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  1. Must be engaged in pvp combat, yeah I get it!
  2. Some pvp questions..
  3. Titles
  4. 90 FURY
  5. Extended Server not Effecting Live Servers?
  7. Lack of Interaction Stifles PvP
  8. Displaced - Exile Recruitment
  9. PvP Issues Thread
  10. Congratulations to the players in Freeport
  11. PVP - Blue Adornments - What are the most useful ??
  12. PVP cc immunes, did you change something?
  13. The /ignore command
  14. Bow Changes and PVP
  15. PVP Server
  16. OMG!
  17. PvP Items filtering?
  18. Coercer pvp Guide/tips?
  19. How can a noob compete here?
  20. PvP is in the hands of the players too
  21. Stun interrupt stifle effects not being immune in pvp
  22. PvP needs work, When most rather be a twink
  23. Who's the best?
  24. Is the grey leeching thing being addressed?
  25. Defiler Guide/Tips?
  26. PVP guild wanted Nagafen
  27. PVP Potency
  28. The Grey's in WF got to go!!!!
  29. Working as intended in pvp? (Wizzie KB DOT)
  30. What if PvP gear was damaged when you died in PvP?
  31. A couple of ideas to make life easier
  32. Bad time of day 6 AM est, but serisouly 19 FP total logged in on vox? Is it time for SOE to notice?
  33. PVE to PVP Transfers are now open?? Confirm/deny please!!
  34. [Moved] Seliri banned again?
  35. 2H Damage Rating Discrepancies
  36. Wizzies and warlocks need mitigation?????
  37. carnaged if hit red players
  38. [Moved] runaway
  39. What if Fabled PvP gear only came from Raid PvP?
  40. [Moved] Moderation
  41. Ranged flurry/ae, offhand flurry/ae
  42. Grinding up with level lock/pvp exp and the AA slider bar
  43. Any plans to fix stonewill/other procs on PVP server?
  44. PVP forums are full of life!
  45. A Final Farewell
  46. whats better? Healer wise?
  47. Two armor sets - assessment after 9 months
  48. Warfields Changes Update
  49. After eating steak
  50. What is PvP server??
  51. Nagafen different dueling rules
  52. Pvp server changes
  53. To anyone whos coming back.
  54. PVP is now ruled by PVE
  55. Detrimentals or buffs to help outnumbered side?
  56. Can anyone recomend me a very good pvp server.
  57. If you think pvp is unblanced..
  58. How did I get a hunter title again?
  59. New to EQ2 PvP
  60. Selling Loot Rights
  61. T4 exile pvp guild
  62. Fame Loss - Seriously
  63. Change Dark Voodoo Set
  64. Ranger PVP damage
  65. A noticable hack..
  66. Really, just give us FFA pvp and remove the allignment restrictions....
  67. Anti taunt potion not working
  68. GU 58 - Is PVP getting anything at all?
  69. Olihin i have a question for you
  70. That is it???
  71. Brigand question...
  72. T4 Ranger PvP Video
  73. I think PvP is fine the way it is. Kudos SOE
  74. New update, pvp changes.
  75. Pvp gear and how it should work imo.
  76. Changes to Toughness
  77. 2-Hander Damage and the Toughness Changes.
  78. Combat Breaking Too Quickly
  79. Shamans (If the change goes live) Comprehensive to the best of my ability
  80. .
  81. How Bluebies Can Help Save PVP
  82. PvP writ issues?
  83. Question on class / faction
  84. This is why Toughness is broken Olihin
  85. Whats wrong with the community lounge?!!?
  86. Test PvP feedback
  87. Getting started on nagafen - is it even possible?
  88. Random Fabled PVP Body Drops - You can't buy them !!!
  89. Everyone with a healer should cancel their account.
  90. I need to leech to survive.
  91. New Items on TEST-Copy
  92. 90 Mystic PvP Video
  93. Slip proc
  94. Warfeilds ATTN: Devs!!!!!!
  95. Token rewards:
  96. /poke
  97. Since you're nerfing cures;
  98. Question about Nagafen
  99. Titles mean everything now... didn't ya know?
  100. Can you communicate to opposite aligned players with emotes?
  102. new to server.....couple questions
  103. Shaman, the dead horse that keeps reviving
  104. Look [email protected]@~ ^ More realistic pvp battle -
  105. lvl 90 freeps complete loss of pvp skills
  106. Nice stealth nerf of PVP writs lol
  107. Developer Clarification on GU58 PVP Notes?
  108. Attacking a RED con player will now place you under Carnage.
  109. Token Transfer Eats Tokens.
  110. Token Reduction [Removed for Content]
  111. GU 58 and Frostfang pvp
  112. KP Warfields crashing
  113. The new changes to PvP...
  114. Revive Sickness
  115. New PVP Roundshields
  116. no more T2 pvp ?
  117. EL warfields are fail
  118. Invulnerable Defiler
  119. What happened to PVP in the last 4 years?
  120. Kylong Plains PvP
  121. Dear devs.. re: pvp immunity
  122. [Moved] Random Acts of Violence T4 - T5 Exile PvP Guild
  123. Sorcs post GU 58
  124. No immunity anywhere? :( please give me a transfer off. Your changing the gameplay to much
  125. Convert newly acquired bg tokens
  126. My PVP death logs
  127. GU#58: Fifteen Major Complications - Minor grammar fix & minor changes - EDITED 1-27-2011 11:16 AM
  128. Nagafen Ruled by Nonsense
  129. So if you don't want to show up for Warfields...?
  130. Dear nagafen population
  131. city festivals with no access for low lvl players?
