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  1. is this true?
  2. Go forth and ....
  3. Sinking Sand
  4. PvP without Crit Mit...[Removed for Content] were you thinking?
  5. Fansite Restructure Focusing on PVP, Staff Needed!
  7. Pet spells
  8. Separate armors- is this what the players want? Vote
  9. Get rid of rewards, and fix PVP
  11. PVP Inventory slots.
  12. Solution to pvp gear on pvp servers
  13. pve with (openworld pvp + battlegrounds) OR (pve + openworld pvp) with battlegrounds
  15. PVP Armor Solution.
  16. Very easy way to fix zerg
  17. PVP crit bonus cap
  18. So now we go BACK to all the raiders being the best in PvP
  19. Requesting free transfers from Nagafen to Blue servers!
  20. Test Copy Tease? What gives
  21. Broker-Be-Gone?
  22. Waiting a while for expansion... anyone else?
  23. Devs could you please post the chain of mitigation/checks when attacks happen?
  24. BGs for lower end Players?
  26. assassin pvp damage
  27. Conj's Elemental Blast
  28. I'm glad we got a PvP test/beta server!
  29. Battlegrounds Not Available?
  30. Do need the expac to get into the BGs?
  31. formula for ability mods
  32. What is wrong with this picture?
  33. Evac Broken
  34. Ranger mythical change
  35. Resists... what happened?
  36. Fettering poison again...
  37. Grats on doing a "bad" pvp class even worse.
  38. Resists not mitigating?
  39. A noobs guide to PVP on Nagafen (written by a noob)
  40. Reds jumping in
  41. ok soooo TBH
  42. Nagafen
  43. Auto attack damage problem in PVP
  44. New player to the game, playing on the pvp server nagafen (sp?) with a couple of newbie questions.
  45. AA pot for 80+?
  46. How do we tell if some one is friend or foe?
  47. Godspells in PVE on a PVP server... disabled?
  48. Paineel
  49. Olihin fix your game: IT IS BROKEN
  50. Words of a suffocating Norrathian
  51. Cliff Diving
  52. Christ sakes, fix pvp already!
  53. A bit tired of...
  54. Incoming BG and PvP Changes
  55. Is Naggy down?
  56. Are sorcerers out of control!?
  57. Tribunal Cloak
  58. Raiding with a Ranger since the Xpac
  59. Battlegrounds ?!?!
  60. Some sort of De-targetting Bug or...??
  61. one shotting green wizzys ?
  62. Not a Friend
  63. Kerran- Feral Rage
  64. Well, you got the pvp gear half right....
  65. Status for PvP combat fix?
  66. Rangers and PvP
  67. Just a Point
  68. Ok, We'll try again...
  69. Time compression dispute...
  70. [Moved] DCing while in a BG
  71. Been trying to log into Naggy for hours now ??
  72. Hey NAGAFEN IS DOWN... anyone got a GMs phone number to call?
  73. Overall view of Nagafen in the lower tiers
  74. No updates in open world pvp??!!?!?!?
  75. Well, /copy WoW /paste EQ2
  76. [Moved] Now that outright resists will be going to Stamina how about...
  77. [Moved] BGs
  78. Dirge or Brigand?
  79. 1/10 not giving a writ kill update
  80. Batlegrounds down just for Vox as of 3:30 AM EST? Or for everyone?
  81. Zone Crashed and Stuck Outside of Game
  82. [Moved] 1 thing required to add to battlegrounds
  83. [Moved] Either Drop Nagafen from BGs or NERF THEIR PROC GEAR
  84. Blurred vision
  85. New bug in pvp and it seems pve also
  86. GG with the pvp change soe
  87. Current PVP bugs and errors - report here and /bug in game!
  88. Bug: Magic Resists are broken
  89. Open pvp.
  91. Mentored in PVP
  92. Combat
  93. Knockbacks.
  94. Not getting open world pvp updates ?
  95. BROKEN PVP...dead horse?
  96. gimped again
  97. Instead of Fixing BGs
  98. Not a friend issue
  99. Caps
  100. Queueing up BG
  101. PvP & BG Jewelry
  102. Open pvp [Removed for Content]
  103. Please Fix Wizards
  104. When Blue and Red worlds collide
  105. Good old oneshots, gotta love em!
  106. BG - Dreadnaught Choker
  107. Damage in PVP
  108. Why is openworld pvp gear and BG gear the same?
  109. What happened to Olihin?
  110. Post GU55 Bugs
  111. [Moved] BG Gear Appearance
  112. A Fair Request
  113. Trading in obsolete PvP gear possible?
  114. PvP encounter system
  115. Fail to inflict any damage...
  116. Rules :)
  117. Effects that can only be obtained on PVP Servers will no longer work in Battlegrounds
  118. Another day, another hotfix that doesn't fix at least T5 pvp gear and below being adornable
  119. SOE = Toyota? Will there be a recall of the SF disk?
  120. Slider bar
  121. hard time understanding
  122. Nagafen bugged?
  123. [Moved] I'm sorry but...
