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  1. AAs Randomly Resetting?
  3. [Moved] Launcher ignores selected account
  4. You + Merc > Dual Boxing?
  5. Connecting to Zone Server Issues
  6. Rebate?
  7. Warning! Char Screen Store May Not Be Showing Accurate On Rebates!
  8. Inconsistancies between different servers?
  9. Possible extension on Rebates?
  10. Another one of those posts
  11. REBATE - PETITION NOT AVAILABLE Asking for DLL reinstall hogwash
  12. Welcome Piestro
  13. [Moved] Kudos to SOE for Erollisi specials
  14. Mercenary suspend timer increase?
  15. Group Leaders in Raids
  16. looking for last few "collection shineys"
  17. Contested zones are (purchasable) instances
  18. New angle - need help
  19. It's Magically gone Russian!
  20. Targeting, pet craziness, etc or is it just me?
  21. double xp is cool and all but...
  22. Linking Alt Accounts
  23. [Moved] Do carpenter made signs act like magic mouths?
  24. Make SC a Tradeable Item
  25. Changing classes?
  26. Is server bonus EXP working as intended?
  27. Still not received Rebate after AoD purchase
  28. AA reset >.<
  29. [Moved] Gift Scammer: A fair warning
  30. Where's the lore?
  31. i just came back ......
  32. Crit Mit removal. Was the idea trashed?
  33. ProSiebenSat.1 Games Group FAQ Feedback Thread
  34. Why Are You Doing This??
  35. ProSiebenSat.1 Why soe?Your stopping me playing with my freands
  36. Help a New EQ2 Players
  37. Can european Guild got a Transfert to US Server ??
  38. My friends can't join me now?
  39. [Moved] European Region Lockout Protest/Boycott
  40. I'm back...but where's my stuff?
  41. Any update on the drunder zone item drop rate problem?
  42. Returning Player Questions.
  43. The death of the game for a lot of international players....
  44. What does happen to Australia/NZ/East Asia
  45. Question about AA and leveling 1-90 as Bronze/Silver member and also AA grinding
  46. [Moved] Smedly tweeted that he's getting lots of positive feedback over ProSiebenSat1?
  47. Posting that your Boss tweeted something is trolling? Can we not link tweets from SOE employees?
  48. Subscription question
  49. Vallon's and Tower of Tactics timer shared
  50. New player feedback!
  51. Request for localized events on the European servers
  52. 8 year vet reward mount speed
  53. You ever going to fix the zoning issues specific to TD housing?
  54. Freeport to be down for a min of 8 hours tonight
  55. THE REBATE PROBLEM with SOE Anyone else have PROBLEMS?
  56. Interesting article on EQ Wire
  57. [Moved] So who's ready for EQNext?
  58. [Moved] Vanguard going Free to Play under PSS1
  60. Sony Tear Down That Wall!!
  61. There is a LOT that this game needs to fix the GUESSING game.
  62. Items not stacking on the broker
  63. How about Bonus WEEKDAYS for once :)
  64. Stat oddities. Moving values.
  65. Abandoned Game Elements?
  66. General game and SC question
  67. Returning player No encentive.
  68. Fix or remove the dungeon finder ...
  69. Berzerker Merc
  70. [Moved] So, whats for sale next?
  71. So how manny EU players will quit EQ2 thanks to the deal?
  72. Goodbye Domino
  73. SoE, Give Us Something to hang on to...Please
  74. So what's the deal with Domino?
  75. Sandbox Housing
  76. *Blocks the door in front of Amnerys*
  77. So....who's steering the ship?
  78. Returning player, have questions.
  79. Inquisitor Merc - Useless
  80. Alt inviting....
  81. What are the best classes to play in the current game state?
  82. useless updates following pointless updates
  83. DoV Faction Item for Alts
  84. Streaming Client being forced on all now?
  85. Spent $80 on SC this weekend only to have the client lock up mid fight 3 times!
  86. Merc spamming group chat
  87. EQ2 and why its not worth a subscription
  88. Timed Dungeons (Winners get prizes)
  89. GU63 info anytime soon?
  90. All Players Any Server
  91. Dungeon Maker Token Options Vanish...
  92. So nobody is doing pre-drunder content ?
  93. Linked accounts ?
  94. So now that the "rare" harvest market has been destroyed...
  95. Am i really the only one?
  96. Marketplace Window Messed up?
  97. Background Downloading
  98. [Moved] Account Maitenance
  99. I couldn't resist the sale on the good gear hat :)
  100. Flight wings from Market place still broken ?
  101. What is wrong with the paladin merc?
  102. [Moved] The Scars of Past Expansions: The problem with only looking ahead.
  103. What can your T fighter can solo ?
  104. Raid Invite Bug
  105. House Edit Mode needs
  106. sales crates can't be placed in guild halls anymore
  107. Lots of Busy Servers - Game Looks Healthy
  108. Storm, what can be done?
  109. idea rant... hopefully someone is listening?...
  110. It has just occured to me, we're kinda locked out of servers already
  111. Mercenary Salary
  112. LoN Loot Items in the Marketplace?
  113. We need to see AA XP exact numbers as well as adventure
  114. Returning player questions
  115. Character Select in the LaunchPad
  116. This is best pay to play FTP game..a review by Shiverwind
  117. What I don't understand is why dosen't SOE try to turn this game around?
  118. Monk help
  119. [Moved] (The process of) Leveling Crafting is Exceedingly Boring.
  120. Welcome Screen Community MOTD
  121. Worst 6 class group?
  122. Ideas!
  123. Some cosmetic changes I'd love to see.
  124. Ornate mysterious crate?
  125. Can you avoid 'in progress' DF groups?
  126. Why Aren't Conjurors Neutral?
  127. game disc?