  132. qeynos world broker?
  133. Ultimate PVP Group Setup - Post GU58
  134. One KP Tower
  135. Gnomish 6-Seater
  136. To end confusion regarding *good* healers and "qq"
  137. pvp crit mit
  138. The only issue to Qeynosians: betray to Freeport. What they do.
  139. g19
  140. Need a /warfields command
  141. The three second pvp fight has returned
  142. I know alot of people wont like this idea....
  143. exiled pvp gear
  144. PvP Writ Rewards/PvP Progression Ideas
  145. carnage flagging
  146. Carnage flag should NOT be applied if you are inside your proper WF tier
  147. Please bring back
  148. Armor Design competitions
  149. PVP Dev encouraging PVE over PVP .... does this make sense?
  150. EL wf guards
  151. Healers in pvp
  152. if nagafen's population was like the eq2x server...
  153. Where do pvp bg tokens go?
  154. 30 seconds of killing tower = fun?
  155. Suggestions for PvP (Oct 2010)
  156. really PERMA taunt and target lock
  157. Guards in the EL WF Need to be Changed
  158. How to encourage PvP at the Warfronts.
  159. Just a suggestion
  160. Everquest 2 and Ultima Online comparison
  161. New PvP Server
  162. WTT Plat
  163. What class kills assassins?
  164. Moving the location of WF's was a fail.
  165. warfield changes
  166. EL Warfield Still Needs Some Tweaking
  167. One minute is too long
  168. WF voice chat
  169. changes needed to bring back pvp
  170. Swags vs. Doesha Mara
  171. Rocknroll
  172. How does the AA Slider work in PVP?
  173. BIG PVP UPDATE............
  174. Butcherblock Immunity
  175. What we need instead of warfields?
  176. No Immunities?
  177. carnage flaged gfay
  178. Keep Warfields UP Constantly
  179. One week in Qeynos.
  180. Vox character copy to Nagafen - Feedback thread
  181. Account Cancelled... again (a letter to the PVP dev's)
  182. Why are pvp tokens given for killing NPCs?
  183. Suggestion for Warfields (help population?)
  184. Guide: How to fix pvp 'for dummies'
  185. My suggestions to Olihin, yes, or no?
  186. WF - Picture Explanation
  187. [Moved] Account Cancelled... again (a letter to the PVP dev's)
  188. Make one WF tower pls.
  189. T9 necromancer PvP video
  190. LF two players.
  191. Warfields: A Transformation
  192. You ever meet one of those guys
  193. Lame Warfields and other pvp problems
  194. LVL 90 PVP - " PONU " - People of Nagafen Unite
  195. PvP Problems and Solutions : ***ATTN Devs & PvPers***
  196. PVP Writs BEGONE!
  197. low lvl pvp toon
  198. The solution to bland War feilds
  199. OLD SCHOOL PVP - The Return - Yeah Baby !!
  200. Potency still affecting wards?
  201. PvP Balance
  202. "Tournament of Champions"
  203. Well we will have to be patient to see any PVP changes, official position from Olihin
  204. [Moved] 7yr Vet 62 Zerker/90 Armorer w/ mount on Vox SE
  205. The new pvp changes will be...
  206. QQ'ing about PvP
  207. Displaced Currently Recruiting
  208. Displaced Looking For 6v6 or Any Fight
  209. Mob Squad Recruiting - Nagafen
  211. The Real How to Fix PvP ( its the Players not the game )
  212. Carnaging entire zones = a really bad idea
  213. Do toughness & PVP Crit Mit help in Duels on PvE servers?
  214. att: pvp-dev and players with long and complex ideas as of how to fix pvp
  215. LF unkillable pvp healer.
  216. Is there a better race choice for pvp healing?
  217. Stop greys from attacking reds!
  218. scouts and heal crits
  219. idea for warfields
  220. Transfer from pvp to pve
  221. Mentored Toons need to be carnage flagged!
  222. PvP mentality ?
  223. EQ2 CLient Crashing..
  224. No Duels on Nagafen
  225. Cure petition / feedback
  226. Suggestion on Current Warfields
  227. Carnage flagging borked.
  228. Fettering Poison
  229. What adorns to use at 60?
  230. Talk about fame =)
  231. I thought you said there was no PVP ?
  232. REMOVED Research Assistance?
  233. Idea for Warfields
  234. [Moved] Goodbye ppl!
  235. Cure pots
  236. Just do it already Devs.
  237. Stuck Character Please help!
  238. AFK - How long without being Killed.....?
  239. PvP Critmit
  240. What's the plan with...
  241. Voting AFK when PADDING STATS
  242. Antonica was a blast this weekend. Lets continue it this week.
  243. Bruiser 2h or 1h's for pvp
  244. Working as intended? pull the other one
  245. The Myth of Freeport Dominance and the End to Battlegrounds
  246. pvp gear is not the best for pvping
  247. I am Freeblood, can you Master strike me?
  248. Couple ability question with pvp
  249. Totally lost
  250. Swashys and Brigs compared to Sins and Rangers at 90 PVP?