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  1. Level 90s attacking lowbies
  2. One step forward...
  3. T7 pvp server
  4. Primary stat buffs and debuffs need a change
  5. Seriously, when is more PVP gear coming out?
  6. Just some thoughts....
  7. evac in pvp
  8. In coming Mercs to a server near you
  9. Can the Duel rules be fixed please?
  10. Can you fix duels so that you can duel multiple people at once?
  12. Blue slots for a loc
  13. Disappointed.
  14. t4 rage fused forearms
  15. Pets and flying mounts
  16. This is why all the pvp servers are dead!
  17. New alt brawler/predator server request
  18. Tier 2
  19. [Edited and Locked] Since Olihin...
  20. Thinking about coming back....
  21. The Frozen Tundra bugged?
  22. WFs bugged?...
  23. Maybe Infamy Needs To Be Adjusted
  24. Nagafen, PVP & Me?
  25. Probably one of those "cool story, bro" stories...but
  26. OMG REALLY? adding a mentor to avoid PVP updates?
  27. Curious about EQ2 PvP
  28. problems ?!?!?!
  29. Immunity buffs
  30. Stuns, stifles, pots etc
  31. are snare amounts going to increase?
  33. So considering reactivating my account... some questions first.
  34. Greetings Tier 4 players of Nagafen...
  35. R.I.P. Level Locking...Now We Get The New SHINY Level Locking
  36. Some fame questions
  37. Ok players of Naggy.. tune in here plx
  38. PvP stat split, AAs, and you. (Contains disturbing images.)
  39. T6 pvp locking.
  40. jumping mounts
  41. AA question in Nagafen (PVP) server
  42. New pvp consumables
  43. Make going exile a viable option?
  44. Just to be 100% certain...
  45. Player rendering distance
  46. Can you trade BG tokens for Discord ones?
  47. Year later PvP still Suxxors!!!
  48. [Moved] Seriously?
  49. Planned PvP AA "fix"
  50. Small Characters?
  51. is there a slash command for
  52. Anyone else ping going insane all the time?
  53. HUGE boost for ragers inc!!!
  54. Replacing gear
  55. Staying out of combat (evac, rezz...)
  56. Free transfer tokens?
  57. Calling out PvP Dev(s).
  58. cross server tells
  59. The Terrible Condition of PvP
  60. On the plus side....
  61. Enable PvP on Test... can't help if you don't let us.
  62. Group Wards of Shamans are they really useful in a group/raid fighting another Group/Raid?
  63. New 'seasons' effect discord faction?
  64. Throwing out some idea's
  65. True contested PvP
  66. Uneccesary Changes
  67. [A coercer affair] How to find a valuable mob to charm in Antonica, when a WF starts? I am level 32.
  68. Warden Nature Walk!!111
  69. Old/Outdated pvp gear for tokens
  70. Bug/Exploit - Superior Rune of Blasting
  71. Pretty PvP Only Parties!
  72. Fiery Blast
  73. PVE Dueling And Battlegrounds:
  74. No PVP weapons / jewelry etc for an entire expasion... acceptable?
  75. Stuck in combat bug
  76. Antonica warfield gear for pvpers
  77. A variant /anon command for PvP that would let us know who we are and stay anonymous for opponents?
  78. Please Remove PVP-Only Stats, and Remove PVP-Only from Procs.
  79. Mentored sitting in WF waiting for AOE hit
  80. A new level-90 Guardian with his only Vanquisher armor. What should I do, now?
  81. The worst PvP fight you did, when noone but you is responsible for its failure. Your own epic fail.
  82. Continuing Mayhem
  83. Is T4 PvP dead?
  84. New house rating system and viewing decorated houses.
  85. A return to EQ2 YES or NO? PVP
  86. Exorcise
  87. Can we have KOS/EOF pvp back please?
  88. [Moved] dismounting while in air?
  89. Enchanted Lands - bad warfield choice
  90. Is the PVP Dev secretly also the housing design Dev?
  91. Warlocks in PvP
  92. Removing permanent Flying mount immunity during WF's
  93. Test Update Notes 9/9
  94. empty
  96. No entry from PVE to PVP yet it's a PVP server?
  97. There is a way to keep the birds and fix lazy pvpers
  98. Time Locked Server
  99. Sad sad sad.
  100. Let's be honest about it
  101. Purposed change to Nagafen’s rule set
  102. Oilihin is not the pvp dev.....
  103. Is the wizard spire portal in Nagafen borked?
  104. Has SoE givin up on eq2?
  105. Why?
  106. PvP Enabled on Test Copy
  107. What is the point of WF's
  108. warfronts need work
  109. 20 words or less: Sum up your PvP complaints.
