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  1. So um in this update anything happeneing to rangers?
  2. TSO stinks the pvp version and why LU 51 will make it worse
  3. gu-51 questions and hope answer's
  4. PVP Critical Mitigation (Critigation)
  5. returning, have some questions
  6. To Freeps: No you didn't "pwn" someone when your raid kills them solo
  7. Killa Kal got a question for you?
  8. Betrayal quest and staying the same class
  9. Why play tank in PvP after GU51?
  10. video>Darkmantis
  11. Defiler - Bane Warding - Questions...
  12. Killque 300 / PVP Video - Highly rated thus far....
  13. Illy pvp video
  14. PvP suggestions.
  15. new to pvp advice!
  17. Is there ever any non-ridiculous PvP at lower levels?
  18. Bard or Dirge for PVP?
  19. Another trash lowbie pvp video!
  20. What is wrong qeynos?
  21. Large Guild hall for arena pvp
  22. Why play anything but a scout at 80?
  23. T8 Troubador pvp video.
  24. Server Lag
  25. PVP Rules and Regulations
  26. Inquisition still broken in PVP
  27. Suggestion: World Duel server with encounter locking
  28. New to PVP.. choosing a class
  29. coming back... question to helpful & experienced t8 pvp'ers
  30. PVP monks
  31. SK's are underpowered
  32. Improve Defiler PVP gear
  33. Any plan to upgrade PVP gear with GU51?
  34. Open up the instances
  35. Assassins in t8
  36. request from a summoner who wants to enjoy pvping again...
  37. WoW
  38. PvP Gear Needs Attention
  39. pvp xp
  40. help =/
  41. T2 necro video - nothing extra
  42. Returning player, need some advice
  43. Need help regarding pvp server :(
  44. Quick question about Spell Chuckers and Nagafen/PVP
  45. Exile on PvP
  46. BUG with immunity/carnage flag.
  47. The New Choker
  48. Dear SoE
  49. Twinked
  50. Need Mystic Advice *badly*
  51. thing that needs to be changed
  52. Betrayal, yes again!
  53. New to the game- PVP server Questions -
  54. Dear Guild Leaders
  55. Couple priest questions
  56. another
  57. Fame and Kill streaks, giving them purpose. Heres how
  58. Server Population
  59. A choice for a good class for grp pvp....
  60. a short t8 necro video
  61. Assassin's and PvP
  62. Resists
  63. T8 Necro PvP video, Volume 4.
  64. T7 Necro. PvP Vid. -Combat as well as Cinematics
  65. Nagafen T8 Assassin PVP Video
  66. Denyo VS DoC [PVP VIDEO]
  67. Today Kalene will b layed to rest... Thanks SOE for giving me the proper burial with a toychest
  68. Most Cash off of PvP kills
  69. Bruiser, Brigand, or Assasin for pvp. which one would you pick and why?
  70. Group heals in PvP. Balance needed.
  71. Why is there no /duel
  72. Any Inquisitors wish to share solo PVP heal parse.
  73. Eq2 PvP
  74. Why does (insert stupid item) put me into combat?
  75. PvP - Newbie Question(s)
  76. brig skills
  77. Understanding why players cheat in video-games
  78. Bug: Switching armor with set bonus putting you into combat
  79. Aight
  80. Zerker or SK which one is more viable in overall pvp
  81. upgraded pve gear
  82. Diety
  83. Still looking into the issue?
  84. PvP: Group writs vs. Solo writs
  85. Just starting out! What to roll!?!?!
  86. from Venekor to Nagafen
  87. Needed Duo - thats not going to take 1 year to level.....
  88. Should PvP be a switchable option on Normal Servers?
  89. Length of pvp fights (t2 vs t8)
  90. Joining PvP scenarios
  91. The best healer pvp
  92. bug: target out of range
  93. /cheer
  94. Necro vs Assassin (noob question)
  95. PvE Gear vs PvP Gear. My take on the situation.
  96. Help me understand PVP crit mit!
  97. Uh... automated pvp?
  98. Ranking of Strongest to Weakest classes in PVP
  99. I guess this is all the info we get?
  100. new fame system - clarification needed
  101. Nagafen class populations
  102. Anyone else not gaining infamy?
  103. Best Pvp Trio (noobish)
  104. Spellshield putting you into pvp combat
  105. New [BUG] with GU51 PvP
  106. Thank you Sony, EVERYONE IS FIGHTING!!
  107. Are you kidding me with the zoning lag?
  108. About Respect
  109. Fame Decaying While Offline.
  110. Haste on PVP gloves
  111. TSO Ranger PVP Legs Nerfed to Hell, thanks SoE
  112. Coercer Link buff bugged for PvP
  113. there has to be a risk in pvp...
