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  1. What prepaid debit cards have YOU used for sub purchases?
  2. Where can you get the Court of the Master Maj'Dul house?
  3. Oops he saw my spoon!
  4. EQ Vet, worth playing EQ2?
  5. Can I just be level 20 with 0 AA?
  6. Why oh why can't they manage to keep the launcher fixed?
  7. Seems like im on a Streaming Client
  8. [Moved] Does anyone use WinEQ?
  9. Changes to Fighters...
  10. Anyone remember "Patches" the cat from Beta?
  11. PSS1 Feedback-Thread? Gone?
  12. Suggestion for the old Isle of Refuge
  13. Guild Hall question
  14. [Moved] My character is totally broken
  15. Can not harvest Shiney's
  16. Titles after Betrayal
  17. SC Shop Request: 2-day ME crafting Guest Pass
  18. Breastplate from Skyshrine faction merchant is making YELLOW SCREEN
  19. Are Veteran Rewards still being reworked?
  20. Why can't troubadors and dirges hurt or inspire people with singing and music?
  21. Where did "Cloak of the Storms" go?
  22. I have been out of the game since 2008 , and....
  23. Voice/Face Mapping?
  24. How can i get my chars moved to a US server from Splitpaw?( can not see token)
  25. Test and test copy login issue:Please can someon tell me if they have ever had this happen to them?
  26. Why is Test copy server locked?
  27. Fix Broken Content and Upgrade Raid Zone Gear
  28. Can we expect an expansion announcement soon?
  29. [Moved] Where's my character slots gone?
  30. LON art
  31. Character Issues Plz read!
  32. [Suggestion] Skyshrine's Content !!!
  33. Reclaiming Guild Hall Items
  34. Doulbe Exp for July 4th Weekend.
  35. any plans to get Test server back?
  36. Game Not Working After Todays Update
  37. Why no Status for Skyshrine raid Mobs?
  38. New armor models for New Halas?
  39. Game worth playing?
  40. So I stocked up on Station Cash
  41. game still down?
  42. New Armor sets
  43. [Moved] [UNSTABLE Client/Launcher]
  44. Authenticator and PSS1
  45. city token exchange rate
  46. House Worries
  47. Will SoEmote launch by Saturday?
  48. Back to game and 2k plat has gone :)
  49. Where did Nektulos go?
  50. Spelling Checker
  51. Basalt Watcher
  52. Guildhall tweaks
  53. Brawlers be Aware
  54. summer sizzle day 2
  55. What merc to use with what?
  56. Zoning in to Neriak
  57. New in-game browser
  58. What is this?
  59. Is anyone else fed up with the direction this game is going?
  60. Servers down early?
  61. Everfrost has just crashed
  62. Achievements
  63. How many of you get stuck "waiting on zone server" or randomly dropped to character select?
  64. Paladin of Karana?
  65. Combat Mechanics, (SoE) gooby pls
  66. Station Cash cards
  67. Kelethin to Qeynos Citzenship?
  68. Items you'd like to see added in game
  69. Harvesting depot
  70. Can't seem to solo is skyshrine
  71. Looking for necro
  72. July update event plans?
  73. Have ammo slot available to other classes besides scouts and fighters.
  74. Could we get some Double XP soon?
  75. Before it is too late.. Revisit the Qeynos Villages.
  76. House Pet , Follower Pet , etc. Making Name Visible , How ?
  77. cant get any newer mounts due to "no-trades" mounts
  78. Pay Per View: FanFaire/SOE Live
  79. Independence Day
  80. City Festival
  81. Expansion Question?
  82. [Moved] A request from a hopeless romantic...
  83. Sony Purchased Gaikai -- EQ2
  84. So confused on SC and accounts... now gone?
  85. Instance Servers
  86. Raiding! 5 groups !
  87. Concerns as a consumer
  88. Please Reactivate the Fireworks Quest for at least a few more days?
  89. Class Manifesto and Class Rebalancing
  90. Concept of Alternative Advancement
  91. Disappearing Plat off Broker
  92. Can we get a status update on the Adventure Class Reset PLEASE?
  93. Issues with healer mercenaries at low levels
  94. Larger text?
  95. A couple mercenary ?'s and suggestions
  96. Looking for the end of beta video
  97. Is their any way to swap your class
  98. This is why I became an EQ2 addict
  99. Feed the hamsters PLZ
  100. What ever happened to....
  101. Was there a rollback?
  102. Old school EQ player here, looking for some basic opinions and thoughts on EQ2...
  103. Stopping Egregious Loot Ninjas
  104. would like to know why Kromzek prestige home not in raid loot menu or taken out, why?
  105. Station Cash amount blank for anyone else?
  106. Odd happenings.
  107. WTB new Slayer Achievements
  108. mystic ok for non-raiding
  109. Warning: SC cards aren't giving the full amounts that they should right now.
  110. Can't login...
  111. Thank you for a positive experience!
  112. IMPORTANT: European & UK Customers! Please Claim SOE Pre-Paid Cards By July 23, 2012!
  113. I am losing guildmembers who have large amounts of SC and can't use it to pay up their subs...
  114. No booster packs on multi-month?
  115. Skyshrine, what happened?
  116. AA's and Keeping Busying at Cap
  117. July Poll
  118. [Moved] Getting kicked out of game
  119. Dungeon Maker - I don't Understand...
  120. Servers Locked?
  121. membership from SC
  122. Runes of Mending No Longer Criting or Effected by stats on test.
  123. dungeon finder?