  110. Dungeon Finder has been restored to PvP servers
  111. making money hand over fist
  112. "Unless someone whats to fight, there is no way I can kill them" does not make sense
  113. Rothgar, why did you ask for our opinion then never post back?
  114. No more griffin dismount while flying
  115. PvP issues in 1 second or less.
  116. Newish Player looking for a fresh start.
  117. A recent tier 2 pvp experience
  118. AOD and PVP
  119. Adios
  120. PvP Damage Reductions (math)
  121. Suggested Quick Fix (we know you love'em SOE)
  122. 1st steps to fixing pvp
  123. Farewell, my friends...
  124. T1-T2 PVP Range
  125. I think its about time to allow cross-server chat on Nagafen
  126. Dear SOE:
  127. Push back Expansion could possibly increase revenue?
  128. Why warfields caused the decline of pvp
  129. We need a pvp dev
  130. Does anyone know if Mercs can be used in PVP?
  131. So how do you feel about being the "5%" of the community?
  132. Oh these were the days
  133. I'm out
  134. AoD & PvP
  135. Zerker Myth
  136. PVP in the new Freeport
  137. Question from a noob.
  138. Mercs in PVP
  139. Top tier pvp
  140. consideration for keeping Freeport open PVP
  141. Fame system failures
  142. Autoattack
  143. When will Sony stop the hackers on Nagafen in pvp
  144. Disable mercs in PVP combat...DEVS READ THIS AND DO SOMETHING.
  145. PVE attained procs and PVP
  146. Nagafen players should be offered in-game polls before GU63 changes!
  147. Intended or plain incompetent ?
  148. PVP balance on naggy?
  149. PVP on naggy
  150. New Server - Whiners Read
  151. Coming Back
  152. Website Admin - Please read
  153. Newbie ????
  154. Oops
  155. No Surprises > Transparency pls > Track record o detachment > @Omougi @SOE: "Fix & not remove"?
  156. Opening Contested Dungeons on Dungeon Finder.. PVP??
  157. THANK YOU for opening Freeport PvP and then rightfully opening up Qeynos as well!
  158. PvP
  159. Beastlord cannot buy from PvP Venders.
  160. PvP and Mercenaries, Appropriate changes need to be made.
  161. PvP Nostalgia
  162. Beastlord Savagery in PVP
  163. Anyone else having issue seeing mercs?
  164. Quick PvP question.
  165. Who's brilliant idea was it to make the cities pvp zones?
  166. Conjurors in PvP? Anyone know?
  167. Current PvP Dev(not sure who it is, my apologies)
  168. PVP as it stands now?
  169. MajDul/Exile questions.
  170. Maj'Dul/Exile questions.
  171. We need a Bounty System.
  172. Server booming now?
  173. Qeynos Vs Freeport Guards
  174. mercs in pvp
  175. are warfields cancelled?
  176. Which Team
  177. SOE finally does something concerning pvp!!!!
  178. EverQuest II Shattered!
  179. Beastlord and Weapons Merchant.
  180. yes, people said it for 100 times
  181. Help on acquiring PVP Equipment.
  182. Back from a 2 year break? What happened?!?!
  183. Back from a 2 year break? What happened?!?!
  184. Attackign with mercs does not engage you in pvp combat
  185. Any Hope for PvP?
  186. Hi, This is Dreww.
  187. EQ2 is ripe for people to return if only.....
  188. Suggestions on how to improve PvP
  189. 3 Easy Steps to Improve PvP Excessively
  190. Clear concise points to fix pvp
  191. 6 to 60?
  192. Tired
  193. Mercs locking you in combat (mercs in general
  194. Communication
  195. now that pve crit mit is gone
  196. Can we remove PVP Crit Mit As well.
  197. Beastlords make a mockery out PVP and "Class" balance.
  198. Kind of ironic that they would remove pve crit mit and not pvp, here's why...
  199. Well done Sony, you just lost 2 more accounts, unbelievable.
  200. Please reset the PvP Rules back to EoF and Remove PvP stats.
  201. Level locking and general pvp ruleset questions
  203. New to PVP
  204. Why PvP is the way it is.
  205. PvP - Heads up Devs.
  206. Give players on other servers the option to flag themselves.
  207. Returning Player - Qeynos Guards Don't Defend Against Enemy Players??
  208. Faction Question
  209. Next hostile PvP target.
  210. Ideas appreciated - new to game
  211. New WarField System Needed
  212. What will be the ProSiebenSat.1 PvP server for European players?
  213. PvP fix list (how to improve pvp)
  214. Can someone explain warfield
  215. Zerker myth still broken.
  216. plans for player-made PVP items in the upcoming PVP update?
  217. Teen PVP
  218. pvp armor
  219. What is toughness
  220. PVP weapons
  221. PVP needs to change
  222. What gives with warfields
  223. Unethical fighting
  224. Darklight wood, TD, PvP in GENERAL
  225. Free to PLay and pvp gear
  226. Heroic PVP players
  227. aa slider: a pvper's perspective
  228. Reforge PvP Stats
  229. LAG - Antonica WF's
  230. Please remove the pvp only stats.
  231. Lag Hacks?
  232. Nagafen AoD owners that want Mercs disabled in PvP
  233. Fix the Antonican WF concept
  234. 1 month to go
  235. The slow death of Nagafen
  236. Double Post
  237. Post GU63 pvp/bg question
  238. New Xpac will seriously destroy any of whats left in pvp...
  239. Leaving PVP
  240. Fix exile please
  241. Please make a pvp progression server.
  242. Nagafen Server Maintenance Notice: Thursday, April 5, 2012
  243. Mercs leashing in PVP combat via GU 63
  244. EQ2wire/Pvp never will be priority...
  245. Old pvp..
  246. Level 70 PVP
  248. Please consider adding this to Warfields: "forced to land and given a debuff preventing flight"
  249. Useless Discussion Forum
  250. Where is the "Must not be in PvP combat" procs on the new gear?