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  1. Please give all classes to both factions... kill the gap between cities and exiles
  2. Perfect PvP Group
  3. Good the Bad and the Ug.....err Exiles
  4. A month from now... (The current state of PvP)
  5. [Merged] rangers...
  6. [Merged] So are Rangers the only PVP class?
  7. Some Fun
  8. Question about Parting silk
  9. Guide Quest's on pvp servers
  10. vitality and bonus exp on pvp
  11. Zerk hands down best pvp class in game
  12. Buffs forcing you into combat
  13. PVP balance still needs a lot of work, lots.
  14. Grays should not be able to take infamy...
  15. Tracking
  16. Fission is fine if....
  17. Safehouse and Exploiting
  18. My first big nooblet mistake
  19. another scout rant
  20. No spell loss returning from exile
  21. fighters and mystics are laughing stock
  22. BIG fix
  23. Overpowered Brigands... Take a look
  24. Server rule sets and exiles
  25. necro versus warden fight.
  26. The Language Barrier..that really isn't anymore
  27. EverScout 2
  28. Remove interupt proc from swashbuckler stance
  29. Cure All : Upcoming Update, death to many?
  30. A Few Possible Improvements for EQ2 PvP
  31. EQ2 PvP vs. AoC PvP
  32. PvP Swashbuckler Rus
  33. Necro Vs Scout ...take a look
  35. Thinking about returning to nagafen, suggestions?
  36. Keeping health under 50% for titles
  37. fettering posion need's a nerf
  38. Freeport Market ver Qeynos Market
  39. Shared Instance Problems
  40. Contested VP instance.
  41. Chanters/troub useless with new cures?
  42. Pvp Spec Warlock Build
  43. Macros need to be Disabled
  44. Token cost for T8 PVP gear is..
  45. Hahacide from nagafen
  46. Overpowered Mystics... Take a look!
  47. Come on now, please fix the T8 resists, and the line of sight issues!!
  48. This is GREAT NEWS!
  49. pvp needs a handicap system to compensate for unbalanced class pvp
  50. Wizard "RAYS" is freaking useless ->
  51. What is Red has bulging eye and Foams at the mouth.
  52. What are we supposed to do when
  53. Dear Sony, any server merges planned?
  54. Working as intended?
  55. Assassin (PvP movie)
  56. omg
  57. Is it pvp or just class v class?
  58. Stun Poisons
  59. How about...a Free for all pvp server
  60. Give us back token loot!
  61. Make the Hordes of Noobs Disperse
  62. PvP Bard, dual wield or sword and board...
  63. PVP Infamy Question
  64. Why does this game lavish and reward non-PvPers?
  65. Looking to make a PvP based character
  66. Evac + PVP servers
  67. AA for PvP Writs
  68. We have had ENOUGH, T8 Resists NEED fixing NOW!
  69. Necromancer's #1 problem in PVP
  70. SOE owes me a free Warg
  71. How to jump-start Venekor, or possibly all of the PvP servers and increase server population.
  72. Move the writ giver away from the docks in KP
  73. Got some revenge
  74. PVP question from non-PVPer
  75. Any chance on opening a new pvp server?
  76. Brigandage
  77. Exiles should be LOCKED OUT of raid zones
  78. Exiles, and a pvp Idea
  79. Coming back to EQ2
  80. Brusier Vs Monk (not a whiner post)
  81. Bloodflow necklace
  82. Ettiquette....... ;)
  83. New Ruleset Server Starting?
  84. A Four Year Veteran's PvP Suggestions (Nagafen's Lover, Seliri)
  85. Pots?
  86. illusionist changes?
  87. Class Balancing
  88. Cure Changes Render Some Classes Useless
  89. I swore I changed this thread's name
  90. Why did caliburns cross the road?
  91. Bring it
  92. Good pvp pair
  93. Break encounter work in pvp
  94. My Wish List
  95. Everscout2 Overpoered brigand, swashbuckler, & ranger dps take a look.....
  97. Charms
  98. Nagafen Server Population
  99. Wanting to start a new toon on a pvp sever
  100. 16 of my attacks absorbed by Stoneskin?
  101. Where is the PVP? Is this it?
  102. AoC's grass already fading brown
  103. Venny is dead! SOE merg us with naggy
  104. EQ2 PvP needs some thought
  105. new player starting on Nagafen
  106. Debuffs
  107. PvP - New perspective
  108. TWO, yes TWO simple solutions to stop zerging.
  109. Tracking for everyone!
  110. OOG healing
  111. mastercrafted cast on the run wand recipe removed with LU45? That sux!