  114. POLL: new vs old pvp-system
  115. Fame Decay While Offline - Working as intended? Dev response pls
  116. 5 Minutes
  117. PvP Titles
  119. Another take on an already tiresome concept
  120. Rewarding NOT GETTING KILLED!
  121. PVP Merchants in the cities
  122. Comprimise between both fame systems.
  123. funny one
  124. Please fix...
  125. PVP is Ruined - NO Fame Loss Means NO Fun or Challenge
  128. Dear Qeynos and Freeport - Token farming
  129. To respect or not to respect ... that's the question
  130. Just Decaying away...........
  131. KEEP the new fame system!
  132. PvP needs to just go away
  133. thank you! people are still evacing/running
  134. Whats the new pvp title?
  135. PvP Teaser...
  136. Your thoughts
  137. It is better to lose.
  138. PvP (Enchanter specific) - but yeh in general
  139. More great pvp vids
  140. PVP Armor (in general)
  141. Lamest LU for pvp yet
  142. No Fame for Killing Destroyers (I'm Champion) SOE PLEASE FIX THIS!
  143. Changes you would like to see...
  144. Solo Shard Quest and PVP...
  145. what do you think are the most UNDERRATED classes for pvp?
  146. Are Illusionists supposed to do this much damage?
  147. PvP seems a little boring now.........
  148. Now that all factions have access to all classes.
  149. Infamy progress bar please!
  150. where to pvp
  151. Pvp to Pve server transfer
  152. Ganking for fame
  153. Peaceful Link - Coercer spell is still broken
  154. PvP AA Mirror.
  155. LS PVP
  156. Coping 101: The new EQ2 PvP and YOU
  157. Rumor prolly bs like most
  158. Can't post in threads
  159. Coercer VS Troubador
  160. Fame Reset Feature
  161. Improvement to the writs proposal
  162. Derank the Exiles to Save the Game
  163. Divide and Conquer/ANY TAUNT LOCK + FD is sooo broken for pvp
  164. Summoner PVP gear rewards
  165. New Release From Brimestar Productions
  166. Deleted pvp writ, cant get anymore
  167. EQ2 IS DEAD
  168. Yet Another Thread Begging SOE to Answer Server Pop
  169. SOE: Easy LS PvP Fix
  170. New PVP video
  171. Why cant we all get this?
  172. Venekor Options
  173. Headline News!!!
  174. What's the point?
  175. bruiser pvp
  176. not all deagro spells grant target drop?
  177. New trick what people do... just a warning
  178. T7 heroic gear
  179. Quellious Shield of the Tranquil
  180. Invisible death in Lavastorm - Ebola?
  181. Inquisitor videos?
  183. Population on Venekor, when comes the fix?
  184. Bug
  185. not getting credit for a kill but they go on recent?
  186. For the love of God in heaven
  187. Fame decay? how does it work?
  188. Buff pvp Gear
  189. Best soloer for casual player?
  190. Zerkers in pvp
  191. ShadowKnights
  192. the current populations (or lack there of) response to Kiara
  193. Greater Bane Warding
  194. Want the Truth? You cant handle the Truth Venekor!
  195. Being ganked while pulling a contested
  196. PvP Rule Sets (Need help Defining)
  197. which is faster when dealing with combat and quest locking or just runnin to 80
  198. Quite a feat
  199. GM's Making Onyx immune from PVP damage when pulling Avatars
  200. Recent Shadowknight changes
  201. First
  202. PvP: getting duller by the day
  203. Noob class question?
  204. PvP Ranger setup?
  205. Shenanigans (Brigand) bugged.
  206. pvp video from Arivath
  207. pvp video
  208. how do berserkers do in pvp?
  209. SOE, are you up there? People are leaving...
  210. Server Merge
  211. Bravooooo!!!!! Merge Finally
  212. Weird Qeynos Harbor Crash
  213. Now that 1 problem is solved....
  214. A funny assassin story
  215. Vision Totem of the Owl Question
  216. PvP Ruleset Changes - The good and the bad, what is your take?
  217. is voice a mandatory thing now?
  218. Troubador pvp video Slowed of Nagafen!
  219. power regeneration
  220. How to make PVP in EQ2 fun.
  221. Melee range in pvp too short
  222. PVP set up and CA order for solo Brig..
  223. Challenge for the pvp comunity
  224. why??
  225. Slowed 80 Troubador Nagafen pvp video!
  226. Simple question;
  227. DEVS: TSO PvP Class Specific Armor Sets could use some love!
  228. Now that we are merging...
  229. Hello
  230. Was AWAY from PVP for awhile...
  231. Warden or Fury + PVP Newb questions
  232. Help explain stealth/invisible see stealth see invis Tracking
  233. Denyo Nagafen PVP 2 [PVP VIDEO]
  234. Bane Warding nerfed
  235. Casting skills- how much is enough?
  236. You've been entered into combat by...
  237. Rerolling from PVE to PVP, a few questions
  238. cant believe i saw him...........
  239. A suggestion to the dev's to add a choice to pvp or not pvp using a checked option box
  240. Resurrect effects vs Revive effects - Lets differentiate the two in pvp
  241. Toxic Backlash still broken in PvP.
  242. NEW: PvP only AA system
  243. ~What do you guys think about my pvp Vids?~
  244. Best 2-handed wielding pvp class?
  245. Best class to fill this 24/7 group?
  246. You KNow whats funny,,,,,
  247. Mentoring in Contested Zones
  248. The Problem
  249. SKs are not finished
  250. Video - T4 Necro PVP vs T5-T8