  124. stealth attacks
  125. I think it's time to bring back proc crits
  126. Are you working on DM while we are playing it?
  127. Crap, what have I done?
  128. FaceBook reward?
  129. 25% off EQ2 memberships starting on Wednesday with no stated restrictions for European players
  130. Alignment switching as a free player?
  131. Cross Server Tells
  132. Is the CLIENT No longer Downloadable?
  133. 3 questions
  134. crafting AA and combat
  135. EQ2 share issues
  136. Do many people level up simply mob grinding?
  137. optimal group
  138. you broke the DM (again)
  139. Dungeon maker Token ideas
  140. Returning 90 Brigand / 90 Wizard
  141. Launcher asking for password again
  142. Server Chat Lag
  143. 25% off subscriptions: Some concerns and questions
  144. AB Server at Medium? What is going on with the player populations?
  145. Debuff Timer?
  146. anyone else bothered by this?
  147. [Moved] why one of my alt got "lockpad"?
  148. Names showing as items [bug]
  149. Dual Monitor support?
  150. What specific levels is best to stop and farm AAs?
  151. How long will the CPU horror last?
  152. Sony Buys Gaikai!
  153. Snow on the Isle of Mara?
  154. Reporting a command bug or exploit I found.
  155. Charms for sale for SC?
  156. Will RAF be back in some form?
  157. Voice Chat down?
  158. Chat and EQ2
  159. So.... what's the plan on bringing back non-recurring subs with SC?
  160. Launcher won't show characters?
  161. Huge mentoring bug
  162. Broker Window: Seller address showing as two lines most times, three lines other times?
  163. They are not going to do away with eq2 and my characters when eq3 comes out are they?
  164. why do i have to have AOD expansion to Spend Dungeon marks?
  165. Inovative suggestion for the everquest team.
  166. In-Game Voice isn't working
  167. Cant wear my gear?
  168. Whats with lotto, on all chests now? Am I rolling aginst my merc for all goods?
  169. What are YOU doing toing to keep busy in game?
  170. A howdy and a question
  171. EQ2 and Everquest online adventures (ps2)
  172. A fun idea, I'm going to try at 85 on my newest toon.
  173. GU 64 all servers update 6am?
  174. Servers down 1 hour early or just typical log in crash?
  175. 1st character deletd, possible to get back?
  176. How about some patch notes?
  177. caster stats
  178. why does the server status say the game is up
  179. Bravo on Qeynos Theme
  180. Hey Devs, when we get playable human-like "Dragonblood"race? halfling got "Draftling" in lore.
  181. Reforger in East Freeport is not working
  182. Uh why are half my characters spread across Norrath upon login?
  183. Odd thought
  184. Crashing.....
  185. A big revamp and inn rooms STILL don't have room numbers?
  186. 2 crashes in 10 minutes
  187. Ok this did not happen on TEstcopy
  188. How do you turn off the Player Casterbar????
  189. Opinion on TP pads devs
  190. Nerfs not in patch notes
  191. I went to show my new BFF Queen Antonia my racial aura and...
  192. My flying mounts won't fly :(
  193. Ummmm...What's a Focus Effect?
  194. Where did the Dungeon Maker achievements go?
  195. 10% Mitigation loss with update
  196. thoughts on a returning player
  197. GU64 Qeynos Rises - Music
  198. Mob Casting Bar Being Interupted
  199. Borrowing from other games, part 2
  200. sk merc and reaver
  201. Server down 1 hour early
  202. Whats with the downtimes these week ? Are we back to 'patch whenever we feel like it'?
  203. What is up with all the down time this week?
  204. Game's up again!
  205. Qeynos Revamp zones
  206. Why is there no designated forum to discuss new updates?
  207. Nagafen down
  208. Absentee Guild Leader
  209. launchpad bug
  210. Where did my previous mercenaries go?
  211. New Marketplace Items
  212. Who is the brunette...
  213. Where is my house?
  214. Have the darlight woods/NH quests changed like in test notes?
  215. Game's up again, again ;-)
  216. Priest bucklers and block chance
  217. The Tundering Steppes C.R.A.S.H Disk quest broken?
  218. My Feedback on New Qeynos update, do you feel the same?
  219. Reckless Stance
  220. Anyone else think Qeynos deserves a double XP weekend?
  221. For my inqusitor would you recomend converting to melee and is the rp comunity active on AB?
  222. I miss Baubbleshire
  223. without Baubleshire, what become of Tinkerfest?
  224. lost merc window
  225. Unrest restless
  226. Scout/Priest Legs and Helm in WL
  227. Should I return, is EQ2 still alive?
  228. Eek! 8 of 10 chars in a Freeport Manor.. and 'zone not available"
  229. Yar! Ever been to see Billy?
  230. The EQ/EQII facebook quest rewards
  231. Cannot create new characters
  232. Whats with the over 2 hour cooldown on mercs?
  233. Zone server unavailable
  234. Xux'laio Master of the Fluttering Wing
  235. *Important please read*: What is it with decent 90 chest peices?
  236. So when does this Tinkerfest thing usually start?
  237. New Question... Tinkertime
  238. Qeynos Revamp
  239. "You are unable to take gifts from messages at this time."
  240. Curiosity thread: How many alts, and fastest you have ever maxed out a character?
  241. Mercs - Mercs and Mercs...
  242. Chat lag
  243. While in BG's "Can't ascess SC ..." flashes.
  244. Unsafe Harbor Quest
  245. [Moved] Firefox Plugin installed without permission.
  246. Mount adornment and armor?
  247. Please Fix the EQ2 client core affinity locking issues
  248. [Moved] Contact support reply in timely manor? Need help w subscription
  249. RAID WIDE BUFFS. 8 chanters/bards is ridiculous.
  250. Station Cash for Pre-Order Items?