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  1. Sokokars Connection maps
  2. List of Kunark's unique spells
  3. Guild Titles...?
  4. Sarnaks: Good, Neutral, or Evil?
  5. pets
  6. What is the effective entry level in RoK for soloers now?
  7. Are there any city writ-quests in the new sarnok city?
  8. How well do end abilities mesh?
  9. Did the Beta NDA get lifted.
  10. Gorowyn Betrayal Question
  11. Code- key in E-mail?
  12. Rhino speed!
  13. Now that the NDA is lifted ...
  14. What time...
  15. Are my favorite zones/areas from EQLive Kunark in Rise of Kunark?
  16. Free Server Transfers With RoK
  17. difference between Rok preorder loot vs after launch loot
  18. pre ordered Rok cant tell if it worked
  19. What are the Sarnak starting attributes?
  20. RoK feels like a "filler" episode
  21. Another Rhino Question
  22. Amazon.uk
  23. Devs are removing posts asking when RoK patch will be?? Why??
  24. Official Rok Patch Times
  26. I am no fan of the Beastlord... but... yeah ANOTHER thread
  27. Newegg just canceled my RoK order..
  28. Access to RoK?
  29. RoK Collection Items
  30. Two quick questions :)
  31. A questen about older expansion when pre-ordering.
  32. When does digital preorder end?
  33. Kunark Housing?
  34. Dumb question
  35. RoK and Adventure Packs
  36. RoK questions
  37. Seriously unhappy
  38. How do i check if i ACTUALLY pre-ordered the game
  39. Rok Digital Download not available from station.com
  40. Where is our predownload button????
  41. Has anyone been billed yet for a preorder they got the email confirmation for yet?
  42. can login to the game right now? I am in.. are you kidding?
  43. ROK download is available through the launcher as of now
  44. RoK does not exist in Retail in the Uk, I demand a Solution now
  45. Where do you find what your account is enabled for?
  46. EQ2 Patcher Records for Expantion
  47. Patching Has Begun
  48. question about us people without rok until we get it for xmas.
  49. RoK European launch mess
  50. T8 Spells
  51. What if I dont buy the expansion?
  52. Little something for your viewing pleasure (Fraps of Kunark)...
  53. Anyone gotten expansion keys from D2D pre-order?
  54. Patcher was estimating less than 2 hours, now up to 6 hours???
  55. "I Agree"... very sneaky SoE!
  56. 37 HOURS!! for download to be finished?!
  57. RoK is on the way... STILL
  58. EQ2 Launchpad vs. Station launcher - Are you getting updates yet?
  59. Installation of RoK?
  60. When will station.com have RoK available for purchase?
  61. RoK Digital Download
  62. Betrayal?
  63. RoK Install (Boxed Edition): 3rd Disk Has No Use?
  64. QUestion for those downloading it through the patcher....
  65. How to speed up ROK download time for BETA users
  66. Leveling passed 70
  67. European Patch issues
  68. Patch failing with 'Download Cancelled' ?
  69. ROK started downloading through the patcher - then cancelled
  70. Question for those who did do a pre-order online from Gamestop/EB Games, etc.
  71. If you are having trouble patching get the beta launcher
  72. US Gamestop did not get their shipment
  73. Cant download the game from the station store.
  74. Station Launcher Download
  75. Anyone know where to get the folders beta user have?
  76. This is what I got for my pre-order of Rise of Kunark...
  77. Any Idea when Station.com will be back up?
  78. Anyone order from Amazon.com get a shipping notice?
  79. RoK is up servers down still no digital download
  80. RoK is up servers down still no digital download
  81. plz sort this someone US/EU station launcher or not?
  82. RoK not on station store anymore?
  83. All patched...no server yet?
  84. Secrets of the Sarnak Loin Cloth
  85. Pre-Order Digital Download Questions
  86. RoK patch is downloaded , still no digital download options
  87. Can you buy Kunark alone without the other expansions/base game Digital?
  88. RoK Patcher Progress Thread
  89. Anyone else pre-order RoK and get the expansions, but not the adventure packs?
  90. Can't download Kunark...can anybody help?
  91. Patch Completed - Sign here.
  92. woot I am patched and ingame :)
  93. Its available to buy now!
  94. Burnai house pet from preorder not showing in entitlement
  95. Can we buy through Digital Download or not?
  96. Umm .. Entitlement differences between Boxed and DD RoK ?!?
  97. How to get to Kunark. SS? Carpet no worky T_O
  98. No PreOrder Box - No Pet :(
  99. error after zoning to rok
  100. Cant creat Sarnak
  101. 15 hrs of download so far - 13 to go - this is ridiculous
  102. login issue
  103. Registered my Kunark , now says I don't have EoF expansion
  104. Beware of Beta Sation Launcher
  105. patching issue
  106. And here I thought...
  108. Patcher dying?
  109. How do I verify that I have RoK?
  110. black screen
  111. Issue with download timer
  112. What is wrong????
  113. collections
  114. All In One Bundle does NOT include Kunark
  115. Why no extra character slot?
  116. Download the earlier exp. packs?
  117. test server button
  118. Got RoK but no other expansions; what gives?
  119. Activation code not working...
  120. New expansion Deserts of Norrath
  121. How many AA would you trade for a different racial template?
  122. No expansion whatsoever listed under entitled
  123. popup window advertising mundanities?
