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  1. Nerf Sigs!
  2. new clothes plzzz
  3. Easy fix for class balancing and will end all nerf threads forever
  4. Putting me into combat again...
  5. Paladin Double Nerf?
  6. Hook Arrow substitute
  7. Perma Immunity at Docks (Solution tbh)
  8. PvP Walkthrough on the Isle Suggestion
  9. Wizards GU 36
  10. Feasable classes
  11. How are Guardians and Berserkers on the test server
  12. The biggest PvP problems with some classes and players.
  13. So where do we stand? As far as all the new pvp changes are concerned.
  14. Saintz on Vox signing off
  15. Help about PvP!!!!
  16. The failings of t7 eq2 pvp
  17. Not all change is good
  18. Reasons for PVP?
  19. A Night With Vigilante
  20. Test server question
  21. Is this a Cheat/Hack?
  22. Petition against GU36
  23. A suggestion to keep balance amung healers following the nerf.
  24. What if
  25. Worthless Ranger AA's
  26. Venekor or Nag
  27. Question 2 Server Rules or Guide?
  28. Question 3 - About Monks
  29. Positve reform.
  30. GU 36 AA KOS/EOF respec
  31. Ok have I got this right???
  32. Using all spells in PVP, does this break the rulls of area/zone disruption
  33. GANK BAEM Episode 3 / the finest Eq2 PVP Video tbh
  34. We should be able to mentor
  35. Enchanters again - any love?
  36. 8 Levels Easy Solution =)
  37. SK harm
  38. Why teir 2 locking should be removed
  39. Wizard or Warlock?
  40. Test server + Maturity = Oxymoron
  41. GU36-Today or Tomorrow?
  42. Charm mechanic in PvP
  43. Dev activity a bit low for such massive changes?
  44. Your pet wants me to what?
  45. Useless Druid Nerfs!
  46. Question about upcoming AA changes..
  47. Nerfing the game: Not the only solution...
  48. fatal flaw?
  49. Bugged Loot
  50. AA Respec "Card" - Does this let us swap points to different tree's?
  51. So I guess today is the day huh
  52. PVP class
  53. New game for PVP'ers on the island.
  54. So you wanna stop level locking and improve end game pvp
  55. carnage flagging under the city of GF
  56. The New Changes...
  57. WTG
  58. How do YOU stop runners?
  59. Did they changed their mind about double nerf on HT/decap ect ?
  60. Greys attacking reds
  61. no change in PVP after LU36 for healers on the defensive...
  62. put debt back on pvp servers
  63. So how hard did the nerf bat hit you? some pre36 vs post36 figures.
  64. Worst Change Ever
  65. O.K. what are Profession spells?
  66. SOE did nothing to fix level locking!
  67. Nerf berserkers imo tbh
  68. Please Fix Racial Advantages
  69. VOX is over populated...
  70. Quit yer gripin'!
  71. why did i waste so much time.....
  72. T7 PVP (t2 look too =P)
  73. Love the changes so far, but please address zerging
  74. Stop Revive Zerging
  75. Map changes to CL in LU36
  76. Raiding on a pvp server
  77. Hook Arrow wasn't really fixed
  78. i vote ROLLBACK!!
  79. So how are the GU36 changes?
  80. Loving GU36!!
  81. venekor keeps crashing
  82. server downage?
  83. I am not very good at PVP but.
  84. My thoughts on current zone PvP Range
  85. Devs: Suggestion for Ranger "Hook Arrow" - "Repelling Arrow"
  86. delete me pls
  87. Healer Tank combo!
  88. Ranger/GU 36 nerfs
  89. Pally 2nd tier AA abilities messed up
  90. How to stop running and encourage more pvp
  91. For those of you with the AA Bug
  92. Nagafen Server Crashed
  93. How is pvp post update?
  94. hack or just really good?
  95. Whats wrong with monks?
  96. Harry is using speed hacks.
  97. Character transfer problem
  98. Please rename titles to Coward / Craven / Deserter, etc.
  99. bind rushing
  100. Make PvP ranges level dependent, not zone dependent
  101. DELETED
  102. pvp as an sk
  103. You are getting 'ganked', losing horribly, can't seem to win a fight, and are gonna quit..read this!
  104. Aeralik quotes that do not make sense. Care to respond SOE?
  105. unintended effect of 1.5*lev rule
  106. SOE the changes are good
  107. AUSPEX
  108. Coercer on PvP server
  109. motivation
  110. Only slightly confusing...
  111. New pvp Players
  112. PC Probs
  113. Cures in PvP
  114. City tasks worth doing?
  115. A Newbie's Thoughts for Newbies Regarding PVP: No Honor Among Thieves
  116. nerfed shamans
  117. Pact of the Cheetah? Evac?
  118. Non-sense.
  119. Necro pvp....
  120. no comments - posts from pvp dev?