  128. Disgusting heroic design ;-)
  129. What happened to the Somborn Grubstake?
  130. Have it my way? I think not!
  131. Give them a break ...
  132. Recalling mercs issues...
  133. The first EQII In-Game Poll!!!!
  134. Passwords
  135. Palading Merc useless
  136. Dungeon Finder - Stuck on Return
  137. [Moved] what should i do if my launcher says unable to download bad steam in http/eq2 patch.station.sony com
  138. new player for eq2 question
  139. This is supposed to entice me back??
  140. [Moved] Please read your posts before actually posting.
  141. Server Status
  142. What level is it possible to solo Kaladim with a merc?
  143. Can't Log in?
  144. So now that the "greater essence" market is destroyed. :p
  145. Ran out of quests at 87??
  146. What happened to taunting a mob...
  147. AFK Pet/Merc Leveling???
  148. Patch notes for Downtime
  149. Suddenly a loss of interact-ability (no clicky, no worky)
  150. GUK SERVER EVENT in honor of Ribbitribbitt
  151. Let's get on Test
  152. Classic Everquest II Theme... reimplemented?
  153. Concern re: loss of players from EQ2 to EQ1
  154. Auto checkbox for "Select a Character"
  155. Appear as offline, or 'hidden'?
  156. Bring back starter isles for chronoportal event?
  157. Warning! Do Not Unlock Gear When Gold, As It May Lock Again After You Go Silver!
  158. SWG had a Senate, why not have a Privy Council for EQ2?
  159. What eqnext should look like
  160. Help - I lost main chat channel!
  161. R.I.P. Ne Plus Ultra
  162. Forum Maintenance Fail...
  163. Silver Membership Question
  164. Can we please change the name?
  165. Any other Comcast subscribers experiencing increased latency?
  166. Qeynos suburbs - what is going to happen?
  167. Some photos from the Guk event (amazing stuff inside -- Image heavy) :)
  168. The gift RibbitRibbit gave us
  169. I love my Inq merc but it would be nice if he'd heal himself...
  170. What's in a Name? Occupied Names by "Dead" Characters
  171. Enough is enough, SJ said pay me what I am worth! NO PROBLEM!
  172. In eq2 Felwithe or its...
  173. Nothing to do- nowhere to do it.....
  174. Time left
  175. 3 geek questions about combat mechanics
  176. Where did everyone go?
  177. So, where are we in the "March Updates"
  178. no update again today.
  179. When will we have more character advancement?
  180. Game Updates
  181. Speculation on "prestige class talents"
  182. New duping bug with colossal reactants?
  183. [Moved] Common courtesy - Antonia Bayle - Thailander
  184. Movie footage from Withered Lands found on youtube
  185. Recent Pop drop?
  186. Herioc?...Heroically got my butt whooped.
  187. [Moved] Login/password information invalid?
  188. log in not working on live
  189. Does this mob even exist?
  190. Gameplay testing rig
  191. The game
  192. Did someone break mercanaries today?
  193. Best place to level at mid 30s
  194. Station Cash Bonuses to celebrate EQ F2P?
  195. Dark Talon Merchant
  196. [Moved] Test Server
  197. Wasting players time
  198. Zone Lockout Confusion
  199. Mercs & XP
  200. Why was a good clean post deleted?
  201. [Moved] Who is a named moderator?
  202. Station Cash Items
  203. How do you obtain an AA mirror?
  204. Expanding my Responses to the In-Game Trade-skill Poll
  205. Web Security Discussion
  206. double SC , does this apply to eq2 ?
  207. Idea for guild invite for offline recruiters
  208. Crit Mit already gone?
  209. Full Downlaod Client?
  210. Ratonga's lost in the void! (Splitpaw problems)
  211. Server Forums......
  212. Fix Healer Mercs
  213. in game rain
  214. Barbershop tokens for mercs, please!
  215. Drunder instances Hotzone
  216. Karate?
  217. The end of eq2 for europians so sad:(
  218. What happened to my Last Names?
  219. Valorous Wings
  220. I am trying to hold out until GU63 but I am getting aweful lonely!
  221. Remove Heirloom or fix it and fix the SLR plat farming economy
  222. newly revised "Qeynos" in Gu 64 or 65?
  223. Crit Mit removal slotted for Mid March... Still?
  224. Preference Profile Questions
  225. Post Crit mit removal in zones and raids.. comments?
  226. Big Bag of Bugs
  227. Dungeon Finder mechanics
  228. Dear John, here is my wallet, please take it
  229. Game Content
  230. Server going down because of...
  231. Beastlord issue after hotfix?!?!
  232. Raid invite after hotfix
  233. [Moved] EQ 2 Live Stream 720p
  234. Thank you for easymode playing.....
  235. Where are US players on Splitpaw moving to?
  236. what is stormshield faction and what is it good for?
  237. When will we get the iPhone & Android authenticator applications?
  238. What is going to take 10 hours to do to AB but not other servers?
  239. [Moved] Hickory Dickory Dock..
  240. Once again lfg for hours on end.
  241. What happened to the Chronoportal EQ1 loading screens and theme music?
  242. The Cleansing of the Bonepile - Level 20 Commonlands PQ
  243. Critmit removal - PLEASE fix those confusing patchnotes!
  244. characters stuck in game
  245. Just a question
  246. Auto loot options BUT prompt on a certain quality...
  247. Ingame mail behaving funny? Attached items replaced with message from another server
  248. Loss of max level bonus XP with 92 level cap?
  249. Links to 'EQ2players' 3rd party datasites
  250. Closing account poll