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  1. Will Velious contain Sentinel's Fate?
  2. Where to buy DoV?
  3. Velious Music Revealed
  4. Sentinel's Fate Coupon for digital download
  5. Pre-Order next expansion ....
  6. Next expansion good opportunity for facelift/upgrade....
  7. Vampire Abilities....
  8. The map.
  9. Velious - Kael Drakkel
  10. Velius AA??
  11. Velious and SC
  12. 42 days to go: So we're sure Destiny of Velious will be out 2-8-11?
  13. quick question on sony station cash cards
  14. Vampires and flying mounts?
  15. Lack of Freeblood voices ?
  16. SOE: 1 Month and 1 Week Till Destiny of Velious is supposed to be released.
  17. Can anyone confirm
  18. Can we have an anti-cataclysm for eq2 Norrath please?
  19. When will we be able to preorder Destiny of Velious.
  20. Destiny of Velious
  21. DoV expectations...
  22. help with CE mount
  23. Hotfixes Incoming!
  24. Velious preorder is up
  25. DoV in UK
  26. Any preorder rewards for Velious?
  27. Velious @ Marketplace?
  28. Velous Expansion: Digital Download vs. Store Pre-order?
  29. Will Velious be Available as a Digital Download with SC?
  30. Sentinals Fate coming with Destiny of Velious?
  31. DoV CE $60 to $90 and items are one per account?
  32. Steam and PreOrder for DOV
  33. Rewarded time for purchasing previous expansions?
  34. Velious, Collector's Ed., and Fan Fair 2010
  35. Velious Rewards Questions and Rants
  36. Email VOD Error
  37. Why is DoV pre-order far more expensive for International players?
  38. Winter Rewards Program
  39. Destiny of Velious Expansion Pack
  40. Foriegn markets get shafted again. Why do I have to pay an extra $10?
  41. DoV no aa's AND no new level cap?
  42. DoV Expansion Pack (DD)
  43. SF>Velious the sad stats of a weak expansion
  44. Vampires - Have Issues
  45. 60 bucks for a expansion ??? Way Over Priced !!!
  46. Gee here was a missed opportunity
  47. Credit where credit is due - one per character
  48. Request for Velious: Ettin Illusion from a Collection Quest.
  49. Billing for DoV
  50. the tattered notbook why is veilous so important
  51. DoV Beta Question (not NDA related)
  52. DoV Collector's Edition - Cryomantic Armor And Griffon
  53. Secondary DoV Request: Thurgadin Housing
  54. Can pre-ordering DoV give you instant access to SF?
  55. You can't buy Velious as a gift for someone?!?!
  56. DoV CE House Question
  57. Can we expect any graphical upgrades in Velious?
  58. level 100 = Planes of Power!
  59. Will SF come with Velious Purchase?
  60. some info on DoV to think about before you pre order
  61. No Option to purchase the Expansion with SC cash?
  62. AA Cap change for lower levels
  63. Question about purchasing preordering the Dig. Col. Ed. of DoV and switching computers
  64. Solution for DoV and international players
  65. Why should I buy Velious?
  66. When is the DoV NDA being lifted?
  67. Will the electronic download of Velious be delayed for a week after box version releases?
  68. splitpaw adevnture pack starter quest, lost item
  69. Question regarding eligibility
  70. Roundshields in DoV
  71. DoV CE house item question
  72. Question About Preordering DoV
  73. Velious Battlegrounds
  74. direct2drive and steam question
  75. Freeblood and the collector xpan question.
  76. Can you claim both Digital Collector's Edition and Retail Version items?
  77. I have to pay more for the expac than your new 2X folks?
  78. Not sure if this is where I need to post this comment/possible complaint
  79. SOE - are you even excited about your expansion?
  80. Marks? Shards?
  81. Collector's Edition Flying Mount... Appearance or Full mount?
  82. Trouble purchasing the CE??
  83. CE preload and Key
  84. DOV - I say it is worth getting
  85. Servers going down today?
  86. Direct Download Option Question
  87. cant pre order
  88. Calm before the storm
  89. Dov zone in.
  90. Are February Winter REwards tied to Pre-Orders?
  91. Update Failed
  92. May we Please get an update on when the servers will be unlocked?
  93. Question about Freeblood race
  94. No rewards still????
  96. Cannot create zone fatal error?
  97. Killing Rime for Billie for the flying mount
  98. [Moved] did anyoen else get screwed out of the preorder price?
  99. [Moved] Did anyone else have trouble with payment for the pre order ?
  100. Collector's Edition bonus housing
  101. Can't find characters
  102. NOT a second home???
  103. Upgrade path to collectors edition?
  104. Splitpaw servers?
  105. SF Zone Update/Status
  106. AA (Velious). Spent 210 globally, have 12 to spend, can't use in heroic AA
  107. Trying to get to the same instance of Great Divide..
  108. Flying mount disapointment
  109. you have to be kidding!
  110. I'm glad I didn't listen to the naysayers...
  111. Hold Of Rime Fortress Spires
  112. Appearance Mount Issues with Flying Mount
  113. I bought the expansion and after the fix i cant join
  114. Digital Upgrade
  115. So can I buy the Expac on STEAM and use my normal client to download it?
  116. Collectors Edition Upgrade Event
  117. To save the Tizmak or not to Save them . . .
  118. Post expansion BG questions
  119. Expansion 8
  120. What ever happened to the epic elemental in Pillars of Flame?
  121. Transmuter's stone heirloom? and Brawler PQ hands with no haste
  122. PQ Chest Piece?
  123. EQ2 is suppose to be getting some portals to the past later this month.
  124. Level 100 in 2012
  125. EQNext
  126. Old school...question on expansions.
  127. are u guys at soe for real?
