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  1. My Revalation!
  2. plate healer
  3. This is what PvP has turned into.
  4. bad
  5. is nagafen to become a pve server
  6. Run Forest Run
  7. How are monks in high tier pvp?
  8. Never mind.
  9. PvP Servers after the next GU
  10. PvP gear and the new expansion.
  11. PVP title system + BG discord jewelry
  12. Immunity icon request
  13. Could the arena be made more "realistic"
  14. 1v1's
  15. Guardian Heal Allowed in PvP?
  16. Warfields Suggestion: Turn them into Keeps
  17. Nagafen BG’s?
  18. Flying mounts and PVP
  19. Soulreap your hoop...
  20. Looking for a little help on where i should be looking.
  21. Displaced Recruiting ( Nagafen, Exiled )
  22. Mitigation or lambent imbued? ability mod or +Str ?
  23. Olihin Questions: New PVP Gear & Flying Mounts
  24. New pvp server
  25. This is PVP?
  26. 1/31/11 WF
  27. $$- Cash Money -$$
  28. T2 pvp needs to be brought back
  29. Increase open world pvp solution to BGs
  30. The ONLY solution to reviving PVP on Naggy...
  31. Exur - Illusionist PvP (Sentinel's Fate)
  32. Ok, how about a simple request?
  33. Does the arena still go under the pve ruleset???
  34. PVP what i think how it should be
  35. Evacing people in combat
  36. T4 guardian pvp video
  37. Nostalgia
  38. War Fields Level Ranges to great
  39. Are PvP tokens getting changed?
  40. A cheap tactic
  41. Seems like almost no one knows how to PVP with a Templar
  42. Bluethunder Leaves T4
  43. PVP Misfit
  44. The current PVP landscape ?
  45. WHY NO ETA?
  47. Free Server Transfers
  48. PvP Leaderboards
  49. Illus and PVP
  50. Make it so........
  51. Destiny of Velious PvP Suggestions
  52. Flying mounts and PVP
  53. Why Are You Laughing, Coward?
  54. Thurgadin a PvP zone WHY???
  55. Double XP Day and Flying Mounts = Fail
  56. PvP-noob questions
  57. New EQ2 PVP player, need some advice.
  58. Illegal Target?
  59. PVP Dev Watch
  60. T4 PVP - A big joke
  61. A New Fame System
  62. Nagafen PvP - Open Webinar with the Devs
  63. Ranged attack
  64. You have completely ruined pvp
  65. Grey players in PVP
  66. Question about new pvp armor...
  67. Cap on zone numbers or something
  68. Class Balance Feedback
  69. I Know a Ranger can kill me in the air.. maybe even a mage but...
  70. Dismounting while flying to 1-vs-0
  71. Hacking running rampant - PvP server
  72. Public Quest Zone Disruption - Discussion
  73. velium flames works in pvp
  74. *NEW* - Interviews with top Nagafen Players
  75. Cross-Faction Communication
  77. Evac while in combat needs to be looked at
  78. PVP Poster
  79. rewarding everyone the same?
  80. flying mounts and pvp
  81. Getting out of combat in under 10 seconds
  82. I'm hoping..
  83. PvP / PvE Server Transfers
  84. Will PVP ever not be lame?
  85. is it Possible to tranfer from PVE to PVP?
  86. Overland Zone Pop Caps!
  87. please help
  88. HOW is Fame Being Reworked?
  89. PQ Zone Disruption... an actual real one.
  90. Fun stuff
  91. If you bring back the old fame system
  92. City PvP Rules in Newbie Zones? LVL Locking @ 30 & Not 10?
  93. Where's the PVP gear going to go after GU60, and later when DoV2 is released?
  94. Did Dps inflation finally destroyed PVP?
  95. When you impliment the PVP changes....
  96. Crusader Debuffs
  97. Gear & Tokens?
  98. On the topic of pvp changes!
  99. Merge Critical Mitigation
  100. Are you able to transfer Discord Armor to a PVE Server?!
  101. I CAN POST!
  102. [Moved] Hola Voxites!
  103. Is the new PVP gear for all levels?
  104. I must be doing something wrong...
  105. Fighting Rogues t4
  106. Mentoring and PVP
  107. Lowbies Flying???
  108. Please add item: Gnomish Net Cannon.
  109. IF anything, remove flying mounts from wf zones
  110. Just resubbed.
  111. Easy way for new blood to avoid the locked twinks
  112. Read this DEVS
  113. any balance comming for pvp ?
  114. [Removed for Content] is with this downtime???
  115. How about an Adventure Class reset ability???
  116. GU60 - What I Found So Far
  117. Are we getting free transfers off Nagafen after these changes hit?
  118. Will AA still work?
  119. Mentored pvp
  120. GU60 SK love... any particular reason?
  121. Old tokens...
  122. Removing Crit Bonus From PVP Actually Nerfs Classes More then Others.
  123. Remove all Heal Crits from PVP.
  124. Equality for all tiers
  125. All that needs to be Done.
  126. Oh how I have missed you guys!
  127. Just in case you guys forgot
  128. is LU 60 set to happen this week?
  129. GU60 PvP Changes now on TEST-COPY
  130. New BG Test Results: Damage Failure
  131. Dirge mythic in LU60
  132. crit mit at low levels?
