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  1. Exp from PvP - please reduce it
  2. The correct way to have more pvp
  3. Pvp video, level 80
  4. Resists in PvP
  5. Farewell PvP
  6. PvP Armour. What do you want on yours?
  7. 80pally pvp video
  8. Explain AA Runs
  9. Duplicate post for some reason, please delete
  10. The Reasons why TSO ruined PVP. Devs please read this....
  11. The Reasons why XXXX ruined PVP. Devs please DONT read this....
  12. Hmmm
  13. An EQ2 noob's PVP confusion
  14. Transition from PvE to PvP.
  15. Want my hunter title gone.
  16. dirge myth
  17. so titles are meaningless eh???
  18. buying stuff from Gorowyn, from qeynos or kelethin
  19. 52 Monk
  20. sk part deux
  21. Good Vs Evil.
  22. Nerf Kiara!
  23. Let's revisit the current ruleset, the merger, and give new ideas, possibly a new server ruleset
  25. So how do we balance you class?
  26. PVP VIDEO numero uno
  27. Ring of Readiness in PvP
  28. Allow pvp in guild halls/houses
  29. SK's OP ??????
  30. so I'm confused...
  31. An absolute fix to greys attacking reds
  32. Starting out on pvp....
  33. PVP Server Merge
  34. t8 illusionist pvp video
  35. Who decides???
  36. You have reached level 10! Loading...please wait.
  37. pvp and pve duo
  38. Thanks for the Love SOE...
  39. Needs to be looked into
  40. PVP rewards system
  41. Recent list needs a revamp
  42. why do so many use the Lavazerg Arena and the KP Battleground?
  43. Resist's
  44. Remove CHARM From PVP for the sake of everything plz
  45. Damage procs
  46. Sony Vegas.
  47. GU 52 Is Upon Us....
  48. Only one change for PvP?
  49. so have the prices of HT masters gone down yet?
  50. nagafen down???
  51. Combat Vitality and PvP experience
  52. T8 pro necro video (Koppar).
  53. A few questions for you...
  54. Defensive target in pvp problem
  55. New Bug in PvP? "Target is not alive."
  56. Brimestar Productions...New Release
  57. PVP Weekend?
  58. Combat Arts and PvP damage ratings
  59. Level Locking
  60. Reactive bug
  61. Crashing more since GU52
  62. please help a frustrated return player
  63. PvP... a new idea?
  64. Is VOX dead?
  65. Balance between critical damage and critical heals in PVP
  66. New newblet zone / race for Q's?
  67. Inquisition still broken in PVP as of 6/25
  68. How badly is lvl cap being raised going to affect PvP
  69. We have mirrors, why not...?
  70. Best partner for a troub in pvp?
  71. merger
  72. Idea for Contested Mobs on PvP Servers
  73. PVP with new expansion
  74. Auto Mentoring
  75. its about time
  76. PVP Rule set for the arena
  77. Old system pvp
  78. mez and charm needs to break (%)
  79. Running
  80. Refundable tokens and status
  81. class picking help!
  82. Interesting thought I had...
  83. Catch up or start over
  84. Crusaders - Bring them down or warriors UP
  85. Interesting Thought I Had~
  87. Charm lasts 8 Min
  88. KP revive
  89. Will Nagafen players have to pack up inn rooms and shared slots for the merger?
  90. Maj'Dul: Greatest City Ever tbh
  91. Level Locking Life
  92. What level will you lock?
  93. Current State of Contested Mob based PVP
  94. reasons why t8 pvp is terrible
  95. Remove PVP writs.
  96. Need Character help still
  97. grays and reds
  98. wouldn't it be interesting...
  99. Who would win?
  100. Want to make a DE pally on FP side..
  101. did someone break the pvp forumz?
