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  1. Exile the way it should have been .. perhaps can be
  2. If I may make a suggestion. . .
  3. Any Devs out there?
  4. An idea for a recent list.
  5. Raiding/gear question
  6. Lower T8 PvP melee damage!
  7. Back to EQ2 after a very long absence...
  8. PvP level Range
  9. Import Broker
  10. Reds attacking me when i dont attack them
  11. Suggestion...
  12. Safehouse needs nerfed
  13. Priest Heals/Wards for the group
  14. Testupdate notes:
  15. Good + Bad of update notes (no ranting pls)
  16. Solution to evacer's
  17. Take out knockback
  18. FIX PVP REVIVE PTS and you FIX ZERGING and recent list issues
  19. Anyone using test PvP?
  20. What happened to low level PVP? Bring back pvp exp lock.
  21. Boycott fighting exile
  22. Some Help with Resists
  23. This is getting to much to handle. PvP resists
  24. Warlock vs. Mysic T5-4 Help.
  25. Why do SoE keep changing the PvP system? Because of you, that's why.
  26. Fix Utility classes or no archtype.
  27. Are Scouts Considered Overpowered in Lower Tiers?
  28. Finding the right class
  29. Venekor VS Vox
  30. Fixing city vs city back to its true glory!!
  31. First character on PVP and Tradeskills
  32. Inquisition Broken
  33. So let me get this straight...
  34. Changing scout burst DPS late-game?
  35. Slow damage class strategy
  36. Anyone for a good laugh? Make a t8 Necro solo pvp vid:)
  37. Give all classes a limited track!
  38. PVP results from Dev Chat
  39. Thank you Sony.....
  40. Why hate us so much.. (Exiles)
  41. Best way to beat a snare?
  42. *New* Controllers available for PvP!
  43. Fix for Zerging?
  44. Thanks for fixing the writs, Devs.
  45. PvP has been revived!!!
  46. Tracking PvP and Nameds
  47. Q Revive Point in KP (dregs)
  48. writs and pvp raids
  49. What is PVP in your game?
  50. Exiles Need To Update the kill X number of People portion of writ....
  51. how else were pvp writs changed?
  52. Simple Fix to Gang-Bang style raiding.
  53. AA advice for Monk
  54. Raid PvP...
  55. Move Writ Givers
  56. Only give 6 updates per PvP kill.
  57. Writ givers disabled
  58. token madness
  59. [Merged] nagafen server
  60. Lets work together and make a better game
  61. Give us a BATTLEFIELD
  62. Snare Immunity
  63. Unbalanced gameplay, its time to fix this issue once and for all
  64. PvP? What PvP?
  65. Broken PVP encounters
  66. The end of Nagafen PVP
  67. Don't change the game to fit the servers, upgrade the servers to fit the game.
  68. Why getting rid of updates while in a raid is not a good idea
  69. Epic PvP Weapons~
  70. The lack of information coming from SOE is astounding
  71. Exileds progress while factions are at halt! Nagafen
  72. For Foxtrot Sake..... Could we get some DEV/Gm feedback?
  73. Need help with pvp wizzy
  74. returning to pvp server - good or bad?
  75. Mythical Class Weapons: Imbalanced for PvP
  76. All Classes, All Factions
  77. Why should we because of exiles? (Classes)
  78. Make tracking unavailable while on griffon/sokokar/clouds/carpets
  79. im going to get hate for this
  80. Is this a hack?
  81. This is not a hack, but it must be stoped!
  82. The Mage Wish list!
  83. City Factions have failed.
  84. Guild damage reports & recent setbacks.
  86. Newbie Question
  87. PvP Gear
  88. PvP fill in the blanks
  89. Looky whats on test
  90. Dear PVP dev's
  91. Suggested Solution for PvP
  92. Using Tier 8 tokens to buy Tier 7 PvP armor
  93. Toon Transfer
  94. What happened to PvP? Is it even worth the effort in EQ2 to have PvP Anymore?
  95. Opposing town guards should drop loot in pvp servers
  96. New baby on the way...
  97. PvP bug with Reverse Reactives
  98. 2 pvp ideas
  99. Simple, yet effetive idea to increase PVP. Please Read.
  100. Too many PvP threads :-(
  101. What do you LIKE about the game? Nothing but love folks, start listing!
  102. 20 minute Cool down timer on PVP writs.
  103. Autoattack Damage?
  104. Defiler/Mystic wards in PVP..
  105. The hypocracy of PVP
  106. Consider a moment.
  107. targeting
  108. Where are our writ givers????
  109. PVP is dieing
  110. pvp writ suggestions
  111. Opening the Boarder
  112. Alleged ethics breach of SOE employees as it relates to PvP servers
  113. Make Epics Good & Evil only
  114. Adept CAs for PvP?
  115. Thank You
  116. The 20 minute timer starts from when you TURN IN the writ?
  117. What Now?
  118. Had 2 make this 1
  119. Whats up with rangers charming pets and dropping on you while evac'd
  120. Idea! Faction Based PvP Reward System for Tier 7 and 8 (Very Lengthy)
  121. All Classes: Exile vs City... Abilities are the key.
  122. boo exiling
  123. The Matter At Hand
  124. Bruiser question
  125. Does anyone, even the devs, have any idea...
  126. the 5,600th post about solo...
  127. A class confrontation
  128. Allow ALl Classes to All Factions
  129. Sokokar Stations are a major cause of the T8 PVP problems.
  130. PvP Writ Givers Still Down?
  131. Some simple suggestions to fix the current state of pvp
  132. is pvp gear the end game for pvp?
