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  1. Ideal for live event
  2. LORE & LEGENDS Guide: + Best Places to Hunt for Hunter Titles
  3. Creature Mastery (Legends and Lore) Quests Thread Consolidation- reposting
  4. Mob for "Finding My Way" Peacock questline bugged Cul'Vahk
  5. Will Kelethin betrayal make it to GU#32?
  6. Betrayal quest for neutral professions
  7. Book quests for levels >30?
  8. Sesketh's Q to FP Betrayal Guide, Part One
  9. looking for house items
  10. Where did all the topics and messages go that were in the old forums?
  11. Empowered Ghoulbane?
  12. New Epic Quest Line
  13. Any plans for non-class changing betrayal NOT to reset skills?
  14. Is there anyway you can make the flowers stop?
  15. Dalton Pinot
  16. Heart Candies and Love Notes
  17. Which dev is the quest-master? =)
  18. Glass Room in Sols Eye
  19. Prismatic quests
  20. Valentine's Day Events
  21. F --> Q Betrayal - Destroy the Weapons Cache
  22. Flowers, vases and pilows for Valentine
  23. EQ2 Titles Tracking Sheet
  24. Infiltrating The Sanctum: Shadow Ordinance
  25. new prismatic?
  26. Trinkets of the Dead - Unobtainable?
  27. The EoF questline will be called the Sword of Destiny.
  28. Looking for Item Quests
  29. Hearts A'Flutter ...?
  30. can't find it now
  31. Bone Clasped Girdle Quest - Forge Recipe not showing up?
  32. Ripchi's Collection Tracking Sheet
  33. Visage of Aeristock
  34. Please move the Fairy L&L book
  35. The Broken Quests thread
  36. Poets access
  37. Drawing out the Cazi, how to continue after fail to spawn?
  38. Tips on Rahotep fight
  39. steamfont MT quest
  40. lvl 20 AC quests still around?
  41. multiplicitome riddle entity?
  42. Exile Quest- HELP!!!
  43. cloak of flames?
  44. The stormhammer
  45. EQ2 Valentines/Erollisi Day 2007 Video
  46. Ashway Ulm (Greater Faydark)
  47. Best L&L Mob Locations
  48. Erollisi Race Feedback
  49. Next Live Event?
  50. Claymore Line
  51. Cloak of Flame help ******
  52. Disappointed Errolisi Event
  53. It is impossible to complete the Betrayal Quest as a wizard
  54. Problems with the Lost Legend of Lavastorm
  55. Talking to Droags in KoS expansion
  56. Tik Tok Language?!?
  57. EoF Collection Quests
  58. Ro's Vessel
  59. [Moved] Test Feedback on fae betrayal (since i can't start a topic on the test feedback forum)