  128. Old vet back from break with new expansion questions on which to buy
  129. New housing?
  130. Future Expansion's City Concept of exotic landscapes.
  131. Digital DL
  132. E3 2011 - EQ Next?
  133. Calendar Broke...
  134. I had a dream about an awesome expansion idea!
  135. Everquest II: Age of Discovery
  136. PLEASE scrap the mercenaries plan, it will kill EQ2
  137. AoD Mercenaries - NATHAN IRONFORGE!
  138. Beastlord gear.
  139. In-Game Dungeon Overlord AKA Player Built Dungeons :)
  140. Betray to Beastlord from brawler
  141. Merc, Warder, Tradeskill Apprentice, Dungeon Adventurer = Smart Pet system?
  142. User Generated Content - Unleash the Power
  143. Player Mercenaries: A new take on an old idea
  144. I have to grind "how much faction to advance"?
  145. Looking for info on Velious progression
  146. About DYOD thing in the upcoming expansion...
  147. A bold idea for EverQuest Next : NO GUILDS
  148. Is their going to be a BETA for Age of Discovery
  149. Announcing the Land of Tropreef
  150. Is the expansion downloaded but locked?
  151. With Mercenaries Paladin Squires and Shadowknight Skeletons(or Squires) get an attack back?
  152. Is AOD an actual expansion?
  153. ideas for unexplored regions of DoV...
  154. Woot im back
  155. any extras for renewing for a year?
  156. AoD Retail Box or Download Only?
  157. AOD Update please (RED NAME RESPOND Please!!)
  158. Beastlord Question
  159. AoD Collector's Edition.
  160. What we need the most in AoD after it released...
  161. Now that AoD Beta registration is now open, when can we preorder.
  162. AoD Beta - can't get in?
  163. Beta today?
  164. Beta Invites - Anyone Have One?
  165. Interview with a Mercenary: Vittia Direshadow
  166. Beastlord warders....
  167. Question concerning the new expansion.
  168. Why spend time on Freeport/Qeynos?
  169. Release date yet??
  170. Preorder / Buy Expansion Pack with Station Cash?
  171. Expansion Price
  172. Will Beta go 'open' before release?
  173. The AA limit will be increased above the current limit of 300.
  174. No Age of Discovery all in one?
  175. Question re FTP and the changes to subscriptions
  176. Since no "All in One..."
  177. Beastlord weapons.
  178. AoD : AA increase? AA Limits? need to know the details please.
  179. AoD v. existing content
  180. Pre-order VS. after launch items for AOD
  181. I'm not sure I understand what reforging will be
  182. Armored Flying Pegasus Mount
  183. extended/live merger unanswered questions
  184. surprised and a bit offended by the new subscription options
  185. advertise?
  186. Pre order? Do you get billed immediately?
  187. NOT Free to Play to me
  188. seeing beta forum but sends me to eq2x forums
  189. The price of the Xpac
  190. EQ2live - EQ2 F2p afew questions
  191. AoD digital download only?
  192. DoF x2 spawned mob: does it still exist in PoF?
  193. Release date
  194. Lack of Dev communication is getting old
  195. Open Beta?
  196. Freeport Revamp
  197. Age of Discovery with station cash?
  198. It's official: AoD on Dec 6th.
  199. Is AoD coming to Steam?
  200. Expansion pre-order poofed
  201. Any reason I need Destiny of Velious or Age of Discovery
  202. Beastlord spoilers anyone?
  203. Open Beta
  204. So where's the rest of the Beta invites?
  205. AOD is worth getting... (IMO)
  206. Does Xux'laio's Roost still require EVERYONE to have access?
  207. EQII Free?
  208. Buying AOD with SC
  209. AoD Collector's Edition not available on the marketplace?
  210. Credit Card not Charged - Expansion Not Available.
  211. Your definition of "Expansion"
  212. Was the price changed?
  213. 10am the 7th according to eq2 twitter
  214. Freeport characters - where do you get increase?
  215. Hyenas
  216. AoD
  217. Dungeon Designing
  218. Buying the New Expansion??
  219. anyone else not get their cloak?
  220. Mercs on a raid - working as intended, or just not intended?
  221. US player trying to buy Expansion for UK friends
  222. Dungeon Maker and the Marketplace
  223. nvm
  224. Dungeon Maker Spawners
  225. Is AoD coming to steam?
  226. Collector's Edition upgrade??
  227. DoV Question
  228. How to Find Dungeon Maker Items on Broker?
  229. Optimal DM dungeons dufficulty
  230. what do the numbers say?
  231. Bosses of Norrath Booster Pack
  232. Make dungeon editing accessible while in guild halls please!
  233. AoD manual?
  234. CE upgrade?
  235. Reforging and Silver players
  236. Can you upgrade an expansion?
  237. Seriosly? no one has info on elite mercs?
  238. Inaccurate sentence for mercs at Zam?
  239. Jade fire inn
  240. AoD... Must have or Wanna wait?
  241. When is the next expansion due out?
  242. List of Mercenary fixes needed
  243. New Quests
  244. Febuary better than November?
  245. Questions about Expansions
  246. Will Velious be offered Free in EQ2X?
  247. What happened to the AoD collectors edition upgrade on the marketplace?
  248. About future expansions
  249. A Humble Plea About Future MMO's...
  250. Downloading AoD expansion