  112. 2 new players on Nagafen looking for a guild
  113. Bye Eq2
  114. Change We Can Believe In (I'm sorry Obama!)
  115. Will be PVP be enhanced to compete with AoC ?
  116. OverPowered Rangers..Take a look
  117. Vox server population
  118. The Sky is falling! The sky is falling
  119. PvP servers are EMPTY compared to how many ppl played year ago
  120. That new game
  121. Take a look to the past.
  122. Bards and pvp
  123. Remember Infantry online?
  124. answer to all the begging:
  125. Hey first time on PvP server, just recently returned, advice needed
  126. How are guardians for PVP
  127. (( one T8 token should = two T7 tokens, and vice versa
  128. I QUit and here is why.. :_:
  129. PvP Gear Imbalances (Long)
  130. Brig, SK and ?
  131. New PvP concept.
  132. Please...
  133. EQ2 has disowned the traditional Mage.
  134. Opinions now-a-days
  135. PvP video, featuring Milambers, Freeports coolest coercer :)
  136. Charmed mobs
  137. How is PvP in EQ2?
  138. An idea of mine - might be good, might not, you tell me. :)
  139. [ PvP Video - Peak 2 ]
  140. Troubadors AA
  141. DISABLE PVP Exp After level 30!
  142. Venekor Economy is Broken due to Dead Population
  143. HELP !!!!! NEW COmputer...
  144. pvp official info ?
  145. FREE Transfer to Vox, thats right, FREE! Keep Spells, Gear AND PvP Title. Instructions within...
  146. PvP From the Good Ole Days (Video)
  147. Any long-term plans, DEVS?
  148. New to it all
  149. Qeynos Closecombat group?
  150. Shrink is back and Scouts are getting a little spanking with the nerfbat
  151. Back to EQ2 & New to PvP
  152. Interview with the EverScout
  153. Safehouse in PVP NEEDS to go.. PICS Within......
  154. More fun/frustrating: Ranger vs. SK
  155. Open ALL Classes
  156. Some healer questions
  157. Not for the faint of heart
  158. OMG Pwnd on Nagafen within minutes of dinging 10
  159. Brigand CA's
  160. Coming back to eq2 questions
  161. How i would have made Exile
  162. My Brigand Sucks.
  163. XP locking after recent aa xp update[pvp server]
  164. Dumb noob question...
  165. SOS ---> First Aid needed before PvP bleeds to death!!!
  166. For the people that think venekor is still alive
  167. Interesting Facts about Brigands in PvP
  168. Reality Check
  169. ((Griefing Tutorial. How to grief properly.
  170. Isnt EQ2 Fun
  171. Best Warden Duo
  172. EQ 2 PVP
  173. what has changed since the day they made pvp exp
  174. PvP Troub AA's
  175. Charming then running
  176. just wanted to shate something with you...
  177. Since folks are talking about opening all classes
  178. There is no RP conflict with opening clerics, rogues, & enchanters to all factions.
  179. exile faction is making factioned players leave game
  180. Stop the exile hate.
  181. Qeynos/Freeport faction is making players leave game
  182. Newb in need of guidance
  183. Freeport, Qeynos, Exile.
  184. An Alternate proposal for faction-based raiding
  185. Attacked by a guy 27 levels higher
  186. Summoner Dumbfire Tank Pets. (New Idea)
  188. To the devs-PVP proposal
  189. The Sad Truth
  190. Official Rules
  191. 80 Troubador pvp vid.
  192. Please address PVP fame rules for grey opponents
  193. returning for pvp ?'s
  194. PVP reward rules and health threshold
  195. More Safehouse BS... More PICS Within
  196. Good classes to play as a duo
  198. Solving the issue of leechers!
  199. PvP Video - Venekor
  200. 80 troubador pvp vid.
  201. Reroll?
  202. Combat exp disabled and AA. Really necessary?
  203. Valem
  204. Weird Sk battle...I think
  205. Totems, remedies and defeating enemies...
  206. Swashbuckler AA Reach possib. broken? - its giving too much range?!
  207. Pumice piece are for scouts! ):
  208. 80 Brig , Troub Duo pvp vid
  209. Domino expecting assignment to pvp!
  210. Wizzy's win!?
  211. SOMEONE please explain some of our PVP armor pieces....
  212. necromancer group pvp video
  213. Counter to charm?
  215. My Turn
  216. T5 Plate
  217. 80 Troub pvp vid
  218. AA Guide?
  219. Returning from WoW, wanting to investigate PVP
  220. PvE vs. PvP (PvE question)
  221. Q's who play Frp's
  222. 4 group low level how well can we survive?
  223. Scouts and Evacuation
  224. Transfering money from Q to Frp
  225. ((I had an EQ2 dream where....
  226. New to the game and i'd like any opinions on...
  227. caster question
  228. Qeynos to Neriak
  229. good by eq
  230. PVP Stats - Can't see them.......
  231. If only i had one wish for christmas
  232. Wizard and PVP
  233. the said state of Vox pvp =o(
  234. ::opinions::best PVP tank class(plate) 1V1
  235. Level Range..?
  236. How the devs got ROK pvp so wrong
  237. underrated pvp classes
  238. any dev statement on this? melees gone wrong in pvp
  239. Wizard PvP duo
  240. Runners
  241. opinions on grey con attackers
  242. Player coming back to nagafen
  243. A Gnome's-Eye View of the Famous of Norrath
  244. PvP Grouping Bug
  245. pvp from the lower levels to the high
  246. Coming back for PvP
  247. Any pvp on EU servers ?
  248. Disciples of Chaos pvp vid.
  249. monk or troubadours?
  250. Cazic Thule's Gift not giving you immunity to reactive fear procs