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  1. pvp after the T2 madness
  2. scouts that run you over for "no" reason
  3. can we bring back level locking at a higher range?
  4. grouped bug ?
  5. Troub PvP Duo?
  6. I Pity the T8 ostritches
  7. Han's New Deal
  8. Can No Trade items be dropped in pvp?
  9. Omitted Content on PVP servers
  10. Thinking about trying PvP once again.
  11. When you start getting pwned in group pvp try this awesome strat!
  12. Fun Multi-tier PVP is the answer
  13. Not how I would have done it
  14. Odd question
  15. Why Ruin Class Uniqueness
  16. New Player Seeks Class Input
  17. Titles make the world go round
  18. Recent Test Updates -Request
  19. Another new PVP player, class advise Q--
  20. My First Day On Nagafen
  21. Couple Questions, From A PvP n00blet
  22. Looking for some class advice
  23. Troubador - PVP stats
  24. need a good 3 man group pvp set up
  25. Inquisition.../sigh
  27. T8 Pvp Gear
  28. A suggestion for non-Melee survivability
  29. Level 80 class balance
  30. T5 pvp
  31. heroic bug
  32. Greys kill u and get fame? u kill them and u dont?
  33. Solusek's Soothing Touch
  34. [Moved] Legends of Norrath and YOU
  35. Merge?
  36. Can we finally get explanation why we can't have all classes?
  37. here ill make it easy
  38. please [insert class here]
  39. So, how is the PvP these days?
  40. Necros are underated
  42. Help in choosing an exile raiding class please
  43. Got any PvP related concerns or questions about GU47?
  44. Assassin or Wiz?
  45. STACK Group
  46. pvp duo classes
  47. Simple changes we can all agree with
  48. Anyone know?
  49. Update 47 - updated gear
  50. An Interesting Change
  51. panzie runners win again
  52. Reach
  53. Idea for PvP Ranks...
  54. Priest class question
  55. Scout foil?
  56. The Last of Slowed. Troub pvp vid.
  57. pvp mentoring
  58. Proposal for Reinstitution of PVP Mentoring
  59. Charm and Evac - DEVS PLEASE SORT THIS
  60. Desisions Desisions
  61. Monk PvP Vid
  62. DEVS: Why are rangers so OP and not being looked at?
  63. T8 Assassin/Ranger PvP Video
  64. [Removed for Content] was I thinking...
  65. Am I putting too much emphasis on Mastercrafted gear?
  66. Dirge and ...?
  67. Rant/Venting.
  68. Evil side is evil!
  69. Another Brimestar PvP Video
  70. Leeching Greys
  71. Mystic Solo PvP Video
  72. EverQuest 2 PvP Gameplay Issues
  73. Can you please stop this, its kinda sad.
  74. my first duels with my inq
  75. Grats Purity!
  76. Bruiser Exploit, Why is this allowed?
  77. Exploit or what!
  78. Exploit or what!
  79. Every Class available on BOTH sides? Is this True?
  80. Does the Overlord title exist on live pvp servers?
  81. Ranger PvP Video :)
  82. The Shadow Odyssey & PvP
  83. Proposal for Reinstitution of PVP Mentoring ( Revised )
  84. PVP just gets old
  85. All classes confirmed?
  86. Location of the PvP writ giver in Innothule Swamp
  87. If faction was not a deciding factor...
  88. Thread AGAINST all classes
  89. T8 Neco pvp vid, maybe the first one.
  90. The class change needs to be more than just Classes for all Factions
  91. Do any exile guilds still sell the Myth updates?
  92. Will the prodigal sons/daughters of Lucan and Bayle return home?
  93. EQ 2 PVP
  94. Should Venekor be excluded from allowing all classes in all cities?
  95. All for one item?
  96. Farewell for now, my friends.
  97. Question on opposing city class mechanics.
  98. WHAT about the Lore?? =(
  99. Proposal for the changes upcoming in LU 48
  100. Why have pvp servers only been down?
  101. Trading 80 Swashbuckler/Brigand for......
  102. Yige, Nagafen's Brigand
  103. Guild Vs Guild - Guild Hall PvP !!
  104. guild halls?
  105. Master I Amnesty for exiles.
  106. @Devs; Idea from a new player
  107. Couple of Wizard PVP Videos
  108. The carpet to Sinking Sands in Butcherblock has been removed
  109. How the guild Strategist will forever change the face of PvP
  110. PVP has truly gone to hell
  111. Betraying to Qeynos from... Qeynos?
  112. Contested X4s on PVP servers need some kind of change.
  113. PVP rule change: You should not lose masters unless you change classes going from one city to next.
  114. PvP Video
  115. Inquisitors--->Templars???
  116. More PVP
  117. ? on the class/coming into a city PLZ Dev
  118. Revive Point issues for both sides.
  119. new change...we need compensation
  120. Wow did they [Removed for Content] the caster's in rok
  121. Solo Ranger PvP Video
  122. Solo PvP instances - Real Player vs Player
  123. Data Analysis of Classes in PVP
  125. 50% health threshold - again - request for a fix
  126. The expansion and the geography of PvP
  127. Mentoring and PVP
  128. PvP is Balanced
  129. An idea for the end of the respawn zerg?
  130. New Necro pvp video.
  131. Whoo-Hoo! Starting to get good at pvp
  132. Zero risk situations...
  133. PLEASE PLEASE....A logical explanation of Mana Shield
  134. And we aren't even mythical
  135. Fix evac please
  136. No update ftl.
  137. anyone know how the classes in both city thing will work?
