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  1. Expanding on the Deity System: Again
  2. Old messasge threads from this section
  3. Why eliminate the separate forums for expansions and adventure packs?
  4. The Basics
  5. Vampire Illusion needs help
  6. when will they bring back the beastlords thread
  7. Splitpaw Saga -- hints and tips needed
  8. Splitpaw Saga -- Just wasted 4 hours
  9. EoF Legendary Gloves - Kaladim event - How to trigger?
  10. Adventure Packs - Does anyone use them?
  11. New Race Concept / Starting City / Refurbishing
  12. Where to go for answers now?
  13. Soga... how to install?
  14. Outlevelled Bloodlines?
  15. Question about Deity Powers/Miracles
  16. Desert of Flames : Faction Question
  17. i need an expansion
  18. Locked out of the Crypt of T'Haen
  19. Odus and Kunark?
  20. Is there an expansion multi pack?
  21. How to get from Norath to KOS?
  22. Next expansion or adventure pack?
  23. LDoN?????
  24. Sundered Splitpaw - Anvilpaw's Grotto - Do-able at 70?
  25. Planes of Power
  26. EoF Mount question?
  27. Rise of Kunark
  28. IS Kingdom of Sky AND Desert of Flames included with Echoes of Faydwer?
  29. Does the digital download fay exp pack have all of the others like retail
  30. Why increasing the level cap should mean no more low level expansions.
  31. A new take on an old idea
  32. Not sure if anybody has posted this golden info on the next expansion, but....
  33. A level per month
  34. So the altaholics and new people to the game got their expansion....
  35. Unrest??? months and months after release... why
  36. Will you guys at SOE
  37. How much do I have to buy to be caught up?
  38. Remember when? (Kunark nostalgia)
  39. Station Access Pass, and Content
  40. Adventuring guilds??
  41. worth getting the adventure packs?
  42. Splitpaw solo help
  43. Is more levels the only way to add more content?
  44. upgrading with EOF expansion....
  45. Splitpaw Gnoll Illusion - merchant option instead of loot?
  46. Mounts.....
  47. Which is a better approach to expansions? Nostalgic content or New Content?
  48. Optional Mara access quest
  49. New classes with expansions???
  50. need help...
  51. Bloodlines Faction bug - will this ever be fixed?
  52. Station Player Features & Enabled Features
  53. Losing Adventure Packs, what about items/spells?
  54. why can't I create a fae?