  124. Sentinels Fate... How Do YOU Rate the Latest X-Pac
  125. Now there is Bg add to naggy...
  126. Inquisition
  127. Is parry busted? contested ?
  128. Doom judgement
  129. Broken PvP Mechanics - imbalances out of hand
  130. Any chance of these ever being fixed???
  131. Squashed like a bug!!!
  132. Preserve the PVP servers
  133. Can't decide between a Swash or Brigand need help please.
  134. I suck at PVP
  135. Spell Resist Changes currently being tested
  136. PvP devs fix sorc Magi's Shielding AA enhancement! Old bug 4 yrs ago back!
  137. Is there a way to turn experience COMPLETELY off in Eq2
  138. Yellow adornments on pvp armor.
  139. Anyone looking at melee damage in pvp?
  140. Stun immunity
  141. PVP Ideas!
  142. what happen to this game
  143. pvp experience is too high.
  144. lots of procs in pvp seem to not function as before
  145. Open letter to SoE re: EQ2 on the Nagafen Server and PvP, post expansion
  146. Why is BG token gear the same as PVP token gear ???
  147. So what is it with stuns/stifles/mez?
  148. Teir 6 Swash PvP Video (Sora)
  149. PvP Armor-specific Red Adornments
  150. Melee imbalance
  151. Dirge PvP - Anyone competitive?
  152. People should stop complaining about class' abilities
  153. Low Level Battlegrounds?
  154. Any update on spell resists yet?
  155. Vasty Deep is down on Nagafen
  156. BG hacks?
  157. PvP Healer question.
  158. PvP Resist fixes are up on Test-Copy!
  159. OMG - Sony Devs?
  160. Of all things...
  161. PVP Update !!!
  162. I think it would be fun if...
  163. 3 Man PVP Class/Craft Combo Assistance
  164. Everquest 2. Obvious Observations and the state of the game.
  165. Question about kill credit.
  166. 4-1-10 @ 6pm PST .. Location TEST SERVER ... agenda... Testing Resist Changes
  167. Potions
  168. overpowered mounts in low lvl pvp
  169. Not doing any damage in PvP
  170. Solo T9 Mystic PvP Video
  171. Any plans to scale back deathsaves?
  172. Please fix Wizard/Warlock mitigation/Def. Screenshots included
  173. Please implement the PVP ruleset to Battlegrounds
  174. Fury in PvP
  175. Level Locking
  176. Proc gear. Please have a look at it.
  177. I dont understand BG Token gear. Can someone explain?
  178. Nagafen going blue
  179. HASHI T9 pvp movie
  180. Please revert PVP back to Crit mit,rather than toughness.
  181. Leaving on a jet plane! Pvp is broken!
  182. Trying to decide between Sk/Dirge/Troub
  183. SoE explain to us how BG picks its players!
  184. Another Patch...
  185. Cross Server "tells" on Nagafen/Vox request
  186. Potions... another appeal..
  187. Predators Final trick + PvE Template CAs = BROKEN
  188. How to fix mid-tier pvp (t3-t7) in ss.
  189. Best Grp PvP set-ups!
  190. AA Slider beyond 50%?
  191. Question about troubador AA lines.
  192. I'll wait
  193. [Moved] Fix PvP
  194. Question on PVP Gear (Lowbies)
  195. 12 discord tokens for the 200 point ward?
  196. What healer class would be my best choice on nagagen evil
  197. Brigand or Swash?
  198. Re-Fix Summoner(And possibly Enchanter) Damage in PVP.
  199. Was damage output from sorcerers the real problem? Lets be honest Its the rediculous survivability.
  200. lolz resists
  201. Hashi Exile movie
  202. T9 Spell Damage
  203. A solution to the overnerfed spell damage... possibly.
  204. GU56 Changes and You!
  205. Recent Wizard Nerf
  206. Nagafen's terrible server performance
  207. Need assistance figuring something out
  208. PvP was way better before the damage change (QQ here)
  209. BG's killed this game for me. Cya on the flip side.
  210. Brigands in PvP and other classes
  211. Resist changes (not a QQ, just observation)
  212. Nagafen lvl 40-50 pvp is where?
  213. Question
  214. Flavor of the Month
  215. Battle Dressing
  216. GU56 changes... didn't fights already take long enough?
  217. lvl 90 pvp [Removed for Content]
  218. Why are we not able to defend ourselves if we are attacked while mentored?
  219. Tokens, tokens TOKENS
  220. token change bad idea
  221. Magical mitigation should be limited by armor-type in pvp.
  222. The Antonica and Commonlands zones have been CHANGED to 10 level ranges from 4 to allow a wider rang
  223. Mentle Breach + 10000 heal items
  224. Pumice Stone Cost Redonkulous
  225. Battleground Leechers
  226. Who's The [Person]...
  227. Debuffs in pvp (coercers, etc)
  228. Conjuror or Illusionist for casual solo player on pvp server?
  229. Taunts In PvP!
  230. Does anyone remember...
  231. Bring back the Infamy system with GU 56
  232. 5 set pvp reflect.
  233. Changes to the RoK pvp items
  234. Devs: Easy update to bring life to PVP
  235. So the new BG armor will be better than our current available open pvp gear?
  236. T2 twinked swash
  237. Can't Heal yourself when taunted???
  238. GU 56 Lvl Locking!
  239. TEST-Copy with GU56
  240. Multiple armor sets in a mixed environment doesn't work
  241. this might be a reposted idea, but on open world pvp revitalization..
  242. Bounty Hunter Idea!
  243. Old, Old pvp tokens that can not be converted.
  244. Ranger Auto attack as intended?
  245. Pve/PvP seperation and BGs, is an easy fix...
  246. Taunts + target clear (feign death)
  247. Buying PvE Gear..and a ?
  248. Fame Discussion!
  249. Heal procs on BG gear don't work as the description says.
  250. Fix SK's Pre t9