  138. Offical word plz, exiles guilds and T3 guild halls on pvp servers
  139. Just throwing some ideas out there... (PvP gear/tokens)
  140. Keep spells if chaning city?
  141. GU 48 is LIVE
  142. Take safehouse out of the game completely, or fix it.
  143. New betrayal
  144. Uh.. new kp revive point for Freeport?
  145. When will Exiles get PVP Armor?
  146. Time to bring back PVP locks
  147. Controversial, Opinionated, Inspiring?...
  148. Just a quick "lulz"
  149. A good look at manashield
  150. exile's and pushign recent
  151. TD carnage/immunity needs to be changed.
  152. Returning to PVP, few questions.
  153. Fix the revive spots in KP, SOE you moved the wrong one!
  154. Drag
  155. Finding the class for me
  156. Q's - Frps...There is NO difference
  157. Newbie's Guide To Gankafen
  158. Brigand, pvp video
  159. Suggestion of a slight change.
  160. Discuss issues with Brigands in PVP here
  161. I am not a necro and I am offended by your accusations
  162. Can our token system please get looked at again?!
  163. Hey - I want to nerf something OTHER than just brigands!
  164. Newb Betraying Questions
  165. Koppar.... gone
  166. Good Cities - Evil toons
  167. Betraying on PVP
  168. Betrayal post class/city req change
  169. Getting a warning on your account for pvp?
  170. Paladin Wrath AA line
  171. Allow /duels on PvP servers!~
  172. Those crazy Czech's finally did it.
  173. Some questions from a PvP newb :)
  174. New PvP Armor in TSO ?
  175. Pallies vs SKs?
  176. Conjuring in pvp
  177. Next GU - We're gonna lvl up even Faster
  178. ((Pvp in Perfect World
  179. Just for Fun - Brimestar Production Video
  180. End of PVP
  181. SOE, why do you think T8 raid zerg is fun for us?
  182. mix it up
  183. PvP ruleset observations.. and suggestions.
  184. Bloodthirsty Choker
  185. PvP Zerker is doomed to AUTOengage in PvP combat? PLEASE READ DEVS.
  186. Qeynos evac spot in KP ever going to be moved?
  187. The very sad state of Venekor, the server is empty.
  188. Server Transfer
  189. All classes city factions 3 week recap
  190. thanks for the double xp weekend!
  191. Wizard Mana Shield overpowered
  192. Which class is most needed in Tier 8?
  193. time to confront that changes made in the last year and a half where negative to pvp servers
  194. "The Good 'Ole Days" Ranger PVP Video Tier 7
  195. Question about warlocks and pvp
  196. There is no Over-Powered Classes
  197. It's been 4 months since Aeralik said Double UP is bugged
  198. Law suit
  199. Hah! You don't see.. Oh wait.. You do!
  200. You want soe to listen to you BOYCOTT the server's
  201. I dont see pvp server on my list
  202. At what point is a server dead, and when do they merge servers??PVP?
  203. New player starting on Nagafen Freeport
  204. (( GU49 - PVP XP changes
  205. Ecnomorc's 1st Tier 8 Ranger PVP Video
  206. New pvp hotspot - the Tour of your guild hall?
  207. Ranger
  208. faster lvling?
  209. <50% exploit fix
  210. new XP change.......... woe is sub-80 pvp
  211. Guild Hall PvP
  212. T8 pvp necros
  213. PVP belt imbalanced at tier 8 ?
  214. PvP / Mentoring
  215. City PvP rules for guild halls.
  216. EQ2 PvP Fix: Classic PvP Server
  217. they promised us less pvp exp but somehow we got way more past lvl 20
  218. PVP Change Request -- Charming
  219. weakest class
  220. opposing city class fun spells?
  221. REISTS???
  222. Gaining XP while PvPing
  223. betrayal for opposing class question
  224. What would make me come back
  225. EQ2 PvP system
  226. Hey~ Messages??
  227. Dirty PvP
  228. Transfers off a PvP server to PvE Server
  229. Toubador solo pvp?
  230. ( (lots of fun pvp lately on all servers in SS!
  231. low - mid lvl pvp writs
  232. Need some Positive advice about Assassin
  233. Can't we try to solve these unblances ourselves?
  234. its just a dream but they should make all pve servers pvp!
  235. An up to date PvP guide for new players
  236. Any Freeport guilds selling Myth updates on Nagafen?
  237. We got quite all of a sudden
  238. pvp as harrasement
  239. stay out of my private box
  240. Is this how t8 pvp is suppose to be?
  241. New fame and pvp gear system idea
  242. Rangers....
  243. Actions of one...
  244. Drop-Down
  245. Newbie questions (AA's)
  246. Is there a PVP-only FAQ?
  247. Exiles get status items...
  248. Difference between Camo and Stealth?
  250. whys the charitor transfer service down?