  55. Quick Question...
  56. Non-Instanced Instanced Housing
  57. everquest 2
  58. The Expansions...
  59. Maj'Dal
  60. Quick EoF Question
  61. Bring back the Face slot with Masks, and calss-specific solo instances
  62. the burynai
  63. New Evil Race is an Vampire?
  64. Housing Help
  65. Cruel expansion joke?
  66. Deity Pet List
  67. KoS and DoF
  68. Beastlords Pulled from the plans!?
  69. EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark
  70. Desert of Flames confusion
  71. Next exp pack, level cap and raiding.
  72. Should SOE introduce a new level of gear in the next expansion?
  73. Will more deities resurface in future via expansion or otherwise?
  74. Does anyone else find it strange that the DDL price is the same?
  75. If SOE make announcements on new zones after Rise of Kunark released.
  76. New Classes , Races and wonders!!
  77. Design A Dungeon/Raid
  78. Echoes of Faydwer.
  79. Mara
  80. Sugguestion for a posible Trakanon...
  81. Bloodline Problems
  82. Digitaly downloading Faydwer
  83. Travel to and from Kelethin to Queynos
  84. Rise of Kunark; Expansion or Adventrure Pack
  85. Ahh, there's a beautiful full moon out tonight... wait, WHAT?!
  86. Do "naked" accounts earn Achievement exp in the background?
  87. Digital Download Expansion Packs
  88. Will it be included with the Kunark expansion?
  89. EoF question
  90. Armor dyes in RoK
  91. bloodlines as a level 70
  92. adventure packs
  93. Adventure Packs and Expansions
  94. Jabber Longwind is a wise man... err... bird... birdman (manbirdpig?)
  95. What are faction requirements in DoF
  96. Will EQ2 join the flying mount bandwagon?
  97. What do I need to buy still?
  98. Two things that I thought people wanted to see
  99. Where do I find Alters to start each Diety Quest?
  100. The Depths of the Underfoot
  101. Interesting Idea
  102. DOF: how do I beat the Abz'harri the Djinn Lord at the end of the carpet quest?
  103. EoF Package?
  104. ROK website - interesting
  105. So...uh whats the next expansion...?
  106. No expansions + fallen dynasty= lvl 55?
  107. RoK to be Officially Announced?
  108. my top 5
  109. Not really an expansion or an adventure pack... but
  110. Can someone help please - just bought fallen dynasty and zoned my char to isle of mara and im stuck!
  111. splitpaw saga access quest
  112. Idea*bling* An underwaterworld adventure/exspansion pack?
  113. Digital Downloads vs Retail versions
  114. EoF Retail and EU
  115. Would be nice....
  116. Will anybody else be dissapointed...?
  117. Where oh where is the next content Zzzzz
  118. So... Neutral Races, Anyone?
  119. Rise of Kunark Heritage Quest Wish List
  120. RoK idea
  121. Composing MUSIC! <>
  122. Does announcement of Neriak and new race mean RoK to be all high end?
  123. Will I need to reinstall?
  124. New expansion content
  125. Current rumor mill: Sarnaks as a playable race.
  126. Neriak Video!
  127. About buying expansions
  128. i need help
  129. Quick question on the latest expansions?
  130. Sarnaks! Epic Weapons! Rhino Mounts! Guild Level 80! Player Level 80! HOLY %#$&!!!
  131. Box version of EOF
  132. Rise of Kuarnk...announced?
  133. Kunark and level 80
  134. nm
  135. What will happen to our tier6 ancient teachings when the level cap is raised to 80?
  136. ROK Announced: What does this mean for Iksar?
  137. Sarnak = neutral. What could this mean?
  138. Here's to hoping for Howling Stones.
  139. Any Chance of a new playable evil race in Kunark?
  140. What about AA?
  141. What zone will they connect Burnt Woods to?
  142. LVL 80 Boredom...
  143. Release date of RoK?
  144. Anyone Notice? www.riseofkunark.com is up!
  145. What about pack mules or carts?
  146. KoS what's in it for me?
  147. Rise of Kunark - November 13th 2007
  148. New Race in Kunark, New Race in Neriak...How to Use New Character Slot?
  149. Neriak = Entirely Evil. Sarnak City = Entirely Neutral.
  150. Views on RoK
  151. Where is Bristlebane?
  152. What worked expanding in EQ1 can work well in EQ2!
  153. RoK: Yea... i'm a big downer...
  154. Beta testing for Kunark
  155. One thing that SoE needs to concentrate on before ROK is released is PROMOTING!
  157. Sarnak Racial Abilities: Ideas?
  158. Racial Cities: Putting the identity back into EQ2
  159. Neutral City: What Classes?
  160. Sarnak: good, evil, or neutral?
  161. New cinematics?
  162. Kurnark and new spells/combat arts
  163. Warden & Fury Epic Weapons should be scimitars
  164. Karnor's Castle Request
  165. Venril Sathir = Venerable Sathir.
  166. Ok so RoK is coming soon, what is next
  167. Remember Tatterback In burnning woods?
  168. Can someone PLEASE tell me why...
  169. Goblins of Kunark
  170. veeshan?
  171. Run trough red zones instead of grey ones for RoK
  172. Server merges with RoK?
  173. Guildhalls in RoK ?
  174. on the bright side. . .
  175. KC and Dreadlands...
  176. Dragons of Kunark
  177. Questions you'd like answered?
  178. Alignment of the Gods
  179. Kingdom of sky
  180. Are the expansions needed now, or can they wait till November?
  181. Planes of Power expansion....
  182. Where are the Adventure Packs?
  183. RoK: Planes of Fear, Hate and Sky?
  184. Craet T' Kizt
  185. Regarding hometowns
  186. Solo content in Adventure Packs?
  187. Kaesora & Old Sebilis
  188. Veksar, a legend, a triumph, a necessity.
  189. After Kunark... Luclin?
  190. Miragul's Highway (Firepots) in Rok?
  191. why so expensive?
  192. EoF exp. installation
  193. Additional Character Slot with RoK?
  194. Nurga? Droga?
  195. How to add risk back into the game and avoid being BORED? Feedback needed.
  196. Highpass and Odus
  197. Fallen Dynasty KoS and EoF...
  198. For ROK.. remove the encounters and make some skilled pulls available...
  199. Buying expansions
  200. A couple of small requests, if I could...
  201. Expansion "Rewards"
  202. RoK spells
  203. Adventure Packs -so much to do, but do I want to grab these?
  204. Velious Or Odus?
  205. When is an extra slot not an extra slot?
  206. Past expansion packs to be included in the new Release ?! ?
  207. Who else...
  208. IMPORTANT FACTORS OF Rise of Kunark !!!!!!
  209. Sign ups for the beta
  210. ROK Wallpaper
  211. ROK : Simple things that make the whole game better!
  212. Neriak Faction
  213. The Tangrin better be in RoK!
  214. Boxed Version of Adventure Packs?
  215. Adventure Paks?
  216. Not sure I get it.
  217. I want my Worker Sledgemallet in RoK!!
  218. Splitpaw solo arena rewards Q.
  219. BLC took a sorta-hit in this GU
  220. A new cinematic - Is it possible?
  221. Great Job on Neriak
  222. Where have the Adventure Packs gone?
  223. When to buy EoF and DoF
  224. Have bought EoF boxed retail, already have EQ2 boxed retail installed.. what do I do?
  225. Armor for tails
  226. The Dead hand.
  227. Curious about Kunark
  228. Returning Player
  229. I have classic eq2 will EOF retail box upgrade my account?
  230. guild towers idea
  231. Question :)
  232. Neutrality in RoK
  233. lvl 80---class fluff!! we need new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
  234. When will the first installment of RoK screenshots be released?
  235. Any new merchandise to be released with RoK in November?
  236. Apprenticeship system, Reverse mentoring!
  237. Replayability Idea - Anyone wanna be Heroic?
  238. Ruins of K Collectors Edition - Dragon egg that cracks open to reveal game...
  239. Adventue Pack - LDoN style
  240. EoF, do I need now or wait till RoK?
  241. Playing evil in EOF ?
  242. How will the sarnak look
  243. Will RoK expansion have more aa included?
  244. Adventure Packs and AA
  245. [Moved] Been gone a LONG time... need EOF info
  246. If you were an EQ2 Game Developer...
  247. RoK Emotes
  248. EOF for new evil character?
  249. Kunark epic weapons for raiders only or casual as well?
  250. Raiding for RoK