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  1. PvP Newbie Guide by Kust (In Depth)
  2. Please Nerf
  3. Venekor Question
  4. AA choices for young pvp troubadors
  5. Possible to grab some of the pvp armor?
  6. Any help
  7. Why pvp should allow 1v1 a reasonable debate
  8. Some question on Immunity and Zoning in PVP
  9. Buying PvP titles?
  10. More PVP questions from a carebear dreaming of PvP
  11. Message to all player new to PvP
  12. Innapropriate PvP
  13. I want a freep illusionist
  14. question on the jarseth wastes quests
  15. Picking a Main... Please help!
  16. How much faction standing do you need to get lvl 20 pvp rewards?
  18. Qslaughter's quick guide TO 15 AA by lvl 10 and places to farm at lvl 10-14 for all new players
  19. how does this happen
  20. SOE Bust Ward plz
  21. SOE hates caster's !!!! ROK just making CA classes stronger
  22. The end of the PvP lock.
  23. This board needs moderation
  24. Twinks unite
  25. With the lock change, we have a PvP Faction Issue!
  26. Level locked PvP XP makes zero sense
  27. new L o N loot card
  29. Vanguard-style "Brotherhoods" needed if LU 41 goes live with PVP XP
  30. Level 80 PvP Token Armor
  31. so how is the magica t7-t8 PVP and what is it like
  32. Reasonable Suggestions to Coincide with PVP xp change
  33. could we not just raise the lvl you can PVP at?
  34. Where is the exile city?
  35. I just spent 40 minutes writing a forum post here....
  36. Why I disagree with forced pvp combat experience and why I will quit.
  37. Why I play EQ2 and the future of it
  38. Paladin and Mystic Duo?
  39. My PVP story, if anyone cares, I know most won't
  40. What's with the stupid entering combat by doing xxx stuff?
  41. warden fury defialer guard is this pvp group going to last
  42. Brig better then Swash?
  43. Couple annoying PVP bugs
  44. What did SOE expect from a pvp system that as built on level locking and ganking?
  45. The LVL Locking Poll: Twinks, Newbies, Vets and Devs
  46. Being Neutral on a PVP server
  47. another proporsal about newbies griefing problem
  48. PvP XP is NOT on test server
  49. The PvP Compromise (A free idea to implement)
  50. last great ideas for the new pvp rules that everybody can live with
  51. Charmed mobs in pvp
  52. Stupid Portal
  54. Make some sort of Battlegrounds= everyone happy
  55. Leave the Sand in the Sandbox
  56. Are shadow knights just weak against Druids?
  57. Bruisers
  58. How does PvP xp eliminate the twinks?
  59. PvP rewards
  60. Say no to Zerging
  61. Enabling xp for PVP will encourage low-level raid pvp
  63. KP revive points
  64. Rerolled, no twink, succeeding without max aa in T2?!?
  65. SOE Your doing a GREAT JOB!
  66. Ancient Vox lock shifts parallel dimension to Nagafen.
  67. [Merged] EQ2 life with xp-pvp, an overview.
  68. All I want for xmas
  69. The OMG what was that thread
  70. What to duo with a ranger?
  71. alternative to pvp exp
  72. FD change very bad for PvP servers
  73. Readable game update, enjoy
  74. Best AA Build for Swashies?
  75. CHANGE does not = game break!
  76. Spellshield Still Not Fixed?!!!
  77. starting faction
  78. Updated mc gear
  79. Coming Back: Had some basic questions.
  80. RoK tradeskill faction grinding on PVP needs fixing
  81. Pvp = Gone, Time to Quit
  82. Information Gathering on PvP Change (I need your help!)
  83. can someone explain
  84. PVP wont Engage
  85. PvP in Frostfell Village
  86. Atleast make leveling less painful?
  87. New to EQ2 - Some basic PvP questions
  88. Educate Me Please...
  89. track totems?
  90. let the green ganking begin
  91. PVP exp change and PVP faction rewards
  92. Happy Frostfell
  93. Another look at Venekor
  94. PVP Faction Suggestion
  95. Wow! =)
  96. PVP: What class is most fun?
  97. nub question
  98. Tracking PVP Stats
  99. PvP ---> PvE Transfers
  100. Kunzar charmed mob dps: Screenshots & facts about disabilng strike
  101. PVP=XP "very bad idea" Can the Vox server survive?
  102. An Old Locker
  103. Seems The MODS working double time..
  104. Ok, how about balancing these latest change to make all sides happy.
  105. What i would have done to fix the newb getting ganked.
  106. Everyone runs! (non-rant.)
  107. PVP Defiler Questions
  108. Wizard needs Help!
  109. Pet Classes in PvP, another idea
  110. Best "saver" class?
  111. back due to pvp changes - respectfully req advice on duo
  112. PvP and RoK - Are People Doing the RoK Quests?
  113. Population balance?
  114. Will Recent Changes Attract a Different Type of PvP Player?
  115. Nerf Brigands.. t7 t8
  116. The new face of PVP on Vox.....same as the old face.
  117. Returning players take on PVP... (non-rant)
  118. Coercer mez
  119. conjy pvp spec?
