How can you mark all messages read, and how can you see which messages are new?
  103. The Main three things I would like to see.
  104. Why is the message at the top of the forum in Japanese?
  105. personnel Sticky topic
  106. Figured something out re: posting as character
  107. Any other support available?
  108. When running searches...
  109. Best be sure to Copy your posts
  110. Suggested Feature
  111. Custom Avatars!!!
  112. Fonts, Colors for forums broke?
  113. One more bug to get out: The forum isn't keeping track of which threads have new messages.
  114. Friends list
  115. Cannot post new topics in Testing Feedback
  116. Why was "Zones and Instances" forum removed?
  117. How to find old posts
  118. Obscure bug found on forums
  119. Random user handle selection? Please Fix
  120. Problems when changing fonts or size of text.
  121. Server rank and avatar question?
  122. [Moved] EQ2 Players
  123. Forgot something from old forums.
  124. Safari and the New Boards
  125. Search Function
  126. My Persona Keeps Resetting Itself
  127. The Value of the These Forums was in the Info
  128. [Moved] Why can I NOT create guild forums??!!
  129. Search
  130. search blows, make it useful
  131. No "work friendly" layout for EQ2 boards?
  132. How do I recover old forum links in the new system?
  133. first and last page
  134. lost thread
  135. STILL cant get my sig to show up... Help?
  136. Getting to "new" messages in a thread
  137. Buddy Listing?
  138. Why do these forums automatically mark new messages as "read" after some time?
  139. Something i've noticed about new forum titles
  140. NEW BUG
  141. Test Update Notes/Game Update notes missing???
  142. Private Messages - New Messages at the Bottom
  143. HTML Problems
  145. links in signatures
  146. Firefox?
  147. Game Update notes
  148. Forum User?
  149. All or nothing keyword search help
  150. Forum name color?
  151. Dead Links
  152. Duplicate Post submission
  153. Posting limits on the Newbie Yard forum?
  154. Creating Topic in Testing Feedback Forum
  155. No Way to Monitor Threads I Posted In?
  156. Did the forums go down or was it just me?
  157. Wish List Item - PM Notification
  158. New Problem
  159. Request
  160. PMs -- is there a limit now?
  161. Sorting searches by date
  162. What is up with forum personae??
  163. ezboard
  164. Bug found with new forums on windows moblie. (PDA's/Smartphones)
  165. Set entire forum as "read"
  166. Post marked as read not working as before in Trackers/Search?
  167. I am not John Doe
  168. How can we get a thread stickied?!?
  169. Profile acting up?
  170. Differing navigation links on the various Tracker boards
  171. Thank you SOE!!!
  172. ...!
  173. I miss....
  174. PMs...?
  175. Forum troubles
  176. Search by author
  177. [Removed for Content] is this? Forums are so bad now I am asking why I bother coming here!
  178. Fix the "report" function
  179. Font Colors not working
  180. No link to EQII or EQII players
  181. Hey What Happened?
  182. What happened to the guild forum transition?
  183. List of suggestions
  184. New pages taking FOREVER to propagate
  185. Not Getting E-Mail Notifications
  186. Scheduled Downtime on Thursday, March 1, 2007 - Thanks Soffrina
  187. Three Questions ...
  188. What in the Wide World of Sports is going on with these forums??
  189. Read vs. Unread
  190. No edit
  191. Showing Guild/Server/Rank on posts?
  192. auto-marking threads read
  193. Constructive feedback on these new forums
  194. Administrator Post
  195. [Moved] Will I Lose All My Characters if I quit Playing for Awhile?
  196. No images all of a sudden...just me or forums go bad?
  197. Where are my "watched topics"?
  198. Sudden Name Change "DEATH OF A TOON"
  199. Some Thoughts and Observations
  200. Forum Issues List
  201. How do I post a screenie or picture?
  202. How can I sort search by date?
  203. [Moved] Guild Forums
  204. Development Suggestions on the Forums
  205. haha I like the new icons
  206. Whats that black thing with the red dot for the St. Patrick's Day icons?
  207. Loremasters
  208. Sending a PM
  209. Can we have some clarification/consolidation please?
  210. D P S
  211. Am I the only one seeing this?
  212. Post reseting and being viewed as new
  213. Grimwell or any moderator ??? You there??
  214. I need directions please.
  215. PVT MSG Notification -- Why isn't there one?
  216. Posts are beginning with -1 post count
  217. Echgar you keep locking my threads
  218. Reporting Threads
  219. Forum moderation getting a bit out of hand?
  220. Lost forum handle
  221. How about letting us have forum AVATARS?
  222. [Moved] Guild Forums, from guild that got merged
  223. Fix my forum name, please
  224. Strange behaviour when not enough access
  225. [Moved] Not sure were to post about billing
  226. took a year break
  227. Forum Signature Not Working?
  228. Gray blob with red dot.
  229. no sort by newest date
  230. Bookmarking threads?
  231. Not getting notification of topic responses
  232. Report Abuse to Moderator button = Broken.
  233. Is there a way to see a list of topics we've posted in?
  234. Really Miffed!!
  235. Works Great
  236. [REQ] Being able to set local time
  237. Whats going on here SOE ??
  238. Update forums MIA!
  239. [Moved] I'm having trouble with using Character Profile service in station =/
  240. Two questions-line breaks and fitting on my screen
  241. Advance forum search?
  242. In Testing Feedback, Updates notes gone?
  243. Can't see forums on one user, can on the other
  244. Language filter not working correctly for post titles
  245. Can't change the password!
  246. Annoying UI
  247. How do I......
  248. Please make the default order for 'Search' date descending
  249. Unable to post in community new forum
  250. Censored Words