  133. TSO PVP gear
  134. Anyone else having targeting issues?
  135. Scroll of Tracking from sC
  136. Killing people on a Warden
  137. PVP Gear
  138. How many BG's does it take to get a full set of pvp gear?
  139. Killing Grey Players... why?
  140. My screen keeps freezing during pvp anyone elses?
  141. @SOE
  142. 2 sets of armor now
  143. I may have found the solution to lowbie damage output.
  144. If these changes go in...
  145. Will the PvP rank "preseason" have rewards?
  146. BG lobby broke?
  147. PVP faction how?
  148. Inventory slots, Appearence slots, PVP slots
  149. Flying mount still able to be canceled in air
  150. So lets discuss this purchasing of 10,000+ BG tokens
  151. GU60 problems and bugs on LIVE
  152. Cross-Faction Communication: No Shout/OOC? Please Fix
  153. Healing Nerfed?
  154. BG Minigame, Can we make it more fun and less grindy?
  155. Kill Count NOT Registering, yet Death Count is ( "/pvp_stats" )
  156. The end of PvP for the casual player
  157. pvp token merchant for new gear?
  158. New fame system
  159. Whats up with the open world pvp merchant?
  160. Too high damage from predators
  161. Quick passive taunt question
  162. Do it right or dont waste you're time "or ours"
  163. Flying mounts being cancelled
  164. Attention Devs: Give PVP servers their raid mobs back
  165. Nearly there guys....
  166. Revised/Consolidated: 45 Points of Awesome-O for EQII PvP > EDITED 12-23-2011 1:11 AM -7 GMT
  167. [Removed for Content] PVP GEAR LOOK?
  168. Focused Casting NOT working
  169. Raid mobs????
  170. Ouch, think you may have gone a bit overboard with the fame hits
  171. Hotswapping gear for PVP
  172. Warfields Broken
  173. Disable Common Language?
  174. att pvp Dev: AOE Auto-Attack still hitting reds
  175. Possible: Warfares every hour on PVP server?
  176. PVP/BG AA's
  177. Another equipment sugestion
  178. pvp and mentoring
  179. New way of russian pvp on Harla Dar
  180. returning player .....confused as all get out
  181. PVP Mechanics. - Flying Combat Please.
  182. Fame and Titles
  183. Not working as intended.
  184. PVP faction?
  185. Shaman Issues Currently
  186. Can we sort flurry/multi attack please?
  187. Deities and pvp
  188. Aerial Attacks
  189. Selling PvP armor
  190. PvP Armor What it should be ( and no not the BG Armor )
  191. Warfields Tower Bug
  192. Brawlers in PvP
  193. Our /pvp records.
  194. PvP is better, but...
  195. GU-60 THE SAVE FOR PVP?
  196. How about attacking a real issue......
  197. An idea for uneven #'s
  198. OLD lvl 70 PvP Armor, shouldn't it still work?
  199. old / crafted pvp gear
  200. Oft-Stabbed Fallen Foe Trinket - MA but not PvP MA
  201. T4 and T7 PvP is going to get a lot more interesting
  202. BG's and MA
  203. Cleric's Divine Armor Bug
  204. Enchanter Survivability
  205. How's PVP these days?
  206. Ok, lets talk Flurry and Spell double attack...
  207. CANT FIND Character Transfer Token on Market Place
  208. been 5 years
  209. PvP(o) PvP(bg) PvE
  211. PvP Rank Seasonal Rewards: Alt Farmers Disregarded?
  212. Warping Lag, when will this stop!!!
  213. pvp faction from not pvping?
  214. Fun things to do on Nagafen
  215. New fame system is a joke
  216. is there open world pvp anymore?
  217. Is Toughness broken?
  218. Broken PQ events on PVP servers.
  219. Since this is where we've come...
  220. Dismounting while flying
  221. The Solution
  222. plz fix blue pvp adorn
  223. Enough Already...
  224. Escaping pvp via BGs
  225. Ohlin - An example of your flawed system
  226. If you know of a real game bug put it here, so there is no excuse as to why it can not be fixed lol
  227. Switching from Q to Freep and vice versa is too easy
  228. Dispeling Illusionist Personae Reflection Should Not Be Possible
  229. Back from a 2 year break
  230. Revert VOX back to old pvp rule set?
  231. Stuck in combar bug
  232. raids get pvp credit ?
  233. People Still Canceling their flying mounts
  234. Flying mounts and infinite open world Immunity
  235. Thats it Olihin.....
  236. Flying, gliding, leaping and ground mount speed >130%
  237. Is 130+ runspeed really necessary?
  238. new mounts in pvp = bad idea
  239. Like the server transfer, take a flying mount survey already.
  240. New PVP Weapons / Jewelry
  241. pvp fix suggestion
  242. Just an idea in regards to the flying mounts (and leapers/gliders)
  243. best armor at level 30 and 60
  244. Lets try a simple approach to pvp.Get rid of the crap...
  245. Discord Faction and ALT characters
  246. Hourly PVP Hot Zones
  247. Att: Nagafen, lets make T9 a better pvp experience
  248. I Made A T4 1v1 PvP Video
  249. Mounts in PvP
  250. Fighting Assassins