  102. Some starter questions ?
  103. Unbalanced PVP at tier 8 - a six year old could play their alts
  104. Can we have a round of applause please?!
  105. Transfer Tokens
  106. have things got worse or better for pvp in last 6 months
  107. WTB penalty for dying, k thanx
  108. Let's try something new!
  109. Ultimate 3 box with a 4th and 5th wheel
  110. Scourge
  111. Charm breaks Featherfall
  112. Sooo mistar PvP Dev guy SIR!
  113. Wizard or warlock at T3
  114. Necro's in PvP.
  115. Easiest healer
  116. Inquisitor inqusition
  117. You absolutely must look at this post... holly crap.
  118. New to pvp need Troub and warden advice
  119. Crafting on a PVP server
  120. Finish The Kill...No Excuses
  121. AA max
  122. booom
  123. Ahoy!
  124. Hierloom t8 Void Tokens
  125. While You're Looking at Rez Points on the KP Docks...
  126. MORE Zerging prob comming soon
  127. Duels?
  128. Suggestions for pvp
  129. PvP suggestions (not a "nerf class thread" Kiara)
  130. Enough with the SK's this its starting to get insane
  131. Brigand attack shenanigans
  132. If a grey attacks a red con player
  133. Fame Decay In-Game?
  134. Ranger or Assassin Which is better/why
  135. Warlock Video
  136. Inquisitor Question
  137. Any Guilds Recruiting?
  138. What does it mean to be a PvP'er?
  139. Crashing when killing someone
  140. PVP Fix PLZ
  141. How many petitions and feedbacks does it take?
  142. For the love of all that's holy fix this!
  143. Arena stinks, dueling same faction wherever
  144. EQ1 Rogue
  145. level locking shot down
  146. Returning Player, starting new again. Having trouble with class choice...
  147. A few Brigand questions regarding PVP
  148. enough with the chat spam to make you cant see target
  149. 58 SK needs an advice on how to fight bards
  150. not just locked, deleted
  151. Locked threads
  152. PvP gear
  153. SS capert in DLW
  154. PvP Server Merge FAQ and Information - Updated
  155. Merge date set (probably)
  156. Wizard solo PVP video
  157. Naggy Lag
  158. Healer vs Healer?
  159. Auto-mentoring and PVP
  160. Healer killing class
  162. Achievement System & PvP
  163. ever since level locking was shot down...
  164. Going down hill?
  165. I think I found another reason why Nagafen is lagging.
  166. my last thread wasn't even about level locking...
  167. How are the classes?
  168. new racial changes INCOMING!!
  169. Druid1 or Druid2?
  170. Resists?
  171. PVP Zone bug in Island of Mara needs FIX
  172. Adornments and PVP stats - BUGGED or not?
  173. Gear
  174. Azrahael II
  175. PvP Uniqueness Fails
  176. nagafen down for anyone else?
  177. To kill a Mage?
  178. Arieneth Presents: Tyrants (a PvP video)
  179. GU53 notes on test
  180. 'Revamped' PvP gear...
  181. Changes for GU53
  182. I have a crazy idea!
  183. Entertainment
  184. Best Tier 8 Tank?
  185. Pally PvP gear mistakes.
  186. SS docks...
  187. Pvp Test server
  188. Venekor Server Population trippled overnight. Merge Cancelled.
  189. The Official Cash Money Recruiting Film (PvP Video)
  190. More kills on PVP writs for more tokens....
  191. Priest of Discord...on Test
  192. Evil Wizzy race?
  193. A fix for charm please (no, not that issue, a different one)
  194. Too much avoidance for T8 tanks?
  195. Taunt lock and heals.
  196. Crit mit reduction a bit extreme.
  197. Implement pve- pvp transfers!
  198. Dirge nerf solution - Ohlin please read.
  199. Switching class while staying in Freeport?
  200. OWNED!
  201. Duels On PvP Servers?
  203. Shackles of the Protector - RoK PvP Item request
  204. How to counter power drains without raid gear. Effective in PvP, and PvE, even for raiders.
  205. Anyone having problems with the Research Assistant?
  206. Venekor/Nagafen Merge
  207. I think we need a little bit of humor today.
  208. Another nerf thread!
  209. Yet another Nerf thread!! Even more important!
  210. Pvp tokens with the next update!
  211. Bruising
  212. Nerf nerfing
  213. Naggy Zones down?
  214. September 22nd Update
  215. Toxic Backlash fixed ?
  216. Just thought I'd share...
  217. How long downtime?
  218. Change that needs to be made Now! (pvp tokens)
  219. PVP Tokens
  220. Priests of Discord
  221. racial tracking?
  222. PVP gear - what's the deal?
  223. GU 53 PVP Feedback
  224. Naggy Issues...
  225. Crusaders tso pvp armour set's
  226. Radiance, Censor of Protection
  227. Another question to Olihin
  228. Defiler pvp set.
  229. Good job pvp devs atleast your trying to bring PVP balance
  230. PVP zone
  231. Exiles soon to be no more... mark the words spoken here...
  232. Pvp trio
  233. Remove the Writ Givers
  234. Change for better quality
  235. Fame is dead, long live fame?
  236. Teran's Grasp Spawn Location
  237. New PVP dev worse than having no pvp dev?
  238. Solution to the 3rd faction issue
  239. Buying Low lvl pvp Gear at High level?
  240. Chronomage Bug
  241. New to PvP
  242. PvP gear (low level) what in the world!
  243. Some suggestions for PvP gear.
  244. idea to allow mentors to pvp at any tier
  245. Thank you for the PVP updates, please read my 1 suggestion.
  246. Self Mentoring
  247. Slowed is back! Pvp video.
  248. Mentoring and you
  249. PVP jewelery fro tanks
  250. Any update on the hardware/J9 upgrade?