  124. Station LaunchPad is unable to connect to network at this time, Please try again in a few mins +11hr
  125. Great Release
  126. What is the purpose of having a pre-order?
  127. Physically buying RoK expansion from a local electronics store?
  128. Fallin Through the World
  129. Frozen Fingers EQ2 loot card with RoK
  130. Burynei Pet
  131. If I just enter my retail box all in one key and let everything download...
  132. RoK or EoF from auth.station.com?
  133. Euro - Dollar conversion, or lack of
  134. GameStop Pre-Order Bonus E-Mail!
  135. How big is Kunark Digital Download?
  136. Specialization master spell reset from Master II to App I
  137. TWO Thumbs Way up for RoK!!!
  138. I haven't received activation code for ROK
  139. SOE Digital Download did not activate the correct Entitlements
  140. L & L Locations
  141. Kunark digital automatically cancelling part way through :-((
  142. Direct2drive
  143. FP to Timorous Deep?
  144. DD Billing Status: Sign here!
  145. Are Sarnaks the ONLY ones able to start in the new lands?
  146. I want to purchase the digital download, but...
  147. Leveling to 80 in Kunark with just quest exp
  148. Best Buy Pre Orders on Back Order
  149. Simple Solutions
  150. No Sarnak Voices?
  151. OK what's the deal with the pets? Burynai or cockatrice?
  152. RoK Betrayal?
  153. Thank you Sony!
  154. FYI How to get Previous Pets from Previous Expansions in one shot.
  155. Cockatrice Pet. Where's the option to choose colors?
  156. Rise of Kunark - First Impressions
  157. Station.com download question
  158. What count's as preorder?
  159. The servers can't handle the RoK load...
  160. Bought RoK from Best Buy today, can't access RoK, EoF, or adventure packs
  161. ROK Manual for Digital Downloads
  162. Can't buy RoK as DD. Error!
  163. Can I please have an official reponse to this?
  164. Issue for Grimwell
  165. How long does it take to install?
  166. Anyone else have this happen ?
  167. Digital Download
  168. Amazon UK finally has RoK in stock
  169. Preordered from Station Store, no Buriney pet
  170. Having a large problem after installing RoK (store bought version)
  171. RoK download problem
  172. Running under Vista in Admin mode - keyboard issues
  173. Armorer Lv 70 Rush Orders
  174. screens? ROK. Female and Male Screenies? (sarnak)
  175. MORE downloads??
  176. Getting a group all in one instance of Timorous Deep
  177. The New Burynai House Pet - Tips And Hints
  178. d
  179. Could someone please take a look at 071113-001034 ref: 2x All in One refunds
  180. Setting recall point in Neutral city of Gorowyn
  181. ROK Issue #1
  182. this is rediculous
  183. RoK Ordered from Retail Store
  184. Can i download patch from some where else?
  185. Where is the RoK group content?
  186. New reward title with expansion/respec query
  187. can't play rok
  188. lucky me, Best Buy just Back-Ordered my Pre-Order by 1-2 weeks!
  189. Sarnak Betrayal
  190. Response to ''RoK issues?" -Grimwell
  191. burnai issues
  192. Starter Deck
  193. New expansion Idea
  194. Player Epics for RoK...
  195. Where is the tomb of Thuuga?
  196. RoK Discs from Best Buy purchase
  197. exp04_rgn_jarath_wastes_SG.vpk..... Troubles
  198. Multiple AA specs, did that make it live?
  199. Can other races betray to Gorowyn?
  200. missing 7.1k faction
  201. Everything wired.....
  202. Amazon Giving playable codes? true or false?
  203. Good News!
  204. Pre-Order Digital Download problem
  205. Can mod or someone please help me....
  206. Where are the ROK T3 zones plz?
  207. Sick of the insane download times...
  208. RoK pre-order Burynai pet problems?
  209. Good job devs
  210. SOE Marketing Questions Regarding Expansions/Services
  211. 4 hours of updates and I don't even have the new expansion?
  212. Qeynos, change of attitude towards immigrants with RoK?
  213. Fens Sokokor posts
  214. Digital download..when can I play???
  215. To everyone having download and ROK technical problems:
  216. Is the collection pet a good idea?
  217. Download first or install?
  218. no general skill level increases in RoK?
  219. Travel in Kunark...Help!
  220. No Ore Nodes fo JOO!
  221. Burynei Pet activation deadline?
  222. So how long does it take to Bill this expansion?
  223. Where is my 4yr vet reward?
  224. RoK issue - Any Others Have This?
  225. Amazed by Kunark
  226. expansions and adventure packs
  227. Anyone recieved less pre-order bonus keys than pre-order boxes?
  228. Backing up patches
  229. Play.com
  230. RoK and XP lock
  231. No activation key from Amazon.co.uk?
  232. To all who pre-ordered through Amazon.com....
  233. Need help downloading new patches
  234. Last time I use Ebgames or Gamestop for pre-order expansion
  235. Still downloading?
  236. De-lvled for developers mistake
  237. What races csan start in Kunark?
  238. RoK Digital Download from Station Store
  239. Hey, back again
  240. Who can use the TD starting area?
  241. No Kunark maps
  242. Was the Burynei Pet exclusive to Amazon in the UK?
  243. Do you want to see SOE follow along with EQ1 expansions like Kunark?
  244. Armor for plate class priests
  245. Sarnak and Mounts
  246. starting ROK at 66 a mistake ?
  247. Harvesting "drop rate" of rares in Kunark?
  248. Before the next expansion.
  249. Good job SOE!!
  250. Exhausted, but having fun!