  60. Page Collection Quests
  61. Fae betrayal
  62. An Empty Vessel
  63. SoS ring event - how do i start it?
  64. Scalding Hot Encounter bugged or changed?
  65. fire and ice and minions of the mighty
  66. God quest walkthroughs
  67. New EoF "Prismatic" Sword of Destiny Quest
  68. L&L Quest Drakota - can't start it
  69. *NEW* Lore and Legend Quest Locations
  70. In Honor & Service question
  71. Draco Mortuus von Liberato
  72. Fix needed: Maulic's Stronghold and Evac
  73. Next quest please
  74. Qeynos to Freeport:Freeport bounty hunting faction quest
  75. Solo instances
  76. Harvesting the Fungus quest in LFay
  77. EL Book Quests Bugged?
  78. Portal of Ro?
  79. The Everling Lockets quest
  80. Steamfont quest "Out of Mind"
  81. Interception quest
  82. Diety pets
  83. Raincaller for evil classes?
  84. To Speak as a Dragon
  85. Unrest Collection?
  86. Audience with Aaryonar, Claymore questline ... Philosopher spawning problem
  87. Heritgage Quests
  88. Ancient Desert Power HQ for Kelethin residents? (Possible spoilers)
  89. EoF "Big" Quests
  90. Fae Quest help.
  91. Any Armor Questlines After T3 (Level 20-25)?
  92. Nimess Sessi - can't understand Faerlie language
  93. Where do I go to start the very first Innoruuk (God) Quest?
  94. Best combination of T7 Writs?
  95. The Wind that Speaks her Name
  96. Summon Hover Platform
  97. Cazic Diety Quest, Jerym Frothbrew's discarded fortune
  98. Are Evil Chars able to do Fae court quests in lesser fay?
  99. I need help on Nektulos Creature Catalog Quest
  100. Fawn's garden quest bug
  101. Silvani form
  102. deities
  103. Stormhammer/Kaladim ring event help?
  104. Corruption in the Faydark
  105. Graystone Yard
  106. Overlord statue in North Freeport
  107. Freeport to Kelethin Betrayal Guide
  108. Stuck on Brell quests (Bugged??)
  109. Bugs - Book Quest errors.
  110. Hunting Quest starter drops
  111. Words of Pure Magic
  112. Blue Shinies: Where and... well where
  113. Quest Recommendations for Lvl 16 Trouby looking to grow and experience the class uniqueness?
  114. Questions to Serious Questers - Kelethin and Greater Faydark
  115. Problem getting Ashen Order Quests for Jade Tiger Title
  116. Calrification-Bank/betrayal
  117. Can you leave a god and then come back?
  118. Get Rid of Godking Eyes
  119. Raise Faction with Freeport
  120. anyone know
  121. Please let us delete Hallmark Quests!
  122. Vindicator of the Coin
  123. In Honor and Service HQ bugged?
  124. ritual of the flames purification
  125. For easter
  126. Talking to Tayvish for The Symbol In The Flesh...
  127. Totem of Aaryonar DELETED!!!!!
  128. Cove of Decay Access
  129. Brew Day starts today? ... or not?
  130. So when is todays patch going to be done? *rubs hands*
  131. Kelethin to Qeynos quest
  132. Diety Quests...
  133. New EOF L&L Quests?
  134. quest journal
  135. Sword of Destiny line broken for Evil Characters
  136. The New Epic Questline regarding Exiles.
  137. First Evil Fae?
  138. A crusade to faydwer
  139. New Lore & Legend Locations
  140. Prismatic 4....you gotta be kidding me!!!
  141. Swords of Destiny and collection quests
  142. Kelethin to Freeport Betrayal
  143. A Feather for your Thoughts
  144. Looking for the new epic quest line hints
  145. Bug with Crusade to Faydwer
  146. Language quests - why not have one for every language?
  147. Reinforcing a Relic - Quest
  148. Kelethin to Qeynos citizenship
  149. Shareth D'Frexin ??
  150. Nevermind
  151. Clarification on Sword of Destiny for evils
  152. Fae Betray Question
  153. Snoogle's Presentation - Brewday Quest
  154. getting to lord ree and the quest a Crusade to Faydwer
  155. Couple Questions
  156. How to sneak into Academy of Arcane Science?
  157. Blood of the brood quest final step bugged
  158. Mith Marr 5th Quest and GU 32 I AM SO...angry...right now
  159. delete
  160. Worldwide channel for prismatic 4?
  161. Cloak of flames
  162. Be honest: how many of you actually figured out the puzzles in Unrest without help?
  163. The fae rings quest
  164. The ACTUAL rules for Lord Ree (Sword of Destiny).
  165. [Moved] [Removed for Content] is this? Forums are so bad now I am asking why I bother coming here!
  166. Wood Elf Heritage Quest?
  167. Freeport Graveyard Question.
  168. Time to Be Bad Betrayal Guide - UPDATED FOR KELETHIN/GU#32
  169. What is the earliest and best level for a betrayal from Freeport to Qeynos?
  170. Make L&L Easier
  171. Koada Dal Language How to get ist as a Freeporter for the Sword of Destiny
  172. A crusade of faydwer
  173. New EoF epic quest line for evil characters
  174. Destiny Quest bugs: A Water Tight Case and the Gumshoe Guide Collection do NOT reward you with books
  175. nek basment
  176. trials of truthbringer
  177. Cazic-Thule deity quest!
  178. Cant find last 2 mobs in Nek Forrest
  179. Sword of Destiny?
  180. Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right - quest starter still in game?
  181. Sword of Destiny & Koadal Language... Devs please make some changes
  182. The Spirit of Ab'Zheri - at lvl 70....
  183. Billy Doll
  184. New Tunaria - Devotion and Purification - Where's the urn
  185. Cyenadros, Lord of the Sanctum
  186. Looking for Deity Information
  187. Not able to finish The Blackwater mask when on Ghoulbane Empowered quest
  188. Disturbance World Quest
  189. Problems Accepting Quests
  190. Sword of Destiny - Were and how to start it??
  191. Sony Employee Event
  192. Random thought about Kelethin Citizenship and Betrayal from Qeynos.
  193. The gutting of kelethin area quest AA
  194. Problem with the quest: Reinforcing a Relic
  195. "War of Souls" event in Loping plains
  196. OMG! I'm sick and tired....
  197. Collection quests
  198. Sorry, probabl been asked, but...
  199. A Calling in the Forest - Heroic Or Not?
  200. Betrayal / re-establishing Kelethin Citizenship issue
  201. Mini-Fae Quest
  202. Slazz Dralax
  203. Language Forced quest
  204. Betraying and non-neutral gods
  205. JBoots Video (spoiler) Antonica Route
  206. Fae betrayal: Earliest feasible attempts for a warden?
  207. Problem with fae betrayal quest
  208. Elite Training: dummy wont break down
  209. Help needed with Peacock Quest - I Seek Knowledge
  210. no-trade collection pages
  211. Question/comment about claymore quest line
  212. Chapter II?
  213. Estate of Unrest - Page 13 and Soj Page 10
  214. Steam-powered Spies
  215. Gnoll Paw?
  216. Is it possible for Kelethin citizens to do the Ashen Order timeline?
  217. Kelethin Betrayal help please
  218. Flowing cape of the dark lord - Signature quest
  219. Unrest: Estate Mementos collection broken?
  220. Stupid Collection question
  221. warlock class quest
  222. Commander ralio?
  223. Red Stained glass
  224. Racial Quests...
  225. Religion quests?
  226. A simple request, that may require alot of programing RE: L&Ls
  227. bindi the croc hunter
  228. Cloak of flames quest question
  229. Qeynos to Qeynos betrayal
  230. Brell deity quest - some dev was in a bad mood :-)
  231. Snakes and Lizards in Feerott
  232. List of missing quests. Do these still drop?
  233. Live Event to reclaim the city of Ak`Anon?
  234. Faction standing quests
  235. Catalog Quests Not for FP Characters?
  236. Forsaken Deity PLEASE HELP!!!
  237. Creature cataloging quests
  238. "Deity" I need help!!!!!
  239. Language Quest - Scarecrow
  240. Where is "Tome Collection Spoiler"?
  241. issue with 'an audience with aaryonar' quest final NPC
  242. Werewolf Lore & Legend - Help!
  243. Sooo.... whatever happened to Brew Day 2007?
  244. Brell's Brewday! ... wheres the pub?
  245. Brewday in update notes but not in game?
  246. Legends and lore question
  247. Diety Quests info???
  248. Brell Day Reward
  249. EL Boatride still broken!
  250. Please don't delete any quests from DFC!