  120. STOP standing there!
  121. A little advice sought for class choice
  122. Longtime PvPer - new to EQ2 - need class advice (not your typical 30s noob post)
  123. So, going to give it a chance.
  125. Inquisitor ? for Ulvhamne
  126. Noob PvP Problem
  127. The Issue With Summoners
  128. Top 3 PVP classes to are?
  129. Give us something to fight over developers.
  130. PvP Idea (not rant)
  131. PvP gear and Exiles!!!
  132. SK PvP?
  133. devastation fist. and pvp
  134. Ranger Question
  135. Warden vs. Fury for end-game group pvp
  136. Opinion on updating 41
  137. Venekor Population
  138. Best PvP server
  139. UK PVP?
  140. Allow Free Transfers ---FROM--- Nagafen Only. (not --TO--)
  141. Eq2 Style xmas bad jokes
  142. Deflier and the shaman class in pvp
  143. i have not been a locker ever
  144. /Report buged charm exploiters to GMs.
  145. OMG pwnt
  146. Remove Wards from PVP, please.
  147. STOP deciding for me when im in combat
  148. only way to fix pvp is...
  149. Motviation to go to Arenas?
  150. Remove all Class variations from game...
  151. A PvP Lock's Christmas Wish
  152. Remove pvp from game
  153. Are Berserkers Good in PvP?
  154. class to duo with ranger
  155. I was attacked by a GM?
  156. TD or MC?
  157. Necro + Dirge + ??
  158. Necro PvP overview (need balance)
  159. Removing Evac = Very Bad idea.
  160. PvP advice re transmuting/tinkering
  161. A Better Way to See (or not)
  162. Really, what can a scout do?
  163. Evac and Revive point issues
  164. Spell resists and Casting/Melee buffs/debuffs issues...
  165. warlock duo?
  166. First impressions of Guardian pvp
  167. An idea or two to give Summoners some love ...
  168. my last idea to save pvp :)
  169. Purchasing Rough Pearls
  170. is there still alot of PVP action in all tiers?
  171. My Christmas wish
  172. PvP Writs comming soon (LU42)
  173. Time to set some rules on Titles.
  174. Just say "No" to Nerf calls.
  175. Tinymode - Targeting needs a fix asap please!
  176. My PvP experiences as a young necro...
  177. Furys 70 > 80 freakish damage.
  178. Put a infarmy xp bar in next LU.
  179. Put a infarmy xp bar in next LU.
  180. PvP Ethic and some Advice.
  181. Whats wrong with me? am i a bad person?
  182. Quick noob questions
  183. Outright resists out of hand in t8 and broken deminishing returns
  184. a request for the cap on autoattack dmg in pvp
  185. Node Stealing.
  186. Tauntstances in PvP are broken
  187. Can Inquisitors hold their own in PvP?
  188. Mystics in PvP Post RoK
  189. Explain to me why scouts........
  190. PvP Class Suggestions
  191. Is there a guide to travelling from TD to Quenos?
  192. Mentoring in PVP (new to Venekor)
  193. PVP guilds.
  194. Track and You.
  195. There needs to be a FFA PVP server like there was in EQ1
  196. Solo pvp, Wizard or warlock.
  197. Lost of lvl70 PvP Tokens ... SoE explain!
  198. Mystic vs Coercer
  199. Making money on a PvP Server?
  200. Things that will improve EQ2 PvP withOUT asking for a nerf
  201. Why I just quit EQ2 as a new player @ level 52.... ( not a QQ post ).
  202. Give Mages root on the move
  203. Gear disparity
  204. there are no twinks
  205. I don't think Druids are appealing enough...
  206. Help on picking pvp class...
  207. The Effective Necromancer PvP & PvE - AA's....etc...
  208. Petiton for PVP to be included from the start on the next EQ game.
  209. Which classes dps the most in PvP from each category?
  210. The math behind writs vhs body dropped tokens
  211. Sorry, double post
  212. My thoughts and proposals..
  213. warden or fury?
  214. Please SoE add this into the game! (PvP bounty hunting system)
  215. --Bounties!--
  216. PvP classes "without tracking"
  217. Quick Question for PvP server people.
  218. SoE show some love for casters!
  219. Berserker in pvp.
  220. evac items
  221. HOTFIX NEWS! - Bots got Owned! :)
  222. What is the purpose of permanent immunity
  223. Voluntary PVP on regular servers.
  224. Explains alot, Fury lore!
  225. Titles
  226. PVP Build Swashbuckler
  227. update 42???
  228. Troub or Dirge?
  229. forced into combat by a non-agro red?
  230. Potions Ruin pvp, remove some of them.
  231. *Poof*
  232. Give Exile City Tokens - Might Encourage Em to Leave Haven
  233. anyone know a goos custom track window?
  234. EQ2 pvp...why? What's the point?
  235. Why every defensive action used under attack puts in combat, except EVAC?
  236. MC armor
  237. Reach at swashbuckler's AA line in pvp
  238. Remove Legs from characters, its not fair!
  239. Change your Class
  240. Just a quick PvP question
  241. Questions about tracking
  242. Any more word on what PvP writs will look like?
  243. Worst PVP class?
  244. Overpowered stoneskin items need changing in PVP - BADLY
  245. Yet another, Im Quiting EQ2 post...
  246. Paladin or Templar, PvP Solo
  247. Black Market Broker?
  248. Out side heals and AOE's ?
  249. Ideas for Class Improvement Thread
  250. Leaving a class that can't solo.