  133. New to EQ2- So how do I compete?
  134. trio and endgame class help.
  135. Caster vs melee
  136. The Final Word on PVP WRITS! Last chance for EQ2 PVP
  137. The Final Word on PVP WRITS! Last chance for EQ2 PVP
  138. PVP reanimation
  139. Fix pvp please
  140. Could the Sok posts have larger popups?
  141. Idea for PvP....
  142. Bug/Exploit getting out of combat
  143. Tokens
  144. In sum[DEVS LOOK HERE]
  145. Lowered the time between accepting writs from 20 minutes to 10 minutes
  146. PvP Writs Should be Updated by Exiles
  147. End of city players?
  148. New to this game, need some advice.
  149. Looking to trade plat on Naggy for plat on Guk
  150. Please fix the writ guy in Fens
  151. An added bonus for us "lockers"
  152. 10 Minute PvP Timer Working?
  153. Wow, have you seen the Test changes?
  154. Unbalanced PVP
  155. Fame system Fix?
  156. EQ2 wish list
  157. Fury's pvp AA
  158. Swashbuckler PvP insight
  159. Good DIFFERENT Duo?
  160. Qeynosians can group with Freeportians?
  161. Token farming has begun again
  162. Writs are working fine, please use my subscription money to upgrade your hardware.
  163. Cheats/haxx/ Bugusing/Botgroups (Extra for Devs)
  164. the day after easter
  165. How many have you lost for the writs SoE?
  166. The reason behind having No Title
  167. We need another mythical slot
  168. pvp haters dont ruin are fun
  169. Do Bards need a PVP boost?
  170. Want to Encourage PvP? Try this!
  171. 27 times
  172. Sorcerers overpowered? (/falls to the floor laughing)
  173. Ranger vs Fury
  174. Do I understand "level locking" well enough?
  175. The Resis Of the Raidmobs are to high
  176. PVP then and now, questions from a returning player
  177. a video sbout account hacking.
  178. Serious idea and my (wery likely) last post.
  179. Balanced Trios??
  180. Give us PvP Mythical for 1000 tokens
  181. 3 simple changes that would "fix" PvP
  182. City Factions
  183. Unlimited recent list=zerg & writs fixed
  184. Rangers Exploiting!
  185. Alternative idea to Token system: PvP faction similar to diety faction
  186. More than one ranger buff in the next LU? Wha?
  187. what are the reasonings behind spell resists
  188. What class has the easiest time killing swashbucklers?
  189. Problem of Exiles on Nagafen, and SOLUTIONS. [ Feedback would be nice ]
  190. Dual-Boxing PvP? Foolish? Viable? halp
  191. So what's the best way for a non-twink to handle all the twinked players?
  192. Give the new *curse* ability and cure to enchanters
  194. DEVS : fixing or are we selling?
  195. Swashbuckler with "Reach" the aa has to go.
  196. PVP rule sets
  197. Honest Truth SOE, does someone on your team just hate illys
  198. Is there a "PvP Dev", or is it just wishful thinking on the part of the PvPers?
  199. swashy reach
  200. So who wants all classes for all factions?
  201. Sanctuary, CC and what to do..
  202. Better PVP rules?
  203. Devs, some thing is badly wrong(unresisable got resisted)
  204. Brusier or zerker pvp?
  205. Something must be done
  206. Open New PvP Server [Sign this waiver, if you in Favor]
  207. PvP, Level-locking, XP gain and AA's
  208. Happy to be noticed, and acknowledged- Thanks!
  209. SoE your way of changes on PvP servers absolutely disloyal and strategically incorrect.
  210. Troll Fear Immunity used to break fear?
  211. Mana Shield?
  212. Free-for all pvp
  213. On my nerves lately.....
  214. rants, raves and complaints about eq2 pvp
  215. TD Griffs - Dev's Please Fix!
  216. Huge difference between factioned evac/revive pts in Kylong Plains
  217. LU44 tomorrow maybe?
  218. Does alcohol tolerance do anything useful?
  219. So scouts and melee get buff and caster resists .........
  220. EQ2 PvP = Sullon Zek?
  221. Need a few pointers.
  222. Do Exiles Count for PvP Writ Updates After todays Game Update ?
  223. title solution
  224. update of periodic advice for newbies threads
  225. PV gear ?
  226. How to spare the lore and let all classes into a city.
  227. Coin Loss, Needs fixing?
  228. PvP gear...
  229. I dont think this should happen...
  230. loot drop
  231. ranger auto atk broke?
  233. My concern - my issue with Exiling
  234. Rationale for non interuptible EVAC?
  235. SOE please!Make Necro useful in PVP!!!not a doll that young child break in 2 seconds...
  236. Passive Spells WILL be fixed.
  237. overpowered ranger dps... take a look
  238. Why should scouts be the one man army of pvp?
  239. And you thought Dispersion was OP?
  240. Test Update Notes 11 Apr
  241. Venekor < Vox
  242. swapping servers question on houseing
  243. Keeping health under 50% an exploit?
  244. What is a good fighter class to roll with a furry?
  245. Once more.....shamans
  246. Kraken on Nagafen server selling mythical's
  247. Guide On How To Get Tokens [70-80 lvl!]
  248. Quick Macro Question
  249. Coercers finally getting some love
  250. PVP bug, hack ,fluke? Please explain