  121. New PvP equip Additions
  122. A walk through greater faydark.
  123. Assassin vs Brig
  124. Shaman Question
  125. PvP, pets, groups, and decisions!
  126. New PVP classes = Wizards and Warlocks?
  127. Weapon question:
  128. stuffs that you "wish" to see in new expansion
  129. be honest: who already try kill Nathan Irongforge?
  130. Farewell my Friends and Foes
  131. Evac bug
  132. God & AA Pets being attacked and not putting attacker in combat :(
  133. Out of combat heal bug
  134. Wardens! How have you done your AAs, and...
  135. No idea what class to play
  136. Coercer needs some serious love in PvP
  137. Advice for a beginner
  138. Spores
  139. Conjs
  140. Can we get a FFA server already?
  141. Is Scout Evac "Supposed" To Work While In PvP Combat?
  142. Is it a joke? .... nope
  143. PvP Ruleset, newbie question
  144. Ground breaking change to PvP!
  145. [Moved] Gorigen better than Zeebs?
  146. Pvp level ranges
  147. Reds in a group
  148. Can we get a fix for the super annoying combat music bug?
  149. Whats with everyone doing the group invite thing while out pvping
  150. THE answer to all the problems with PvP
  151. Thorny Trap
  152. Anybody know if Anything is Planned to fix Zerging?
  153. Current Definition of Zerging
  154. Keyboard or Mouse?
  155. Parachutes
  156. Best Freeport trio for pvp?
  158. Inquisitor/Templar Duo
  159. In combat evac??
  160. Warden, your opinions please
  161. How do you consider this PVP?
  162. Question For the PVP pro's...
  163. VOX low server pop question
  164. Beginners:: How to start out in EQ2 PvP new and compete.
  165. Assasin Vs Brig
  166. [Pumice Stone] seems bugged
  167. Cures
  168. Manashield tactics
  169. Why wizards don't cure snares
  170. Dirge v.s. Troub v.s. Brig
  171. That's pretty much it for me.
  172. One month birthday for my new toons
  173. Deciding my class...
  174. noob question.. about level locking
  175. Level locked Twinkers
  176. No sympathy
  177. Please stop saying, "Learn to play"
  178. How do you beat these twinks ?
  179. Stop complaining
  180. BUG: DLW - Nek zoning
  181. Any defiliers really having trouble keeping someone alive?
  182. Paladin pvp guide
  183. Video Thread
  184. When can we expect a fix for rendering?
  185. Fire scroll bearers
  186. add a client side option to turn off titles
  187. Zerker vs SK vs Gaurd vs Pally
  188. New Class?
  189. Anyone know..
  190. More PvP Advice
  191. In combat grouping?!
  192. Saranak E3 Vid
  193. the fame system working as intended?
  194. Fighter & Scout PvP Vid
  195. Add Risk to Exile vs Exile PVP .. here is one method
  196. To get things fixed what is the best thing for us as players to do?
  197. pvp movie conjuror
  198. Classes
  199. Suggestions for a new duo
  200. Ganking in the Nursery: Taking Candy from Babies
  201. betraying from neriak to fp
  202. Poor Cures and borked PvP
  203. resisting grays
  204. New player in EQ2
  205. Inquisitor, Templar, Paladin or Shadowknight.
  206. Best Tradeskill for PVP
  207. PvP power scale
  208. Illusionist & PVP
  209. Extra Rank
  210. Escape...has the time come?
  211. Charm bug with bards
  212. No revivs while in combat?
  213. Brigand AA question:
  214. Shadow's guide to PvP tier 2+
  215. xp when zoning from BBM -> Gfay. Working as intended??
  216. List of Guides For Beginners
  217. Need some help with server transfer
  218. Dungeon FFA PVP
  219. come on, this cant be true
  220. Transf to PvP
  221. Great news about LU37
  222. reviving from WC starts immunity timer(and rebuffing=pita)
  223. Haste stack?
  224. feedback requested involving assassin sta line for pvp
  225. Will Stealth nerf to heal proc items be removed?
  226. EQ2 Version of the Transformers Movie
  227. Is this a exploit in PVP or a legit tactic?
  228. Anyone wanna help a new/old player out on venekor
  229. What's in a name
  230. Make SS an unlimited pvp zone.
  231. How well you do multiple encounters?
  232. Dirges need some LOVE.. c'mon dev's u know it's true
  233. Reliable bruiser killer in T7?
  234. QUESTS!!! come do quests on Vekekor lvl 25+
  235. track avoidance
  236. The "release your anger and frustration here" thread
  237. Facing a delima...
  238. The proper way FAME and TITLES should work.
  239. PvP Weapons
  240. Coercers!
  241. PvP Video (need Help)
  242. PVP combat evac
  243. More Brigand nerfs- an appeal to the Devs
  244. Regenerative wards will no longer refresh until you fight back in PvP.
  245. Help Please
  246. PvP Gear - Pics please
  247. Cure Nerf Too Severe IMO
  248. Euro PvP?
  249. Wait! My pet stubbed his toe!
  250. Fundamental tactics of PvP